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Disgusting Car Detailing Makeover: Junkyard Disaster Before and After Cleaning

Feb 18, 2020
seat time hey guys im so excited about this episode we are working on a 1984 porsche 944 now this has just been delivered its wet and freezing outside and the car is pretty trashed its valued at around 500 now im working with a nonprofit called cars for kids we've all heard the django one aid car these guys are and basically what happened is someone donated this car and they got a 500 tax donation the organization means cars for kids called and said: hello, would you? be willing to donate your time and be able to get this car back to or near its former glory so we can get more money at auction because this thing we don't want to part with this thing they don't want to destroy it is a porsche and they know I love it the porsche and i hope i can bring it back get more money for charity get more money for the donation and shoot a really cool and funny video for that and a lot more on this porsche 944 when i initially talked to cars for the kids about restoring the 944 was very excited and happy to help when the dolly arrived at my garage I quickly realized it might be biting off a bit more than I can chew even though it was raining and wet outside the paint still looked incredibly shattered and the wheels were toasted the interior was moldy and the engine would be full of mouse poop and nests when we lowered the car into the driveway we noticed the rear wheel of The drivers side was completely locked which added another layer of complexity when moving it in the garage, the lift operator wanted to lower the drivers side window before pushing it into the garage so he hooked up a jumper box for the power windows and tried turning it on when i was inside just to see if the motor had seized obviously didn't start but the motor would move which promised he tried his best to loosen the rusty rear caliper he hit it with a hammer and even used The flat box to put more weight on T backed the brake pad hoping it would come loose but no luck.
disgusting car detailing makeover junkyard disaster before and after cleaning
Plan b was to lift the rear up and carefully push it into the garage, which worked without the flatbed. I inspected the car a little closer but not too much because it stank like a mix of wet leaves and mildew with registration almost 19 years behind the engine bay looked like a home for rodents or squirrels or whatever in that time sitting unused if you look closely you can see a trail of mouse poop leading to the nest so you know at one point something was living there the thermal lining had disintegrated years ago and was dropping little flakes everywhere but there was motor oil on the dipstick which was really good and not as muddy as expected so that was good too one of the worst parts was the wheels they were completely gone and not much could be done from a detailed perspective but We'll have more on this later, the seats, sun visor knobs, B-pillars and basically everything else had something.
disgusting car detailing makeover junkyard disaster before and after cleaning

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disgusting car detailing makeover junkyard disaster before and after cleaning...

