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hahaha there are three drinks before us no and I believe that some of them are bad at least one of them is bad I don't know are you willing to take the chance no well we gotta we had no choice okay if we don't it explodes which one are you taking as I'm gonna go with middle really yeah why is that a bad choice I don't know maybe green what that's right in front of me this is my real estate okay maybe purple I don't know okay I'm going alright it's weirdly thick it
dont choose the wrong mystery straw challenge
also tastes like juice but it's thick thick juice so you got a good one did you get bad what would you get mine tastes like a ginger mine tastes like I smell it from here that was on a ginger enough ginger to make you cough very gingery it's very spicy I love ginger beer I'm cover disappointed so that means the third one is the bad one it's like SpaghettiOs or something oh it's cold too so the extra disgusting okay we lucked out of this round yeah we winnin I'm about to
make the stakes real high over here Cass hmm the loser gets a smoothie blended together of all the bad ones together well I'm gonna win so I'm not worried about it you don't know that I'm gonna win you don't know that I will okay let's see


accepted round two has what are you gonna do I don't like how short this one is okay here we got me one um I want orange okay okay blue alright here goes nothing what is that I'm enjoying myself dr. pepper I'm
tired Oh aww root beer delicious what is that Oh onion pickle onions oh man I'm sorry I just need to wash her mouth up I would try but I don't want to share


s she's dying over there did not taste like pickled onions it tasted like ranch and it was disgusting I couldn't figure what it was and it was one of those things right like I put in my mouth and it felt okay and then it got worse and worse and worse and worse oh I wasn't of this can I use this to Washington mouth
away mmm ooh vanilla mmm I want to try it but we're staying safe if you ever come over to Canada Tim Hortons ice cap mm-hmm delish Brad I lost the last round which means I'm down a point but I'm not gonna lose any more oh you sure I have to hold this job because I won't stay up does that mean you're taking that no I don't know what it means I'm moving though I don't know what to pick ass this one's alive I want it you want that one yeah I'll take the one I
have in my store No or should I pick this one this is a bad sign that I like it falls in it could mean that it's a delightful fizzy pop you're out okay I'll go with this one one two buckle my shoe oh wait that's so familiar what is that oh you hey it's not bad oh it's bad oh it's bad if the batteries are not bad or you got it's not you listening are you not losing not losing but that tastes like I don't I don't like the way my taste but I think it's a
good thing it's like some type of juice like maybe peach juice or something oh I think you had the bad one I would I did its period what am I good I knew it was this one I always went for that one I was like the


s raised maybe it's carbonated I don't like Perrier it actually gives me a stomachache really yeah the bubbles are too big I like a Pellegrino better yeah does that mean you lose dance I don't want to lose this like you my stomach can't handle it Terry put my
parry in the fridge so I can get a stomachache later they still grow it if you don't know what it is it's so bad I don't want to risk it you should what flavor is it lemon oh it tastes synthetic it's bad knockdown next round I'm scared I don't want to lose you're losing so far I am losing but this can turn around real quick look at my first choice because I went last time and I won so okay I'm gonna go with this one why I just feel like the


is like low and
like not thick you know I feel like this one might be thick cuz the


is lifted or maybe it's carbonation who knows really short things hmmm who drinks short things make sure things is that's a hint or not a hint but short thing could be small can or a jar a jar oh yeah I think you should go for that guys come on you know what you dare me I dare you I double dare you alright I think you're gonna regret this one as he oranges I love oranges orange soda hot coffee is that good a
dont choose the wrong mystery straw challenge
bad thing it's nice nice nice to it what's the middle one wait which is the bad one tastes pretty smooth to me Oh but that's supposed to be the bad one so I think you lose a point no I don't think it counts cuz I'm enjoying this I actually I'm gonna go back for some wood hey what if I enjoyed the pickled onions then what it wouldn't count you ran away for like five minutes and I start faking it from now on oh I love this then Sunland my point okay okay that's
that's fair fair assessment yes we're tied I don't think I'm losing this not yet aren't you down - no oh no one dang it right sorry guys so crazy sucks aside oh I got a bad feeling about this one I wish I had x-ray vision right about now well you can have x-ray guesses that doesn't work that way okay I'll just take the one in front of me me too screw you as he poked oh that tastes does it as bad as it smells from ear it tastes like sugar it tastes like it's trying
to be fruit but it's not working like it's an imposter that is so artificial oh I was smelling the middle one from here and thought it was you oh we've been on a good luck street we've been on a good streak so you know what I think we should do eliminate it's that's one bad one good I think we should have two bags in one good Oh the stakes are high let's do it let's do it baby oh dude I'm scared too we are trying too bad one good you first yes you know
something I don't know no I know as much as you know anything since Terry's jiggling the middle and I'm taking it okay oh I feel thick yeah it feels thick it feels really thick but I chose it I was do this one that's what stick to I don't know I don't know what fake feels like anymore oh that's a tomato sauce I'm enjoyed my time what is this peach yogurt Oh v8 v8 vegetable juice yeah it's never bad I feel like people drink this like on their own accord
he's an old man no I love my v8 baby vegetable juice how am I getting my vegetables all day what are you drinking oh yeah oh I love that what the third one me mama oh it's creamy Caesar Oh glad I didn't get that one I love Caesar but on a salad not as a liquid va yah and creamy soup this is too good and one bad Terry it's not good you it is good it's an old man who needs their vegetables it's good to me on a plane ride yeah I was good to me you know why you know on a
plane things taste sweeter really yes it actually is better in a plane than it does in real life I mean it's real life so a bit like on the ground I get noodle cups on planes and they're not as salty as they should be so it's like sweeter tastes much tastes different because of the pressure I'm not about to have any more of mine I hate vegetables hey I think it still counts I think I lose a point punish us next time Terry kill us kills a fire put us in a coffin Oh give me man sir
give me a sign hello talk to me baby yeah honestly I have no idea me neither you pick first and then I'll pick okay this one hmm why oh no it's all right all right yeah sure great all right I'm gonna go with the Oh which one red is an intimidating color okay it's a color that you


