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Die Oktonauten und ihre besten Abenteuer | Ganze Folge Deutsch | Toggolino Serien

Jan 15, 2023
even more full episodes now on the TOGGOLINO app all set to go the octonauts and the whale shark check out dana's amazing shots oh where's that Captain she's exploring an extraordinary underwater cave it's really here let's get the pics over to the computer run to get a picture of the whole cave oh apparently there are fish back there and some tropical seaweed the high ground is all red and bumpy the spiky stones below look a bit familiar here thats because there are teeth and the ground is a tongue but how can a cave have sharp teeth and a tongue cause it's not a cave why but a whale shark later you can hear me loud and clear somehow you're not in a cave but a whale shark let's get out quick that may be short Will my camera, can you hear me?
die oktonauten und ihre besten abenteuer ganze folge deutsch toggolino serien
I'm fine, captain. The radio signal doesn't reach you now that the Mau. I closed she's in a whale shark we need to get her out Peso sets off the alarm octo Octonauts to the lockout room Octonauts that's a whale shark not Toni a whale shark not a whale it's the biggest fish in the world it's the size of a school bus it's so big that at one time a mouth thought it was a cave and now it's trapped inside the heat what's the idea of ​​this mangy beast swallowing our friends i'm sure it wasn't on purpose it's almost the whale shark a feeder filter and use a filter feeder his teeth are not for biting he just opens his mouth and swallows everything that comes in and this whale shark just swallowed Dana we have to get her out of there so you have to take this whale shark detector with you blink when there's a whale shark around like peso go on the boat trixie open the opto-luke very strange according to the radar screen the whale shark should be around here somewhere but i can see it and somewhere is probably planning one surprise attack the whale shark detector didn't even blink we better go outside and take a good look you stay here and keep your eyes open if we find the whale shark that's how we do it we have to open its mouth somehow to slip out and then get it but before i mistake this circling around him like a bunch of spaghetti and the forest i slip through your spaghetti comes the whale shark you couldn't spin around like spaghetti or i didn't get swallowed like a wet noodle come on i'm with you searching and walking along the tongue past the tongue it's obvious it's ticklish we better tiptoe carefully seems to be where we came in then we'll head back in the other direction sign it's great hold on tight and don't fall off you bum what a captain the team are the whale shark uses them to let out the water and keep the food in can dana through di The gills have come out no its too big for that the wall feels a bit spongy the food gets caught in this before i push the water back in so nothing gets lost looks like a hair clip got stuck in here back then but after I've got to get past that somehow she's on the other side we don't have time to waste let's sink our stomachs in and force our way through the quasi-captain can anyone hear me? he doesn't seem to complain about me it's no use you complain he's sick as hell if a sea creature is sick i have to help him even if he's as big as a school bus everything in his ears looks perfectly healthy his nose looks too normal then i'll check your tummy his tummy hurts poor whale shark my friends are there too so i must feel weird you eat small things now i know what the problem is because hey you don't have measles or chickenpox you have octonauts obviously we landed somewhere anyway you're making those weird clicking noises i thought you were making those clique noises well if it's not you and it's not me then who or what is making those weird clicking noises well it's good to see you both we found you and apparently you're unharmed , I hate taking pictures, but if that's the stomach of choice, we have to get out of here immediately before we sink any deeper Octonauts, get up Let's get out and get out, thieves ladder, back to the mouth, but the beast's mighty jaws are locked tight, they activated the hooves, better move to the side, I might have stronger arms, Captain, but that's nothing in against my footwork, move to the side room. for the cat yes yes maybe we can only do this with combined forces tell me why you don't want to open your mouth you are but a lot of Trierer you do that all the time a whale shark who has a stomach ache when you tickle a whale shark on the legs gills then opens his mouth when we all run out and huddle together and then we set it up in your seats, okay? delicious ready to say you saved us and healed the whale shark from a tummy ache cute little creature i just can't decide which one of these photos to send to ocean magazine they all turned out great better just send him all the photos maybe not all the shots some you should leave it all clear to use the octonauts and the sea cucumber where does that thing go? it was that captain it felt like some kind of earthquake, an underwater tremor to be precise, it occurs when the sea floor begins to move and now st Before our station is somehow lopsided, like Trixie, we make sure that the octopod is straight again, of course we have the problem, the earthquake damaged one of the legs, the octopods are damaged, a scared captain, we will get the station.
die oktonauten und ihre besten abenteuer ganze folge deutsch toggolino serien

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die oktonauten und ihre besten abenteuer ganze folge deutsch toggolino serien...

