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Does Lance Stroll deserve to be in Formula 1 ?

Jun 07, 2024
The first half of the 2023 season saw a meteoric rise in form for Aston Martin, taking podium after podium and placing third in the Constructors' Championship by the time of the summer break. It's a good job there was a summer break because it gave Fernando Alonso a chance to recover from leading the team race after race, while the development of Aston Martin and Pace faltered towards the end of the year, which saw them Falling to fifth place in the constructors' standings, the 2023 season as a whole reaffirmed the team's greatest weakness. a weakness that almost everyone already knew about, if you haven't realized by now, has to do with a certain Canadian driver whose father owns the team, that's right, his lunch ride during the entire 2023 season scored 74 points , which may seem decent before you take a look at Alonzo, who scored a powerful 206 even in the current 2024 season, where the Aston Martin is much more mediocre.
does lance stroll deserve to be in formula 1
Alonzo currently has over 3 times the walk points before the comments section goes crazy. I know that anyone with more Comparing Fernando Alonzo to a walk at lunch is like comparing a Ferrari to your mother's 2001 model, but at some point you have to ask yourself what the walk is doing in a team that clearly wants to become a total contender. when he Now struggles to even stay in the points, obviously Papa Stump owning the team explains why Lancey Boy hasn't been kicked out of his seat, but STR's entire run was so disappointing, well actually , no Lance, like most other drivers, began his career as a driver. at Cen, where he competed among the likes of George Russell and Max for stappen and enrolled in the Ferrari Driver Academy in 2010.
does lance stroll deserve to be in formula 1

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does lance stroll deserve to be in formula 1...

His single-seater debut came in 2014, when he competed in the Florida winter series, with the Canadian achieving two podiums and a multiple fourth place. Late 2014 also witnessed a ride for the top power team in the Italian F4 championship. This was his first season in competitive racing and he won in dominant fashion, taking seven wins, 13 podiums and five pole positions, beating his closest competitor by 94 points despite missing the race. last round of the season at IMA, now we should point out that Daddy Stal made a $60 million investment in Prema by and Lance the best team and cars, but it's not like money can drive Lance, so it


n't really come close to his F4 season. somewhat less impressive in 2015.
does lance stroll deserve to be in formula 1
Lance began this year by winning the Toyota Racing Series in New Zealand before being promoted to a seat in the European F3 Championship, where he competed for the Premiership once again. This season was a bit more unstable because he was involved in multiple accidents, although he managed to win one race and finished fifth in the championship at the end of 2015, it was also announced that Stal would be moving away from the Ferrari Driver Academy, instead signing as test driver for Williams, his next year in F3 was a significant step as he secured the championship by convincingly beating the likes of George Russell kala milot and even Nikita maerin, this was a dominant performance from Lance and despite there being Some controversy surrounding the illegal parts used on his car in the Dutch round of the championship and some claims about the ERS team being in favor of a promotion to F2 for the Canadian seemed more than reasonable, so Stro entered into the F2 to further develop his skills before moving to the big leagues, in a word, no, after his victory in F3, Stro was promoted to the Williams F1 team for the 2017 season.
does lance stroll deserve to be in formula 1
I'm not saying that the performances of str up to this point would not have shown that he had the potential to become an F1 driver, but skipping F2 entirely is usually reserved for generational talents like Max V Stappen and he could have done so. something to do with str's father supposedly paying Williams and me $80 million before hiring his daughter, so how did his first season plan come together? It was quite a mixed bag with a poor start to the season due to three consecutive withdrawals followed by three non-consecutive ones. -points finishes Things got better when he scored points in his home Montreal race finishing ninth and then, in a surprising turn, took a podium finish in Baku, making him the third-youngest podium finisher of all time after scoring points in Five of the following races finished the championship in 12th place, behind his much more experienced teammate Filipe Masa by just three points, so although the rookie season was inconsistent, it certainly wasn't a total disaster. and the sport had definitely seen much worse than the 2018 season.
A significant degradation from previous years, but Stro cannot be blamed for this as the car Williams had produced was the slowest on the grid. Stro still secured six of the team's seven points throughout the season, but he would leave Williams at the end of 2018. So where would he venture next? Well, interestingly, in the same year, Daddy Stroll flexed his billions and led an investment group to buy the bankrupt Sahara Force India team after a rebrand to Racing Points. Lance signed with the team in a move that raised eyebrows. literally no one, it was a disappointing year for Lance, as although the car wasn't hugely competitive, he was out-qualified by new teammate Sergio Perez in 18 of 21 races over the course of the season and only scored 21 points. compared to 52 in Paris. 2020 saw the rise. of the pink Mercedes that allowed Paseo to achieve his best F1 season to date, some of the highlights of his year include qualifying third and finishing fourth at the Hungarian Grand Prix and also securing his second F1 podium with P3 later in the season.
He also put his race points on pole in Turkey during a wet qualifying session, but unfortunately sat in ninth place at the end of the race. This year he once again finished behind his teammate Sergio PĂ©rez with 50 points less than the Mexican's career points in 2021. a rebrand in the current Aston Martin team and, obviously, Str retained his seat for one more year , but this time he would compete against four-time world champion Sebastian Vetto. Eston Martin was not particularly competitive this year and Str's best result throughout the season was placing 6th in Qatar and the only other notable parts of his season were the various crashes he was involved in in 2022, it was more or less the same: Stride only scored 18 points compared to Vetal's 37 and the Canadian quickly dismantled his Aston Martin on the track on numerous occasions throughout the championship.
The following year, Fernando Alonzo joined the team and this time Aston Martin had a car with serious performance after missing the Barain practice sessions due to a cycling accident, he still managed to take it home in P6 at the Grand Prix of the Sunday, while Alonzo secured third place. place for the team, the following races saw a spate of mixed results for the Canadian with some standout performances such as fourth place at the Austrian Grand Prix towards the end of the season. Stro had a massive crash in qualifying in Singapore which forced him to miss the race. all weekend and finally Lun finished the season with 74 points, which placed him tenth in the championship.
Now Lance isn't a terrible driver and he's by no means the worst the sport has ever seen, but it really looks like he's going to become the bottleneck that holds Aston back. Martin returns to its bid for a world constructors' championship, this is less of an issue in 2024, but with new regulations in 2026, if Aston Martin can produce a car capable of challenging for the championship, serious questions must be raised about the worthiness of Lance to drive it.

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