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Do Credits Suck Now?

May 30, 2021
Well, I'm the Nostalgia reviewer, remember that so you don't have to. I don't know about you, but the opening


of growing up were the worst and best part of the movie, you know, before a movie starts, you watch trailers. for other movies they're supposed to get you excited about what you're about to see in the future in some situations, that's what the opening


were like, they were short advertising vehicles to get you excited about what you were going to see. some were short or long, but most of the time they were a good indicator of what you were about to experience, but recently opening credits have become something of a dying art, most movies nowadays just show the title, sometimes not even that, it just throws you at it.
do credits suck now
I go into the movie without any excitement or buildup to what you're about to see. I remember getting chills watching the opening of Batman with that incredible Danny Elfman score. I still marvel at the artistry and imagination of James Bond's openings. parody them in other movies and shows, they were well known, but in recent years movies had been doing this less and less, resulting in solid openings, but no real performances, which made me ask myself an unfortunate question: did the opening credits


now? Well, first of all, it's important. knowing that movies haven't always been like this at the beginning the credits were given very little attention, just listing the title and the main actors and a couple of people who made them at the beginning it wasn't a big deal, but as the Movies became more and more popular.
do credits suck now

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do credits suck now...

It made sense to give credit to more and more people, which made them remember much longer in the old days. The end credits just said the ending on a title card. Furthermore, the important things were shown in the opening, similar to a program that gives you a play which is kind of like how movies were seen for a while, cinematic works to such an extent that some films even had overtures before the opening started. movie, a better time to give credit than over the music for the wonder you're about to see as soon as the overture was combined with the opening credits, making you excited not only for the music you're about to hear, but also for the hard work all these people put into telling you an epic story, but turning the page is literally like a show is starting to turn a little. dry, so the filmmakers started adding a little more emotion, suddenly images, animations, hints of what you were about to see appeared after a while, the opening credits were becoming an art in themselves, in fact, there are even people who made a living creating initial titles, probably. the best known is Sal, the genius behind this, he is a mmmm man in the world, Bartok is and several Hitchcockian films by Scorsese, how do not get me wrong, some films still had little or no opening credits at the time or, if the They had, they didn't. always uses art from movies like Breakfast Club only shows its credits against a black background how is that supposed to excite you?
do credits suck now
Some movies would do half and half of what I make fun of in Batman and Robin. It's usually still interesting and super ridiculous. Let's say the least, but it's still visually interesting now the opening titles do a good job of getting you excited about the music, the visuals, the sound effects, they're pretty much not that bad, but then after the title appears, messed with shoehorning it into the corner and all while people say things related to the dialogue. For the story, it's very distracting, but at least we had interesting titles, so you see, not all the movies used credits as an art train, a lot of them did, but then things started to change when a little movie called The Game Lion King.
do credits suck now
It had one of the most amazing openings of all time singing about the circle of life and displaying its title with a thunderous bang and fitting with the theme of the film, the film also ended with the title and a thunderous bang which cleverly combined with the idea of ​​the circle. Sayle, even though other movies said, we want to seem this important, so whether it matches the style of the movie or not, the filmmakers started putting the title at the end because we're so big and epic that we don't have time for the opening credits we just want. to include you in there, yeah that's awesome, because these credit intros became less and less showing just the title in the opening or even saving that for the end, obviously trying to give the audience a point to applaud because they think if You applaud him at the end.
In the end, that must have meant you had a good time, pay us money to come back and watch it again, this increasingly led to the opening credits seemingly no longer being extinguished, while the epic themes play immediately connected to the identity of the movie, there will no longer be intelligent images. get excited about what you're about to see without giving too much away, now it's just the title and the movie starts to destroy much of the movie backlog, however there is a different alternative that has been popping up, many movies are now having a big success.
Epic credit sequences at the end of the movie, movies like The Incredibles 300 and several of the Marvel movies, but a surprisingly big effort to make the last thing you see energetic and impressive. A little bit of respect. This makes sense. I mean, why separate us? the credits in two and you can group them all together, people also don't have to wait for the movie to start and you don't have to worry about spoilers, you've already seen it, nothing will be revealed, it's like a best of reel remember in the 80s how they showed you stills from the movie you just watched trying to remind you of the good times you literally just witnessed this is pretty much the same thing, yeah remember: running on water, remember the violets that stop bullets, it was great, it was a fun movie, even bad movies like Mom III can almost get you back with love, yeah those Yetis coming down the mountain were badass, wait no they weren't that bad, but you almost got me their movie good for you .
