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Dame Dash: "Everybody Knows Jay-Z Ain't Sh*t"

Jan 23, 2022
man, i get it. I have to open it. There is a great conversation about this NFL thing. Do you think Jay dirty Jermaine Dupri with this situation that has been described several times? I just saw Funkmaster Flex talk to JD and confirm. that that was what happened. I'm sure you feel something about this. I mean, everyone


James like that. it's common knowledge James isn't assertive it's all about the bat you know we all know it's about a period of self preservation like you know it's just the people he does it to don't have like Beyonce by their side they no I don't have that kind of power but you know this guy here everyone is watching so I think he likes that you know he needs to do that you like it it's like it's not even like a secret you know I would do that to him . me with girls like you you know he'll be like you know i'll be talking to a chicken i'll be like you she asked me to do these facts third maybe like she didn't and then the next thing she would do is his wife and i would say oh that's so funny right you know you know what you did only when you did it with Jay you know Jermaine Dupri D I feel like you know again for me to talk it's hard because I can't be completely objective but it's today's news huh but I just think.
dame dash everybody knows jay z ain t sh t
If you look under the hood, all the answers will be revealed. There's always been a pattern with that guy. You know I'm saying it is what it is. They all know what it is. Everyone always forgives him. like that, so don't do anything, say something, you know, you know, and you know, you look at it and everyone agrees. I mean a lot of legendary musicals absolve you of a lot of sins, we see that with Kanye in the 1920s. I mean, if Kanye wasn't the mainstream legendary musician that he is, he would have left here a long time ago for something he he said there's no one else in the culture who can really get away with what he says. that works well so you know you can't just credit how much work kanye did faster mmm i can't describe that's not an easy thing i also want to say you could keep throwing that under the umbrella of art fashion in general a whole different kind of respect 'Cause there's a discipline that comes with it and that's where the elite is, so as long as you're hip you're about every two, all the elite in the whole world uh-huh and you know respect comes from you gotta lose much to gain building a brand isn't easy so what he's done in fashion is almost much bigger than what he's done in music and just because people in music don't understand that doesn't mean it's not happening, Yeah. you know you like the thing is kanye he's the type of gu and like with me he's my friend and he's the kind of dead he does where i could be mad at him and then he can't i can't be mad mmm you know i mean it's just Kanye but at the end of the day Kanye is not going anywhere you know why that garlis says things but he got that job you know he gave you a steady job whether it's music or if you know public issues that are interesting if they know crazy about it or if it's fashion sneakers you know he is and then he's part of a circle of more famous people who know how to stay famous it's always like that if famous people stick together you'll never stop being famous huh?
dame dash everybody knows jay z ain t sh t

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dame dash everybody knows jay z ain t sh t...

And there's a family of famous people and they all work together, right? so no matter what they do there will always be a certainty that they can love the celebrity at all times so there is nothing wrong with that but he does that job well no i don't have to agree with everything what he does, but what i can't says he's not afraid and he


