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Disassembly & Design - Honda Shadow Bobber Build | Ep. 1

Jun 06, 2021
It's day 1 of the bill, what does that mean? Today we're going to essentially take apart the entire bike, what we need, so we can send some things off for powder coating and start looking at the frame and things we need. What to do because we need to cut the frame, you could even start cutting it today so I can take some measurements and figure out what kind of steel tube I need. We'll be using do em tubes, which is what they always use for motorcycle frames. It's what I use for the Harley bill and yes, that's what we'll do.
disassembly design   honda shadow bobber build ep 1
We'll take the bike apart, break things down so we can take it out and paint it or powder coat it. a list of things we need to order and/or


and then hopefully we'll start


ing the rear suspension today; I might even cut it down, maybe we'll see, but step number one is putting the bike on my new lift. Jack and get this assembly that is so awesome before we continue. I'm making really good progress, especially the amount of time mmm. I want to see how wide this tube is so I know if I need to buy another die or not.
disassembly design   honda shadow bobber build ep 1

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disassembly design honda shadow bobber build ep 1...

So far I've been using a quarter inch tube I think, and I think this looks a little bit bigger, let's see, let's see why this is correct, this is 1.35 inches or, if you're from another country, 34 millimeters and then this is the tube that I haven't died for the tube bender I think this is an inch and a quarter, yeah, 31 millimeters, 32 millimeters, that should be about, yeah, yeah, inch and a quarter, like this that now you don't need a new diet or me. You may have to use smaller tubes. I'll see if there is a dye available and if this one is the same diameter as the same size, so it's good that they are the same diameter which means I don't have to do any kind of weird steps either.
disassembly design   honda shadow bobber build ep 1
Lower the connecting tube. I guess it's actually a pretty thin steel wall. I bet it's nowhere near the thickness of the tube I've been using so I could still get away with using that tube if I can if it looks the same inside diameter they might have or that could also fit directly inside that and then we can. I don't know if that might be what we use as our plug solder material right now, we have the tail section. almost completely broken. I'm not going to remove the rear wheel yet, so essentially what I'm going to have to do is take this rear shock out and then insert it.
disassembly design   honda shadow bobber build ep 1
It plugs in here and we can start removing all the little things like the ignition. and why not disconnect the battery, right there what I will do is take it out and measure what I want the suspension to be throughout because what I would like to do is lower it enough so that the level of This is the same level of nests than this one, so it needs to go up a little bit to make it flush, so I'm just trying to get an idea of ​​how much of a load this thing is going to be, which is pretty low and probably not.
Even as low as it is, just because I'm looking at the way the frame is


ed, you notice that we still have them, they're not aligned. I'm going to cut it here and then here, I think I have to go. go ahead and cut out this section of the frame so we can get an idea, we'll go ahead and start cutting out the view here, so if we just cut it right there and put out the Allsop flame on both sides, you might be able to get a better idea, but It's quite low to the point that I can't place it underneath.
I have to find some kind of weird way to get that thing back up, but that's to give you an idea of ​​what it's going to be like so far. As for the bumps, that's going to look good, that's going to look really good. I think I'm going to wrap some clip-on handlebars that clip around the forks down here or I could just pull them up and then clip them around the top of the triples so I'll see it'll look cool, but it's time to put it back on the jack chop and then we'll try this again, so to get an idea of ​​how low this bike is going to sit, I'd say it's going to be around here.
Yeah, it's pretty low and none of it is permanent here. I just have these lying around, I took them off the Harley just to see how they will sit, obviously this will be a Springer seat that will sit higher like this, maybe not. Even use what you see on that, we'll see and I probably won't even use that rear fender because it's a little narrow for these tires and I have to put some whitewalls on, obviously, but yeah, the answer is it's going to sit pretty low, it's probably going to be close to this now originally and I went ahead and cut the subframe like you guys saw originally, what I was going to do is cut the frame a little bit over here, the rear suspension here, whatever you want to call the swing arm. cut this here and then connect it somewhere here, but they're not on the same plane.
I'm not sure I want to go much lower than that, so I watch a lot. I see at least some people cutting it from here. and then I'll give myself the space I need if I need to put a secondary curve here to lift it up and then turn it over or I could just give it the leeway I need to do a back-to-back curve. to get you from here to there you will cross Virginia to get there. I'm not sure if I'm in the mood to make a full-blown helicopter right now, what I need to do is run around the steel spot on my Anyway, on the way home, I pick up some square material that goes between here and there to create a temporary rigid suspension, so I don't have to worry about the frame flexing or bending when I'm getting ready to weld everything together and I can get everything under the percentage exactly.
I need it. I'm also going to cut here and remove all of this obviously and then this will be welded directly to the rigid for additional support. I'm at a good stopping point, but I'd like to break the bike even more. I'll also get rid of these bars. I'll probably use some clips. I checked it, they will clean the tank. Hopefully, if the clips don't work, I'll use some like Z. The green camo bars are the winner so far in the polls, so that's what we're going to do. I don't let you guys want to see red and I think I'll do it as my next project.
I think I'll get another one. like this and then do exactly the same thing except with red because at this point things are going uncomfortably smooth this will be green that will be green the rear fender whatever you get will be green the wheels will be black the frame will be black and any type of electronic box battery that cooks will also be camouflage green. I could actually get away with using a small ammo can, that would be the dream, so I just ordered the right one. seventy eighty 15 and one hundred ninety nineteen White Wall Boy and that will be here next week.
I'm going to use them all in micrometer to measure the diameter or the forks for the clip-ons on the market, especially for Japanese bikes, they come in millimeters so that the 40 millimeter forks, so they measure thirty-nine millimeters from 39, so what I did was remove the front fender and gas tank. Both are powder coated in matte green. I'm not going to remove the wheels alone. however, I'm going to do the rear end hard first before removing the front wheel and removing the forks. I'll re


