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dumb girl gets played by photographer

Apr 04, 2024
Hello friends, it's me and today is Darman Monday and we are going to see the third part of Sister Secrets. You may see me in this video. I haven't seen it yet, so let's watch it together. Julia is so smart and successful at times. I'm like, how is even my daughter doing? You are talking about me? No, this is literally the most annoying thing in the world when a parent or family member talks about how smart or successful your brother is in front of you. the most toxic thing that parents do and they don't even realize it, no one likes to be compared to anyone else pelica, you must be very proud of your sister mhm she's great uh princess how's school going?
dumb girl gets played by photographer
Thanks for asking grandpa, it's actually going well, Julia, there, she. Is there Julia in the house? You know, the wild part is that I have no idea what happens in any of these because I only show up to film my part, so I only know what happens in the parts that I film and then they put it all together and I'm like, oh, okay, that makes sense, sorry I'm late, my photo shoot took too long, hey best friend, I was just telling everyone about the new modeling contract you got, we're all so proud of you, it was so exciting See you at the cover Yes, we wish our daughter was more like you.
dumb girl gets played by photographer

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dumb girl gets played by photographer...

She couldn't be a model and Penelope. This is literally so awkward. No one likes to be compared to another sibling or anyone else. As if you were your own person. You are in your own league. your own lane I feel bad that my sister deals with this I'm so tired of this Zoe she's always been the center of attention especially after she signed with Elite models and I'm just invisible You're not invisible you're still the captain of our dance team, that's a very important thing, it only became a big problem after Julia joined before that, no one gave us a time of day, she honors our family name, you should be more like her, one of the most toxic things in a family.
dumb girl gets played by photographer
The member might say you should say more like no one wants to hear it and it's like I feel so bad because it's like this happens in real life, like my sister is so beautiful and so talented but people always tell us. he's going to compare and it's like why is it so uncomfortable don't do that Julia this Julia I hate it I wish people would notice me for once well there is an option, you said things have changed since she started modeling, but what? why don't you become one of me? a model yes of course if I'm pretty enough are you kidding me you're so pretty all you need is some good photos it's true it's very difficult for me to take a good photo.
dumb girl gets played by photographer
I don't photograph well, I can never be a model. It's also like a brain-dead job, you don't have to think. I'd rather I don't know be a UPS driver or something, lift heavy things or a gardener, so we're ready for tomorrow, mhm, all ready for tomorrow, I just think. It would be more fantastic if just if this is on I don't know what it is, oh, this guy, I remember this guy, I'm looking, that's Pierre. I follow him on Instagram and he is an amazing


, oh my goodness, exhibiting at a big holiday. The gallery contest is coming up, you should ask her to photograph you, are you crazy?
OMG he's a professional


, she acts like she's Kylie Jenner, personal photographer, like brother, he goes to the same school as you , what are you talking about? your mind Sorry, I know you a lot uh Pierre, I follow you online and oh, this is my friend Penelope, isn't she so pretty? You know, she really wants to be a model, do you think maybe you could take it up? some pictures of her oh, that's why you brought me. I really don't have time to waste bro, that accent is wild, it's definitely his real accent, everyone heard it.
Croissant man, I have no time to waste, he is too busy being French. It takes a lot of brain power to fake an accent like that pen here, you know Z Julia Sheldon Z Julia sh Miss, this is his sister, what are you doing this Friday? I don't have a model that looks like you, I don't think so. I think you could do something. Oh, now you want to take some pictures. B is as fake as his accent. I hit my head on a pole. It still hurts a lot. This is so cute. Wow, you're Julia Sheldon, right?
Is it okay if I do it? Choose, yes of course, thank you very much, why did you go and look at her while she shook her head? Would you look at that fan? Disgusting behavior, this is for your vibe. I think you should understand, brother, what's okay? Who is the fake now? literally pick the ugliest dresses to see your vibe, yeah, if you're 58, yeah, what money will I buy it for you with, you know, I just signed that big contract, it's all good. I feel like you've been a little lately. I've only been a little, tell me if I'm wrong, but I feel like my acting is getting a little better.
A bit. The first AR Man videos I filmed were unbearable to watch, like I couldn't even watch them without physically cringing, but now it's like I'm not even cringing that much. I blend in. I feel like I could actually be a character in one of these pens. He's just like 20 Pierre, right? Yeah, why did I already tell mom that she's coming with me? doing a photo shoot like 50 times I always ignore that there is something strange about him, he is nice, there is nothing strange, definitely, nothing suspicious about the man, just because someone is nice doesn't mean they have good intentions, oh, that's the Moral of the story, moral of the man GIVE. from the story even salt can be made with sugar you always do this you know the moment something good happens in my life you try to sabotage it bro im just trying to give advice.
I feel like my sister is like that in real life. life too she has a problem I try to give her a solution and she is like I am like brother I'm just trying to help I'm not trying to sabotage I'll be fine I don't need you to pamper me all the time By the way I'm a size two so you want the dress, okay, I like it too, by the way, okay, lift your chin, can I see your profile? Yeah, joh, that way, can I see your profile? I can't even. I think the background is horrible, these are fire, no mom, come see them, ooh, this lighting is different, the bom is very funny, no, that's exactly how it is when you meet someone who is constantly online and only talks in the Tik Tok slang.
San bro was taking photos at the mall Andel Adams just got Kai Gerber, he's probably photographing her right now for the who


