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DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Valentine’s Day Heart Decor

Apr 04, 2024
Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel, today we are going to make the ultimate DIY Dollar Tree


wreath with this Dollar Tree wreath set and we will be using some of the wire edged burlap ribbons. Actually, we'll use two. spools and then we are going to use a spool of this lace ribbon from the Dollar Tree, plus it is like crocheted. I told you about this before using the glue gun and, besides the scissors, this is the last one we will use. Let's just do it, if you're just joining us for the first time, this is the set of three


s from the Dollar Tree that came out this season.
diy dollar tree farmhouse valentine s day heart decor
We will find the end, it is usually at the bottom point of the existing garland. and we're going to weave it from one side to the other. We've done this so far with the other two


s in the set and this is the last neutral Valentine's Day


ation heart we had left over for this, okay and I've mentioned it. I've done it before, but if you're new around here, we like to save the garland because you never know when you want it for another project, so what we're going to do is grab my exact craft knife and scissor combo.
diy dollar tree farmhouse valentine s day heart decor

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diy dollar tree farmhouse valentine s day heart decor...

I'm going to cut off all the little fingers. I've always called them fingers, like in the past, we're just going to cut off all those little fingers. I'm going to use the knife for the inside and they cut very, very. easy, they cut the outside, they cut what this says, they're really easy and the inside cuts with the box cutter very, very easily too, okay, and we're going to do this because we're going to wrap everything in burlap, but first, but first. I'm going to make a special ornament, you guys will see that you're going to love it, so what I wanted to do for a while is show you how to make this lace ornament.
diy dollar tree farmhouse valentine s day heart decor
Okay, what we're going to do is I'm going to take the wire edged burlap ribbon and this is the whole nine feet. You don't have to make the full nine feet for this particular wreath, but I was going to make the full nine feet of ribbon first and then use the rest of it. I use it for other projects, but what I'm doing is pulling the wire out from one end on one side, basically, and the way to do that is to just push the fabric back a little bit to expose the end of the wire that I like to wrap around.
diy dollar tree farmhouse valentine s day heart decor
I put it around my scissors because I don't really have a good grip with my fingers and I don't have nails, and this way it helps me hold it and then just slide the tape along the way since it's 9 feet long doing so. being alone takes a little bit of time that you guys have seen in other videos that Jim helped me with and if you stand nine feet away and hold the tape, this wire slides out, but I thought I'd share this with you. Let's see how we can do it ourselves if absolutely necessary. Okay, so what you do is just move the tape across the wire and pull, and when we get a good two feet of wire out, we'll go ahead and twist again. because the scissor will basically move it down the cable and it will continue to pull and slide down and pull and slide down like I said, it's a little process, but nothing you can't do yourself, okay, so the next thing we want What we need to do is take the cord and I'll show it to you up close.
We're just going to run a drop of glue along the edge of the thread that was holding the cable and we're just going to put it on. edge of the lace there, you want there to be some kind of edge and then there are all these holes, if you look through the holes you will see the edge of the lace, I mean the ribbon, excuse me and you're just going to repeat. this along its entire length and it's nine feet of ribbon, nine feet of lace ribbon and nine feet of burlap ribbon so it should be almost exactly the same of course they aren't always exact in factories this was actually about two or three. inches more lace than burlap, okay, and you're going to repeat this all the time.
Now you have to be careful, as you can see, I'm mainly placing the lace on the burlap and then this is actually for speed of time, so I'm actually waiting, you know, maybe I count to three before I put my fingers on it before to not to hurt yourself, so that the glue goes through there, you know one thing: I didn't do it. I'll tell you now because I obviously didn't. I didn't check this once I was done gluing everything because occasionally the glue can cool down before you put the lace on or not as cold.
Come out of the glue gun as you anticipated and then when you have the lace, it might have cooled and it'll be ready, so once we're done tying everything up, I recommend you go back and check that there's no loose lace, okay , but we like it. I said I accidentally forgot that part. You'll see me correct it later, but we'll continue. It's easier, just to make sure you know it's easy to twist it, so do it. Make sure you keep it as flat as possible and it's also easy for the lace to want to curve the burlap so make sure you do small sections at a time, that really prevents that from happening a little better now.
In the thumbnail you could see how pretty it was, but against my white door you can barely see the lace. I don't want to, I probably won't hang it there permanently, but for now that's the only place I have. I could take a photo of it, but it's so cute, the lace is so, so cute, it just adds a little bit of something extra. Okay, now that it comes to wrapping the heart, I considered using the lace and burlap ribbon they sell. I took out the



