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Digging Out A Barn Find 1954 Corvette - 1 of 145 Made In Red!!!!!

Mar 27, 2020
Today is the day, ladies and gentlemen, you point out the '54 Corvette that has been in your way before I was born, but today we can take out this amazing red sportsman before the Corvette comes out and see what it looks like, but first we have to move All this. stuff, tractors, everything, lawn mowers, can't wait, let's see how it goes, six activities, both are kind of sweet, I have a luminol, Declan, where's moe?, I liked it, pretty sweet, a little braided leash, normal , oh, as long as you say, so no. Don't put your own grass, so let's make up outside, put something heavy on it, citizen, carry it, so why wouldn't I see this thing looks so cool?
digging out a barn find 1954 corvette   1 of 145 made in red
Look at the dual exhaust through that to me holy let's sort out the front this is the gas station glass front door oh yeah it's all glass ripped out of the window yeah when he pulled it out OOP joking y'all , let's go around here about 40 minutes of time like this Hey, move me through the megaphone, just say we'll sit on the grass here I appeal to shame, you know what he said, it looks like meat, yeah, that's what it was, yeah, we believe everything 10:30 and all oil sticker stay covered and more and more we are advocates. with him he still has the flashy aprons, can I take off the body, take off the splatter papers, you already got a little 60 beat under here, they never know you'll


it here?
digging out a barn find 1954 corvette   1 of 145 made in red

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digging out a barn find 1954 corvette 1 of 145 made in red...

It's crazy, maybe this VX was meant for this model and I still found success on this one, check this out, Pete found a little beat 60 ready sitting in the trunk battery box. Got it solid, wouldn't rush down, oh no, even this though, but it's not all pirated, you know what I mean, no, yeah, yeah. I don't think fiberglass has gotten there yet, that was just in the south. It's too cold for fiberglass and whites, yes, and they won't let the bezel go up. Someone makes this PA 74 Safaricom, now it's the only difficult thing we have. What I have to avoid is, yes, the wall.
digging out a barn find 1954 corvette   1 of 145 made in red
They took, broke the wall around the car. It's a small remnant, a cement block down there. We have consistency on the wall for them. Yes, we want to interest. I'd say it's just dirty, angled a bit far away. the wall, how's it going? Put the gun down and turn around a little bit, just a little bit, yeah, that'll go down, my tomboy, leave it cut, Anders, just people, could you write a little bit, keep it, just watch, that's all we do. I'm going to prepare your eyes. I'm ready. I never do things like I guess I've lived here 47 years.
digging out a barn find 1954 corvette   1 of 145 made in red
Yes, still out there. Alright. We are fine with these sighs. Yes, keep it strong. Now this concludes. The only time I drove a '54 Corvette, how was it? Yes, yes, like your red Corvette, sir, one of the kids might have to get in and pull the clutch. I know it's on or not. That was easy. Yes, just come in wherever you want. It's okay, guys. So you got the fifty-four Corvette out of the back and into the storage building and we're very happy with how everything went great, we just had a few issues, no issues, they had to figure out how to move the car because it was so close to the wall and Larry had actually torn up the old wall around the car, which


it a little hairy, but we got it out without any damage and now the car is here at the Erb fairgrounds and where we are.
Reloading all the other cars for the first sale, so there will be a sale again. The first sale will be in April. We will put the link of the auctioneers below where you can see the different dates of the auctions. We will add photos and as the cars and everything is laid out you guys can view them and you can also contact the auctioneer if you are local and would like to preview these cars they will be available here at York Showgrounds you can open it on one of the specific days to make previews. It's a truly incredible experience to be able to take these cars out and see them see the light of day for the first time and now be able to pass them on to one of you. special tax to see arriving later

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