did you kill these photos contest and that's it, okay mom let's take you home, Pier Honey, I was wondering if maybe you have a little extra time. could you photograph MOA no no Mom just go back to where you are but I'm sorry again for my mom but I love these photos um how much do I owe you again? Do you have MMOs? You don't have to pay me Penelope, I can get you. in some of the biggest agencies in town, your face in the magazines, I can change your life, my God, really, of course, you can't just make all these empty promises to someone, here it's okay if I talk to you for a second look, um mhm. uh Pier, you know I'll never try to question your judgment your judgment do you think she's like model material?
Alex, yes, Alex, what do you mean. I do not know what I'm doing. No, one sister is Julia Sheldon, the


who is like exploding. everywhere right now that's on so many magazine covers mhm exactly if I can shoot with her it'll be huge to compete he's just using her you steal the show you know you'll definitely beat Anel Adams even if I got God oh anel Adam you're just using Penelope to make Julia sound a little louder. Penelope and her mother can't hear you. You're a scheming psychopath. What was she saying? Oh, um, about how it can get me into magazines.
Yes, I just need a little. something about you mom rejects that her mom is cooked hey, how was the session? It was okay, but I need an unrealistic favor, you'll never catch me on my big forehead on FaceTime. I once needed to meet with Pierre, what the f? No, there's no way I'm doing that, come on, please, when was the last time I asked you for something? You literally asked me for things all the time, bro. I literally just bought you a dress. Shut up, needy, different child, it's really very important to me, please. please please the situations you put me in thank you Jules you are the best I love you this was so awkward oh my god I remember this scene we couldn't drink the water from the paper straws it's on water you can't drink it and I was very thirsty during the scene and I had to beg for water after we finished.
It's like a little reward. Do you have any idea how hard it is to be thirsty and filming a scene and you can't drink? the water that is right in front of you do you have my photos? I would love to see them. I haven't had time to edit them yet. I have had time. You see? I'm showing you these photos because I plan to send them. for this weekend's contest, but I was thinking you want to use mine instead, no rude panel, can you do me a favor? go play a song, me silently judging why you're asking him to do it, it's okay, it'll only take a second, like a pen, why did he do it?
If you take me to meet this clown, that's fine, so I'm thinking instead of sending them I could photograph you. Would be beautiful. Oh Pier, thanks for the offer, but I'm fine, thank you, please, you see, there is another photographer, Andel Adams, like me. just like I encourage him, I can't stand him, but he will be there and he will always win, but I'm thinking that if I photograph you as my model, I can finally beat him, so what do you say? I want to help you, but I'm already contracted with other photographers, but can we talk about Penelope?
You said you can include it in magazines. Yes, let's talk about Penelope. I said the only reason I agreed to photograph you is because I thought she could work with your sister. I don't understand when the bad guy just unravels the grand scheme of things from her. You know it didn't work. I'm just going to expose what I did and make myself look even worse. I didn't realize she was so aov. You will never be a model. You're not pretty enough. You will never be a croissant. You're not flaky enough. I did it. I won't edit them because they belong to Z Gabage at Z Gabage.
I wouldn't let someone disrespect my little sister like that for that man's sake. I couldn't say anything. I really thought he believed in me. I'm sorry. I had a feeling. It was shady, literally the most annoying thing anyone can say is haha, I told you so, like it could be anything, oh try this drink, I recommended it, oh it's delicious, I told you so, so shut up, who Are you trying to warn me just because it will soon be nice? They mean well, even then I might seem like a sugar cap, I'm so mad at myself, I don't know why I ever thought I had what it takes to become a model, you brother are beautiful.
Hey, listen to me, you can't. let someone else's opinion change how you feel about yourself regardless of what Pierre thinks you are definitely model material. I'm not going to let you give up, okay, how come even a photographer won't let me make sure that no one messes with my little sister and


away with it, yes, revenge, you get back off the pier, thank you very much, sorry hello okay everyone the judges have voted and the winner of this year's gallery contest is anel Adams anel Adams anel Adams anel Adams anel Adams anel Adams congratulations anel once again Jordan I hate that can I say that it is really an honor to be silent?
I mean, if I had K Gaba as my model, I would have won Ka too, yes Ka. I saw it on Instagram with you, those two you sent well, no, that was for something else, the model I sent is Penelope, wow, what a Banger, this is M's best material. Well, she won first place, so shut up, the judges clearly disagree, they said he has one of the most beautiful and expressive faces they have ever seen, congratulations again. Penelope, you have an exciting modeling career ahead of you, get out of here loser, it's a shame you missed the chance to work with her now, who belongs to Zig Gabage.
I won, I won, thanks again for connecting me with Anel, no problem, but she has nothing. what to do with anel and everything that has to do with how beautiful and talented you are that for always being so nice to me now I feel bad trying to compete with you sorry to interrupt but there is a Cosmo representative here who would love to talk to you about being in your W magazine not even my sister has entered Cosmo wait wait wait wait hello honey come here Pierre I just wanted to let you know that I am very sorry that things did not work out with Julia or Penelope mother is not aware of her many sins I also wanted to remind you that there's one more Sheldon in the family you think you're joking oh god we see you understand this is do gabana but now it's ruined but anyway that's all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video, if you made sure to hit the like button and of turning on notifications, click, click and I just launched some new products.
We have hoodies and tops at OG I'll link it below and subscribe. Join the Wolfpack. I love you so much, thanks for watching, bye guys.

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