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DRIVEN FROM GRAVE! Forgotten K20 Rescued After 16 Years! - Vice Grip Garage EP24

Feb 27, 2020
well in this episode of I script Raj we rescue a truck that's been sitting on a farm for 16


and then supposedly bury it in a swamp and get lost great that's perfect about two and a half hours from home on a farm can't add it, it was on the other side of these trees, chances are there aren't even any birds here. I have a parts store an hour from here and there is little traffic on the old road here. We're safe. I have my trusty toolbox. Various Chevy parts and this tree line here mixed in with old gear from the 1969 K20 a lot about a month or two ago and I've been saving a bit on that but he's a pretty cool guy.
driven from grave forgotten k20 rescued after 16 years   vice grip garage ep24
Could you come over here and put her in it let's go for a ride and I'll show you this beautiful machine well if a boy remembers right it's just down here on the left I hope it's close are you gonna make it? now a little later there has to be 723 thousand pounds in this money it says i still earned I don't have what I need today. There's a lot of really cool old gear here, in case any of your sensors think you've got it tough today. Take a look at this. It is a beautiful machine. We're talking four-speed four.
driven from grave forgotten k20 rescued after 16 years   vice grip garage ep24

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driven from grave forgotten k20 rescued after 16 years vice grip garage ep24...

All wheel drive and what really sold me on this is that it has a block heater, well the guy that used to own this truck is a really nice guy. 16


