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Djokovic/Sabalenka v Tsitsipas/Sakkari Full Match | Australian Open 2024 Exhibition

Apr 22, 2024
good movement yes good movement bend your knees bend your knees very keep going team comebacks well and truly on team C pass two team jovic one leads two games to one yes um, of course, yes, no, the blue SS returns better, yes , I think you're right, I won't listen to you, sir, no, Gra, hello, I'm vlogging Vlog very quickly, one guys, just without the trophies, side by side, side by side. side cute socks what do you do for L um? I think that's my new business socks nice dress what do we do for hello thanks anyway, let's resume the action team sit down pass tilt 21 over team jovic's micro phones are backSt st is chatting with anger changing format two, uh , instead of finishing it 33 first to four quick because we're doing three quick serves.
djokovic sabalenka v tsitsipas sakkari full match australian open 2024 exhibition
I think you might want to serve one more time. Okay, you want me to keep it there. What the hell was that 15? Hi this was a paa request just to let you know oh my god love 15 Arena I think you have to serve fast please do you think so? Maria, same intensity, oh my God, uh, uh, sorry, no, sorry, come on. wow fifth and everything so rude, yes, good shot, that's the grunt, that's the energy, that's the intensity of ARA Sanka. I want to see that more of that, please, normal, sir, please let it go, normal, sir, are you sure, yes, until the end, oh, you got it.
djokovic sabalenka v tsitsipas sakkari full match australian open 2024 exhibition

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djokovic sabalenka v tsitsipas sakkari full match australian open 2024 exhibition...

Can. I don't think so, yeah 13 15 she's free now she's free she's growling right now no M I'm coming for you Maria okay yeah oh wow uhhuh do it better thanks 145 Arena you're a fantastic team player oh boy I love it oh boy B boy camera please hello all yours thank you good shot do you want to play a point ah a go go go run run run run the other side the other side the other side go go go go go go yes that's that's that's too high for twiner d d Arena no I'm coming for you, I heard that before, no, yeah, I jov you, two games ago, so we're all up IT, right, okay, I think we're going to play, we're playing, we're playing a tiebreaker right now.
djokovic sabalenka v tsitsipas sakkari full match australian open 2024 exhibition
Okay, we're told to play a tiebreaker right now, so we need help. Well, I'd like to invite wheelchair champion Heath Davidson to the court. Please welcome man, how glad to see you? Thank you, thank you for coming. Thank you for inviting me great how do you feel being nervous but don't worry you know we've been pretty relaxed tonight let's say in the mix it bends particularly so uh this is stepanos thank you how are you? Did they know you before? Yeah, yeah, hey, how? Are you the same with you? How do you want to do this?
djokovic sabalenka v tsitsipas sakkari full match australian open 2024 exhibition
Because I would like to try playing tennis in a wheelchair. I mean, I think one of my good friends, Dylan Orot, had you in a chair a few years ago, so yeah, let's make it happen. Let's make it happen, I mean, let's try it right, what are we doing? Am I playing with you or me and you playing on the chairs together? I think maybe we're on opposite sides. Let's do it and make it fairer. I guess so, Arena, okay? stay with me I'll be, I'll be sitting there and I'll train you, you'll leave me, that's it, yeah, we're done, that was quick, okay, that was really quick, yeah, okay, hey buddy, how are you bro?
Excellent, it's good to see you, uh, Olympic champion here, ladies and gentlemen, it's great to have you on the court. Heath Davidson, multiple Australian Open doubles champion, plus Dylan Ott, now Heath, we'll take you to the other side of the court. Easy, Novak has his. Wheelchair ready to use Hello Novak, while you are there too oh this is going to be interesting, oh my God, this is going to be an attempt to get in here, oh my God, it's okay, it's ready, it's okay, it's okay Jesus, no. Damage that pack dude, you got a big fortnite ahead of you, I mean I'll try, this is fine, so where do my feet go here? oh my god, it's okay, I'm just trying, oh yeah, it's okay, let me see, let me see. get moving right now, you're okay, you're comfortable, no, no, but luckily you have weapons.
I had this a few years ago with the 2017 Dylan Al and I have to say I have the biggest admiration for these guys. They are heroes, they deserve every credit, all the applause in the world, incredible, incredible what they are doing now while you are in the chair, nov, back, you want help because I need help, there is a Mini U in the house, mini, me, there a mini. Yo, okay, there's a young Novak, a young Australian who's doing great things. Novak, come on, ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for a nauy champion on grass.
Hello friend, hello, it's nice to see you, Noak, you've met Noak before a million times, so two, two? two here obviously doubles we are in a tiebreaker team jovic team sitz pass now it is team zakary at least as it seems at the moment to take Noak show yours and that is the big Novak, I'm talking to the little Noak, you have to do the job, You have to run now, okay, I'm going to try to stay in my chair right now, do you want to serve first? No, wait, you serve. I'll try to position myself well first.
I'll let you serve second oh I have two rebounds right two rebounds two rebounds two rebounds thank you very much okay, let's do this can I have three make it four thank you? I probably should have warmed up oh my god can you please AC not the? no Novak Junior Novak senior they're not coming very fast but I can't not for me man oh Jesus oh no no no team okay okay who's serving? are we serving? yes, you serving well, okay, how? I literally have no idea what I'm doing right now, but do I need to know?
My respect is growing even more. Do you have two balls? No, I only have one. May I have a? Thanks, okay, so on the wheelchair doubles, am I supposed to do it right now? He is serving, right? We're supposed to be in the net a lot of times we go in and out, unlike you guys who stay solid in the net, just because if you go at us twice when we're in the net we just can't move so we like . go back and forth, okay, yeah, exactly, my D's partner is sitting there, actually, in the uh, in the crow, so he'll give you some tips.
Where is the? Hey, can you give me some tips? Please stay back, okay, I'll stay back. very far back to the right, my God, no, please, incredible, your Being had many sides, just keep crossing the court Maria, please, oh my God, this is much more difficult than I imagined oh oh, one second , wait a second, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, can I fall, fall like backwards, no, no? There's a wheel in the back, you'll be fine, but if you go there, I can hit the ball for you as hard as I can, it's okay, you're not, yeah, well, that's awesome, everything's okay, everything's okay, come here, oopsie. okay, boy, okay, okay, that's my partner, okay, go, go, don't listen to this guy, okay, don't listen to him anymore, he's not giving you good advice, come on, that's hit number one, uh, have a hug with that, yeah.
I'm sorry, no, you didn't even hit me, my suit is not your fault, it was my fault because I said slap, so next time I'm sorry, Maria, I remember all that stuff called karma, I didn't want to say it but you, I know he said yes, it's called Karma, it's okay, I'm sorry, it's okay, I'm ready to take the return, I'm sure if you throw a kick, he won't get it back, so see, you know, I served him twice and I actually served him three times and me. I'll fold it twice, so I don't promise anything, help me, come here.
I know you're strong enough to do it yourself, okay, you can go, ah, okay, I'll take amazing, wow, what a change, oh no, no, no, no. Yo, oh my god, can you help me? You're doing good, come on, you can handle it. I'm trying, no, no, I don't want to do this chair, no, no, no, push the chair, no, no, I know you're strong enough to do it, come on, I'm not strong enough, I'm not capable, I'm strong , stop crying, okay, St, please, let it go, come on, come on, ah, now, what are you waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, stop, stop, stop, stop, now you're going to Be the fastest You ever been, please don't catch us guys, just know that you know I can take you down.
I got it, I got it, I got it. Not Jesus Christ with broadcasts, yes, not with the right to that. Well that was good no thanks I can I can catch the ball come on guys you guys yeah I know oh man up I have unlimited Serv please up up that's it get it , get it, get it, no. no, it's not available, okay, I think I'm done guys, 4, two, oh my goodness, well done, back, good job, every now and then to rotate the bench. AR on, you're not on much of a deal. Noack can observe and comment on the AR you are in now. with little noack, yeah, finish the


