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Drawing My Girlfriends SPIDERSONA...

Jun 06, 2021
orders Jake Paul to apologize for it and stuff, it's really not that bad because sooner or later everyone will make a mistake, you will make a mistake, I will make a mistake, it's better to be more. Forgiving, of course, if you don't apologize and keep doing those things, then you're just a bastard and don't really deserve my respect, but hey, it's your choice, your channel, your fans, they can decide what to do that we wanted. the spider pants and we have a design for his costume, oh I forgot, we have to give him daggers, okay, we will give him daggers on his hips, these will be dagger holders with a little belt, dagger holders, I think it's time to bring the bigger ones.markers so let's have some highlights here this will all be black since she has mainly a black suit get some here so let's indicate this place is great doing smaller shows like shadows really small, but we're going to I'm going to cross more plots here, so start doing that.
drawing my girlfriends spidersona
Actually, I'll give it ink streaks. I'll give it a pink stripe in the middle. I feel like they will be quite sickly. So far I like this better than a spider. So now many of you wanted tips for shadows, so I tell you to remember that the light source is wherever you point it. In this case it will be almost directly from a bus as they drive to the left and just keep their shadows. as consistent as possible, yes, for a woman you don't want to cross paths with, that's too much, otherwise that messes up the place.
drawing my girlfriends spidersona

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drawing my girlfriends spidersona...

I'm still trying to think of a name for her. If you guys have any good ideas for names, leave them in the comments right now. I'm curious to see what you guys come up with, but later I'll ask you to name it too so we can see what you think if you've noticed that. We haven't actually removed any of the eraser marks. however, ooh, we should call her sexy spider, that would be a cool name, sexy spider, okay, now we take our kneaded eraser and our little one will carefully erase some of the pencil marks. Alright, for our favorite part, let's get out the Copic markers, I think.
drawing my girlfriends spidersona
I'm going to start with her skin, so we have our skin tones here, as you've probably noticed. I usually use the brush slider alone because the brush slider is much nicer and smoother. You see, I suffer a little when I put down the brush. Do a cross hatch first because now it's actually smearing a little bit, yeah, so if you move it around, you can get a very even blend. Look at that now, let's go into her body the same way as before, let's start with this thing that turned brown, we don't want to. to add too much this is just a shadow, okay, next let's find the pink shade, so I start very, very light.
drawing my girlfriends spidersona
I feel like this should be pretty clear. Yes, I like this pink. Yes, next we are going to make her mask pink too. let's go up a ton of pink, okay, and I usually rub the copic on my hand because, oh, that's nice, but yeah, I rub the copic on my hand to clean it up. How cute oh I forgot about the skin tones we didn't even do the face okay so let's get into the face right now actually like Michelle's design she came up with the well okay , now we have to give his suit the grays that his arms would use.
Grayish daggers will be gray, well, add m4 to a little too. I wonder if you've heard the saying about YouTubers who take a break in January. Well, I want to explain to you where that came from in case you don't know yet. I'm pretty sure most of you already know this, but December is where YouTube places the most ads on videos, so all the creators quickly create as much content as possible in December because all the ads are there. published, which means. they make more money per ad and once January hits, the holiday season is over, there's no shopping season anymore, so companies just pull all their ads and there's like an ad crisis in the YouTube community, so I guess That's good for the viewers because you get less. while watching the videos, but for the creator, many of them just take a break because they feel like it's pointless when there aren't that many ads on the platform, but yeah, I'll keep uploading them for you guys anyway because fuck the money, we are dedicated to the art, we are dedicated to the daily grind, we work hard every day just to make sure this is not whitelisted Adam and O to make sure there are at least some cool shades, we'll just brush it up a little with copics and I hope that works for your eyeshadow.
I want you to do it. Yeah, so he runs away. This works. Yes, it looks very good. I'll get a surprise for Michelle later. In fact, I'm really excited to see her reaction because she hasn't seen my. work in progress yes if there is no idea what this is all about, not really she knows but she designed it we will just surprise her with the little designs we add. Yeah, she'd never used the Blues here. Oh, actually, Oh, add it. like the mirror ring for sunglasses, i wish i had decided to just use copic multiliner. Hopefully this looks good, uh, that actually looks so sick here, man, spiraling down here and I feel like we could add a little bit to the hand system here, time for my favorite part, the white Patton, the frying pan White will just add a few more details and you'll be good to go.
I'll have some highlights in my hair now all we have to do is sign the name and get the date right this time and we'll be done damn I literally said I was going to make the year right and I still wrote 2018 maybe my hands are so used to writing it, we'll see if I can erase this, okay, keep it close enough, yeah, no, it's time to show it to Michelle close your eyes take this don't look at it yet don't look at it yet look are you counting to three one two three? do you like it?
They look so pretty. Do you know what it's called? Is it a sexy spider? Do you like the name? Aha, you like the name. Yes, that's what you see, that's you, the sexy spider. Okay, can we start it now? No, okay, okay, so we finally have your spider Sona here if you want. Make your children spiders. I might review it in another art review, so be sure to submit it. Link in description below. Submit it to my subreddit. Make sure they keep those tons moving and stay in the daily routine. We are working harder to improve. ourselves every day it's 2019 it's a new year new year new US defined goals for 2019 sweep sweep yeah it's pretty good 2018 already yeah get more actually that's not a bad goal I hope for me alone be a better person keep working hard meet new people Like you guys and there are many other goals that I have but that's where another time my arm is getting really slow right now.
I think it's time to say goodbye, peace, artists, army, stay calm, stay loud, stay lit, yes, but good night.

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