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Duck Dynasty: Top Animal Moments: Si Bonds with his Dog | Duck Dynasty

Aug 07, 2022
Everything about these


s is magical. Why do we praise them for peeing everywhere? I love how cute they are. This dog is flawed. I have to find out if I can change this thing. how adorable they sound i can tell they are begging me to take them home they haven't started flying yet no its too soon they will be here in a few minutes hunting pigeons its one of my favorite activities because pigeons are filet mignon out of heaven i showed like about 15 of them they are delicious theres some jalapenos and a little bit like cream cheese and then wrapped in bacon yummy tasty addictive and grilled to perfection oh im a pigeon addict no apologies for that they are going to be tough from hitting this wind, oh yeah, especially when they start to get wet and dirty.
duck dynasty top animal moments si bonds with his dog duck dynasty
Look here, the opening day of the pigeon season. I wouldn't say it's a competition, but hey, I managed to show these guys what it sounds like. when the do go cry look here come three phil right there kill him phil bring him juju catch up ruby ​​hey look out there i shot down two of them and my dog ​​didn't even move ruby ​​are you even paying attention so i don't think so make it a dog he likes you what are you talking about no you can't really have teeth no t-roop hey there's nothing better than hunting with a man and his dog no no hey you stay that's a bond that can't be broken no no but hey something ain't here when you go into the hunt here instead of sitting there watching hey look here you're a dog why you think they have the term working like a dog hey here right here I go yeah I'll see, I'll see, oh ok i got a piece of that catch up here.
duck dynasty top animal moments si bonds with his dog duck dynasty

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duck dynasty top animal moments si bonds with his dog duck dynasty...

Getting back to your personality problem, I've had enough of this thing. Hey, she's just rubbing it with ruby. i don't like the scythe this dog is defective i have to find out if i can return this thing no dog likes i actually retired that heifer they smell them and they have bad vibes hey baby come here i'm cooking you like i'm cooking that's what you want to eat no hi miss jace hey guys we got you some pigeons. t hit the dust oh hey i killed four or five gotta get me a real hunting dog emphasis on hunting you gotta find a dog that suits your personality like me ok i know you get me a born killer when it comes to hunt she said let me show you what i think of you oh god yeah hey personality problem hey look here has to be well groomed handsome i have to find one hey dont mind taking a nap once in a while i have to go find myself a good dog i'll go with you i love dogs i have a sense about me dogs love you to get the dog side you're going to need a sixth sense and maybe a seventh size definitely not the dog whisperer he scares them i can find a good dog look what well, j.j and bobo are fine, they don't need much to lie on the sofa, I'm sure, I mean the last dog we have.
duck dynasty top animal moments si bonds with his dog duck dynasty
The first thing the dog did was bite sigh right on the wrist, I mean, scared too to humans but they just don't bite it well we'll go tomorrow ok try to find you a dog with a loose screw to match. the master i have a problem with my dog ​​he wont bring me the pigeons i think he is doing it to prick me and he has a personality problem well i dont know about the personality we have many dogs here to choose from we have young dogs we have old dogs different breeds of dogs say you have a bond with them you have a bong with them ok yes of course they love me i know why they love you because i said they like food that's how it always is they love to cook that's how it is that's what it is It's not always easy to match a dog to someone's personality especially someone like psi.
duck dynasty top animal moments si bonds with his dog duck dynasty
Hey, sit there, uh, if a dog had a size personality, he'd be old, cranky, mangy, lazy, stinky. to put it down hey we can take one of these for a test run sure we take one for a test run hey look here a dog like a car or a mattress or a tree you know you have to test them well let's see what we're going to look good here we go alright good luck with that i've never seen her do that i can't believe you bought that dog hey don't talk bad about my dog ​​now why is she a poodle hey yo look at the statue on this thing i mean it has killer written on it all around, hey, you're blinder than I thought, hey, poodles are one of the best hunting dogs out there.
Everybody knows that dog here was bred for a fancy person and by the way poodle they don't give a damn what other people think of them hey guess what like me if we ever kill a dog. y'all gonna take back all these cuss words you've been talking about my dog ​​oh we got one that's blind he's leaning he's leaning he's leaning he's trying to catch up oh my god that dog going to do that, the poodle actually gets it back. pigeons if i hadn't seen it i wouldn't believe it yeah here good boy i will never speak ill of another poodle as long as i live we could all date poodles if we can get over the shame of having them. riding in your truck with you someone sees you with a poodle that's some kind of scary thought good job killer good dog that right there hey that's the dog psy robertson i think science found its soul mate almost the fancy pants not bad jason willie pick up the phone come on we're working now man ok i'm trying to run a little business oh where you want it here? my mom always dreamed of having a petting zoo to share with her grandkids so i'm taking tomorrow to help her set it all up i'm excited i can tell you're excited i mean she's on my wish list.
You have a small taxi. No, I mean I've dreamed of this since I was a little girl. Unfortunately, today is Martin's bachelor party, so I want to get this over with as quickly as possible. I won't be missing out on all the fun, but according to Jeff's latest update, all I'm missing is some whole wheat bread. Oh, what kind of


