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Mar 08, 2024
Today's video is all about using Dollar Tree


and how to create high-quality home decor on a budget by simulating those high-end looks for much less. Many thanks to Mint mobile for collaborating with me on today's video. I share with you how easy it is to reduce your phone bill, but first let's go ahead and get to the crafting. First, we're just using a basic candle holder or hurricane glass to really dress up for the spring and summer season. These pressed flowers from Amazon were a great deal for all the ones you get and are amazing quality.
dollar tree glassware hacks new must see diys 2023 krafts by katelyn
I really like using them. I also pick up some pressed flowers from Hobby Lobby, but I love that I can't ship them because of two day shipping outside of Amazon, so I'll leave it in the description box below if you want to order some yourself, but I only use a couple of them. different sizes of these glasses because I feel like they look really nice, a little bit stepped. and assembling them in a set, I will be very excited to make more of these, but I put a very generous amount of mod podge on the glass and started putting on the little flowers.
dollar tree glassware hacks new must see diys 2023 krafts by katelyn

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dollar tree glassware hacks new must see diys 2023 krafts by katelyn...

I love all of these pinks and purples, but Amazon is full of press flowers in all the different colors you want, so there is definitely something for everyone, but I also loved this package that comes with all the greenery, so I kept putting it in there until I liked it. I think it always looks great. you stack a couple of flowers but making sure nothing is too thick because I want to cover this with a little more Mod Podge. I like the direction of the brush strokes to go in one direction, so One Direction, but you do.
dollar tree glassware hacks new must see diys 2023 krafts by katelyn
I have to be careful because your flowers will slide if they are too thick, so I just went over it carefully with a smaller brush and then did the same with the smaller one, making them coordinate but looking a little different, strange and I wanted them all to be mixed together, so after covering the flowers, I go ahead and apply Mod Podge to the rest of the glass just to keep it cohesive and keep the same texture, making sure it doesn't get stained. which are too thick but I love how they look every time you put a real candle in there or you could even use some battery powered LED ones.
dollar tree glassware hacks new must see diys 2023 krafts by katelyn
Thank you because I love these little pressed flowers so much that I wanted to try them in some of the Dollar Tree glasses as trivet plates or hot plates, so for this one I chose a plain glass one, uh, the square shaped ones, now they have no texture and will work much better than the ones with texture, but it's kind of unpredictable. so you never know what you're going to get at Dollar Tree, but for this I'm using two of the exact same size and then I take the little rubber pads off the bottom of one of them and I'm going to put them on the side, so that will be kind of a cover and then go ahead and use one of them with a little bit of Mod Podge, plus I just pressed these flowers and I just played with it for this one, it had more of a flat surface on a So I think it was a lot more fun than the chandeliers, but I feel that this is beautiful.
I could configure it. I could see the setting as a wooden table and look really cute and elegant. I just think it's really cute and it's definitely something you could give as a gift. It would be an amazing gift if you wanted to make it just in time for Mother's Day or even as a birthday gift. I let the Mod Podge dry now. I didn't cover them with Mod Podge because I knew they would. be protected with the top piece of glass. I just stuck them on with some clear adhesive. I'll press next. I thought this was the best place to put the ceramic wall hangers.
I'm not sure exactly what you would do. Use them, but I thought it would be fun to use them as shown in the photo by adding some greenery. I love how they are flat backed and have a small hole if you would like to screw them on. the board or you could even drill a hole in your board to make it a little stronger for video purposes. I just like to hot glue everything together to be really quick, but I go ahead and use a couple different ones of these Dollar Tree ones. Signs ready to use with the little wooden bead hangers and they are already textured and have lines on the back, which I think is beautiful, just adding some greenery.
This specific greenery came from Hobby Lobby, but you could use anything. you like it but you think they're really cute it would be fun to hang them on a shelf don't cry so it's no secret that we love saving money trying to DIY and do things on a budget on this channel so it's another way amazing to save. making money month to month is cutting it off your cell phone bill and switching to Mint Mobile, who partners with me today in this video, which means spending more on craft supplies, which you may have already heard about Mint Mobile by some of the many. funny ads by Ryan Reynolds who also owns mint mobile, but did you know that mint mobile is based on the largest 5G network in the country and you can trade in your cell phones to pay as little as 15 a month while still getting the same Excellent coverage, speed and data without having to change your phone number if you don't want to.
Mint Mobile keeps costs low by selling directly to you online and eliminating lines at retail stores so you can sign up from the comfort of your own home, usually within about 15 minutes I was signed up, my SIM card shipped super fast and then they also offer e-SIM cards which is even faster delivery. All mobile plans include unlimited nationwide talk and text with ultra-fast 5G and free mobile hotspot. We found out that we were paying 80 per line, which is per phone, so that really adds up and it's a lot of money month to month, so it made sense for us to upgrade to a seamless mobile family plan.
My husband actually worked in IT. for one of the largest cell phone companies in our area and did the speed test on Mint Mobile as well as our previous carrier and was very impressed with how great the Mint Mobile service was and also loves how they offer a great service at For better rates you can visit Caitlyn who is k-a-t-e-l-y-n or click the link below in the description box to get premium wireless service for as low as 15 a month and be sure to check out your savings calculator to see how much money you need.
You could save by the month and trade it in today, but let's go ahead and get back to all these fun


