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Donating $100,000 To Streamers With 0 Viewers

Feb 27, 2020
What are you going to say - That's fine, type: "Use Chris's code." Wait a minute, you say use Ethan's code. - Yes, it probably will now because our editor is very good. - Well, send this. - That? Did he really not show up? -She's devastated. Good choice, Chandler, you picked someone who doesn't get ads. - This can not be real. I don't... - Dude, I've gone from zero to 4


. money effect. I started from scratch and here it is now. - Hello, Chandler. - Welcome. - See this. - No! Why would you say that? All right, Chandler, you're grounded, go away. - See you at McDonald's - I laughed.
donating 100 000 to streamers with 0 viewers
Well, you laughed, that's what matters. - Let's give him money. - It was my turn. It looks like an anime. You will get a lot of money, because we love anime. - Oh God! Use the code "Chris." Dude, it's stuck in my head. Hi, please visit the site and use the Chandler code at the end of checkout. - That is because you put a link, it is not allowed to say links. - That? -His tone has changed. - Welcome? Oh God! That? - I told you it was just a sound. - Do not apologize? - That's what happens when you use Chandler's code. - You show the origin of people.
donating 100 000 to streamers with 0 viewers

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donating 100 000 to streamers with 0 viewers...

People lose the ability to speak. - May Cry. How can I not? No! This is the best dad hat. Sorry, I like to order those things now. - my brother! No! - You better focus, brother. - It's not real. - You're going to fall somewhere. - No! Get 2500 bonus points if you die within 30 seconds of hitting the ground. Well start now. amazing!! - That counts. That counts. - Well, send it. - Mr. Best gave me $2,500, man. come on man. - I did it well. - Brother, I'm about to cry, this can't be real. Dude, I got it.
donating 100 000 to streamers with 0 viewers
Not impossible! No! Oh God. Dude, he's scared. -His father arrived. - It's real, dad. His facial expressions are strange. - Well guys, welcome. We're about to donate to this guy. - Welcome to my YouTube channel. Welcome to the Twitch chat. - Sr. No". - Well, someone donated $10,000 to this guy. - Mr. Beast gave me money to promote my code. - He's starting to get confused. -He's so confused. Dude, look at his face. He asks. Well he yells. - He's happy. - Guys, is this real? - Yes, is this real? - I don't even know how to act now. is this real? - Wait, is he in the tournament?
donating 100 000 to streamers with 0 viewers
Don't play with my feelings now. - in fact? Are you in the tournament? Do not play with my feelings. He said: Don't play with my feelings. No way, all of you are kidding. - Look at the chat. Best code "Chris". I agree. I love you Chris yes! - Impossible, guys! is this real? - They're on top. Two up, three up. - That? impossible! impossible! I just received $10,000. impossible! No, Mr. Beast, brother. Dude, listen, I act like... I take it as if it's true bro, because it's impossible! "Mr. Best, I don't think you understand, brother. There are too many people, you know what I mean, pretending to be you.
Because you're obviously a beautiful man. You're a beautiful person. Dad, I've been looking for you all my life." . - Focus on Toby. Focus, man, the $10,000 is not... - Man, I think that's the real Mr. Beast. - That? He donated that? - Yeah. - No way, man. - Brother, if it's Mr. Beast "In your conversation, it's about to get real. Oh my God! Impossible. - Dude, what happened? - That's weird, man. - Why did my voice come out in my left ear. What happened? My left ear... - How does he not know? - Oh my God! From here - See you later ♪ Mr.
Beast ♪ "Subscribe to the channel or I will delete your Fortnite account" ♪ Mr. Beast ♪ "You warned me!"

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