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Die Vor- und Nachteile der Spiele Abos | SambZockt Show

Jul 02, 2022
before we start the next two tech videos are about julie and the impossible and overbought on the switch if you have any questions volt just follow me on twitter for juli the kick is out now ok come on let's not pretend netflix has changed much than paying a flat price a month and being able to access a wide variety of series and movies is just nice, you might think, and anyone who has anything to do with video games must have thought that it would be a great thing for all video games. You would only have advantages and that is true to a certain extent because, as with every new system, there are advantages and also unforeseen disadvantages, which you may not quickly realize, especially as an end customer. apple google microsoft sony and nintendo offer such a service at the request of Since then it would be interesting to look at the individual offerings and see if wi is really better for all of us let's start with the big boss xbox games and xbox no longer just means the console means microsoft and everything to do with your gaming as xbox means there are also xbox games for the pc if you use the xbox app which doesn't make the fun confusing at all and to be honest the offer is quite good currently you can get the pc games for 4 bucks a month on console for 10 bucks a month and as a console and pc combo pack with xbox live gold plus for 13 bucks a month and otherwise it's silly to say that the selection is great big games in the games old games new games a lot of games i personally said ok if its cheaper i'll take a look and now they are easy to include in the package especially ally for pc gamers everything is highly recommended sony offers playstation on a similar service originally it was only meant for game streaming so no game is downloaded by uploading but somewhere on a server farm the image is transferred changed and your console sends controller input nice if you have fast internet but at home absolutely and when Microsoft came with the extended gamepad Sony fixed the service so you can also download the games and this offer is also extremely happy next to playstation 4 there are also playstation 3 games and even playstation 2 there is some chitchat here but also a lot of good stuff just the announcement that the big titles will soon be gone though it will cast a slightly negative light on the service even then there is still plenty to play killer is that you can use the service for 10 euros per month and the transmission even works on the PC it means you don't just need a playstation 4 and playstation 4 exclusive games to play all the time like you have a very good internet connection nintendo had a quick breakfast nintendo is online you can play online games with it and you get a lot of late game and also some cool nintendo games and that's why nintendo doesn't offer a great virtual console for six euros a month then play with additional n64 and hewitt game no one knows nintendo remains a mystery the service costs four euros a month if you sell it for a whole year costs 20 euros and that would be about 70 euros a month now i think playing super nintendo would be nice but somehow i still get the feeling that all of this just isn't worth it was the offers from the big three, but it is the video game industry that is the most popular, the publishers also want a piece of the pie, of course, ea also offers a subscription service with access of origin at four euros for the basic version and an incredible 15 euros for the premium version, that's what you get, then ten more games and early access to the latest games, so before the day one patch, most of them they are in ea games and the beginning of the game had started to include indie games in the store and that's why you already have an impressive number of games but it's just games and little indie games so if you just want to play the games independent, surely you have a good one with the offer of four euros.
die vor  und nachteile der spiele abos sambzockt show
Anyone who is so stupid seriously and wants the 15 euro premium subscription should seriously think about their previous life decisions after ubisoft has space ubisoft and I can only say 15. euros you want 15 euros for your ubisoft online on demand no service yeah you're stupid put it away from the games we published but firstly we bought them all on steam for two euro intel back then and secondly 90 percent of them are so old you don't really want to touch them anymore more than as a gag or to become loyal. What happened to Rainbow Six? We will quickly experience a reduction in price or service worth and people. spend the money seriously and then i'm sad why people make me sad and you know you should mention that scott also had an on demand service for indie games with night raw disc that no one was using that's why it's gone again it can happen to times is ok is ok so that's what we currently have on pc and on consoles.
die vor  und nachteile der spiele abos sambzockt show

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die vor und nachteile der spiele abos sambzockt show...

You can also quickly go to the two offers on smartphones. Apple Kate is the reason I found out about everything and there's probably this video here. You can get it for five 100+ games that Apple partly funded and there's really some really cool games even a new school rocket as a pc and console gamer here's a lot of cool games you might otherwise never play the deal it's varied and cheap and you can think what you want about apple but because of the closed system the games are usually very well adapted to the devices therefore it rarely has performance issues or other issues it's completely different because google places has 350 games for five euros a month, but there are about 350 games from the last few years, which means it has a handful of good games and then a lot of games that I don't want to play or just played somewhere else seven years ago for all the that they only have the smartphone as a gaming platform, it's certainly not bad, but for me personally it's just not interesting simply because the constant shaking and android game twitches just annoy me one way or another. all seven deals are interesting apple actually provides the fact that the actual games are developed again for smartphones instead of all this free game crap it's also nice that if you're just starting out so if you buy a new console or have a first time gaming computer that's a deal that's more than ducati iv if you definitely save money if you buy less games you finally don't like ut find and roughly figured you spend as much time on sony and microsoft over a year as if you had Bought two games because microsoft pushes all of their new games right into the gamepads, so they only have to release two games a year that interest you. that it all paid off and that's an interesting thought too because how often has it happened that you didn't buy Endgame because you thought what if I don't like it that much?
die vor  und nachteile der spiele abos sambzockt show
These subscription models give you the opportunity to test games. and also to play straight that's like cheryl just don't shit you know all shareware or don't tell me i'm so far away no one knows more shareware and since you're kind of used to that from me we come to the negative part of the whole thing the good thing is that the movie and series market is already