with the cord already in the middle, but those cords don't match very well, this one is a little more real, they are the ones that are a little whiter, but also the way we are going to wrap the ribbon around the heart, the heart is too small to handle that big white ribbon, so you'll see what we're going to end up doing is we're going to end up cutting it, so now for the ends, I want to fold the ends over just the end that we're going to start at , basically the opposite end from where we're going to start, so what we're going to do is make a ruffle and how We'll make a ruffle if you fold the other end from where you want to start and we'll glue it into the fold and then we'll do the same thing where we'll expose the wire and we're going to pull the wire and we're going to run the tape along the wire being very careful not to break the wire, but what this is going to do is naturally cause the flywheel because the wire is not going to be able to go through the another end because we have caught it bending it.
It will just continue creating a flywheel. Now you don't want the steering wheel. I didn't want my steering wheel to be too exaggerated, so this. It ended up being about five feet, it wasn't quite double, it wasn't quite, excuse me, half its original length, but I liked that particular way that ruffle looked good, now that once I've made this tape With ruffles, you can do it for an infinite number of applications. You can stick it around anywhere the tops of vases would look pretty, around flower arrangements, around buckets, any of those things anywhere you can think of that you want to put a nice burlap ruffle on.
Go ahead and use this same technique to make some ruffled burlap and lace around the edge, but what we're going to do is put it around that heart like you saw in the sample. Once I'm getting to the point where I like it, I want to go ahead and I want to bend the end that I was pulling on and make sure to cut the wire after I bend it so it doesn't break. inward and then I'm going to glue the edge down on itself to create the perfect finish, and then I want to make sure to evenly distribute my ruffle around the wire so that some areas are more clustered.
I wanna go. go ahead and fix it now we're going to move on to the wreath this is another roll of burlap we're not going to use all of it and I like to work in sections this is probably a two three foot section that I cut and I'm going to take the wires out of one side. I'm not actually going to pull the cables out of one side. I'm taking parts from both sides, but one side at a time, that's what I was going to say. and then what we're going to do is take this tape and I'm just looking at it but I'm going to cut it in half.
The reason I do it is because the heart is very small. we wanted the tape to be narrower so it could take curves better and I'm showing you here that there are actually two options: you can make the stitched edge what you see, overlap over the raw edge or what I What What I'm going to end up doing is overlapping the raw edge over the stitched edge and that's totally an option for the style that you're going for. I wanted this to look like it was completely covered in burlap so I didn't want the edge, the sewn edge to show up and I'll give you a tip don't cut both edges because this ribbon frays once you cut them so I found that it The first thing I did was cut both edges.
I cut the edge of the small stone and the other edge and it broke so I don't recommend doing that if possible and we have wrapped many hearts with ribbon before so this is a very similar technique. we're just going to start on one side and we're just going to wrap it and that's why I like to work with the smaller sections because that edge is cut, it comes down the middle and it tends to fray and if this were piece it was twice as big long or three times as long, you would see that it would be more scary as it goes, so we are trying to limit that by doing the small sections that we did well and now every time you come to a bend. that might have a little gathering, what I did was tuck the gathering around the back first and then covered it with the covering piece, that's just one option, you can always go back at the end and glue the gatherings on.
Which I'll show you, as well as a technique to fix it, but around those hard curves, those top arches there's going to be some puckering, so you just want to go ahead and make sure you fold it first or after, all good, and Now, to join the two together pieces, I went ahead and made sure the edge of the soda was the same size as the edge of the soda. What I did was once I started going over to the other side, I turned the tape around and the reason I did that was if I had continued going in the same direction or just continued in the same direction, I would have started to expose the stitched edge would have started to overlap, so we wanted to turn the ribbon so that, as we overlapped, it continued to overlap with the raw edge, okay, hope that makes sense.