On top of that, some movies nowadays have additional endings with the credits; in fact, both Marvel and DC usually include one at the end and one in the middle, so people don't always leave during the credits, sometimes they stay while great art is made. shown, so maybe this makes a little more sense, why not go out on a high note after the movie ends? Doesn't it add more to convince them at the end how good this movie is compared to the opening? There are advantages and disadvantages to this, the most important being that people leave. Franco Zeffirelli discovered this in 1968 with Romeo and Juliet during the closing credits.
He chose to have the family apparently reconcile while he entered the church. That's a great plot point, but it's not just people leaving the church. theater at this point, but the credits are blocking half of your reactions. Many animes do this with movies like Yesterday on Arrietty and still maintain the story even after the end credits roll. What a strange choice people think the movie is over and I'm going to miss what really happens at the end, besides that having cool stuff during the credits at the beginning of the movie just enhances rewatchability every time Bedknobs and Broomsticks begins.
I get excited, yeah, look at all that cool stuff. about to see again, hear all that incredible music that fights against the Nazis. Hell yeah, imagine if Superman opened the same way Man of Steel did, no titles, no credits, just getting started, how does that excite you? It's nothing, the Superman movie, on the other hand, look. In this, the credits flash by, you're traveling through space, the music practically sings his name, this is the opening. Superman deserves title sequences that can even lead to great scenes and bad movies. I like a lot of people he wasn't a fan of.
Mars Attacks but holy smokes the presentations surprise all the spaceships surrounding the earth with the silliest and most menacing month of March playing. I went out and bought the soundtrack to this movie again, the soundtrack to a movie that I didn't like but would have even noticed the music if it weren't for this introduction. Sir, A War received mixed reviews, but everyone agrees that the opening is phenomenal, after a bullet from its construction to the firing, it is deeply disturbing, a part of the film that some filmmakers are trying to omit, actually It may be the best part of the movie and it would never have happened if you just wanted to start the movie without credits, here's what you know: a lot of people say that the movie is not as good as the trailer, well this is your chance to have the trailer within the movie, they excite you and give you an imaginative view of the movie that often wouldn't be allowed anywhere else in the movie.
There are no scenes in James Bond that require cool models flying through the air or shooting. guns from his mouth, but images like this are now ingrained in Bond's identity, as well as that famous stylized scene of him spinning and firing. These are so famous that they are used to help create the identities of other films and none of that would have existed if I just said: Can't we just start the film by opening up powerhouses like 2001? The good, the bad, the ugly and the dizzy will lose a big part of their identity if this mentality continues, but the good news is that it is not completely extinct yet, in fact, it is a comic book. movies, you could argue that the genre is moving cool title sequences to the end.
I also still have some memorable ones today. Watchmen is wonderfully dark and poetic, Guardians of the Galaxy is perfectly weird and strange and Deadpool might take the cake for the most hilarious opening title sequence. in years satirizing and paying tribute to his artistic importance. I guess what I'm trying to say is that not all movies have to have amazing opening credits, but we deserve it for the variety that many of them can still exist, given that there are great end title sequences and there are boring opening title sequences. , but the idea that the opening credits should be removed because they take up too much time is missing a big part of the film's identity.
Can you imagine James Bond, Batman or Deadpool without their opening credits? They are an important piece. of the impact a movie can have on you and phasing them out to save time can rob you of some truly amazing filmmaking, so the next time you watch an opening credits sequence wonder when the movies will start and consider the possibility that it already has titles initials. It's amazing if it's done well and can remain that way, if we see its importance, we're not at the point, but we're opening the credits, they necessarily


, since there are still some who know how to start a show, but at the same time.
We shouldn't encourage ourselves to get to that point either, if leaving a first impression is as important as they say, then this is a concept that should definitely continue to get stronger, not just for the fancy credit type, remember that so you don't have to. Doug Walker here doing the charity salute. Usually at this point I cut a video to give you an idea of ​​what this charity is about but this time we don't really need videos because you've already seen a lot of videos if you watch the news around and this is the flood relief fund Houston.
If you've been keeping up, you know that there are terrible things happening in Houston right now and there are still many people who need help. This is a really good organization. They have already raised a fair amount. amount of money, but in reality there are a lot of people still needy and homeless and need a lot of help, so even if you have already donated to the Red Cross or another charity, consider donating to this one too. I know so many good people in Houston and man, they don't deserve this, so definitely click the link and see if you can give a little more, because if you've seen any videos or pictures you know what a terrible time they're having.
So definitely click the link and open your heart and give these people something to look forward to because they really don't deserve this. Thanks again.

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