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DOS AÑOS JUNTOS - Camilo y Evaluna

Feb 18, 2023
good morning fleas happy two years two years together wake up they bring you coffee and a little gift nights these little gifts I am going to make a little box that I am going to fill it with photos on all sides of things that there are surely going to like and inside a light bulb that I want Let it be the first light bulb we have in our house the day we get married and we move together. A baby hat for our first child. A bunny hat with a box of nails and screws for when I am the man of the house and it's my turn. fix everything in the house and a bag of diapers for our first child we would make me and our light now also this year or not good with love we are on our way to be a lot so we are on our way I am super nervous and happy announcements because they were turning 2 730 days 8 how do you feel we are going to get where our adventure begins a nautical adventure surprises where we are going we are going with you I am complete from God you inherited the gift of creating something magical from the ashes you hugged me when I was a puzzle that needed more pieces of the ones I had you gave me a center of gravity and you turned my senses looking at you I found you calm my paths ahead became long and they no longer scared me because I knew I would have someone to walk with Jorge Drexler said it much better than I did at the shadow of your moon be like my heart my wrinkles were erased my house was illuminated more songs finished than I deserved the hourglass stopped 730 days I love you crescent the best 730 days of my life obviously some beaches have chicken plans but I am not here to give you the little gift of the eyes and sit down you can open what is this without you my life does not make sense here I am preparing the gift of the road there are many little faces of all your senses so inside the sight of the cats I have not finished do the rest but but it's the day I'm very happy it's long because it's two in the morning but to be very excited it has to open by numbers or well my heart' not by number one it's a 7 more things ok when I I was little I once had wow wow wow that's how it looks now and if you know how to go see the baby do 2 is that I need people to understand that you were in Eva Luna took a sommelier course and that about wine tasting and the active person who gave the course told him that mentally one has to start building for himself like a shelf of jars where smells and touch sound live in rebuilding oneself in 6 I confirmed 6 good for the sixth sense the best gift of the island always a moleskin notebook who without a favorite brand of notebooks closes nothing more taxes for this gift all of us now is a trip this pod despite this the journey inside your heart stopped in your heart and for me I'm going to take care of the heart situation two years ten years fifty years we are eating at this moment I am alone because the one is preparing another surprise for me the restaurant at hand very happy to have you here I want to thank you in advance how you are enjoying the pleasant evening special from the house that I was waiting for the chef for more visits of a lifetime I ate something right now with doritos god thank you for these 730 days next to the flea keep filling us with your energy so that we can continue living this relationship through love and the positive things you have ready for we hope that it is much more happiness for her and much more for me and that we fulfill the purpose that you have for our lives we love you amen
dos a os juntos   camilo y evaluna

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