s are you putting there? we're not going to have all kinds, okay, we only have three or four animals, like a goat, another goat, and maybe just goats. I'm thinking of one of those little monkeys. Have you ever tried to pet a monkey?
Well we could put little rubber things in the teeth so they couldn't bite Hannibal Lecter's monkey so you know what we could have a miniature elephant we're not having an elephant ok maybe we could order one of Africa or somewhere just o ff internet oh boy you can afford it ok we ain't building a circus here you ain't the boss of this ok technically this is my place though I am but I'm your mom and you said you could put my animals here i said you could put some animals not noah's ark a donkey and a donkey a couple of pigs why are we doing this again i want the grandkids to have the farm experience talking about the kids we have to go pick them up Upstairs we got all kinds of animals to show you guys today oh my gosh I'm so excited it's okay it stinks in here y'all ready to see something adorable oh we're making memories for a lifetime take it easy mate oh beautiful, isn't it? cute ready for the donkey luke she actually does tricks she does tricks willie the donkey kicks they don't just kidding everything about these animals is magical you know jesus rode a donkey right we could do a christmas play and have that miniature donkey actually jesus rode a bigger one oh we did yeah but glad i did I love how cute they are, how soft they feel and especially how adorable they sound.
That is his calm voice. I can tell they beg me to take them home. llama and a baby llama, oh my gosh this place is starting to feel less like a petting zoo and more like jurassic park. they actually come as a couple willie i'm afraid they're a family ok i don't know if this is all going to fit in that trailer. re what children we both have quiet llamas oh precious good miss k you have a pen full of animals you should be happy it smells like pee how did you convince willie of all these animals? an answer i'll try sometime ok miss k you have her animals im going to my bachelor party hi kids. everyone wants to melt the goats yes i like milk i want you to melt the goat before you go i'm not going to milk the goat the kids want you to help melt the goat ok tell phil to milk the goat he's probably done it before thanks dad it's all in his technique he'll be nice to his technique willie be nice okay you want to help no I can't get down and up you know I'm slow oh oh look at it I'm learning oh look at that oh my man milking a cranky goat wasn't just a itinerary yeah it's a bit out of your technique when it comes to kicking it thanks dad that really helps technique but it's not all bad take it easy take it easy i mean feel it it's nice to know i did all i could to help miss kay's day have a few more days like this i'm finally letting jeff go as favorite son river you said you want some cum technique i'm not good at that ok ok close your mouth I'm leaving ok I'm going to my bachelor party bye you're ten nope go fishing you've got any ace I'm not gonna play you if you keep doing this you need to work on your poker face okay oh what a weird kitty weird cat , he's been acting weird lately, really, yeah he's shutting out all of us and look he came back the other day and he had spaghetti all over his face well he found some spaghetti who cares about my dogs go out and find stuff too She got a home, she doesn't need to date another man, sweet pea, see we're like two peas in a pot that we both like, you know, nap, okay, we both like fried crappie, okay , and then we both land on our feet if you drop us off the roof maybe it's like the lady on the tram i won't last without a scarf -panky and they go to a little alley and there's an italian restaurant oh yeah i've been there still look but lately my little friend from nap has become a two-stroke heifer on me rushing like he's meant to love his life die that door is open god i left an opening sorry we gotta follow him and see where he goes hey h he's living the double life with me Well, do you want me to call Phil?
He is a tracker. No, Phil doesn't even like the cat. I know the perfect person. He is a tracker and a republican notary. What seems to be the problem here? case of infidelity he has left with another woman infidelity he has a girlfriend what about chris dane no man man you don't understand ok it's about my cat his name is your squeaky that's right he doesn't stay at home I leave the door open you He left the door open, Hey, look, you're trying to get rid of the car, no, I'm not trying to get rid of it. boring as a tube shape smells like a cat but you could call him a jerk travant because he has tracking skills hey I just like to call him mountain man well they head that way and they smell fresh they go straight there. they headed that way and they smell fresh i feel like i'm on a wild goose chase except i don't see any geese or geese around here kate well a wild goose chase so well hey bad man what are you doing i think she's there hey she ain't she's a he's fine take those binoculars you're being a creep you haven't heard of the castle rule that's his castle he has the right to shoot you okay okay I've had it with a cat come on let's go to the house I've had everything I understand this lost cat for a day come on furry look i can't believe i wasted three hours looking for that stupid cat hey she is ok where did you get this toy?