The mold level on it as the rear hatch seemed to be leaking which I found out later after removing the rear mats. My favorite part of doing these forgotten cars is opening the trunk and seeing what's left behind. In this case, it was several dangerous 944 repair manuals. reflectors and an old umbrella with another nest inside later we found the original tool kit which was really cool and valuable to the new owner. The first step was to lift the car up in the air and remove the flat tires using my speed jack. obviously very easy to use, you first plug the hydraulic pump into a power outlet, the two hoses on the pump, and then each hose on the lift, then push the button up when it is lined up under the lift points under the frame, all you need. what you need to do is make sure to watch it as it climbs to make sure the rubber bumpers are exactly under the jacking points because the jack has a scissor-like motion instead of up and down so you won't You may need to readjust those bumpers as you go up and touch the bottom of the car so keep in mind that with the car off the ground I replaced the filters on my 3m half face respirator due to heavy mold, the unit of Organic Vapor 601 comes with an extra particulate filter inside the cartridge as it ships, so be sure to remove the extra, then flip the individual unit over before attaching the top, then twist it onto the mask. interior to find the source of the moisture while removing the trunk mat and plastics dan was removing the front seats which revealed some interesting treasures that had seen the light of day long ago or the lips of someone like a detective looking through the garbage of a suspicious clues crap like this is almost a cliché of what you might expect from the owner of a porsche 944 you got kids books because of the tiny back seats golf ball containers candy wrappers and wo red lipstick for men i think ferdinand i would be proud of just about anything that can be removed from the car we first vacuumed up any loose dirt to avoid clogging up the shampoo machine and to get a better idea of ​​the condition of the carpet for pre-treatment once i vacuumed reasonably, mixed water and foam in a designated aerator as I would have to clean the entire interior with a cleaner and I wanted it to soak a bit first from agitating with a brush, scrub pad and steam machine while Dan hit the seats with steam i followed up with a brush and towel to pick up the now raised grit we repeated the same steps on the doors then cleaned any tight or intricate areas as the radio button on the shifter e-brake handle and the top of the shifter knob with our Then using small toothpicks I pre-treated the carpets with ammo fluff and let them soak for a few minutes , then I steamed the floor to release the years of crusty stains on the front floors and back carpets without having the rear gla. ss crushed after i threw the strut bar off my hockey stick while prepping the rugs and filled the mighty light shampoo machine with distilled water and followed behind the steam with hot water extraction the color difference afterwards was even more obvious in person that that was on camera then i cleaned the seats and cushions we got out of the car earlier with foam and a scrubber once i was done and tossed the new battery in the cordless fan to help remove the stale air and dry The rugs quickly removable rugs were also pre-treated and steamed, but we did notice they held much more dirt than anywhere else for obvious reasons, so in this case I'd normally just pressure wash the fibers, then dampen and let dry, as the mats were disintegrating at the back. side and the Porsche logo was falling apart I thought it would be safe and more fun to just use compressed air and a tornado to lift the embedded dirt before vacuuming now for the record if the carpet isn't falling apart like this save yourself the mess and just pressure wash the fibers, now it's much easier for dirt to fly everywhere, although visually interesting it covered the entire floor, camera and our clothes so avoid this technique if the rugs are strong enough to handle the washing machine we pressure hit it again with steam and extraction and it looks as good as it will from now on then we repeated the same steps on the trunk mat and the 50 50 was quite noticeable once done we emptied the machine to see what was living on carpet for over 19 years, I'm using the Powery Light 2 professional detail machine here, but I've also used the Bissell Spot Clean Pro when I need to travel Light here I'm using it on a Mercedes 280 SL that hadn't been moved in over 37 years and obviously the carpet was moldy and gross but it worked great.
disgusting car detailing makeover junkyard disaster before and after cleaning
This episode has been viewed over 14 million times in just a few months. Click the link above if you haven't seen it before and after it's amazing g and the reveal to an 83 year old man by his son is a big tear so watch out til 1982 37 i was born in 81 i got shirts older than that yes while all the rugs were drying we did a minor ashtray surgery to remove the very old sticky candy that was stuck in the back of the tray and once the detailed operation game was running coming old we just filled the pan with strong APC and let it soak overnight to see what it would look like in the morning Next we focused on the engine bay as the mechanic would need to spend some time removing the lice before before he could start the mechanical repairs.
disgusting car detailing makeover junkyard disaster before and after cleaning
The thermal liner was dry, rotten and brittle, so we hauled it in first because it was falling on us when we started. to inspect the engine, so it was logical to start here next. Dan vacuumed up the fallen headliner inside the engine bay while I removed the various houses from all the warm nooks and pockets near the firewall with most of the loose stuff vacuumed up. I coated the engine in foaming ammo and scrubbed and brushed off 19 years of gunk in a row with many microfiber towels which we would then throw away because they really stank I used compressed air to hit the tight spots to help the foam evaporate in the intake manifold We used a bartender's friend and a stiff bristle brush to remove some of the baked-on oxidation or discoloration.
It didn't completely remove it, but it certainly helped bring some of the original shine back during


. I did notice that the previous owner sprayed a clear coat. in the engine bay like some kind of semi permanent shine or popping on the plastics as you can see it was chipping and cracking and it doesn't look great but i was ambitious to say the least once i cleaned it up i added a little bit of Ammo Mud Dressing where I could to help get the auction launchers blown up a bit over the next few days with the screwdriver hood strut removed we closed the hood to focus on the paint but first removed the wrecked wheels Revealing a few Very old and rusty calipers and rotors.
I scraped as much of the old mud from the wheel wells as I could before giving it a light rinse with a power washer just so I can see what needs to be fixed next. I quickly lathered the paint to loosen the years of dirt and dust built up in the


and didn't use a power washer here because I wasn't 100% sure where the interior leak was coming from so I avoided using heavy water just to be sure after a few wipes the microfiber towel was dirty but the goal here is to just remove enough debris to prevent the polishing pad from clogging up even faster from surface grime once full i put the dirty towels in a separate dirty red bag and took a clean towel bag and continued on the front of the porsche at first glance the paint looks much better during