old she said she's been down a few times but she just hasn't moved on and she's sitting on this guy's property here and she's a really nice guy too so it's me and she's on the living room. You should have a really solid plan, yeah to what we're doing today and that plan is fine, let's take a look and then we'll help you get to the plan a little bit later.
driven from grave forgotten k20 rescued after 16 years   vice grip garage ep24
It's already a custom model Nicole it's owned she goes with I've got enough w heels here with tires I bet I could do a fixed bottom that's a good thing to build on here lets see what the label says yeah oh 3rd of October by the way that's a lie there's around out of forty eight thousand lakes here oh my yeah she's been weight reduced pretty good she looks like she's a trail runner probably the model of a jock they really cut down on honor let's see what we got oh yeah mmm-hmm well there's usually what's called a rocker panel that resides in this area and they went ahead just cut that out get some more weight deal okay that's in here oh okay yeah this is a variety tri petal there's these door panels we're cleaning that's the factory custom racing wheel it's got the quick shift handle really good weather protection oh this is really nice I got two sets of vine back rivers here, well she even has a key.
driven from grave forgotten k20 rescued after 16 years   vice grip garage ep24
I will be deep. Oh, do you have pieces? Let's go to the other side, okay, why isn't it necessary to bring anything? It appears that the starter motor has been replaced. bl Lower engine steering box good nuts that standard issue see what kind of options we had 373 four speed foam seat saddle trim heavy positrtract differentials thats good she has a heavy duty clutch in her and a fancy black final outfit let's go ahead and take a look under the hood see what kind of story it could tell us definitely a small block hard to tell if it's a 350 will decode ok that later let me get the camera here for you guys and this is what goes down below here it is uh it looks complete it got dizzy the carb water pumps have been replaced something happened here that doesn't look great it has a battery that never starts and I'm not quite sure what it is that 409 that's gas that cranking fluid is great so oh and I have a disconnect wire so most likely they tried to get it running last time and it didn't shoot well to go back to the previous plan of making this work.
I would go ahead and admit to you folks, I just don't have one, but I do. know what we have to make sure that this thing spins, so it's actually very easy for a guy when there's no clutch in the stroke. All you have to do is simply put some weight on the belt. I'll get this sucker going, let's get that down to about seventy-four point six percent guaranteed. working choke not stuck, bottle moves great, news gaps in Snug coils there, she has a barbed wire going nowhere. power to the coil and zigzag she will fire, yeah I think what I'm going to do is bring a new battery. we get the thing to flip and then we throw some fire d take over the throat and see if we can get it to fire if we can get it to fire then we'll do the old tenants and whatever and then we'll work up to the clutch and the wheels and what have you get out of there you know the guy doesn't like to buy batteries but some fancy junk boxes are too expensive to run around charging and this SuperStart 9000 was on sale no I got another double red wire I like how other guys suck like me, no.
Don't get the right cable just get the cheap one, about half my cars have keys now which is a bit of a weird feeling. rev up the carb and see if we can get it to start this is my own junk car mix which is basically a mix you get for an outboard or two stroke this makes it a little easier on the engine ok , she doesn't trigger that's too much which is perfect and see what happens nothing so I'm just going to check I got the key over keys in give it one more try I also hear some kind of thumping noise down here which is really promising give it some starting fluid and then we'll start on the digital yeah no spark great ok got it my digital meter out I'm going to test the voltage at the coil and try to trace it from there I got 12 point 3 that It's actually really good considering I have twelve point four on the battery so we're only missing point one so I'm going to take the cap off and we'll test the points and the capacitor next and then we'll go from there too I don't have a little spark. click and be lazy let's start on that first this tool is really helpful if you're absolutely lazy like me basically connect it to the spark plug wire hit the side of the spark later and there's a little bulb here and if she goes going you got spark going there and going there and you can really trust these because they say china right on them so make sure you pay attention to the results ok let's give it a spin no spark ok I'm going to remove the distributor cap and I'll rock these points back and forth that's my screwdriver you get some spark well these look pretty new actually I'll just poke the others so I can force a spark but I won't get none when I just flip it over so I think I'm going to replace the dots on the old chick that I like I'm going to loosen this little screw and I don't have anything like it.
Now I have to try to find a matchbox. This is how I learned to just dots. You just slide a matchbox between them and that's how you get your space. doesn't work either. I just went down for a second. I guess I'll go ahead and test the coil, but I have to remove the wires. he's taking me to the nearest hardware store and it closed pretty early on a saturday so hopefully they're up and running. So when we get there and they have the parts, we'll try this again for the 59th time. Well, I'll be submerged if they didn't have the rotor. put them at the end.
I got Sparkle later so I'll do it all right now anyway and then we'll spin it down and see what we get. Let's assume the guy can check the firing order while I'm doing this. I'll wait till I move everything I guess I probably could have picked up glow wires later but eyes are jeep of course the only phillips screwdriver I'm 58 feet long I'll make it work somehow I'll put the old thunder maker on it alright I'll test it again to see if we got spark here so on both revs I got spark so we've got a lick now guys we just need a little fuel.
I finally got a few of these that are all white so they run very thin so I think the intake gaskets are likely going off. the old coffee can up here is leaking in the er er well we'll get to that another time that's ok remember guys when you're putting these new ones in and you really need to pay attention to that yeah yeah yeah what am i running? champions of time running champions instead of the car Lloyd not quite sure why sure he had something to do with us they are the cheapest thing available at the time wired him back to where some guy was about four hours ago except that i'm hungrier and thirstier let's try again putting a little in the vent tube and too much in the carb and oh i have to turn the key to see if we can make some noise here there she goes i have to figure out what hit it's good since she went ahead and fired a guy like i'm going to change the oil today's flavor is 1540 diesel you know me it was on sale once she got the s and there are guys who could run this on their gas engines and it's actually pretty good for that believe it or not hyper lube never used this before but she has a flag maybe add some horsepower so i'll start with that and then we'll talk to her with the old diesel oil here and lue go figured I'm out of gas and we probably spent more than the half gallon I have to start this so I'm going to ask the vendor here if we can borrow some gas from him he's got plenty of gear around here he probably has some of this making a funnel out of these hyper lubes i only have that five quarts so i better save up and make sure most of it hits the engine and this will do it give me a better target boom check this out fun al i'll dive really hoping this works and we can test it here on these trails there are some trees and all that we can see if the old 4wd works on it ok here is the current state of things everything here is a new mystery built and this is all custom now you don't need them wires from the choke got oil change on new battery moved like a scalded coyote oh actually i'm putting it down the breather tube that's ok yeah yeah hit her again eat her ok i think I'll try to keep it going now that the shoka wired clothing is open.
I'm going to go ahead and I can customize that. There we go good. I'll be to hell with stranglers. the thumping noise is the fan hitting the shroud plus it has oil pressure you could see the smoke cloud right now one guy just can't believe it i sat here idle i don't know how i'm still so lucky this is just stupid well suppose the guy should put some coolant in it and I'll borrow some water from the guy's house, cover it up and that will allow him to warm up and see how many leaks we have.
I guess forty nine point two why the smoke is this. thick keep some skeeters away let's see if ser