if you want to be yes okay let's go come on as you go let's get it um I won't suck out it's too thick I can get ready it's also bad ozzie director told you to do something you
better do ah then Mayo Mayo its Mayo I could check kind of like Mayo as he wouldn't I got like me up what is it oh it's sort of a salad dressing oh great balsamic vinegar balsamic vinegar it was the third one they're all bad we've got bamboo SOB's oh you don't want to be drinking this you don't be drinking this or that is so rude it's pure garlic it's pure onions same is healthy garlic and onion is how you build your immune system I think all right fine we
dont choose the wrong mystery straw challenge
don't know the situation maybe this to bad maybe this one bag we've it's no bad maybe they're all bad maybe they're all good whoever thought about that never thought about that okay let's go what do you think no one this one what I just like you know spice it up a little fix it up well then I'm taking yours okay Eddie I do but what you say idiot do you know something I don't know I think that you are making a big mistake no just small over here yeah that was just
me sorry hmm no no coffee how you doing over there cast it's just swallow what is it did you give me a balsamic vinegar again gonna be so acidic it's gonna be curdle country what is yeah all are there's like the live coals at the bottom I'm drinking a living species I'm drinking a peep actually really good for you not drinking it straight to a cynic you can burn your esophagus yeah oh never mind I'll just stick to my coffee although I would have liked the chocolate though
Chuck what's a good time the problem with apple cider vinegar is it smells like a beet oh it's really just awful but I love poaching my eggs in it this is ruin and everything even things I got I liked I don't like any more house yeah I think that we're even again who's counting I don't know which means we need to make a drink together and drink those derivatives it's only fair or we could do a wonderful game that I invented called rock-paper-scissors you invented rock
paper scissors you're the actual inventor yet back in night okay rock paper scissors okay it's a draw okay let's go we drinking this bad boy but we can do together so we can collectively decide how much we want to screw each other over only one rule we have to put everything into it everything everything even the good ones no not all the bad things okay let's go I can smell the cider vinegar from over here it's so bad smell rancid should we can put that one in first and get
it over with yes okay so how much should you only put in here just look very little just like a couple okay little more than that come on more come on I need this do you know we both have to drink this oh yeah you picked the next ingredient you know what goes really good with apple cider vinegar what Nesquik you feed in chocolate how's that smell just like apple cider vinegar and then so we need to mask the apple cider vinegar okay I'm gonna put some coffee in there with grinds in it
this is the literally the most acidic thing Oh drew are we gonna be okay no we might get like stomach ulcers and die okay so I'm gonna put alpha Getty tell me when to stop that stop stop stop it stop Cass stop stop stop stop stop go some v8 the8 vegetable juice I hate this already what's it smell like oh you don't even want to smell it smells good really yeah it's kinda smells like a spaghetti I like it but I'm a nasty woman I think a little mustard or really help I think
nothing can help this like I'll it oh okay sorry guys I can't I can't deal Oh ah so gross pickle oh that's a fun one onions you know get a couple whole onions to do I can't be like what's coming out how'd I do this their spoon up in here there's a scissor okay so I got one on earth kimchi a fermented cabbage do you know there's sardines in here shut up yeah there's a fish it makes it oh it's nice and strong mm-hmm I love kimchi I love it too but it
doesn't smell great no it doesn't it definitely is not great in this concoction nice cool stings delicious creamy Caesar okay that's really strong Oh a drop of yacht with the putt the hotel that's really runny for yogurt I'm gonna be nice to us we should have been nice to us before all of this happened oh I see no smell our juice no I can't it's so bad oh it's like effervescent its bubbling it looks like it's alive all right not your puke huh look at this you
guys it alive okay Casper got to be quick my eyes are watering I am crying you can't plug your nose sometimes even what do you mean we're facing the music we asked for this and also put these economist away so I can eat them later I guess I'll drink first all right hurry up I'm done dying over here it smells like an old lady it smells like an old lady oh I don't know if I can recover from that the school's speed what are we gonna do if I like cleaning this up here's
what I think can we just like toss it out the window we can't what is this smell like to you it smells like feet that have rotted and died in a cup and then we blended them up you drank them to me it smells like an ample bottom that has too much French perfume on it that was two hours late for church and on a Thursday not a Sunday are you masochists why you drinking it like it's smelling it here's here's the thing it's one of the most interesting things I've ever smelled
because it reminds me of so many things it reminds me of being behind people in lines at concerts when they're sweaty yeah reminds me of the French perfume at church it reminds me of car seats it takes me back to a better time if you want to see me get owned check out Casa channel where she pranks me a lot too many times I mean this is the dirtiest prank I've ever seen this tops them all anyways guys we hope you enjoyed this video we love you all so much stay awesome stay sweet and go
friend me neither alright let's get rid of this right now okay I can't