Get back on the road faster than you can say super duper play a bite super duper bite oh what the hell or what is she making those weird noises she's right there that's a slimy pink pudding I'm pretty sure it's a cucumber sea ​​that the rock must have fell on him during the earthquake we will help you little friend we need pesos here immediately why call for medical help? Don't worry, I'll make sure you feel better. we're dealing with a sea cucumber i think you're really too slippery you think my patient is a sea cucumber and the slimy kind e oh so she wants to get dirty no it's not a slime saw it's just a slimy sea cucumber dr.
die oktonauten und ihre besten abenteuer ganze folge deutsch toggolino serien
Sebastian either wants to get slimy or doesn't want to no she doesn't want to get slimy just slime slime you see her everywhere with slime slime slime is covered when you are completely covered with slime because you can easily sneak past enemies and other attackers and it's that's why it's also one of the species of slimy sea cucumbers why oh such a slimy sea cucumber you mean no i mean yes i think that's ok little slimy that doesn't look so bad i'll put a quick bandage on you and you'll be good as new please shut up otherwise I won't put on the blindfold I don't have you like this I just want to help you slimy slimy you fell hello slime where do you put a slippery slime trail of slime wounded slime sea cucumber free n pi e injured stone foot that's not good captain a seegur needs water to breathe must not stay airborne for long all octonauts immediately on their way an injured sea cucumber gets loose and his name is slimy watch out slimy creature here he comes basically you you got everything back faster than you can say super duper nibble so our slimy sea cucumber was last seen sliding down an octopus slide it's really slippery so by my calculations we have less than five minutes to get back to put it in the water so she can breathe octonauts we have to find her right away she's probably looking for water somewhere so check where there's water captain time is running out oh no what are we going to do then obviously we don't have a choice if we don't we put the sea cucumber back in then we have to get the sea to the sea cucumber somehow Flooding the octoport means that we'll fill it with water there I'm captain again everything is fixed attention all octonauts put on your helmets immediately we will open all the magnifying glasses and flood the octoport and faster than we can say let's flood the car there in 10 seconds the octopus will be full of water won't stop for slimy seven six five four three two one unfortunately we haven't found slimy yet but wherever she is at least she can breathe but she's still hurt but i have to go somewhere she hid the poor thing on your head on my head that doesn't make any sense yes it can be but the animal is nice and careful right over your head we don't want to scare it again it's not exciting slimy i really don't want to hurt you i got you it won't hurt anything as good as new it should heal very well and here's another sticker because you are my slime so far been patient thank you very much so we want to take it back to the sea and get everything off the octopod bu eno at least everything's back to normal now pretty much anyway yeah captain it looks like we'll probably be seaweed for quite a while the octoport is but worth knowing that was the last part but there's still one thing missing where can be slimy that does not exist? slime is ok to wear the octonauts and kälbwald rescue send uniform Weight I think our visitor will be very impressed thank you very much captain Trixie how she looks from any time being here captain she should show up in exactly one minute octonauts we prepare our guest of honor a tip top welcome everyone to your place asking for permission to open the octologe permission is granted captain bar news values ​​with octonauts that's my little brother pinto welcome aboard pinto oh thank you this is professor tintling hello huneb and trixi you had a pleasant trip this it was the best voyage in the world it taught me to talk like a pirate hey sailor rickety man haha ​​this is for you my friend welcome aboard the octopus now i sound like a real pirate ok then im ready for battle and these are dana and sebastian hello, what did you learn? a mission yes they go out looking for baby sea snails baby sea snails are quite hard to find because they are so small that's why i put my magnifying glass in my pocket sexy open the octoluke i want to go out with a mission like this too , but first, i want to open you up for a moment, dem oktoport basically told me that the life of an octonaut is unbelievably exciting, oh yeah, that's how it is as a doctor, i have to. you too always very monstrous like um well here i'll show you what i got and it basically says an octonaut always has to be prepared for the worst that's true you want to try something too trust me i'll take it with me y'all ok wonderful then i'll show you something really hard put on a bandage we will practice a combination of bandage fin sling and related rib now try it i want to learn how to become an octonaut and i am not a doctor but i am an octonaut and a doctor i mean real octonaut i eat almost always ready for action oh i gotta be ready for action you know if i ever hurt anybody no but it's time for lunch yeah here catch minion whoever last one will be sent across the board.
die oktonauten und ihre besten abenteuer ganze folge deutsch toggolino serien
The update alert in the control. What's going on? We just received an emergency call from guppy reception. This is the news of Captain Born. What happened. Dana, captain. Apparently, somehow you can reach us. Radio contact has been broken. Dana and Sebastian are trapped somewhere and we have to free them again. I wonder where they are stuck. We'll see when we've found them and we'd better find them both. quick I can also say no you're still a bit small for that your big brother is right Pinto you better stay here with the carrots I'll tell you what happened when we get back on a big mission all ready to take off and if anyone gets hurt you can count on me the copy c tow rope might come in handy if you need to tow dana and sebastian for free thanks cab open the ok you can see something like meow they must be captains we might be dealing with a trap monster here whats a sling monster?
