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Dollar General | Cheap $5 off $25 Deals + Gain

May 04, 2020
Hello Star guys, happy Saturday. I hope you're having a good day so far. As you can see, we just arrived at Dollar General and I'm a little late today. I slept in because you already know. I stayed up late last night, so I'm about to get in here and try to move quickly because I want to go to at least two stores today and make at least a few transactions. Y'all know we've got some good stuff going on so I wanna make the most of it so let's get in here and see what you guys have left in this store and we'll move pretty quickly okay guys so we're in the store first thing I think Which I'm going to grab on to this first.
dollar general cheap 5 off 25 deals gain
The deal is two of the Febreze plugs, so that's five bucks. I'm going to use our $5 off digital coupon. I think I'm going to grab some of those light scented ones over there, those will be my first two and then I'm going to grab one of the $3 snuggles, so let's get one of these starter kits right here because they're 399, so I already had them in my cart, so let's see what else we're going to get next. I posted the paper


during the week. You all know we were here just a couple of days ago and had stocked up on paper products.
dollar general cheap 5 off 25 deals gain

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dollar general cheap 5 off 25 deals gain...

Now you see it was here instead of the Charmin and all the brand name paper products. They only have smart, simple


products, that's why I said sometimes it's better to make those moves during the week, when you get to the store on Saturday it feels like the next step. I think I want to buy one. of these double packs of candles, this clean clothes smell so good, so it's five


s, but we have a dollar 50 cents off a digital coupon. Now we're going to take a always discreet liner, so this is three dollars, but we have. a two dollar discount on a digital coupon, okay, now I'm going to add two dollars and filler items.
dollar general cheap 5 off 25 deals gain
I'm going to buy one of these a


. um fabric softeners for a dollar. I'm going to use that one dollar off coupon. I'm going to buy one of these. Lysol toilet bowl cleaners for one dollar using the $0.50 discount. Okay, guys, this is all I'm getting on my first deal. This will be a fully digital agreement. I think we have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. eight items total in this sale, so my total before the digital coupons are applied for this sale should be twenty-five dollars and ninety-five cents, so we can use our five off 25.
dollar general cheap 5 off 25 deals gain
I'm going to use the two dollar off coupon that a digital dollar on that I have my five off two for this we have a dollar $0.50 off this baby in the middle we're going to use our three dollar coupon and we'll make that 99 free be our two dollar digital forever and then our 50 cent digital for the lights. I think it's going to be twenty dollars in digital coupons, which makes this only $5.95 for all of these items, considering I'm getting a double pack of these candles, that's the bomb, so let me. Make deal number two, okay, so for deal number two, I'll grab one of these Tampax pearls.
This is four dollars. I'm going to use our two single-digit dollars on these core vitamins. This is five dollars. a four dollar paper coupon. I'll buy another hug for three dollars. I'm going to use our three dollar discount when it goes digital to make that baby free. 99 I'm going to buy a few more candles in this deal because this clean bedding smells so good I'm going to get this double pack for five dollars, use that dollar fifty off a digital cube, and finally get two of the all or snuggle products so we can use that $4 off digital.
I think I'm going to buy one. of these liquids here and then I'll buy one of these non-damage dryer sheets. I'll also buy one of these for four dollars. Okay, now this is all digital, well, not all digital, almost all digital. number two because we're going to use a paper coupon for this downtown, we're going to use it for a dollar off the paper coupon, but everything else is completely digital, so we're hunkering down one more time for three dollars, we're going to use those three. digital dollar we have our Sunoco products or laundry products that are four dollars each we are going to use that $4 regional we have our Tampax pearl that is $4 we are going to use that $2 digital and then we have more of our Glade candles so all six of these items They should cost $25 sharp.
I'm going to use all of those digital ones plus a $4 paper coupon. I think we're going to pay 5 dollars and 50 cents for this deal, yeah, just five dollars and 50 cents, and considering the candles alone are five dollars, that's an increase, so I think this is all I'm going to do. on this door, let's go ahead and check and see how they work until one came to $5.95, as we expected and here's deal number two, it was $9.50 and I'm giving you my $4 paper coupons, it's 550, just as we expected, so 595 and 550 for these offers are you, so those transactions were perfect, we had no hiccups or obstacles. on the way and I'm really excited about these double packs of Glade candles because I wasn't even anticipating the needs until this morning when I noticed that $50 off Glade digital coupon so I'm happy that we were able to score some


