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Feb 21, 2022
For last week's video, I prepared in pitch darkness. It was so intense that the results were grisly, to say the least. I had a lot of fun


it and I really don't do


challenges that often so I wanted to do another one today mainly because I'm running out of ideas for videos but I thought it would be really really fun And this is a challenge you guys have been requesting for so long weather. It's always one of the top comments on my videos. This challenge breaks all the laws of


and that's


doing my makeup in reverse
On the contrary, all you makeup lovers out there, both professional artists and average makeup users, how do we get what we like? makeup routine Personally I like to start with my foundation then brows and eyes then lashes then lips then finishing touches but everyone likes to do a different routine some people start with brows some People start with the eyes, don't even ask me how they do it. but obviously the ultimate goal no matter where you start is to look beautiful and confident for today's video. I'm going to turn all my makeup knowledge on its head and do a makeup routine backwards, starting with setting spray and then ending with foundation, which is usually my first thing.
doing my makeup in reverse

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doing my makeup in reverse...

I think you get the point at this point, this should be intense. . I don't know who the author is so I don't know who to give credit to but I know both Tati and Michael Finch have done it please go check out their videos they are absolutely amazing content creators love them both. But everyone who has done this has been using their normal makeup products in the opposite order. For me, I'll do everything in the opposite order. But I changed some. products that I knew would really screw things up Because I want to try to make this the best outcome possible Even as they keep doing it backwards, you know what I mean.
doing my makeup in reverse
Would you like to see my makeup routine completely backwards? Let's get started Alright sis so I'm going to kick this whole thing off today by going with my morphe prep and setting spray And we're just going to spray all over my face as a base for This makeup obviously this would normally be my last step but since it's the prep and the set, I hope this still works if you know what I'm saying. Second to last in my makeup routine you know I usually finish my looks with a liquid lipstick for today's video I'm going to be using the Anastasia liquid lipstick in the shade Ashton I really love this shade And I think it will blend so Very well with the look I have planned.
doing my makeup in reverse
Fingers crossed that the eyes go well. We certainly have no idea what it will look like, but I am a little worried about this, because even though I love Anastasia's liquid lipsticks and all her colors, they are drying a bit. don't stay like the Sahara desert state at the end. We'll see. This looks so strange. Hello? Before the lips, I usually finish my eyes with lashes and mascara. Normally, I like to apply the lashes and then blend them with the mascara because I personally have a hard time putting on the lashes, but for today's video you have to do the mascara first and then the lashes.
Lord help me and in this situation we could have a very very gia Gunn crooked eyelash situation. But today they are not going to use the BADgal bang benefit mascara. This is their new 36 hour volumizing mascara. I just got back for an amazing trip. in Amangiri with Benefit Cosmetics. If they don't follow me on Snap, they definitely should. I posted everything there. It was fun. But we were celebrating the release of this skin. However you took a look at this baby, you definitely have to. Do you see how pretty my lashes look right now, hello Benefit girl? you snapped.
So obviously, lashes come next and for today's video, of course, I'm going to be using my Lily lashes in Miami. These are my favorite lashes of all time, and I also recently found out that you can use code James to get 10% off these. I know some of you have used it before, but I didn't even know it existed, so if you ever want to see my favorite tab code of all time, James is offering you a discount. No problem. Okay, second time's the charm. She is there. I think the really cool thing about this challenge is that my eyeliner will come after my lashes so I can hide all the mistakes I just made.
Court! Before I do my lashes, I usually line my waterline, so today I'm going to do it with the Pretty Vulgar nude liner. And then comes the lower lash line shadow, and for today's look I'm going to be using the Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette. I guess you have to go from darkest to lightest, which is not what I normally like to do. works. First I'm going to grab an M 508 This is just a little smudger brush and take this dark brown shade right here and buff it right against the lash line Of course I'm also planning on a wing so I'm just going to pull this in slightly the outer corner to make sure they blend together AND there's not a really awkward split.
Now I'm going to grab my Makeup Shock T61 brush and dip into this reddish shade here and use it to buff out the brown. I'm placing it just below and making sure there are no harsh edges I really use it to blend the brown because we don't want it to look like we just got punched in the eye But of course we leave space because we don't want to pull it too much down. Finally, I'm going to take a Smith 247 brush and dip it into this bright orange AND this kind of macaroni and cheese shade mixed in here, and then I'll just buff it out.