the forks. Take out the hairpins. I'll have these black powder coated, the black powder coated wheels on the bottom and top of the triple. tree clamps, they'll be black powder coated so I'll have to take these little bad boys out and then I also completely disassembled the electronic form controls so I'm about to leave them.
They will all be dust. coated in gloss black black, the wheels would also be gloss black, over time you know the headlight assembly rusts because this is not keyed, this is just stainless steel hood, stainless steel, but this you know, steel and then the headlight assembly, this is it. it rusts like that so it will be covered in dust and all the manual controls Lisa, this is a very common problem, at least with Honda, over time the rust just covers these little aluminum things and they just worked fine with the policies backed , but I want them to be black, so I have someone take out all the electronics and I think that's a good stopping point for


Before we finish this episode, we'll look at a parts list of the things we need. Whitewall tires. tires obviously, tubes obviously, for the rigid handlebars, the foot controls definitely need some new foot controls, what else do we need? I would definitely need an air filter. I don't want to make one of those open air filters, so we'll make a The air filter will be a new seat. Whatever we have to do, maybe I'll put it in parentheses because I'm not sure I want to use the seat that I already have here, we'll see what it looks like when it's all put together.
If I don't like it then I won't use it, maybe a new fuel tank, so I like the OEM tank, it's the perfect size and I don't want to go to a peanut tank, at least not yet. I'll see. what it looks like after it's been powder coated If it looks good, I'll move on if it's not good, we'll use it as a custom peanut tank and you'll make it, you know, like a Frisco style, but for now I'd rather use it. the OEM tank oh yeah yeah speedometer the reason is the current speedometer at least the case is dented and dented because I guess the previous owners dropped it or whatever so I'm going to take it off and put a new one on. the casing blackens it and it will be yes, it needs a new exhaust and I think I might try to make one, we'll see.
I tried. I'll need a new exhaust tint which Brendon and stuff might be able to do. find one of those welding kits we just like to cut and weld exactly how you need it to be the rear fender, we need a new rear fender and some new grips. I think that covers it at least for the most part, this is what we need. I need to order this tonight and I'm hoping we can have at least one part here next time so we can start putting things together and see what it looks like and these are all the OEM parts that we've taken apart. today these will actually be for sale at least most of them will be for sale on the burnt rubber website.
I don't know when and as soon as I do I'll let you know, all right, thanks for joining me. Another episode of the construction series. Things are getting going. Really good things were moving forward. I'm very happy with the progress I've made in just one day in one afternoon for probably three or four hours total. I'm going to leave it. Things are going to be powder coated. I'll see you next week, hopefully with another update, maybe we can do more things, we'll see how this goes. Maybe I can produce a couple of these things. year and sell them to you or maybe give them away.
I don't know, we'll figure it out. I'm just having fun building things, man. I've missed this so much that it feels good to be building things again, so yeah. I'm going to clean up and see you later.

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