h He may not take care of his friends the way his friends should take care of him, but at the end of the day he does take care, right? Do you think he is the only one? stage for him tonight you know it happens with everyone over time that maybe his music becomes less and less irrelevant but with him setting the stage with ease and everything you think he's giving able to take some kind of trajectory the music of a few years is for young people, their music is still huge, it's the Rolling Stones, what I'm saying is that being that age and being so relevant in music is something very important, you can't like to say that it hasn't existed in the last 20 years. no but he gives a lot of other stuff too so it's not just music and that's not if he doesn't make another record he'll be fine yeah it's sneaking hmm you know I'm saying let's make movies or he's just the creative type it's an anomaly like most kanye doesn't exist there is just a kanye mystery.
dame dash everybody knows jay z ain t sh t
It's easy for people to forget how much they laughed at Kanye when he said he was going to do what he's basically done with the clothing side. There were so many years at Louis Vuitton without wanting to work. with him thief ah all those things seemed like great ideas and now you look at what he has achieved it's like when I gave him support because Louis Vuitton at that time didn't work with black people at all mm -hmm like French LVMH is tough , bro, they just had to give in to our culture because you know luxury um, sportswear and streetwear, I feel like I'm the party where everyone goes, there's no other choice right now mm -hmm, you know what I'm saying but back then because I was doing it, you know I did it, I did fashion, you know, Rachel Roy is a business that I own, a 100 million dollar business that nobody talks about because they just don't.
dame dash everybody knows jay z ain t sh t
You don't understand how hard fashion is and discipline can coming from fashion you get what I'm saying so Kanye is like me I understand how people don't appreciate everything he does because people aren't smart at all business so if you really knew movies you'd say Dan Damon oh he directs hmm these people are famous for directing that's like an advertisement you know it's just one of the things it's nothing directing games producers you pay for it , hmm, you know, you know, Dana goes on stage behind the camera, oh that's that's not normal you understand it because you don't understand that the industry doesn't mean it's not huge in that industry Kanye's shoes in fashion for fashion's sake mm-hmm you think people who know Kanye listen to his music a hundred percent of the fanbase is listening to his music I mean but his fanbase is so big everyone knows some of Kanye's even If they don't know more about their headlines, I'm sure yours is much better.
Bre Terry, that's the world we live in today. It's not about what you do, it's about how famous you are for what you do well, but a lot of times it happens to people like they're on the ground like a sea. I know more about my experience with them on the ground before I do. I know people best by how they act on the floor before hearing his music. Hmm, I judge them as people now before I did before you heard the music. you don't have anything normal and you never have to listen to music you understand what i say like everyone who listens to a chris brown problem you think they listen to chris brown music not everyone but the reason even care and shoes is because the music it's so popular thanks to everyone who cares about kim kar


ian watch this show no but that's how big you don't even have that i could be a fan of any great kanye hmm you don't i have to listen to his music to hear kanye's name every day mm-hmm that's what I'm saying no I'm not judging it I'm sick you can't first of all I don't care what anyone says I'm into music music is initially a sport for men youth, it is about what is happening in the younger generation. remember being the young guy and laughing at that 35 year old man mm-hmm and mind your own business old man you know old at 35 and 49 now so original to me how i want to know what kids are with look at your people on the concrete that you know it's really not a sport for people over a certain age or maintaining a brand and you're evolving your brand like think about rappers think about which rapper you know today who is very famous who is not married to a famous woman or he's not a movie star so we can't count nas he's not famous enough i wouldn't say they talk about him every day like this i think nas is a long time and i love it with nas is he a cool guy for me?
I think he has eloquently been the quintessential hip-hop legend, but if nas really wanted to be that is my question to answer my question what was he? I'm trying to think of big stars who don't have relationships. I dont know. I mean, that's what people want to see from you. Eventually, that wasn't my question. I don't know someone's name 101 exactly you can't that tells you it ain't about the music bro there you go how about like a dr. Dre you have a regular girlfriend or a regular shape, don't talk about Jay every day, but who the hell do they talk about every day from an older generation?
It's a very small handful of people who can survive that. No, they have to be. in a relationship mm-hmm that's interesting, you know hip-hop rules that whole mentality, huh? watch like 2 episodes 11 a pop in my life leave it up to more than me ok but just so you know a bigger context we're talking JD's side of things and everything he feels about a.j being associated with NFL is this is consistent with what you say before and I don't feel anything bro I don't understand the end result you know what the deal is bro? it seems i dont know what the deal is l like its the felt posting whats the deal the deal its just hes working with the nfl be very specific whats the deal i mean hes partnering with the nfl what to produce it or whatever you see doing this yeah what's the deal me no I don't know what it's optics listen why are we talking we don't really know it seems like everyone is talking but again that's why that's the facade we don't even know what's the deal not everyone is talking about it well we don't don't know what the deal could turn into but we can safely assume that what will be ready to make an announcement about a deal.
There are details about it. Hmm, give me some details. Hmm, there is a very vague announcement. I won't do that, but maybe it's because they realize there was a lot of pullback. If I don't know the deal, they wanted to be big. Listen to me. What you are taking away from the point. You are very. I don't know the deal, so why am I talking about something? I don't know anything and why is everyone else talking why was there an announcement about a deal no one knows this is the deal we made a deal that's not real bro that's a cartoon right?
I don't feel like Jay plays like Jay that's what he does we're used to it he just made it to a higher level who cares I think you know what it is if you choose to believe that's up to you I don't you know i don't give a deal i like i said yes i'll hear about a deal because i'm a businessman my business my boss the thoughts are what's the deal and what could be the deal so i'm like what does he like he produce the Superbowl? Is he a DJ? What is he? Are you making albums?
Are they becoming a record company? What is the deal? But I mean the whole conversation. What was the deal? i'm talking on a different vibe brave business because that's all i care about mmm what's the problem that's a all you care about right now and i know what jay does so i'm not surprised but it's not hard close a deal when you walk in the room with Beyonce you could strike a deal get what I'm saying like she's the biggest firepower at the time it's easy for celeb trump to have it all right but the thing is they never analyzed the details because if the deal is that he's producing the TV show or whatever I'm producing for him, that sounds like a job, but I don't really care, but for me, I do have a billion dollars. i have to do them you know that's what i'm gonna do so my point is everyone is talking about a deal they don't know what it is hmm i'm not saying betrayal isn't a consideration we all know you only maddie he betrayed him because you're not a man he betrayed everyone else how many betrayals we talked about with jay this is not the first but it's just the first one we talked about because the only one that affected us so to me, i'm a big problem.
Him, all about Jermaine Dupri, stupid for hearing it. That's what I think we all know. Jake so once he does what he did how Rockefeller did why you think he'd do anything else that's Jay those principles mean nothing Jay run with the bag point that's all so cool so you with that man who it's about you where people frame what the deal is i don't really know so now we're establishing we don't know what the deal is let's not talk about it ok we could talk about betrayal but he didn't betray me today, but you know, of course.
I'm not going to be a wet and hurt duck, you know it's because you know we played Rockefeller, we played Biggs, he played