I think you can see it pretty well here and then just glue on any additional pieces you need. I ended up making another piece and using that as well to continue, okay, so you can see a little better what I'm talking about, so as I go around the curve, I'm actually taking my finger and talking about the excess fabric that's around the back and make sure to cover it. with the edge of the ribbon as I go through it well and once we get to the end we're going to do the same thing except you'll see that the way we were going we were going to end up with a sewn edge, so what I did was cut the ribbon.
I basically wrapped it to see how much I would need to cut the ribbon and then I'm trimming the sewn edge of the last piece we're going to overlap because I didn't want any of the sewn edges to show, if that makes any sense I hope it makes sense to you and you can see here. I had a lot of success, so it looks like it's just burlap with completely raw edges. Okay, and then once you've dried it, you glue, the glue cools, then you go ahead and you can trim it and now you can trim any little loose threads that there are and then we're also going to go around and glue. any of those little folds that we need to make, so you'll see here, there are some points on the way back on the second arch that we made that you can reach around the back and just glue them back in and that's fine.
We're going to cover it with them with the lace anyway, I mean with the ruffle, excuse me, but we just want it to be nice and neat and that's just one option to show you how you can do it nice and neat, and now we're. we are going to place the steering wheel and the part of the steering wheel that we want to start. I wanted to start at the bottom, at the bottom peak, the reason I wanted to do that and I want to say it almost as a little overkill, so I wanted something like that. hide the bag, so when we're going to overlap the ribbon I wanted to make it disappear a little bit, so what I'm doing on the back is just gluing along the edge of the heart and then I'm gluing the ruffle as is.
I'm trying not to stretch it. I'm trying to just place it how you naturally want to place it around that curve. The ruffles once you have them, as you saw once they got up, but they want. Anyway, make like a snakeskin spiral, so you just push it forward, it's long, it's got the long ends in the hearts, but it still has that nice little frill for you, okay, now the only tip additional that I am going to give. to get to once you get to the center, the central peak on the inside of the arches, the arch is what I always call the top of hearts, like the arches of your lips, so when you get to the center point, what Do you wantDo you want to put the glue there and let it set before you turn the corner?
You really want to let it cool before you turn the corner andthen just turn the corner and continue and then you can see here. once you get to the end you just want to overlap where you had glued and then what I'm doing is making sure I seal the steering wheel so the cable doesn't come back up. the ruffle that I had left over like the one I had left over is basically before you cut it, like when you tuck the edge of the ribbon underneath, you know, that's what you want to do with the edge of the ruffle and now this is where I realized that it doesn't I double checked to make sure it was glued, all the lace was glued to all the burlap, so I'm going to go ahead and fix it up as best I can after it's already done.
Of course, it's much harder to do if I had fixed it in the beginning, but I like to leave the errors there if I make them so you guys can see how to fix them, because you might run into the same problem too. okay, I know it's all done, just fluff everything up and arrange it however you want, toss it up, judge as we like to say, that's what we like to say, judge and then we'll just put a little hanger on it. there we're going to make one of our little loops and in fact we're going to make two of our little loops because I wanted to do this so I could hang it straight or at an angle so I put one of the loops right in the center made sure that the knot it's going to touch the top of the loop and it's buried under the top of the ruffle and then I think I'm going to make one to the side so we can hang it sideways if we ever also want to add a little bit of cuteness to this project and then like they say, that's it, but what I wanted to show you here is this is the welcome sign from the Dollar Tree and if you felt like you wanted to add something color the center of the heart, you can always blow one of them behind, you can also put a picture and make it into a frame, so that's it.
I hope you really enjoyed this tutorial, if you give it a thumbs up and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below. Don't forget to share it with friends and family. Anyone you know might be interested in seeing how we made this or any of the projects here for Valentine's Day and if you've done it. Don't click Subscribe yet and when you do, a little bell will appear when that bell rings. YouTube will notify you every time it uploads a new video and as always, take care of yourself, God bless you and see you next time, bye.

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