DIYs, so I've done a DIY like this several times before for every holiday. I love to double stack it, the largest jar came or The largest glass container came from Dollar General, it was only a few


s more, but I love the size of it, but two glasses like this that fit inside each other will work, it's a perfect little pocket on the sides to decorate. I have put sweets. corn on one of these, as well as little conversation hearts for Valentine's Day, but for this I thought it would have a more sophisticated look if I filled it with some of these beautiful stones and you could display them without making a mess. and then I was able to put a little piece of Styrofoam in the middle and then I played with the greenery.
I used the larger protector that came from Hobby Lobby and then these actually came from Walmart. I just stuck them wherever I saw them. Space was needed and I left this plane out, but it would also look cute with one of the wooden charms from Dollar Tree, so I'm definitely going to include the photo frames in this glassware video. I'm kind of cheating because the glass here. Technically, plexiglass is more like a plastic, but I still feel like it was a really fun product to add here since we're doing high-end projects for this frame. I just cut it off or used my scraper to peel it. other than the little togetherness at the bottom, I feel like it was made really cheap, it was like laser cut and they still had the pieces on the words and they were a little stuck together, um, a little crooked, so I didn't love it.
I just scraped it off and then blacked it out, but what's really going to make this look nice and raised is applying a little bit of this faux leather to the front. I'm just using the frame as a pattern, so just trace around it and cut it out and then use that piece to create a second thank you. I'm using my little Elmer's craft glue stick here because sometimes when you apply hot glue to the back of this faux leather, it wrinkles and I don't know if it melts. that or what, but you just don't get a smooth finish and then to top it all off, I'm using some of these little push pins and using a pair of cutting pliers.
I just remove the little tack part now. I'll be leaving something behind so I went ahead and took my hammer and just tapped it down on the frame and this worked perfectly. I just added a little glue before hitting it in there and they stay nice and tight in place, personally I couldn't leave these simple words. I had to go back and add the word at the end, but you can leave this shot if you wanted. I found some words that I felt looked good together and very cute. This one says blessing and the other says laughs, now I'm worried about scratching them but they actually apply with more pressure and I ruined the B because I tried to lift it up too soon but just make sure you apply enough pressure to get it to stick to that faux fur. and I didn't apply any Mod Podge or anything on top of this, I felt like it was there really great and I just put in some of my favorite photos, but I love how they look.
I feel like they would show up perfectly with more of a modern look, but I think the studs really add something weird in the corners. I don't know what it is, I just feel like they're really pretty, so I grabbed them for this one. I wanted it to be seen more. as a freestanding frame without the backing so I took it out took out the little pegs with my pliers and then glued it on with some hot glue and then it was time to decorate it so I wanted to make some really fun artwork like I Could sit on shelves or smaller areas, so I'm using a template.
I thought it would be fun to paint like a little leaf on the front and then put some paint on the back to really make it show through, so I love this leaf stencil from Dollar Tree. I've used it so many times that I even made DIY earrings with this template using faux leather, but for this I just traced it with a marker and then went over it with black paint after it was done. voila, I added some extra details by making a different leaf in a smaller frame. I feel like these would be really cute in a set of two or maybe even three, you could even go for a larger frame and do multiple sheets in one, but after I painted them, I let them dry and then started playing with the paint as I go. to put in the bag, so this didn't work 100% like I thought it would.
I know chalk paint is a much thicker one, but they were older chalk paint so the first two were too thick and didn't move like I expected, but you can see in this third pour that it was perfect, it had the consistency exactly what I needed. I moved the paint around, it wasn't too thick and I didn't have any of that old dry garbage stuff, but I got it and close enough I let it dry completely and then I feel like it wasn't as big and as bold as I wanted so I just put that touch of white on the back, thanks and next I wanted to make a super simple little lantern like five minutes, not even five minutes, using string on a jar, so I love these huge like wide mouth jars and they're simple, They don't have any similar labels on the front, so they are very easy to see.
I simply cut a piece of nautical robe, included it for the handle and then once again took some gold color. thumbtacks. I pick them up at Dollar Tree as a little hardware kit, but I cut the little backing off to glue the hardware on both sides of the rope. I filled it with some small decorative stones and I'm going to put a succulent in it, so it looks like a little mini terrarium, but if you wanted, you could even use it as a solar light on top with a smaller plant. Thank you all so much for watching today's video, let me know in the comments below. which one was your favorite, don't forget to visit Caitlyn.
I'll leave it linked in the description box, sign up and start reducing your phone bill, but maintain great service. Thank you very much for checking out today. video please give me a big thumbs up and I'll see you next happy crafting bye

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