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DJI Ronin-S vs Ronin-SC... Which one you should buy

May 10, 2020
Hello everyone, welcome to today's technological progress. I'd like to take some time to tell you about my recent adventures with the DJI Ronin s and DJI Ronin SC from a hobbyist perspective. I am not a professional filmmaker. I'm not a photographer. I like to dabble in it as a hobby, but that's it. I like to record videos with family and friends. I make technology videos to upload to YouTube to share my love for technology with the community and that's it. My way of filmmaking is like this, when the three-axis gimbal first came out, I thought it was a really cool way to combine technology with filmmaking and help someone like me, except for the fact that they were extremely expensive, they were certainly very bulky, heavy and they weren't made for someone like me, they were made for professional filmmakers and that all changed early last year when DJ released the Ronin s,


you can see right here, so no I wanted to buy them at full price when they first came out.
dji ronin s vs ronin sc which one you should buy
Based on some reviews, everyone seemed to love it and I thought when it went on sale on Black Friday it was finally time to pull the trigger and buy one for myself, so when it arrived in the mail I was really excited to unbox it and put it together. I started making some videos with it, so I put it together and everything was very easy. I balanced my EOS R with my 24-105 RF lens, it was extremely easy to set up with the DJI app. I mean, it was super easy to get everything. I did that for the first time with a gimbal and I was excited to get out and shoot some until I picked it up and that's when my mood changed because I realized I'm never going to use this thing.
dji ronin s vs ronin sc which one you should buy

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dji ronin s vs ronin sc which one you should buy...

Wear this to an event. I'm never going to bring this up with friends and family. It's too heavy. We have a four pound gimbal plus a three pound camera and lens setup on top, making it superior. -heavy, just not something I was going to use during the month of December. I went to a lot of different events and things over Christmas and every time I went to pick up the DJI Ronin it asked me to go shoot, I decided it wasn't worth it and instead I filmed the whole thing without a camera


was sad because I spent all this money on this expensive gimbal that was supposed to improve my cinema and instead basically prevented me from wanting to do any cinema, so luckily.
dji ronin s vs ronin sc which one you should buy
I had waited long enough for the DJI Ronin SC to come out and thought, well, you know, maybe I'll try it. The DJI Ronin SC is smaller, it's 40% lighter, and it's something that really fits a lot in your hand. Better yet, there are also many other cool features that come with the Ronin SC/Ronin s. I'm not saying it's a better gimbal, it has a lot of downsides, but they don't seem to make up for the fact, at least for me. I'm a fan of having the weight and discomfort of this big thing with me all the time, so I basically just want to highlight some differences here between the two and tell you how my opinion on which gimbal to buy has changed over time. which I have been using before I started, if you like this video, please like it and consider subscribing to my channel for more cool tech videos in the future because it would really help grow the channel and I would really appreciate it.
dji ronin s vs ronin sc which one you should buy
Basically the DJI Ronin SC is a smaller and fully capable version of the DJI Ronin s, it has the same features, has almost as good battery life and in fact it also comes with some extra features, one thing I did. What we noticed right away is that the build quality is not as premium as the DJI Ronin S, it doesn't feel cheap by any means but it is stickier and that was one of the ways they made it lighter, this one feels more premium. it has that metal feel, it's definitely a more professional feeling gimbal, but as far as functionality goes, they are completely the same, same functions, both can play the 360 ​​role where you can get those barrel shots, they have the selfie mode .
They can basically do everything the others can do, except the fact that the DJ I wrote about in SC doesn't support cameras that big, so unfortunately my Canon EOS R with the 24-105 lens won't work on the Ronin. SC in all modes, you can use a strut, you can go sideways and do the suspended mode instead of the front down suspended mode, you can get it balanced enough to do the 360 ​​role if you really push the motors, but I wouldn't recommend it. But as far as convenience goes, it's much better to take it out and record a video on the go.
One thing I did notice is that the SC motors are definitely not as premium or as strong as the SC motors. the DJI Ronin S, one of the first things I did when I balanced the DJI Ronin s and decided to try it out was put my rode videomic pro Plus on top of it with the dead cat, hook it all up and basically continue using the gimbal as a balanced gimbal. I had no problems with it when I tried to do that with the DJI Ronin SC. The first time the motors became very stressed I started getting warnings in the app that the motors were too stressed and in fact even a couple failed.
A lot of times because it was unbalanced you can balance it just fine with the dead cat and the videomic pro plus but you can't just put it in after you've balanced it for another setup so there are a lot of times where the butt of the Ronin It's much more forgiving. I was even able to change lenses sometimes without rebalancing them. I know it's not good practice, but it was something I was able to do. The other thing is that the DJI Ronin SC is a hobbyist and not. Since I wanted to have a heavy setup, I didn't need that big RF 24-105 zoom lens on my camera, so what I did was take the money I saved on the DJI Ronin S and put it toward the 35 millimeter RF macro. lens that has an F 1.8 aperture and this actually makes the setup a little lighter and because the lens is much smaller I can use all the functions of the DJI Ronin SC in all modes, the other thing is that The Ronin SC comes with a few more accessories than the Ronin s.
One thing that disappointed me is that with a $200 premium to buy this one instead of this one, you don't actually even get the cable to connect it to the camera, whereas with the DJI Ronin SC it comes in the box with this one, you'll have to spend another thirty dollars to pick up another cable, this one also comes with a phone holder so you can put the phone holder on the side to have your phone on the side also to use the active tracking feature, you can actually take this, put it on top of the camera, balance it, and have your phone so you can do active tracking, forced mobile, however, the fact that I can actually use my phone to control the pan, tilt, and swivel of my camera, which It's cool and something I'll probably use for filming spin sequences and stuff like that.
Another feature of the DJI Ronin SC is the fact that you can actually lock and unlock each axis of the gimbal for balancing or carrying purposes, so if you really want to transport this you can fold each axis and lock them in place, this will fold up. to the point where I can take this shot that in your camera bag even take it apart quickly throw it in your camera bag and go your way a little bit differently with the DJI butt because no matter what you turn this thing off and it's just going to fall like crazy, there's no way to lock it, you'll be stuck with this thing spinning around all the time, you can still take it apart like I did with this one, but it won't be as easy to carry the other link too as it can break where it can fit in almost a standard carrying case for a camera or in a small camera backpack.
This thing here you're going to have a little more trouble transporting, so basically, lastly, the only thing I can talk about is the price you're going to spend. premium to buy the DJI Ronin S, so as a hobbyist, if you're trying to save money, I was much happier putting my money on another lens rather than paying more for a bigger, heavier, bulkier gimbal, yes it's more capable , but it is not something I will use in my conclusion as an amateur or amateur filmmaker. I would prefer a DJI Ronin SC to the DJI Ronin s. In fact, my return policy for the DJI Ronin S is coming to an end at the end of the month and I'll be back, it's too cumbersome to use and I know I'll never take advantage of it.
This is a more limited system, it's not as capable as the DJI Ronin but it's something I'll use everything. time so in my opinion it's worth sacrificing some of the features to set up the lighter so if you enjoyed the video again please like it, leave some comments in the description below if you have something to say and subscribe. Check out the channel for more cool tech videos in the future and as always, thanks for tuning in to technological progress, take care.

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