but in reality it is just an illusion due to lubrication or light reflecting moisture that makes the foam about as effective as a safe no hose cleaning huh since you're lubricating the paint while cleaning but watch the moisturizers evaporate it reveals the pi Swirled and scratched original paint underneath once everything was cleaned up my next step was to test my usual area, the rear passenger side quarter panel for this one.
I'm playing around with a new leveling fluid and microfiber pad. specially designed that retains its firmness without overheating because I prefer to use a little more downward pressure than most, especially on a big pitching machine. I still have a ways to go but the first test looked pretty good anyway once the quintessential 50 50 shot was done I noticed two things one the paint has the potential to come back to life which that was great and number two this particular panel has a clear coat on it which is not something i was expecting however i ended up leveling the rest of the side panel and found what looked like crows feet under the gas tank door it is alright guys I'm behind the camera now I turned the lights off as you know when you're grinding and you're trying to be precise turning the lights off is a really good thing so you only have one light source anyway obviously it's the gas tank and then you realize here while I was polishing that you can see if I zoom in do you see all that creaking and see how it goes down here and I'll do it with the shape of the light right now something like this shape and it goes up and you can see it stops right and n the gas tank so clearly uh this is caused by the gas spill ok the first thing you would think as i park here how does that look like most of you are going to say oh thats crows feet ? 100 sure they looked like crow's feet and then, forcourse i called teacher kevin brown and we had a little talk about it and now it makes more sense so this is what we call freaking out, freaking out is kind of a thing where like the gas spills out here you know it's a volatile chemical, obviously so it evaporates ates and makes this area very brittle so it's a top down kind of thing meaning something spilled on it in this case gasoline it becomes very brittle and It looks like some kind of mosaic, hopefully that's coming into focus, can you see that there? pretty fascinating so the difference between this and crow's feet let's just say crow's feet are somewhat similar that's why it was confusing for me. it gets hot so let's say for example on the hood or radiator usually sometimes you do well in this area when it's really hot with a hose under it and it heats up the primer and the primer cracks under it and then it looks crow's feet in this case because there was something else on it the gasoline was coming from the top down instead of the bottom up so that's indicating this would be a cracking vs crow's feet while I was polishing the rest of passenger side paint on the other side of the car, was removing the old masking tape and very old very cracked clear fastener around the wheel arches when dry the process is extremely tedious and requires a steam blades Plastic razor and monk like patients first heat the bra with steam and then use the plastic razor blade to get under the top layer which crumbles as it l or does it leave the glue behind now in some cases you can use a strong chemical but on older cars with thin paint like this you risk damaging the paint and causing more problems down the road due to the rapid expansion and contraction of the paint so use steam listen to music because its going to take some time and your fingers will hurt with the old bra off you can use dirty pads or what I call microfiber disposables to clean up the last bits of glue with the understanding that you'll need to throw the pad away when you're done, I keep these old pads that I no longer use on painting just for this purpose to make the most of my old supplies and to save my fingertips where possible after it's all made up we're done with a light polish to remove very small composition swirls to get the paint back to close to 90 ish without removing too much of the paint re Shelf in the car for this I used 210 and a yellow foam pad at the beginning of the second day we scrubbed the ashtray with Then a stiff bristled toothbrush managed to gently remove the plastic cover without breaking the camera clips and used four odd steel wool and bark protectants to remove most stains.
Dan then cleaned the windows with a flat edge squeegee and several microfiber towels and razor blades. Exterior lot numbers on the windshield and rear hatch, then he spent some time on the rear defroster lines as they were covered in mold or something sticky. around the line if the line is broken or scratched the circuit is broken and that area will no longer thaw so using a razor blade is not a good idea here always clean easily t to the west along the circuit and not up and down through it to avoid potential issues with interior carpets cleaned, dried and reinstalled i massaged ammo mousse into the dried seats to add a bit of moisture into the leather now be aware with the old sloppy seats or interior, you may need several applications because the material is very dry and thirsty, we repeat the steps on the doors dash armrest and rear seats, be sure to give a final cleaning after a few minutes for a matte finish Once everything is ready, we reinstalled the cushions on the rear seats and both front seats and it's starting to look like a car we could sell for the final phase of protection Dan used his teacher's airbrush kit with a black touch up in the tank mixed with paint thinner for the larger dents and paint chips the same one we used in the eagle claw video we pulled out of the woods a few days ago summers while using a medical syringe with dispensing needles of various sizes depending on the thickness of the paint being applied and the size of the damage we are trying to repair.
I'll have a full video on this technique in the future, but for now it's a cheap and easy way to have super precise touch up placement while Dan was working on the larger one. points i played with the rock chips from the front nose gently compressing the plunger now this can be tricky at first because sometimes too much can come out at once if this is the case then you need to decrease the size of the hole used in the needle to restrict the flow of paint but if you spend a little time with it you can sort it out and it's a really great tool with touch up paint drying.
I added ammo mud to the super crunchy and brittle rear wing to bring it back. a bit of the resiliency and color of its off white or faded appearance this actually required three applications because it was incredibly dry and incredibly thirsty now going back to the original wheels they were so far out of detail I couldn't really do anything with it like that that I quickly put my gold cups on the 9440 just to get a glimpse of its potential and what it ended up doing motivated me so much that I called my friend George at Performance Industries and asked, can you clean these original wheels for me? he can take really nice pictures of the auction and he says yeah totally cool i can do that for kids cars no problem so i took the wheels to his shop in rochelle ny now a few days later the Super heat cleaned, repainted, balanced and they are done. for the pickup so I was really happy with that for the last step I'm using my latest reflex derivative this is number 65 to be exact now I've spent a lot of time reformulating this product and we're getting really close to creating what i envisioned in the lab months ago when i finish my tests and its ready to ship i will post a link in this video here in the meantime if you want to get on the early adopter list a sign up link is in the video description im super pr no I know where we are to date with this formula, but check this out.
Here's a quick iPhone video I shot on the side of my car during testing a few weeks ago one side has beads and the other side leaves now which do you think is better for the car again there may not be just one correct answer and ok but i hope last week's video about the mclaren and the water dripping lard got you asking some healthy questions about which products you choose and which companies you support finally thank you so much to everyone who they have been so supportive through the innovation process it has taken some time to get it done but well worth the effort so thank you after a few days of paperwork new owner kevin first dropped in to see the car he he was in the


