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Digitaler Schw…vergleich! 🚀

Feb 24, 2023
networking is in the builds how many people you know is it about how many people not what really happened with LinkedIn LinkedIn what is the employee digital dick comparison the playground for business Casper is a networking platform where I used to simply upload his CV and a profile imagine now all of a sudden a social media channel for narcissistic employees and narcissistic pseudo-entrepreneurs without me the place would crash and then they would label themselves the captivating innovator and notice them now just so they can give you to your boring job an exciting title your name is Roland Rohrmoser and you are an employee in process management nicer hello i got the song here and then please post the inspiring fantasy stories of your exciting business life for as long as you like one single password and hashtag soup just because it has ten rockets and the hashtag starts ringing and says in the text that it's not more interesting every corporate monkey in the Olympus shirt without iron lists them there was more like the next Elon Musk I just released the new independent cryptocurrency block chain and then i can make your predictions on metaverse ai or shitcoins under the light bearers and everyone always hails your success and then on your team without which you would have another team and yesterday you also had a family just that the team still doesn't get more money and touches 30 other families at the same time and then this pseudo-friendly tone superimposed on always writing everything these louts push each other in rush hour and the wife with the secretary in the shit but then congratulate everyone very kind on the new work hashtag congress and rocket some confuse very small with tinder and hire every blonde marketing assistant immediately a rural school search a hashtag stalker or premium The main thing is more than 500 contacts on the LinkedIn profile honstatus and then some ask for why those work environments are described as toxic precisely by those monkeys LinkedIn from the employment office and DSDS everyone, if you present them in the best style possible, you get the job offer for life served on a silver platter, but in the end It's not about your fucking LinkedIn profile, it's about you and you are and always will be a HD rindfisch the honor
digitaler schw vergleich

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