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Dissecting Lionel Messi's Publix sighting ahead of Inter Miami unveil | ESPN FC

Jul 16, 2023
Hello and welcome to the latest edition of ESPN FC. Here in the studio we have Shaka Hislop and Stevie Nickel along with me, K Marie, and we will record directly in Miami, where Sebastian Salazar is and I heard that he has been wearing designer clothes at his party and then when they call him to Let him quickly put on that shirt and put on a knife, put on some sunglasses just to hide the evidence a little, he is under the surveillance of Lionel Messi and has been doing it almost all the time. week, so let us know how you feel in Miami right now


of this opening on Sunday.
dissecting lionel messi s publix sighting ahead of inter miami unveil espn fc
The official presentation of him. Sevi. I promise you. I haven't been partaking in the messy Mojitos, not yet, at least one of the many brand-name messy items that have popped up in Miami. Of course, it's the messy chicken sandwich you saw, which at the Hard Rock Cafe has a Goat 10 beer that a local brewery has lit up, so Miami is very ready. In fact, I just landed today. My first trip was to Winwood, the artsy part. There are incredible murals throughout the city, including the most recent one commissioned by David Beckham himself. You saw David Beckham putting the finishing touches on that and it gives you an idea of ​​how quickly things got going here in Miami, they started working on it. mural July 1 11 days later, it was done and it is not the only one in that part of the city, two or three different murals celebrating the most recent arrival in Major League Soccer and it has been a victory in the real world.
dissecting lionel messi s publix sighting ahead of inter miami unveil espn fc

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dissecting lionel messi s publix sighting ahead of inter miami unveil espn fc...

He arrived at the Fort on Tuesday. Lauderdale Executive Airport, which was an


esting choice. Usually the superstars arrive at the main


national airport greeted by the media and fans, but things are a little quiet here as MLS does its best to keep this under wraps again and for the contract we were hoping to become official. at any time today or tomorrow before the presentation on Sunday, but so far it is not completely official, we have seen the public appearances. Okay, I know one of your favorite restaurants on Wednesday night, but when everyone was really talking it was Thursday's visit to Publix, which uh, I know everyone's like, wow, what a moment for Leonel Messi, of course. , he told us in the interview before coming to Miami that he wanted peace and quiet, well I guess going to the supermarket is I know the cynics will point that out.
dissecting lionel messi s publix sighting ahead of inter miami unveil espn fc
Publix is ​​an official sponsor of the Miami interior, as we see it here in the Argentine restaurant, very popular not only with the hundreds of thousands of Argentines living in the Miami area, but also with visiting Argentine players. We know that the Argentine team spent a lot of time. of time in Miami, both in the period leading up to the last World Cup and also celebrating the Copa América 2021, so there is Leonel Messi and his family, already very well, looking at home here in Miami. I just have to say in public that you understand. the best chicken sub in Miami, you're not going to tell us that you shop at Publix and there are no restaurants either.
dissecting lionel messi s publix sighting ahead of inter miami unveil espn fc
I know, my God, is it something important for Messi to be able to walk like this without interruptions in Miami? I think so. I know, listen how you used to autograph hunters and fans and all the things that he's had throughout his career, the fact that they'll have told him, you know what, Lionel, you're coming to the US, yeah, people He wants a part of you, but a lot. Most of the time you'll be left alone, I'm sure he'll try to do that if it happens, I don't know but yeah I think he's testing the water, it's what he's done, you know, I'm not.
I don't think he's gotten the kind of attention that Sydney harasses if you want if you're in a freezer like that like he did in Barcelona and probably even in Paris, um, but it won't be like in times past, where players who had big names and reputations in Europe could reach Major League Soccer they could walk around and Publix or whatever other grocery store they shopped at and not worry as much. I mean, first of all, I think the game has progressed significantly from that and and the recognition of the stars of the game has improved accordingly and, let's be honest, there is no one bigger than Lionel Messi, so while he may not again receive the kind of attention he received in Catalonia, it will not be a Sunday night stroll for anyone.
It's absolutely not a stretch of the imagination, except that you actually heard that he has already been training, there would be no pictures to support this, although on Wednesday you can tell us a little more about that, so to speak, and also how it will play out on Sunday. Can we expect a presentation? Yes, it has been interesting, as I mentioned in my first answer. MLS has had a desire to keep this under ABS while we wait for the contract to be completed. I was right at the team store trying to buy. a shirt, they won't let me buy one yet and they won't let us see Lionel Messi in training with a Miami undershirt.
We know that he was at the facility twice, once on Wednesday and then also today, in fact today's session was scheduled to start at 8am. m. Leonel Messi was one of the first players to arrive at 7 a.m. 20 a. m., so for those who say that he is coming to retire, certainly at least from the beginning he is leading by example and it seems that Sunday is obviously going to be the highlight of this announcement, the last I heard is that yes, there will be musical entertainment. Bad Bunny is the biggest name I've ever heard, but it's going to be a showstopper at 6pm ET, probably starting.
Messi's arrival on stage won't be until around 8 p.m. ET, they're trying to schedule him for halftime of the Gold Cup game, but he certainly has been a whirlwind. He has been to the facility twice, once with his family and his children. He had his medical on Wednesday and then that's when David Beckham was there, so it seems like we're getting closer and closer and I think it probably won't be until Sunday that we officially see him with the Miami inside team, but you can buy your messy . I'm told maybe tomorrow, if the announcement is made tonight, what a Friday night news dump it would be from Major League Soccer, by the way, yeah, that would be awesome.
Stevie has no idea who Bad Bunny is, but we won't. Call that talk about when we will see Lionel Messi in action for Inter Miami and what he can do for them, as we can see, you can see where they are at the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings right now, yeah, in 15th place. the East thank God for Colorado, otherwise they would be alone in last place in Major League Soccer. It seems pretty clear that the first opportunity will obviously be next Friday, that July 21, when Cruz Azul comes to town for the League Cup and then there will be a game. on the 25th in Miami we will play against Atlanta also in the league cup and then there is a significant break if the Miami interior is eliminated from the league cup.
The first MLS game. Remember that Major League Soccer takes a break during the league cup. it will be until August 20th from there, only 12 games left in the season, they have a long way to go obviously, I Crow when I said you know Wayne Rooney couldn't get DC United out of the gutter in 2018, So certainly this version of Leonard Messi can get this version of the Miami hinterland out of the gutter. I just don't think he can do it in 12 games. There are other things to play for, although by the way, Miami's interior is in the semifinal of the open cup, how's that going? that the first North American Trophy that Leonel Messi could play in could very well be the US Open Cup they will play against FC Cincinnati on August 23 in the semi-finals, but I think there will be a Messi explosion, perhaps some time since the bench in this League.
Cubs games, but don't expect them to start, don't expect them to play the full 90 minutes, and don't expect them to make that Big Impact until MLS Season 3 begins on August 20. Well, thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more analysis and sports highlights, make sure to download the ESPN app and to stream premium content live and let's not forget also ESPN FC, seven days a week, subscribe to ESPN Plus.

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