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Disfruto Lo Malo - Junior H Ft. Natanael Cano (LETRA/LYRICS)

Mar 04, 2020
i more and as usual i see her in the fire talking about diet when my luck and i'm still in business i have good eyes there are strong iguanas my team leave her i'm lying down my eyes kicking tenaris i'm talking and i bring good and carmela rolls with her nose i control The business because of the father taught me about the pearl skirt and Juana for a few hours if they call me chattering I find myself a chalet there is no fixed emails taken with word without compassion per day not only the good I enjoy the bad the good memories the bitter drinks I have morrás Several and they look for money because they are powerful, they serve as washing, they grab folded, everyone is happy. no itching
disfruto lo malo   junior h ft natanael cano letra lyrics

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