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DreamSMP but we all have Mutant Superpowers

Jun 02, 2021
well donald, is it that jeffrey again? No, that's Donald, Donald is a joker, why did he make some jokes? Donald is nice once you get to know him, but honestly, Jeffrey is kind of an idiot, right, because don't steal things, hit me, yeah, but he's like he's a playful little punch. I know you don't, I don't trade playful punches personally, Rambu, well, we do, I'll remember, I'll remember when I come to visit, yes, it's the end of the year, but remember all my plans were foiled. The moment you wear a pumpkin, so you know it is, but what I'm deducing is that the haunted shacks are all pretty tall, right?
dreamsmp but we all have mutant superpowers
Oh, oh God, no, it stopped raining, why am I starving? Oh no, it's okay, I can give you some salmon. salmon there you go thanks oh actually you saved me you keep calling them salmon yes that's what they're called salmon what I was saying was a joke my name isn't salmonella they're not called salmon they're not called salmon at all salmon salmon salmon that's not how they're written I trust in you will know that you should never do that never ever trust me I'm not going to keep calling them salmon I don't even care if the language is wrong nikki is right exactly exactly disgracing my language it's impressive it's impressive that you've come this far honestly I'm impressed maybe I'm just ignorant yes maybe yes I'm sorry it's this spider man they're just spider man spider man tries his best to scare me I'm invisible I'm on the ground well wait I can guide them to you so yeah you just did it thank you so rude pop cat is still my favorite yeah it was my favorite my favorite beauty tv do it oh you're just going to do it. flies around scaring people, well it's like a haunted way, but I'm going to be a friendly ghost, yeah, ah, it's not going to steal, well, I'll probably still probably start well, but only when you're online, oh boy oh so I can feel more stupid, yeah, not realizing, okay, that's good, yeah, and now my chat is nothing more than that, yeah, yeah, that's the best, yet so powerful. uh i got weak and slow jack manifold on tommy oh you should turn invisible and then hit them then run away you should i don't know i'm headed i don't know i'm here too oh no oh so it's got custom stuff it's good know, okay, it's time for me, it's time for me hey, where are we taking us?, where, make music?, where is it?, where are you, wilbus?, we've been talking like this for 20 or so minutes eh, look, I've lost 3,000 viewers, but that's okay, I've lost thirty thousand and I.
dreamsmp but we all have mutant superpowers

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dreamsmp but we all have mutant superpowers...

Don't give up, he's a superior, okay, run, okay, wait, jack, go this way, this way, this way, where is he, this way, you're getting right on my budding nerves, you're bothering me, tits , you are, you will be, you are in. chat multiple tits it's okay don't do too much harm I can survive talking like this I've been doing it for too long now I'm me now I'm who I am it's my identity come with me where are you? cooking some lamb no, don't cook lamb jack manifold there's a lamb follow me I don't need that lamb I mean I need it in the lamb chops yourself we're out oh me between us all I'm saying is since then These ghosts


been in the system since they started using vaccines.
dreamsmp but we all have mutant superpowers
Now dare I call that a coincidence, I don't know, but hey, come with me, stupid Jack, could you come up the stairs licking like your face? How disgusting aren't you? even after 9 p.m. GMT, Tommy, what are you doing? Oh, I