. as if only he did what he had to do, do you feel offended by that he was only acting in his own interest at that moment? I have seen all the people who work. Listen. I'm not going to do this. We all know what Jay and h did. How did you know there are no more Rockefellers? Rockefeller was filming before Jay decided to say that I don't want Diggs and Jane to stay with him.
It was Kanye. It was advice. He said that there was a state project that we were filming. Is he a Rockefeller? Now I know who benefited from this, yeah, alright,so you say yes there but don't make me that guy right? I'm doing something else. This was 20 years ago. different so he went that way how do you know he does things this way and all his friends end up working for him and I go this way with the people I love to be my partners and I fight for the culture I don't care what what's he doing i don't care what he's doing i promise you wrote his name no he doesn't show up more than every time someone sends me something and he says damn damn my black boy well i don't care bro i don't make money off it but what What makes me angry is that I haven't seen a reasonable doubt of loyalty in 10 years. rs i can say hmm and i want to know what my money is and all these deals being made with reasonable doubt.
I didn't approve them, so what was I distributing? What happened was about ten years ago. I need, I need I was like me. What reasonable doubt did he have of royalty? So I looked at a bank account and found like 400 racks. So I was like me. Biggs. I need it so I don't hide it all like you know maybe 20 thousand dollars in there but I considered it just again that was man cause no one ever told you no I say but I guess that's why they figured it out. They don't ever have to pay me, it's just not enough for me to go chase him right now, but I want my bread of reasonable doubt, I want that, so he owns that.
I'm not sure about that other piece, okay you know, but I know I didn't get any money from it and I didn't approve of anyone dist. Retributing it and I don't know what you're still around Biggs no no last time I saw Biggs you made your football run out. like you, you have to go say something to the guy that he is using, they are a very close environment and we have a mutual friend, so I said, what is our name? The funniest thing is that it works like this. sit here he won come sit down and he wouldn't give a speech and Rocky said you need to go talk to him.
I was like you, what's up? How you feel? a picture with me you and you really don't know why he's so mad no you know why they're so mad well what i did was make everyone rich

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