One of my eye looks is always eyeliner, if I'm wearing it and for today's look. Yeah, it includes liner, so I'm going to grab the Tom Ford liner and try to draw a wing on my lashes. Oh God. Hey, did I just do it? AHH I think I did. When it comes to these challenges you know I like to go big or go home and usually next would be eyeshadow. But, for this look I want to do, I'll probably regret it, a shimmer cut crease. So I have the BH Cosmetics glitters in the shades sapphire and Mermaid blue and also the Violet Voss glitter adhesive.
Normally, yes, I would do this first and then this, but let's be real, these will never stick, so get over it. It's not that deep. I'm just going to apply these with the darker blue on the outer corner that I'm bringing to the teal and hopefully we can make it look really nice. See this? Hello! Look how good that crease is! I feel like we might be able to make this work. To start with the actual cut crease, I'm going to go back to my Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette and my E39 brush and start with this dark brown shade.
Once again, most of the lower lash line and go right above that crease. Agreed, interesting. Next, I'm going to take the same M 508 brush from before and dip into that same bright red shade and blend that line. I used to use all the time to do cut pleats. More recently I switched to the normal technique of doing it by starting with the lightest shade and then working inwards. And then just cutting it, but I used to do all my cutting. creases by drawing the line first And then I'm blending it up so I feel like I may have the upper hand on this but clearly It's not looking very good so far So, I don't know.
I'm going to blend that very carefully, clearly, she needs a little work using the bright orange shade from earlier And then finally, I'm going to take that mac and cheese shade from earlier and go over those edges. Which really works in my favor here. It's just that since I don't have an eyeshadow base, if something gets too intense, I can go overboard with my blending brush and rub in really, really hard. And it will actually take something away from that product since you don't have anything to really attach yourself to. Okay, that's a complete eye, obviously, we still have some work to do.
But, I'm going to go and do the other eye off camera in the exact same order, I promise and I'll be right back. 30 minutes later And that's a full second eye, and this should be proof that I never cheat during challenges, even off camera, because this eye doesn't look very good. So before the eyes in my makeup routine my eyebrows always come. But I always fill them in and then use my brow gel and then wipe them off. Since this is backwards, I'm going to take a little bit of concealer and go right under this and be very careful not to overlap the eyeshadow, and then fill them in.
Wish me luck. I have to try to imagine where I am going to fill in the brow. That looks good. Maybe I'll grab a synthetic bullet brush. This is the E36 and it enhances that by being very careful not to mess up the eyeshadow I worked so hard on. Okay, honestly, that doesn't even look that bad. But, now I have no idea how I'm going to complete this without messing it up. I really trust that concealer afterwards uh oh. To fill in my brows today, I'll be using the Iconic brow cushion in the shade, introduced to me by middle sister Nikkietutorials in our collaboration.
And I feel like I'll be able to be really precise with this angled brush since it's a formula liquid. I wish. Well, you know what? A little dark, but I feel like we can work with this. Okay, that's the other full brow. Once again, don't lie about this. good forehead. An eyebrow. Let's go. So now that the lips, eyes, and brows are complete, it's time for the base makeup. Now it's very strange to me because many people start their base makeup with their eyes and brows already done. But, for me, that's something very new to me.
I don't do that like ever so it will definitely be a big challenge. Normally, when it comes to my foundation, they know that I like to use my powder products. But for today's video, like I said, I want to switch up my products a little bit to really do my best to make this a hit look. So outside of my foundation, my last step is always a highlighter. So today I'm going to use the new Mary Lou Manizer from The Balm, which is a liquid highlighter. I'll put it right in the same places as my usual.
Oh wow That's great, I'm going to put this in the normal places as all my highlights usually go. In the inner corners. Then I'm going to take my wet Beauty Blender and blend it right in. Oh, you're kidding. Wow, that's blinding! I love this! wow! I definitely need to try this again in a video where I don't completely mess up my makeup. So before highlighting obviously comes contouring and normally I would use my Kat Von D Shade and Light palette but like I said I'm not going to use powder because obviously we have to do foundation and concealer later on and that gets really really messy, so i'm going to use my benefit hoola cream contour stick instead, i'm just going to go right into all the hollows of my face.
