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Disfraces de HALLOWEEN | @Numberblocks en Español | Aprende a contar

Apr 14, 2023
surprise surprise cream dance his days of misdeeds are numbered terrible 2 another block break the rope that rope is made of othon and it is pure and your powers are useless maybe but i can still do this no sir my friends arrived at any moment and it will fall straight in our scary traps i'm not so sure ok all they need us looks like you and that was very unlucky another block skip one no how are we going to play hey someone is doing another 2 8 12 we won't get caught so easily don't walk under the cage holds up 3 yo am hadn't finished the grand finale equal to 8 and 18 fold or stuff 44 equal 8 another tool block 14 ready to drown in pie spider block we are outnumbered we have a trick or two up our sleeves the terrible four two made some folded how evil I'll be your rival obviously don't count on them the blocks gather we outnumber you first you'll have to catch me from the evil block escaping 8 7 6 5 4 3 well I thought I saw a little bike with a very naughty block i'm going to tell you a story a long time ago to me in 3 little pigs the first little pig had a house with one room but then daddy came the big square came malfatto small little town up let me in let me in then blow in and blow and iu your house As a rival, they hurt me, there are 4, luckily the second little pig had a house with two rooms, there is room for two for you and me, it has about 22 windows and 122 trees in the garden, and it has the number 12 on the door, not for unemployed and two for the tic little piggy little hop let me in let me in in any way not even if I had the hairs of being naive then blow in your house of my father 202 don't worry we are only acting luckily the third one is quoted that's me I had a house with three rooms and 233 windows and 123 12 33 bands thank you 3 there's room for two more 2 are companies and 3 are a party keep the big square down low it's as easy as little piggy little piggy let me in let me in and they had three naive hairs to let you pass then puff and puff in your house of rivals I am a small servant and wow it seems this is how the story did not go to the third house it should not fall into everything for that is my house and quantifications with 12 344 windows and 1 2 3 4 4 trees me number 4 at the gate 2 34 that deserves a big round of applause once upon a time there were three little piggies and a big contract they lived happily ever after now catastrophe life must be here na can't happen good but maybe 2 the pickaxe 12 anything can happen 122 roads where I must go you to the left and I to the right ah they are not alive they are made of rubber and the worst we are going to advance carefully 12 12 12 12 we made it because the road here we need someone stronger of double t + 2 the same because rocks are never four fairies oh come on apples one more round things because they have to be round you need help 4 your baby is side 1 2 3 4 now go on go on go on and double 44 or equal to 8 another block climb one two three four five six seven eight climb the golden delights 1 it's time for a quick escape 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 well the blocks divide into 28 equals 4 plus 4 how do you remember to stay if you keep all it's the many others all together I think we're not going to make it my life go there i 2 what a beautiful field we're going to play 122 sides we need two teams I'll take my team and I the other we can take turns from three to four you won't be on my team six with me the last face-to-face on ten our team was chosen now it needs a name 36 each team must think of a name we can't be the favorites but we're not all yellow right hey look at wheels it's not fair we don't have flat parts as long as yours that's when we put ourselves in even blocks the whole team has a flat part on top let's call each other paris no we don't have even blocks we all have an odd block that sticks out you know what it means let's call each other come on wait wait wait who's going to score I figured out 2 for the bars not bad let's start off right and now we're going to watch again in slow motion 2 good in the market each one of their parents that's more than the previous one with a lock that protrudes above them with this score now what 24 2010 again 10 842 in the numbers 79 we are odd and we are great 75 the odd ones had fun the two odd blocks beat the even ones for a great I can tell you we beat the odd ones well if you can't beat them there they are something you don't see every day a line up up that's your house up up up up don't worry space friends I can take you home I don't think he's building a tower up I think you're going to need more blocks than that to oh no when we build a tower they touch me that looks funny I didn't know it could be that figure oh hello friends I can play one I also want to help build green and this is the unicaja try this beginner's luck a white man we are going to build a It's going to take forever for me up up up up up up up up up look over there the aliens are building too we can find them in the middle we're going to work space here we are and no someone asked for help now another block build 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 build and we go down bye space friends and as a team it was a successful mission paul casey successful we helped our friend get back into space but now our tower is all over the place how lucky we can't build something else and on my plate in the big city i was wondering when my next case would come when you have to help me one disappeared everything disappeared i live in apartment 9 on the ninth floor of the number tower leave home at 9 in the morning to buy the paper and when i return nine minutes later the door was open and everything had disappeared indeed it is a great mystery take the heat let's look for clues note that something strange or abnormal when you came back nothing and only one thing a strange and suspicious shadow in a coat and hat pushed me and ran out of the door but other than that nothing you can describe that strange but the same size of the door it was two blocks wide and a flat head at first glance a flat head with two blocks wide something else i could see over his head when we had two blocks wide so he must be smaller than me and with eyesight smaller than nine look and a hat for coat months yes look on the steps the hat no did anyone see a suspect in the shape of steps in a coat and hat sorry buddy no there's nobody else around here just us something doesn't fit taipei we do what we know first there's the suspect he had a flat head when he was two blocks wide so it can't be a 357 and it wasn't you because you don't have more than one block 2 4 6 8 10 the suspect must be an even number 5 and remember the second clue the suspect was less than 9 so it couldn't be that that leaves them 2 4 6 and 8 but who was there is one more clue than song life the suspect can do the shape of steps is not 2 418 so it must have been suisse and whoever we met in the alley at 3 and another 3 same las and like where do I start I'm not stealing these things I'm moving using come with me and I'll show you no yes no 9 after 5 this is not the apartment 9 apartments the six in the head look like number 9 and radio to your things 9 go into the empty apartment times so my things must be where I left them element since being chased 6 I thought they were chasing me for That's why I hid like three mothers or it makes up for it by helping you with the changes to new friends Let's see who dares to enter the cave of distribution Solve the riddles but be careful the treasure is for those who distribute and good for me good i but since we reach it from the city to win the first key they must find soda it takes but to make things more difficult they must distribute the gems equally between these two containers quickly when the sand finishes falling into the destroyed flying with the key the same in each container if we don't know how much there is in total remember how we distribute the lanterns one for me and one for me if we put a gem from each container in turn always from the same number of stores one and one for each one for you and a ameal love is working two gems in each container one for me for me my container and 6 in mine are two more axes in total 2 more efe divided between two containers are six in each congratulations oh and this one I thought would never arrive and the genius from the water your next challenge is to distribute my 15 water gems between these three snails each snail must have the same number of genes the next key is missing the gems before the water dries up or the key will be sucked into the hole no it is not very slowly we are going to put 3 a month three a month the three that most one gem embodies clam unexpected 33 snails 3 3 more and those are all gems divided between three snails there are five gems in each one has his team hello here it is nice gal I am the genius of fire to win the last key you must distribute my 20 fire gems in these four chests and have until my bread is ready let's make sure we find all 20 so let's put them on the ground as we go to check them one by each copper now put yours there we need the light and those of 4 to make 20 my bread is almost ready and the key is about to fall besides we already have it yet don't look in this row there is no doubt 20 gems distributed equally among the four chests there are four piles of five they won the game of fire and air are enough for them to share
disfraces de halloween numberblocks en espa ol aprende a contar

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