from five dollars to get them, so you saw how my transactions worked at the register, but I'll just show you a quick view of my receipt, so there are the Glade candles with a dollar fifty Digital, those are all the other items that we picked up to that the first transaction came out at five dollars and ninety-five cents plus tax just like we anticipated and we had those twenty dollars in savings for those eight items that were the bomb and then we got our deal number two. us some more candles and all those items and all of you, this was our second transaction, we just used a paper coupon on this deal that came out to five dollars and fifty cents and we had nineteen fifty in savings, so now let me move on. to my main store and then I'll be fine, so we're at store number two and this store has quite a few profit scented Febreze plugs still so I'll try to come to an agreement on the game, it's been a long time since then.
I've made one of these, but what I'm going to do is my first four items: I'm going to take four of these scented plugs, we're going to use a buy one get one free paper coupon from our partner PNG and then we're going to use a digital coupon for five dollars off two on these which will give us $20 for our thirty dollar profit offer in my stores of the 34 dryer sheets with profit so I'll get one of these profits and liquid fabric softeners these are $3 I'm going to use the dollar off a digital coupon and now I'm going to buy two of the dish liquids in the set these are $2 each but I'm going to use our dollar off a digital coupe yeah look what.
I see up there we're going to grab one of those, there's nothing down here, but I'll get something to recover, well guys, this is my deal with the game. I hope this works, it's been so long since I made a deal for a game. Yeah, I don't even remember how they work, but this shouldn't be bad at all, so we have two liquid dish detergents from the set, so they're $2.00 each. We'll use that dollar off. two digital coupons, we have four of the Febreze plugs. I'm going to use a digital one for one game and then we'll also use this buy one get one free digital May PNG on the other game, so each game is $10.
We'll have a total of $10 and coupons applied. We have our Gain liquid laundry detergent, which is the 40 ounce bottle. We'll use the dollar off the digital coupon and then we'll have a fabric softener for three dollars. We will use that dollar. out digital, our total for all of these items, so we have a total of eight items, should be 30 dollars and 95 cents, so we should be able to use our five off twenty five coupon and our five off coupon of 30 after all those. Coupons apply. I think this deal will go to seven ninety five which makes each item 99 cents, not a bad deal so let's see how it works out.
Okay, guys, this is offer number four, our total for all of these. Items before our digital coupons are applied must be 25 dollars and 70 cents, which qualifies us to use those five out of 25. I have one of the centrum vitamins that is $5. I'm going to use that $5. I mean , $4 off paper coupon. I have the I'm glad of the Forceflex bags and these are $7, my apologies guys. I think in my written breakdowns I said they were 650. I thought they were still unsealed, but apparently the sale is over so these are $7 and we're going to use that $2 discount. Digital Coupon and "Everyone Knows I Had to Buy this $6 Jerkins body wash.
Let's use that $3 digital coupon. I don't have any coupons for Clorox bleach, but you know we're stocking up on bleach for all those disinfecting properties because this is some disinfectant bleach, so no we're going to use no coupons. I have my big metal razors that are $2.00. I'm going to use the $2.00 digital ones, making them absolutely free and then I'll have another one of my strapped ones, just pause so we can. I'm going to use that $2. digital after all those coupons are applied. I think this deal will work out at 7 dollars and 70 cents. I'm totally fine with that because we have trash bags, my body wash, and some bleach, you seven.
The dollars aren't bad at all guys, so I'm going to go to the front to check out these two deals and see how they work out so I can get home and post this video. I'll talk to you shortly. Leave it. Stop pretending alright my friend so we go back home and this is all we picked up today this is how the $25 stretches so we made a total of four transactions that were five or about seven dollars each and just We used some paper coupons, but I think we did really well, so let's talk about the game Jill real quick, that worked really, really well, so we got our two game plate liquids, those were two dollars each one, we have our laundry detergent there for 395 and then.
The large bottle of play fabric softener was $3 and we got four of the capfuls, so here's my receipt for that transaction. Both store discounts were applied, so we got the five 30 off and we got the five 25 off. "Everyone and please don't worry about this splash on my receipt, which is bleach. I saw that I sprayed as soon as I got in the car and I accidentally sprayed the receipt. Those eight items amounted to 795. We had a total savings of $23 on our profit offer, that's amazing, it's like paying like 99 cents per item for these profit items. I think that's pretty good, especially considering that Febreze plugs are five dollars each, so now let's talk about our second transaction, like this which in transaction number two, we got our Jergens body wash, we got those centrum vitamins and we tried them Baggs, the free big metal razors and the Tide Simply capsules and we put that Clorox bleach in, we didn't have any coupons for that, but it still worked out.
I ended up paying seven dollars and 20 cents and we had a total savings of eighteen dollars for that second deal, so yeah, yeah, we did the Jacqueline thing today. I think I have a total of 28 items here and we spent a total of 26. dollars and 30 cents for everything you see on the table, which is pretty good, it's like paying 93 cents per item and what you consider is that some of these Items are bleach and double packs of candles and full size laundry detergent and we got six of the Febreze plugs. I don't think we did that bad.
Let me know what you think so I want to do something for you because you guys are always helping me by supporting this channel and I want to sponsor your stock. For next week, as you can see, we can make $25 go a long way as a coupon, so I want to help you stock up and give you $25 to go to a real farm, so I'm going to do a giveaway and this giveaway is going to be super silly, Simple, stay tuned. I'm going to go over the rules. This is a Cash App giveaway where I will be donating $25 to someone's Cash App, so you will need a Cash App for this giveaway.
You must also be a subscriber. video and then let me know once this quarantine is really over and we can go back to shopping like we used to, what are you going to stock up on or how has this pandemic changed the way you'll think about couponing in the future? I will make them try harder or focus on certain items. How does this change the way you view coupons? Limit one entry per person and I will announce the winner and my next


dollar video. Thank you all very much for participating, as always. Thanks so much for looking.
I hope these offers have been useful to you and good luck in the draw. Remember to press the approve button and help yougrow with this YouTube algorithm and as always, I'll talk to you soon.

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