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Downforce for a Diesel? Duramax Camaro Gets V-Mount Ducting, 1 of 1 Wheels // Knuckle Busters 2 Ep.8

May 29, 2021
fragment yeah it will take a long time it's just a step up it's really good it will get a little more exciting as it goes on and cuts to the timeless it's done it's done it looks amazing i just want to touch it wow it's so much lighter than when we started so the original block was 23 lbs this is 1.7 no I don't even feel that way though it feels like nothing thanks.a lot to me tree now that we've done this let's take this back to the shop weld it continue till the front end and you'll see some progress tell you what this rag made this worse
downforce for a diesel duramax camaro gets v mount ducting 1 of 1 wheels knuckle busters 2 ep 8

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