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Disney Princesses and Their Animal Friends! | Disney Princess

May 04, 2020
- Dragon, dragon, not lizard! I don't do that with the tongue (whistle). (Pascal blowing raspberry) (Flounder blowing raspberry) (Tiana screaming) (bangs) (splashes) (Scuttle idly vocalizing) - Scuttle! - Whoa, mermaid on the port bow! Ariel, how are you, girl? Oops, what a swim! - Scuttle, look what we found! - Yes, we were on the sunken ship and it was really creepy! - Human stuff, huh? Hey, let me see! (anchor sound) Oh, ooh! Watch this! Wow, this is special, this is very, very unusual! - What? What is? - It's a grasshopper! Humans use these little babies to straighten


disney princesses and their animal friends disney princess
Watch? Just a little twist here and a tug there and voy-o-lay, you have an aesthetically pleasing hair setup that humans go crazy for! - A grasshopper! - What about that one? - Ah, I haven't seen this in years! This is wonderful! A bulbous banded snarfblat! - Oh! (Meeko chirping) (Meeko howling) (Flit squealing) (splashing) - Yeah! Thanks thanks! - Jasmine? Jasmine! Jasmine! (Rajah growling) Ah, ooh, damn it, Rajah! (Rajah growling) So, that's why Prince Achmed stormed out! - Oh, father! Rajah was just messing with him, right Rajah? You were playing with that overdressed and self-absorbed Prince Achmed, weren't you? (both laughing) Ahem. - My dear, you have to stop rejecting all the suitors who come calling!
disney princesses and their animal friends disney princess

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disney princesses and their animal friends disney princess...

The law says that you must be married to a prince. - For your next birthday! - (sighing) The law is wrong! - You only have three more days! - Father, I hate being forced to do this. If I get married, I want it to be for love. - Jasmine. It's not just this law. (sighing) I'm not going to be here forever and, well, I just want to make sure you're taken care of, provided for. - Please try to understand! I've never done anything on my own, I've never had any real


! (Rajah growls indignantly) Oh, except you, Rajah. (Rajah moaning happily) - Oh, it's just great love! (Maximus neighing) - I am the powerful, the pleasant, the indestructible Mushu!
disney princesses and their animal friends disney princess
Oh ha ha, pretty hot huh? (hooves stomping) (Mushu spluttering) (Mushu groaning) (Mushu coughing) - Uh, did my ancestors send a lizard to help me? - Hey, dragon, drah-gon, not lizard! I don't do that with the tongue (whistle). - Are you, um-- - Intimidating? Awesome? - Tiny. - Of course! I am travel size for your convenience! If I were my real size, your cow would be scared to death! (Khan munching) Down, Bessie! My powers are beyond your mortal imagination. For example, my eyes can see directly through your armor. (slapping) (Mushu yelling) Alright, that's it! Dishonor! Shame on your whole family!
disney princesses and their animal friends disney princess
Make a note of this. Disgrace on you, disgrace on your cow, disgrace-- - Stop! Sorry Sorry. I'm nervous, I've never done this before. - Then you're going to have to trust me! And you don't slap me anymore, shall we clear that up? It's okay. Okie dokie, that's getting this show going! Cri-Kee, bring the bags! Let's move it, heifer! (Khan snorting) (fireworks crashing) (Ariel laughing) - Ariel, what are you (gasping) jumping jellyfish! (majestic music) (Louis blowing his nose)

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