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Duck Dynasty: Top 5 FUNNIEST Moments | Duck Dynasty

Jul 19, 2022
I'm on my way okay oh hey you're gonna pay for this pay for what hey the damage you've done to my little mumble guard side no bumper damage you're gonna pay for this , No. m no yes you are no yes you are no you are no no so hey family discount okay hey give me a thousand dollars we'll call it eagles give me a bill for a job well hey it's going to cost you i try to be nice where is psi he he he is at the doctor for what is sick. Is he a pizza?
duck dynasty top 5 funniest moments duck dynasty
Hey I gotta see this yeah yeah this is going to be right here oh my god ah get off that thing I can't. we tried you took the scooter i mean if he's on the road can you imagine now everyone on ours worried about it we better go check it out n him, which is exactly what he wants, i think we should go good, let's go find him, this could be bad, hey, that thing has to drive good, ride, act like they've never seen a man on a scooter before, yeah spinning around me idiot, hey, I skipped out of the old house, don't worry about it, oh my god, look here, hey, granny, turn around, idiot, put you back to work, which I really don't know why, but this is dangerous, hey, it's all good. plus this about your bumper about the scratch 600 on it no why would i be upset about something like that if it's your bumper i'll buy you a new bumper do what if it's your bumper i'll buy you a new lunch Sorry you pushed it .
duck dynasty top 5 funniest moments duck dynasty

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duck dynasty top 5 funniest moments duck dynasty...

I heard you right. Lunch. Perseverance. See everything you propose. If you stop right now. In agreement. you got it. and the trigger away they're all watching that's exactly why i'm a


hunter is this a movie right? youtube eyes i have a lot of youtube videos youtube youtube you know that guy no you don't make your own video and you can put it out there where the internet has been all my life i need you to help me make a page about this a youtube page yeah i'm gonna make an instructional video ok we can do that what are you laughing at you cant do anything what are you talking about no hey look here people need to be taught everything i tell them how to train dogs and i tell them too i say how to play golf this is how you don't play golf golf is a very simple game yeah so i think you have a great idea here you have the camera you are a cameraman i have a camera right in the other room look you bring the camera meet me on the golf course what are you wearing look you can't go out dressed like a baboon ok this side robertson ok amateur golfer but pro golf instructor ok four easy basic steps step number one posture ok step two that's all hey what else and you want step two if you want this ball to go a good distance hit hard oh that's some deep shit this is awesome ok yeah we're on the green this has got to be the worst instruction ever What are you talking about? i'm on the green side do you know what goes on the green along with your robinson instructional video on golf the first two were successful good stance good swing we are on green step number three figure out your long putt want to get into step four ok, don't overdo it let's see what you got you overdo it okay look let's finish this video stance swing long play long touch and don't overdo it and don't overdo it's a roberson style saying hello four steps and me.
duck dynasty top 5 funniest moments duck dynasty
I'll make you a great golfer okay look at this HR rep she's going to teach us a few things about things hey guys it's not appropriate let's shit lemme see so I promise I'll go after you if you don't understand these things. off hey jase look at that belt and see if there's a key for these yeah there's a key no keys this isn't happening this isn't happening i got it i'm not going to cut this this can go through a train track i'm making progress it's small the blade of this saw could not cut through a paper towel.
duck dynasty top 5 funniest moments duck dynasty
I've lost all feeling in my hand, alright, back off, jase, what if? Well yeah just a little old I love it heck no you ain't doing that. I think this could work to prolong this union for as long as possible. You see, I'm going to have to turn it up a bit. Hold him. Hell no, maybe we should go to the fields and get the bolt cutters. That's a great idea. Phil has bulk cutters. I don't know. That is a good question. Phil has the best pair of boat cutters to make. This is the best day of my life.
Telling you I gotta go wrong, make it quick, well stop looking I'm not looking I thought you said I was dating hey it's hard to pee with someone watching you I'm not watching you son no one wants to see this you better not be taking pictures no i'm not taking pictures i was just what are you telling me who's taking pictures no what time chase is taking a picture jack is taking pictures i had a call that's true i wasn't taking any embarrassing pictures i can't wait to tell you what sorry make it flow you don't get views on youtube for pics ah what are you doing is your pee hey ok here we go i gotta get some hand sanitizer time we got it let's go out my son hurry up phil we have a situation here, it's been a really fun day, besides, this day couldn't get any worse, no one's home, hey hey everyone finally. phil we've been looking for your bolt cutters for two hours last time i saw the bolt cutters jace i handed them over to jimmy red stupid idiot for the door now that day i forgot about it kill me now you know uh yami shiru sangoro gary gary that's it my friend from japan is a fucking sword oh my god wow we w Before talking about ninja movies I told him how much I love him and he said he is from a line of ancient warriors.
This sword game changer. I love them. Jack, gentlemen. what is what is that you have your hand not this what in the world easy now that's a samurai sword pure japanese steel hey easy with that thing you're going to cut off an arm let me hold it you know what I've been thinking what I'm obsessed with that sword I'm going to get that sword let's cut something with it go ahead ninja triangles please you grew particularly in your old age it's better than the world no that's my cue I see you guys we need to fix this ok how are you to solder in this chat snippet?
It's probably not good enough. Let's just weld. let's put it back in his office willie never will Notice it's good as new hey hey it's good to see you talk about that's the samurai sword yeah we saw it watch out I get you now yeah I think so sharp, be careful when you say that, careful, that's not for kids, I don't care now. about that you ripped it sadie i take it really i barely touched it i promise why is it all burnt so i ripped it hey you want to rob him from his office you big tuttletown you are a terrible welder hey sorry your sword but hey i'm telling you a jump from image, so how come they come hunting with us?
If you want us to hunt with you, then you must give something in return. How about we can choose? the movie next time yeah ok you can choose the movie we're here close the doors hey don't close the door what a god look at these mosquitoes did you bring the spray? rear end of my hunting buddy before i love my wife too is kind of exciting jason highlights why the two can go together so, pretty good, we've been walking forever. I'm thinking I might need to go to the bathroom. Are we walking through the mud? Did they bring some food or not?
Oh god, I'm dirty. uh uh uh uh yeah i cant wear perfume why what darren hey darling his sense of smell is his greatest asset ok look what are you doing what are you doing what are you doing what oh my god jason you gonna be on the couch tonight let's hold this cory i'm putting mud on you what's up? no you ain't putting money on me i'll spray this whatever oh god what's that smell? what would that be uh pee i got it for the decoy not for you thats one way oh my god i didnt know its for the decoys thats really disgusting if you see a deer heading your way you gotta stay high , really, yeah, like because he'll try to abuse you that's disgusting you have another shirt i'm not going to let you put one of my shirts on somebody you like to pee share we finally got some action there's money for that i'd say that about 200 yards let's go down and cut him off come on he won't come here come on you're still here you can get your bow if he comes by and you catch him oh wait ok divide and conquer don't leave us here for too long time, let's go, I'm very angry now, I know how long they've been gone, more than an hour, let's go, do you think you can find the truck?
I am willing to try. I don't want to sit here anymore. I mean they're three hours late. What the hell did they arrange for us to come pick you up in the truck. Yes, we take care of walking back. I will never do it. doing that again never never never never again you

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