A little bit on the forehead to, you know, reduce the hairline because God knows the sister needs it. At the jaw line to really grab it and then just below the bridge of the nose as well. Guys, from this video, I definitely don't think we're going to get a nose torn off, and I'm really sad about that. So once again, I'm just going to take my wet Beauty Blender and buff it right on. OH that's a little orange, well you're literally kidding it looks like I was doing my makeup outside on a really sunny day and just painted my eyes my eyebrows and then I fell asleep and woke up like seven hours later with a sunburn sun.
What's going on? NO This was so good. Well, I went ahead and grabbed my Iconic London Cream Contour Kit. And I'm going to go in with this shade down here to darken the outlines, but also cool them down a bit because clearly this is not what we want. Ok, yes, much better. A little intense, but we can fix this. We got this in the bag, pretend that little meltdown never happened. This is scary. Oh my gosh. So before contouring, highlighting, and blush, obviously comes concealer and foundation. But, in the middle of that, is the dust. And if you are makeup lovers, you know that the number one rule in makeup is that it is really illegal, like the police are coming for you if you put a cream product on top of powder.
It's just the formulas, the texture, and the chemistry behind it that make them not really work together, but that's today's challenge. We have to do it. Now I'm just going to use a small amount of my Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder, mix my Too Faced Sweet Peach Powder. I'm going to take my wet Beauty Blender and dip it in and apply a very, very, very light coat. the entire face to set it in place and hopefully not disturb the base. I told you the police are here. Bitch I'm out! So now my face is ready in place.
Before that step comes concealer, and of course I'm going to use my Tarte Shape Tape in the light neutral shade. And I'm actually kind of happy that this step is before the foundation, because I feel like I can use this to my advantage to correct my mistakes which are the brows, of course, the contouring of the nose, the lips, and the contouring. , so everything is ready and cleaner for the foundation. We could do this together. Let's see. Of course, I'm going to put this right in the center of my forehead to highlight it. Okay, just cut that brow a bit, but you know what, maybe it's for the best.
Well. This is one aspectinteresting to say the least, thank goodness for Beauty Blenders because they really do fix anything. My outline literally looks like Trixie Mattel from RuPaul's Drag Race. I'm coming for you girl OMG. This is why you don't put cream or liquid on top of powder, because once it's set in place, whatever you put on top won't blend. Oh no. Uh oh. This needs blending oh my lord I can't get this contour wrong right now so my foundation has gone from nothing and very very pimply and red to too orange to too dark to now too light and still very uneven so obviously the next step and the last step will be the foundation.
Normally, you know, I use Too Faced Born This Way, which is like my all-time favorite foundation. It is so good but I will say that for my skin type it is a hydrating foundation that is not drying. bottom. And since this is the last step, and I don't have any mattifying powder to save the day, I'm going to use the new LA girl Pro Matte Foundation in the shade sand. These just launched and I saw a review on them and apparently these go dry. I've never tried them before so this could be an absolute disaster but fingers crossed hopefully this ends up great because I feel like where we are right now this look isn't too bad.
I'm just going to use my own Beauty Blender and smooth it all over my face. Guys hold on a second this really looks good. A primer usually comes before the foundation, but you know I stopped using it a long time ago because it always ruined the contour of my nose. So I guess this works in my favor because I think I'm done! alright guys Looking in the mirror right now. I'm shaken out of my mind. I'm not even going to lie, I chose this look today because I wanted to challenge myself, but mostly because I thought this would be a huge flop and make for some really comedic content.
Listens. You have to do what you have to do. YouTube isn't the same anymore, but I feel like this challenge was a complete success! Alright sisters, that's all I have for this video today. Definitely give it a big round of applause below if you liked it. And if you think I removed this makeup, definitely leave me a comment below too and tell me how you think I did it. And if you decide to try this challenge, send me a photo on Twitter. It was a lot of fun to do and I thought the results were going to be hilarious.
I am pleasantly surprised with them. But I would love to see how they can act with their makeup routine completely


d. If you haven't already, be sure to click the big red button below and subscribe to my YouTube channel, I'd love for you to join the brotherhood. It's a really, really good time, I promise, and also click the little bell icon so you'll get notified every time I upload a new video. If you want to follow me on a makeup journey, you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter. They're both just James Charles and my Snapchat for more behind the scenes stuff is James Charles with an extra S after Charles.
The sister greeting in this video goes to sister Alexis. Thank you very much for following me and always supporting me. I love you a lot. And if you want to be the sister of the next video. They go live on Twitter. Alright sisters, thank you so much for looking. I love you very much, and I will see you in the next one. Bye!

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