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DOLLAR TREE SPRING FARMHOUSE DIY DECOR #dollartree #farmhouse #spring #decor #diy

Feb 20, 2020
Hello everyone, I'm Cindy, welcome back to my channel. Today is the first of my



ating DIYs using items found at Dollar Tree. If you can't find any of these items at your Dollar Tree, you can look at other craft stores or even Walmart. The first thing I'm doing is removing the hooks from these two vertical love signs and also removing the galvanized metal hearts from each one. You can use a little sandpaper just to smooth out the area where the heart was glued. I'm using Waverly chalk paint in ivory. I bought this at Walmart and I'm just carefully painting two coats of this paint on my signs.
dollar tree spring farmhouse diy decor dollartree farmhouse spring decor diy
I'm trying really hard to keep the paint out of the little grooves that make this look like this. wooden pallet. I will do this on both of my boards and do two or three coats until I can no longer see the red letters. I got a little paint going in the grooves, so I'm just grabbing a sharp marker and going. bring those groups down so they stand out more here, you can see, I'm trying to get that center groove where the two boards will meet, also with the Sharpie marker. Here I'm just trying to visualize where I'm going to place the Welcome metal word and my metal planter.
dollar tree spring farmhouse diy decor dollartree farmhouse spring decor diy

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dollar tree spring farmhouse diy decor dollartree farmhouse spring decor diy...

Next, I'll use more Waverly chalk paint. This is a light gray called mineral and just a very light dry brushing to give the wood an aged look. Let me take a second here just to thank you again for being here. today and to ask you to go ahead and subscribe to my channel and hit the like button if you want to see more


crafts using items easy to find at Dollar Tree and other craft stores using some of these large popsicle sticks. to join my two boards by gluing them on the back as you saw in the thumbnail photo in this video.
dollar tree spring farmhouse diy decor dollartree farmhouse spring decor diy
Both of today's DIYs have a floral or green theme, let me know in the comments what other types of


ating DIYs you'd like to see. This spring I decided to cover the words on this metal pot. I'm using my burlap ribbon with the white lace and I just pinned it to the front and wrapped it around. I wasn't too worried about still being able to see the words because I'm going to add a bow to the front here. I tried adding a piece to make a tail for the bow, but in the end I didn't like it and removed it.
dollar tree spring farmhouse diy decor dollartree farmhouse spring decor diy
This metal word, welcome, was at the Dollar Tree in the fall. It came in a pack of three, this was one of the words, if you can't find it you can add the word welcome in the same way. I'll add the other words here. I'm just adding some jute twine that I can also find at Dollar Tree, sometimes in the hardware section, sometimes in the craft section, just to make a hanger, since this will hang on the front door. I decided I wanted it a little more decorative on top, so I'm gluing one end. the jute twine and I'm going to wrap it a few times until I like the look.
This is a great way to add text to your crafts without having to worry about your handwriting. You can Google any phrase and then find it on Google Images. with your pencil on the back and then when you trace it, it will leave an imprint on your decorative piece that you can trace. I'd love to know if any of you have tried this method before to add text to your decor. I would love to know what you put it on and where you find your words, now I'm using a painter's brand paint marker that I bought at Walmart and I'm going to be able to trace the pencil lines that I just made.
I love these paintings. Markers I use them all the time and they are the best quality, the ones I find at Walmart. Next, I'm going to take some hot glue and attach my metal planter to the bottom of my side. I wanted it all the way up. bottom so I can stand it up on a table if I didn't want to hang it and then we're going to add some floral foam to the bottom and then we're going to add the flowers that I said in a previous video last week that I think I'm going to use navy blue and a little of burnt red with maybe a teal as my colors for spring, so I was very happy to have these flowers from last year at Dollar Tree and decided I didn't need any floral moss.
Because you couldn't really see the foam and you'll see in my final project I added some white baby's breath so it wasn't just blue for our next project, you'll need these items from the Dollar as well. You can find


s or similar items. I just wanted to use greenery in this DIY, so I tried to find photos from Dollar Tree and Walmart that had a lot of green in them. I like how this sign looks like four wooden boards joined together, so I'm going to start by taking my Waverly chalk paint in black and going over where the two pieces of wood would join together.
You'll see what I mean by making this board look like wood. I'm going to try to modify some crafts for Inge. paper to board here I'm using a paper bag from Walmart Dollar Tree also sells rolls of craft paper. You can use a trace around the outside of the sign and then I'm using a ruler to show where the four different pieces of wood are. The next thing would be to trim them and cut them a little smaller so that when you glue them together you can see that little bit of black between each board. I'm pretty new to using Mod Podge.
I'd love to know what projects you've used Mod Podge on. and as you like then I will cut the hanger out of the wood. Hart also found a Dollar Tree and I'm going to give it a coat of a dark gray color called mineral and now that the black paint is dry I'm just going to spray some Mod Podge on my sign and spread it all over and then place the four pieces of craft paper to look like wood as you place each piece of paper, go ahead and smooth it with your fingers so it sticks down. and remove the air bubbles as in the first project.
I want this to look like individual pieces of wood, so I'm going to take my black painter's marker and follow those lines once it's dry, we're going to put on another coat of Mod Podge. up and this will just seal our paper to the sign while it dries, we'll go back to our heart and now I'm going to paint with Waverly chalk in white. You might be wondering why I didn't just do the white but I wanted to give the heart an antique look so once the white is dry you'll see I'm going to sand it a little bit and this dark gray will show up making the wood look worn and worn.
I return to our sign, now I am. taking gray again and just dry brushing our wood planks to give them that weathered wood look again, the paint ended up a little thicker in places than I wanted so I took some sandpaper to smooth it out those lines and here I am standing. the edges of the heart and a little bit in the middle as well to add my text to this DIY. I am using the same method that I used in my first project. I love how simple and easy it is to get beautiful text. In my crafts, the next step is to hot glue the heart to the wooden sign and now it's time to decide what greenery or flowers, if you choose to make flowers, you want to do around the heart, this step will probably be the longest of all the project, but I can make it look no matter how full or sparse you choose.
I decided to cut off the small ends of each section. I thought it would look better on wood. I have to say, I'm really excited about how these first two spring DIYs turned out. I would love for you to tell me what types of crafts you would like to see from me in the future. For the last step, I'll take this nautical rope from the Dollar Tree and hot glue a piece of it to the back as a hanger. This step is optional. You can leave it without a hanger and just lean it against a wall again.
Thank you very much for joining me today. Hit the subscribe button and give this video a big thumbs up. Here are some other videos that you can enjoy watching next time until next time goodbye

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