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Disney's 101-Dalmatians (1961) - An Part 003 of Rarely Part 001

Apr 21, 2023
oh friend friend dear friend we'll keep the puppies every one of them my old pet Roger told Devil Woman to go away he scolded her friend she's gone oh honey she's gone forever oh panga go Thunderbolt go Thunderball thank you go catch him thunder and boy he'll catch that dirty old horse thief oh Thunderbolts the best dog in the world he's even better than daddy no dog is better than daddy what's he gonna do daddy? Let's wait and see, look at Emmanuel Callie That old Dirty Dancing the yellow skunk from liverdale I like to do is kiss him why patch? where did you hear that talk? certainly not from your mother hooray Penny he'll get that yellow liver oh well he'll get it good luck go down we can't see you go down mother make him come down come on Luck down there I missed him I missed him by a mile I'm hungry mother I'm hungry no Rollie you just had dinner but I'm the same I'm so hungry I could eat a whole elephant there he is behind that rock oh my gosh he shot poor Thunder he missed oh Thunder he's faking I think look what I told you it's one of his tricks low luck I'm hungry mother I really don't miss next week's exciting episode Triumph all Thunder always wins and speaking of champions friends canine crunches is
disney s 101 dalmatians 1961   an part 003 of rarely part 001

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