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Disney's 101-Dalmatians (1961) - An Chapter 006 - An Family-Evening Together

Apr 21, 2023
foreign boy will get that dirty old horse thief oh Thunderbolts the biggest dog in the world is even better than daddy no dog is better than daddy what's daddy going to do the old coward that dirty old Dawson the yellow skunk from liverdale i like him remove the gizzard why patch? where did you hear talk like that? certainly not from your mother watch out thunder don't worry penny she'll get that yellow liver well she'll put it right. you get off mom make him get off come on lucky down there i missed him i missed him by a mile i'm hungry mom i'm hungry now rolly you just had dinner but i'm still so hungry i could eat a whole elephant there he's behind that rock oh boy he shot shed thunder lost it oh thunder is faking i think look what i told you its one of his tricks luck low im hungry mom really dont miss the exciting episode next week who will succeed oh thunder always wins and speaking of champions marcos canine crunches is the champion of all dog biscuits out of bed if we go for a walk we


can never go come with the kids bedtime a little sleepy we want to go for a walk in the park dad we can yes do what your mother says two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen I'm not sleepy I think ah now remember friends little rascal let's go thank you Iris Milan for her constitutional night ah a beautiful pair of turtle doves around the owner of Johnny and they go to the park yeah I don't like Jasper one more pinch throw away the keys I'll go to Oris we're getting a lot of Boodle yeah but now I've been thinking you've been thinking now look here Oris I'll warn you about thinking I've got the goatee for this job so let's get on with it
disney s 101 dalmatians 1961   an chapter 006   an family evening together

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