ing us the future netflix has panicked to produce its own movies and series because something threatened the typi big problem in all industries that makes customers suffer the market suffers and a bubble bursts everyone they want a piece of the pie and that means everyone wants the pie and then they just leave a piece disney is the strongest competitor here everyone will become netflix soon revoke licenses and offer their own service cheaper as disney owns fox, there will be many fox television series and disney movies, only that there is a playground, we already know that although I personally do not see it as dramatic, but many like it sta, I don't think there are more providers than just Steam, an epic storage of georgi and the lorcher of the entire publisher is pure torture for many and here it must also be said that publishers will of course always try to sell their games on their platform and that is exactly the reason. they offer Yes, also start playing their most expensive subscription games earlier because everyone always wants a piece of the pie it's getting harder and harder to find the right one and in the end you have to have three, four or five subscriptions to be able to play all the games they give you like and while we're at it, what do you like games?
die vor  und nachteile der spiele abos sambzockt show
Do you also know this? overabundance feeling that there are too many there are games and not enough time i have downloaded the wonderful song for a long time and never started it even though i always wanted to try it and hydro thunder and sunset overdrive but also fekter and three wanted to try city skylines will be super too interesting but i'll go there right away 59 well we have ten hours at a time ten hours i might as well schedule or work on a new video there are so many games and you just don't have time for them so i end up playing cioffi with friends and ignore the 95 Percent of what's on offer is of course extremely subjective, especially when you're younger, you just have more time for games and such. which is less phlegmatic and lies motionless on the couch because the world is too much, but I think that's still true for many because of the selection, so the choice of what to play now is even more difficult and I think it will also be a lot harder to actually play to the end because it's so much easier to start something new when you're stuck instead of biting security and since we want to deal with game development very often on this channel we're coming to a point that's why really I wanted to make this video last; in other words, now it's turning sour.
Have you ever thought about how developers make money from it? So now it's not the providers of the services and their games, but, for example, the independent developers here that we're slowly getting into. the ndr area because no one wants to say how they pay developers except google google directly says let's play and that's pretty much the worst you could imagine you would pay a penny for every minute you play so you're playing a final fantasy 13 and since mega pissed because the first half of the game is horrible but everyone says it will be really good later on so you bite and nine hours later it finally becomes bearable and that's why you paid five 40 euros and then you play an untitled hello game here you are playing you have fun for three hours you really have fun and love every second and time at the end 80 euros per for the full game these five euros are justifiable for greening shit and one euro 80 is the right value for game actions of blues, at least I don't think so, and that's exactly the problem here, such a model would look mega in game design, as has already been the case with many games, d e reflection become more boring, simpler and cleaner to keep the players glued to the screen as long as possible because every minute played is pure money for the developers and if you don't make long games that somehow keep you focused then its not even worth having fun and then everyone will do exactly this kind of game everyone wants your attention as long as possible which means you play a lot less different games as each one takes a lot of time and free games are designed to make you To believe that there is no need to spend money, but there is always a time when it is possible to spend, the most sensible option would be a system like this. make sure short creative games don't get a chance to have more because we still buy small creative games if you have hundreds of others on your subscription you can positively see here all that leaked is Microsoft does it differently based on various statements tending a follows the netflix model so they pay a fixed amount to the devs and get the license to offer the game in a set amount of time this re ag arrangement is negotiated separately for each game because of course a final fantasy 13 has to be evaluated accordingly differently than a goos game in game actions we should get paid fairly for both games microsoft would be surprised how many people play the games and then possibly let the license lapse if there are too few that would be fair.
My last concern would be that there are these exclusive clubs that you have to be in to survive because like I said before, who would buy these games when you have so many others? on subscription it has the latest series i bought on dvd it's scrubs so yeah up to season 4 and my name is dvds yes my only blu ray series is the sherlock episodes though i can barely watch it as a classic series it has a series of shorts but I almost keep that too, simply because amazon prime and netflix made shopping superfluous, it goes so far I don't even have to I don't notice when new series come out that don't always have a subscription, and here I see the difficulty if you're in the winders and your game does not exist in thesubscription could ensure you're completely overlooked ultimately the variety will be limited because we always want the right method i think i'm guilty of this myself but let's look at it positively if more publishers now offer their own subscriptions then they will all destroy each other yes before it's all really started, but what do you say about that thing you see?
I already got a subscription write the danger or I'm just a pessimist feel free to write in the comments your opinion I would be very interested if you want to support me to continue making videos of this type a thumbs up always helps and hey such a subscription with active bells would be really wonderful and try me every day you want to support me directly it's nothing nor can you pre-order a ski blog with a reduced price that will change very soon because they are almost there thank god of course i can lock my own game on switch or on the pc purchase or directly on the page rank like these lovely top trends foxconn neo 127 thi is robin thomas muthanna the good club legend front and vento thank you know everything here do it thank you very much and also thank you for watching until the next video

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