just a week before, he's in his early 20s and has never driven a stick shift and this would be the first car he's ever owned, so he was obviously curious as to what drew him to this one a car in particular knowing it needs a lot of mechanic I love it and its not the most practical car for such a young guy living in a city ok as you can see the paint looks pretty good but when he first got here he it didn't look very good.
For a long time there is waste and all kinds of junk in there but one of my favorite parts is I go in and look at the uh 2001 registration so obviously 19 years ago it was registered and I guess somebody drove it but this was pretty.


when it first came out so funny i think i would have been five years old back then but the man i think would appreciate this car the most huh my dad passed away that year and that's probably why i'm at porsche's because he had a 911 sc that he took my mom on her first date and he sold it before I was born and you just know there are weird things you do to connect with people from your past and I think my obsession with Porsche has been linked to that, so with that he was super.
He was excited to start tinkering with his Porsche and thought this would be the perfect time to reveal his new wheels. I was very excited but obviously a bit nervous with the cameras all over the place and wanted to put them in the car just to get the car out and see it in natural light before the Speedsport trailer came to take it to the shop to be fixed with the car without the quick jacks. We needed to get them back up and running just to get it out of the garage due to it being locked up. after he and I pushed the car outside, spun it around and lined it up for incoming towing, the speedsport guys attached a strap to the front tow hook and with the push of a button the winch hauled the 944 up and in now at this moment as the car is going onto the trailer i could really see the understanding on kevin's face that this was really happening to him and he was the owner of this car now which really meant a lot to him once time the trailer was all locked up. i made sure to give him all the folders and manuals i found in the trunk to read a bit later and the original toolkit which was great i was going to ask you about the toolkit he finally wrote the donation check to kids cars and we were i revved up the sport fit to diagnose how much it would take to get back on the road safely when we arrived and as carlos and don were getting ready to unload the trailer i passed kevin around the shop and his mind blew as i showed him some race cars , the maserati corsa i did in a previous video and the sea of ​​porsches parked up over the weekend i can tell he knew he was in the right place so i was really happy he seemed so excited now as cheesy as it sounds If you reached the end of the video.
This is a fun little part. Now I've always been a big believer in karma or the universe or whatever and doing the right things when nobody's looking, so when the 944 was pushed off the trailer the rear wheel s Somehow I relaxed on the 10 drive minutes from my garage to his shop, which was really cool. Clearly this isn't much of a miracle, but as a car guy I have to think this was like the Porsche gods finally giving us a break afterwards. pushing this car all the way up the driveway for a couple of days and the car finally came loose with one last push from Kevin, his new old 944 was in the garage and he would start the next leg of his journey in the hands of an excited young man and out of the junkyard for your sake

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