opens next let's wait for it to sound like it's got some fries which is short for glass packets holy moses he's smoking hope he just got a ring stuck o 17 i like fan shrouds that's inconvenient he's purring like a kitty idol finally starting some smoke. to go down a bit for a guy it's pretty handy to have all that weight reduction you can keep an eye on your exhausts easily you still got oil pressure and you're even charging for a feller I guess you don't need the idle there goes the Thermostat honey ,sometimes guys just have a coke something to warm up well she run like what im gonna do now is clean up some of this and take it to this guy's store la,a guy can get a cat here and we.
I'll find out which one of these nine tires is good and put them on her and then we'll go you know give her some money it's Peter Cole try it give her a try guys she's rich here no not much wonderful all good here we go guys there she goes look at that j It doesn't even make sense. Sixteen years leave here as if nothing had happened. Oh, corn oil. going to zigzag this is BA out she was flat this looks like it will work it's like digging a little track the cats sure why don't you drop pieces of the bed frame that's fine just close your eyes forget about that well a dude found a matching 85 trailhawk or whatever so we'll put it on this side looks like they'll dig pretty good so we'll have to test our course ok this BF Goodrich ain't good at all so I'm going to pull it out .
I have one here. Wow, oh, this one is pretty bad it also cracked the sidewall a bit, but that's probably not surprising. I say no breaks and that's why she got us dry to the bone so I'm going to put some brake oil in and just pump it up. I have air and everything. for now actually sit a lot taller don't look too bad ok make a little adjustmentbefore we go like this stuff here berryman b12 it's like sea foam but it's literally half the price what i do is throw the whole camp down the engine when it's running when it's nice and hot and i'll clean the valves and cam combustion and I'll get some of that junk out of there and then we'll hit the road. snowing lightly put these long beds in these trees gotta get lost i've been doing too much right not in a blast let's paint our she's too nimble for an old girl but open her up careful oil pressure no i don't like her oh for i'll dip we have a support of tree you know i'm starting we're starting good the guy went ahead and tried on four wheel drive and she doesn't work i don't mean nothing i pulled and hit the bump and twisted it just didn't drive it so now which is on the old bumper I definitely don't want to walk that way I don't want to go that way so I think I'll stay I'm going to go this way and go find this guy and see if they drag me down with the old International well, that certainly didn't work out so he's going to go ahead and go back to the house again and go get the old tractor and bring it back to Mr.
Cheng's I'm sure glad this guy is nice real My mind is in a creek, but that leaves me time to factor in expecting it, so let's get to work. this is happening Oh it's already so much better here I mean I'm totally cool with this that's the sweet production but others may not be comfortable riding this so I'll go ahead and fix that up a bit. That's what it did Oh tractor it's the old international I've got to go it's pretty soaked now that I know I don't have four wheels that's even better I do anything right that's a tree you want to go through faster when you know what your grapes stop yes only no I don't like it, well, I think it's enough for this up to the age of sixteen.
I got it working, but it's really good. I'm very surprised so I'm going to have a really hard time getting rid of this one. We would not test it on her. tested pretty good for dunphy its not working its probably the link from the transfer In case i fix it later maybe in a future episode or i really appreciate you guys watching make sure you hit that subscribe button little bell there down, I really appreciate it and until next time, keep your greasy side down.

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