to go up to set up my bed apparently because my character needs to sleep at a high altitude, whatever that means. Oh, now I'll get back down somehow. Trick, oh wow. You're stupid, aren't you? You're shit, you're horrible. I messed up, I messed up, I fell, I fell a block, hey Jack, I've got a deal for you.
dreamsmp but we all have mutant superpowers
Okay, what do you want? That you love me? I'm hungry I want soul food quick boots I have a lamb for you it's in it it's an oven in an oven it's in the oven so if you want one I'm waiting for it I'm waiting for it hey up there are your boots guys Okay, you have a good one yogurt, fantastic, Phil, you haven't built my house, didn't you give me enough wood? I gave you a lot of wood, I left you because they talk like I have no idea what language it is, but hey. Hey, up, hey, up, well, buddy, it's not at all, it's not at all affecting us, no, no, where do you live, wilbur?
I'm living next door to nikki, oh, so you're close too, I'm too close, sorry. Like I made my house too dumpy, it's like I need to be longer in the back house, he came back, well, nice house, that was her, thanks tubbo, what did I just do, I made a sir reference, mix it up a lot , I don't do it there. I don't know if you picked that one I don't know what a Mix-a-lot is Can I sing to you, sir, Mix-a-lot's debut song, please, yes, go away, wait, no, please, no, oh no, Oh no? inappropriate where it's going it's just about asses i'll give you the radio edit tubber okay sing along with phil by the way if you know otherwise i know you're old too so i'll pass here we go here we go. the face with the Oakland booty I like big butts and I can't lie you are the brothers I can't deny when a girl walks in with a tiny waist wait a minute in your face they jump out you want to get up strong you notice those bubble things Deep down From the jeans she's wearing, I'm hooked and I can't stop looking up, but hey, use me, use me because you're not that average groupie.
I've seen them dance to hell with romance and I have a feeling. I started too high but the objection was tuned out. I think I started too high on this track and it's about to ruin my vocal cords. Are you ready? Here we go because she is sweaty. You have to go like a turbo bat. I'm tired of magazines saying flat butts are the best, take the average man and ask him he has to pack a lot, so guys, guys, so guys said your girlfriend has a butt, tell her to shake it, shake it, shake that healthy butt, baby's got the face. with the oakland swag i didn't know that's his name yes sir mix it up a lot baby he's back i swear the real song ain't acoustic no it's sir it's been a long time he's a very famous folk musician i don't know .
I don't think so, I don't think that's true, yeah, the song, the song is written entirely on acoustic guitar. Wow, okay, I like it, I like to keep it true to the original life. You know, when I do covers. You know that no. I would like to include creatives as you know well, but can you play the electric guitar? What is the electric guitar? The one that connects. No, no, of course, I can't, oh, not the same answer. There is electricity, rather, rather, forget it, wait. Isn't it minecraft? Someone in my chat flew in saying I was hot and I don't know if they're talking about my performance of Sir Mix-a-lot or my guttural vomiting sound, I don't know which is worse, honestly. not me either oh he's still here he's still here get out of here you can give it to other people oh oh god I'm going to die oh okay we're fine shaking shaking shake that healthy butt wow he's just referring to himself it's just him, the rest die hello it's just me alvin anderson maybe i should go look down no there's no such thing as creeper spawn oh there's plenty that will blow up on their own oh i feel like phil is like you know just pass by this, goodbye.
Phil, can you live near us? Please, yes, of course, you said you had a special delivery. uh yeah special delivery is like um yeah guys I'm working on a water tunnel right now. Oh, the water tunnel is my worst night. The water tunnel is my worst. Nightmare, yeah think about it, we should do it as a challenge if rambu, if you can reach the other one, can't you die? It's a terrible challenge, it could be worse, come on, you don't need to be so pessimistic about the challenge, worse than a Can't you die? The challenge is a Can you die?
This challenge, especially, you're right, Phil, Mimi Hungi, bro, just me, I want mama bird to jump in and wait, Phil, we have enough for two beds, we can set up our spawn here, where's mama bird? I'm bringing you, hopefully, not the dead sun. I have seen the blue planet. He is definitely dead. Here we go. I know I saw it. Oh, isn't it? Mother bird always dies. I know they do and then David Amber is how young people now have to defend themselves. for themselves now they have to fend for themselves, they are themselves, I don't know what you're talking about and I'm really scared like the mother of the blue planet has already passed away, haven't you ever seen documentaries about nature, nick, I've seen some, but in German? oh, you're missing British, you're missing David.
Aren't you watching my documentaries? Can you hear my version of Sir Mix-a-lot? The baby came back. I like big butts and I can't lie. Sorry, David Beep. beep beep this is crazy you're all crazy oh my god come on nikki I can't come in you're going to swim hey cheers we named our tower the pub is painfully bad tommy the american no, it's not for, it's all true, okay, stop , it was kind of okay, quick question, what were half of those words like? I just have to teleport, wait until it rains, just wait, not really, oh, let's wait until it rains, don't worry, you can come live in that house.
I like to do the window frames, oh my God, Phil, where are you, where are you? hello phil, someone stole my iron and they keep stealing it, oh someone put it in half an inch, I'm already stealing tubbo, incredible, how far in this am I taking this, he went deaf in this car, I'm trying to find Wilbur. They told me to go look for him, but he's invisible here. I literally physically can't become invisible to you, but you should be able to see me wandering around. I have fire resistance parts if you want them, yeah right, oh I need to go get them.
I need to go back and get them, oh you had to break your boat, well you're addicted because I would have died, actually, you fucking idiot, yeah, do you like our accents? Wilbur, not really idiot, hey Nikki, I'm just going to mess up your ocean. Why would you do that oh Nikki? I'm going to throw trash from above you. She's going to get through this. She stops polluting. My parents. Take it easy. Take it easy. Young. You may have to clock out soon. I'll sign you if you continue. Hi Yes. then you'll laugh while you practice your fire, suck it, then it's actually night so I'm not going to get burned anyway so we'll be a waste of my resources, oh man I'm done.

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