and can we take you to sou Maria and walk in next to Heath and now it's first in five, win by two, first in five, win by two, okay, play together, yeah , hello, come on, another one, are you drinking? shower t o outside uh I'll come back in okay let's freshen up no sweet just that was hit or miss get in faster what's the score guys I lost a little one Zer ah one zero okay Ser o serve, Be green. we serve, serve, you serve, okay, I'll serve in green, are you waiting for a big one? uh just make the return, it's all that happened because of me, you think right, sir, but one that was good, sir, bra, bra, great, sir.
I feel intimidated by that. go bite, yes Arena, big move on the net, no, me in my shoes, it's coming, good job, it's coming, thanks, like CH, I told you, it's coming, it's in me, it's out, sorry, I warned you You can't be serious, that ball was so big. I was on the line on the line okay I'm sorry, let's just keep it simple, keep it simple, keep it simple unless you want to go, I'm going, it's outside, don't you see? Let's go well, do you want me here or here? uh, I've never smoked a handheld cigarette in my life, oh, I have no idea what you're talking about, perfect, you can always say you've done it with me, okay, cool, then I'll go here, maybe here, okay , the winner at this point wins the


here. come on don't you want to go back yeah sorry just feel pressure I don't know I can't take this pressure I'm going to come here sweet oh surprise BTO you scared him that was a very, very nervous ball throw that's what the November comeback does for people oh my gosh say team green thank you thank you thank you great stuff thank you cheers little one no congratulations thank you so much very well done everyone congratulations friends can we all please join hands , little Noak ARA?
SAA Maria Zachary Heath Davidson and Stephanos are a pass

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