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Dumb Teen Killer Gets Caught Lying

Jul 21, 2023
Hello, my brother is attacking my family, your dad is attacking your family, these were the chilling words of 12-year-old Daniel James Beaver as he begged the police to save him from his two older brothers who were running rampant throughout his house killing to everyone who was inside, less to less. More than a minute after the phone call began, Daniel could be heard screaming and pleading for his life until the line went dead. Police arrived on the scene quickly and were greeted by a gruesome scene that had unfolded throughout the house. Blood was found scattered around the house. porch and a faint cry for help was heard from inside.
dumb teen killer gets caught lying
The flea came from 13-year-old Crystal Beaver, but everyone else in the house except two-year-old Autumn was dead. One of these surviving drink kids. A 13 year old girl who said. The brothers were fascinated by mass murders for at least a year. Police heard a commotion near the back door of the property and discovered the perpetrators, Robert and Michael Beaver, covered in blood and smiling as if they were proud of what they had done. Robert laughed and told the police. that killing more than one person had turned him into a god, unfortunately the tape of Robert's interrogation was never made public, but fif


-year-old Michaels is completely available and gives us an idea of ​​what led these boys to commit such a brutal crime.
dumb teen killer gets caught lying

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dumb teen killer gets caught lying...

Hoping that maybe you can go back to the beginning, when all this started, and tell me what happened a couple of months ago, we started talking about running the page and stuff like that, okay, seriously, the first one, but then it started to buy bulletproof vests and things where he bought bulletproof vests on eBay Amazon Robert's room was found full of weapons and bulletproof vests, including machetes, hunting knives and daggers, apparently they had been collecting all of this for months, but when his sister Crystal He told his mother, she just passed. It's normal to say that boys will be boys and there's nothing to worry about.
dumb teen killer gets caught lying
She couldn't have been more wrong. Guns, where do you start buying guns? um, he bought them online. I think the website is like Bud's Gun Shop, Amazon, he bought it. two coupons and a shotgun is like a monstrous thing. I think he bought 250 shotgun shells. Well, being a 65, about a thousand bullets from the watches. Wow, where was he supposed to first choose the ammunition to be sent to the house? Knives and machetes. They were one thing, but guns and over a thousand rounds of ammunition are a completely different matter, so once they ordered it for their house, they knew that their parents couldn't be home when it arrived, but why did they need all these weapons? well it doesn't take a thousand bullets to kill five people well it turns out that the brothers had a much much bigger plan tell me more about making plans and what you talked about making plans really applauded because you guys just like not to hit anything, the society is useless and serious, he wanted to win like the number of other famous people like Colin Button in James Eagan's houses, so did you guys have a goal?
dumb teen killer gets caught lying
Do you have a number that he just wanted? I thank you for another like 50. two boys stayed up late most nights talking and scheming and once they realized they were both separately interested in murder the die was cast and from their perspective there was no turning back, the children had developed a bond throughout their lives due to their parents' living conditions. April and David Beaver were somewhat abusive to their children, they were home schooled and even told not to interact with children outside of their own family, this left them alone with their own thoughts most of the time and their only perspective on the outside world. was the only one. that they had formed in their own minds, that's how they developed such a negative perspective of society and what drove them to form the next part of their plan, you picked a date, you said yes, it was yesterday, yesterday at home, okay, and then we removed the package to show up over the weekend, they didn't take advantage of their economy to get them out of the state with the guns, so their plan was set.
Michael even said that his idea was to cut up and dismember his family's bodies and hide them in containers while they camped out waiting for the weapons to arrive, even adding the gruesome detail that they only left Autumn alive because they had planned to decapitate her with an ax some more. late, but of course all these ambitious plans failed at the first hurdle, so what? Was it what happened that night that caused everything to fall apart for the brothers? The murders began with Crystal, who had entered her room at 11:30 p.m. m. on July 22, 2015, to the place where they were equipped with bulletproof vests and knives.
Michael attracted her. She approached her computer and Robert cut her throat from behind her and she fell and started screaming. Yes, she calls the police. I think we got close and started attacking who so she stabbed your mother with the same knife and we are ready to stab. I think she was also in the neck at this point Crystal had managed to get up and stumble out the door in an effort to escape but Michael quickly followed her and dragged her in, yes she was still screaming and that's when Dad arrived . They got into a bit of a fight the day he finally cut his own throat too.
The three oldest members of the family were now completely out of action with their parents dead and Crystal's throat bleeding on the porch they had just left. his four younger brothers, the people they thought would give them the least trouble, this is also where we rejoin the story from before and Daniel is on the phone with the police banging on his room, yes, shortly after Daniel 2 was stabbed 21 times in the back and in the chest, the last two victims were hiding in locked rooms, but Michael managed to convince them that Robert was also attacking him, this attracted them and the brothers ended their attack by stabbing six-year-old Christopher once again. , and Victoria, five. death throughout this interview, although Michael has been putting a lot of blame on Robert, even at some points saying that he was just standing there letting Robert do all the work and that he was just part of this in the first place because he knew Robert was going to die. do this anyway and he wanted to get on his good side, you know, you stab someone in the neck, you know, I mean, how do you feel about what you've done now?
I didn't like it, I mean, how do you feel? how you feel about your mother, you saw her get stabbed, you cut it or threw it yourself and you saw her bleeding everywhere and screaming, how does that make you feel good? Let's think about that, unfortunately, even though in his interview, Robert had absolutely no concern about telling The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth, he finally gives the police a clue that Michael may have had a bigger role than he thought. originally let in the guys who are interviewing Robert. I'm getting a quick version of what he's saying that you did, yeah, yeah, and You haven't told me everything, so I know you're not being completely honest.
I'm just one of hundreds of people who are going to see this. We have the state police coming in and every stab wound you inflicted on him. we will know that they have all been stacked and that they both had knives and we know that they both stabbed everyone, so you are on the same level, who will be honest and do the right thing and who is a liar, which one do you want? As is often the case, this simple rhetoric was all the police had to use to get Michael to open up and finally confess to being as much a part of the murders as Robert.
Michael admitted to slitting the throats of Crystal and her mother. As well as stabbing Christopher to death and as usual, one confession led to another and we got an even deeper insight into the minds of these twisted


agers. You only stopped your family because they were on the path to a bigger plan. This high count is a game. And now it completely comes to light that the


s really weren't personal in any sense and that the entire reason for this massacre and anyone that followed was just for recognition and fame, this became even more obvious. When searches of the house revealed rolling surveillance cameras and storage units with all of their plans saved, Robert later revealed that they plan to make two videos, one to mock the police and one to post online, the rest of the interview material. of Michael consists of him. writing a statement that unfortunately was never made public, but whatever he wrote must have been quite complicated since the detective looking after him couldn't even finish reading it and reacted like that, of course, at the trial neither of them Boys had a lot of difficulty.
Still given another chance, Michael attempted to plead not guilty by reason of insanity, however, it didn't go very well for either of them and they both received five life sentences without the possibility of parole. The surviving children, Crystal and Autumn, were adopted by the same couple. but the fact is that this once large but lonely family now exists solely as a bad legend in the conscience of every person who lives in the once peaceful town of Broken Arrow.

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