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Domo Wilson "Bisexual Anthem" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Dec 24, 2021
Don't you know what it's like to date both genders at two different times? Because I don't date both at the same time, period. But don't you know what it means to date two different genders? As you only like both. I was having online conversations with my followers and stuff like that, and I was like, "You know, I'm going to do a song about this." Like she's so tired of hearing the same thing. "How can you be bi, why are you bi?" I'm just sending you the link. I swear to god. I'm just sending you the link.
domo wilson bisexual anthem official lyrics meaning verified
There you go. The response of this song was so good. I did not expect. I'm like, "Okay like. Whoa." Like I'm overwhelmed, because I see a lot of people go, "Oh my gosh, I told my mom this song." I don't know how you got to your mom with this song, because you talk about her liking dick and pussy at the same time. I don't know what kind of parents they have, but... And a lot of people want me to do this in Prides and things like that. And I'm like, "Oh my gosh, I should have released it sooner." But the response has been great.
domo wilson bisexual anthem official lyrics meaning verified

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domo wilson bisexual anthem official lyrics meaning verified...

I finally felt like I had nothing to hide and I didn't care when... Late 2018, as I was going through this big stage in my life of becoming who I really am, and I'm like, "I don't care." I'd rather people like me for who I really am than not like me for who they think I am. I think it's important to remind people that it's a B in LGBT because people forget about that a lot. People look at you askance. When you say: "I'm


." They're like. You'd be surprised how many people get confused by the simple B.
domo wilson bisexual anthem official lyrics meaning verified
Like B, like


. Like I'm talking to a girl, they say, "Oh, so you're gay." Or if I'm talking to a guy, they're like, "Oh, now you're straight." Like I'm the B in LGBT, and there's a lot of B's ​​in this bitch. So let's get together. People always assume that bisexuals are cheaters, bisexuals are selfish. Bisexuals cannot be with one gender and be satisfied, which is false. If I'm with you, I'm with you. If I'm taking dick right now, then I'll only take dick for the rest of my life. If I'm taking a vagina at the time and we're like, "Hey, we're going strong, we're going to make this work," then guess what?
domo wilson bisexual anthem official lyrics meaning verified
We are making scissors. Point. I think if anyone is curious, please do so. Find someone you trust. A one night stand. I promote it. But be careful. Don't just do anything. Don't just be... Herpes going around. Actually, I don't. don't kiss That's stupid. just do it. I feel like my whole life I haven't been sexual, and this song is kind of like, "Dang, come out, let's get dirty." You know? I feel like I haven't really experienced either, but I feel like the goal is. So experiment. If they're girls, you're like, "Hey, I don't know if I like girls." Touch a vagina Or guys, "I may like dick, I may not." touch it.
You never know. You might get... You never know. Some of the criticisms I have are: "You are a fake dyke." Ah, the famous one: "You make lesbians look bad." I don't represent anyone but myself. Agree? You know what I'm saying? I try to give a representation of the B's, but I'm not a complete group of people. You know what I'm saying? Like I'm a person, you know I've got Domo, Dominique, alter ego, Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, but other than that, don't put me in that category, like I'm the President of the United States. No, as if you represented yourself.
I represent myself. Point. My preference in a girl, let's start with girls first, is that I like feminine women. I am not against masculine women. come out as a real masculine woman. Because I like tight clothes. I like the feminine. Since I don't know, I feel that masculine women are very beautiful. They are still women. They have nothing wrong. It's just that everyone has a preference. I thought I liked muscular guys who... I think I like his teddy bear. Rick Ross. You know what I'm saying? A little big. You know? I've never talked to a big guy before, I'm not against it.
Hit my DMs. Although I'm not against it. I mean I hardly go to the strip club. But when I go to the strip club once a year, annually, you know I'm not throwing away millions of dollars, thousands of dollars. I go to the rooms where they know to give you a little private session. I'm not going to tell you how much that costs. But anyway... my


when I say "When I got sloppy toppy" I mean sometimes you have to put your hands up. You can't be playing everything in your head, it gets distracted. They're like, "Oh," so you have to say, "Okay." What I mean by sexuality is fluid is that sexuality changes a lot.
People think, “Oh, if I came out as gay when I was seven, I'll be gay for the rest of my life. I can not change. Sexuality changes so fluidly. I'm not against dating men, women, transsexuals, whatever. I feel like if we vibrate, I like you. I remember it like it was yesterday. We touch a little. We never kiss. It was like a... I don't know if I can say this. I was like a dry hump with my clothes on, and I was like, “Wow. I think we're meant to be." we weren't. And then in high school… So I'm like, “Okay.
I'm gay right now.” But I was in eighth grade, you know what I mean? I'm still figuring things out. High school, I said, "Yo, I'll start talking to this guy. We never did anything but kiss and stuff. A little bit of teenage stuff. And I was like, 'Wow. Like I'm feeling this. For example, how can I like both because no one really told me about bisexuals? I just knew that…I thought you had to like one gender. I'm like, "I have to choose. God put all these beautiful people on earth." , and he wants me to choose a side.
At this point, it's getting difficult. I just stopped caring completely. I cared so much what people thought of me and that's what made me so unhappy. And, I think the at which point I just stopped caring in general. I just became happier. I became myself... kind of free. I would never think It's why you care so much about what I'm doing with my life. Who am I sleeping with? Who am I kissing? Take care of your own business. Usually, the people who are secretly in the closet are the ones who are homophobic. You wouldn't believe it.
Like people who fight anti-gay bills or you can't... "I won't let you in my restaurant because you're LGBT." They are the people you have to take care of. You're probably sucking dick behind the door. Whatever those people are, I promise you. I used to dress as masculine, you know. I used to change it up a lot, but for the most part I used to dress masculine. So that was already a like, “Woah. Wait." Everyone was like, "Woah swae. Is this the same girl?" Yes it is. It's me. Just a little different.

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