Look this is the perfect example of cats being just like women well I'm glad you've been having fun you big fat rascal don't bother him hey you fixed the phone yeah they're going to make it fall. you went through a bunch of crap and they never apologized for it ok it will be five bucks for the follow up fee sigh five bucks look Eva. ry from time to time they remind you hey don't waste time trying to figure it out your big best basketball you ain't worth two cents look just be happy with the time you spend with them at least not you don't have to know how to spend time with the man in the mountain five dollars.
You know what Sweet Pea is home. She is fine. behind that's a dog said I don't like you you know most people say hey man I don't like you anymore no but a dog urinates on your back you can use a little of my perfume there you go I'm not going to wear perfume bag they will smell to pee andperfume actually the dog peed on that pillow and i put the perfume on you cant even tell right? Yeah you need to take that dog to some kind of training what are you talking about take him to his town they have a dog training deal ok.
This dog is trained the way I like it. This dog isn't just trained to pee on yuppie stuff. He is trained to be suspicious of all people who carry cell phones. work good job that's what you call dog training ok i'm booking a class that dog will be trained tomorrow so watching bobo and watching you the problemIt looks like he doesn't really respect you as the leader of his pack so we're going to redirect a bit that I want him to pay attention to you and we're going to do a little exercise I want you to touch your nose and as soon as he makes eye contact I want you to give this cookie quickly okay and say look at me look at me good boy and th and give him the cookie good boy there you go good boy look at how well willie is doing aren't you excited? he's sitting there eating snacks it's not rocket science because he's going to do whatever you want ok i respond to snacks too i think this is all obedient this can be good for me and bobo willie.
In fact, you could work out here. I mean, look at this. It is the beginning of a healthy program. It's like he and I are on a journey together. me and my little pioneer dog he is like my little davy crockett if he did the whole hurdle i love meatballs they are so good with parmesan and karen is like our nature guide though i think it might be a problem security for you so probably not i hope they do souvenir pics here ok let's focus back on bobo right now he looks very relaxed so he's asleep he's asleep look that way you should be so proud from this trip here today, we've been here like two hours and everything. bo bo he's done is pee eat sleep he got drunk because he's been working so hard but he watches the dog olympics and he's on his uh oh you might see that bird also locked up in the bird well it's been great but i think we're done for today i think that's enough for one day he's learned so much today he's learned so much he's learned so much he's got oh silly brother hey hey look at me right here here good boy did you see how he looked me in the eye phil that was the trick look how he looked into my eyes good boy look at me and I'll give you something to eat that's all if you look in my eyes look into my eyes that should be pretty easy to teach a dog look at me and I'll give you something to eat don't try to come back to train a perfectly trained machine like a goofball well they were wrong you can't teach him old dog new tricks so i guess i'll just watch my bag the whole time i'm here so i don't pee in it yeah oh bro i probably had during my in fance about 25 dogs so play with bubbles come on bubba miss k she is a dog lover and she will talk to them in a kind, loving and motherly way. to make it like that is like that yeah you have to call her that like that muffin we have had so many dogs in our family like my mom used to always have windy dogs now she has those rat terriers right now in our house we have six dogs the animal control people let a note on our door the other day and we had to get rid of some of them because all over the neighborhood our dogs have taken everyone's shoes we have left them outside i love dogs i have a sense about me look how good jj and bobo they're ok it doesn't take much to lay on the couch i get it so basically we wasted a whole day how is that any different from any other day?

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