It looks like a plant, but if you get too close, it suddenly stretches out its long g. put out your tentacles and grab a ship and when will he let go again he will never let go again where is the bad monster where is he where is that pinto how did you sneak on board uh huh a stowaway is waiting right ahead there you are wow is that the monsters in octonauts loop i have a planYou will swim out the back and I will disappear. Stupid trap monster. You can't hold me you fucking beast. So much about the plan.
Activate your helmet. I can go with you no more no less. We're probably not trying. with a trap monster after all i know you know me fighting bad monsters too and thats not a shooter it looks like a plant if you ask me its a plant too a special kind of seaweed called yellow we are on the verge of a skalphal dana and sebastian are hanging out at the feast we have to get them out somehow we'll use the towrope to free her why she was behind dana and sebastian she's got the towrope this cape is strong we have to pull real hard don't wait for the guppy e it's not the only thing that it's stuck, we just have to be very careful if we move in the future, we might hurt the baby sea slugs, you're right, but a bit him,we have to free the boat, it looks like a bandage, the whole ship is wrapped in a giant bandage, do you think you can unwrap it again, yes, of course, yes, yes, me, that's a lot of work for three people, captain on board, we have another replacement. pintoi helmet Captain but remember this is not practice wear it exactly like a real one on the skin the octonauts take your stand if you so dear Captain you chill from the top why so to speak for the part bottom now open the sheet thank you for saving the baby snails and we oh your brother did a great job today just because of you peso our mission was a success. a medic you can fight tremendously with and very well connected like a real octonauts ok to use the octonauts and sea anemones no thanks T Oni lunch is coming up guys captain we just discovered a beautiful beach. then we all meet at the beach octonauts getting ready for a picnic captain i think toni just said the beetroot animals are going to make their favorite dessert vanilla yes seaweed pudding thanks toni but make enough for everyone because you can never have too much pudding Barneys open air cool sun and sand i can't wait to take off my boots and bury my paws in the sand it's so nice and calm and it hurts it's my leg it hurts so bad my name is peso i'm a doctor i help all animals that are sick or hurt, no matter how, where does it hurt?
I mean, new, thanks, how did you get hurt? I fell off the stone while running from the block. What is the block? It's a thing that keeps growing and growing and growing. How big is it getting? So big that it pulls me off the rock. I'm living. , stab. I was able to escape, but my crab friends are still trapped in a cave in the rock. I have to go back and save them from the block. Don't do it alone. we'll help you boy we're not afraid of paper first you take care of me and now you want to help me and my friends who are you really we are the octonauts fear we'll wait in the control room if something don't worry toni you can still make pudding we're almost at the rock where my friends are stuck there's the block that's the minion block such a small thing yeah but from one block we can completely quickly it becomes two blocks and two blocks can become four blocks and so the swarm becomes terribly big look oh flapping flapper up there my friends are stuck on the radio to sebastian sebastian here captain have you ever heard of living things that split and are literally tin twins? make sure Captain what you see are very anemones no no no these are sea anemones that can divide and multiply as many times as they want and when two groups of these sea anemones meet they fight for habitat they have special nettles to attack them it was turn off the alarm octonauts ok chains we just got hit by oh no the radio is damaged vanilla seaweed tastes delicious we lost radio contact with the octoport oh I bet those sea anemones are planning to hijack the oktopod like they already took the rock and then they said that were attacked we have to unconditionally coming back right away leave me but don't stay alone here we won't do it a bit be careful with our friend crab but don't go basically and i'll be back as soon as possible yes she was captain go get on the guppy don't worry we'll help your friends as soon as possible the captain is back oh no there are more and more of these there are a different kind of sea anemones at the other side of the rock.
I'm getting close I can't see any of us in the control room just a bunch of nasty blobs alright let's go in yeah all quiet here too quiet I don't like this silence somehow and why are we whispering to you sorry chains what do we have here a little problem with the pudding pudding well at least it's a tasty problem but we have to go back to the beach to help peso don't worry Captain we'll handle the pudding problem faster than you guys good order sort of to the sub and back Why are we in the way?
The position is nice I'm afraid that as soon as I have an electoral campaign they bite each other oh oh oh oh that hurts a lot oh yes I stabbed you because you stabbed me I hardly have you no I also have you oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh my friends are still getting stung them anemones please stop stinging each other the rocks belong to us and they should go we should go they should go so you fight for living space we can stay here because we were here first we went here first actually the little crab and your friends were here first which means you two are on your rock erm we have to live somewhere and we have to live somewhere too let's think of something like you why don't you step back? a bit and stay on the side of the rock and your mouth stay on that side ite and you two keep the middle free for the crabs and please don't bite anymore because that's what we'll do we'll put nettle on it so let's see if I have something with me to treat their wounds do hurt a lot I bet mine hurts it doesn't hurt anymore I have because I have a rash everything is fine everything is fine captain because I just finished the dispute between the blocks good job weight but what about the other blocks in our captain octopod oh oh don't worry about hey they definitely don't sting so it's a pudding block then activate the spoons there's enough for you all to dig well to use the octonauts and jellyfish bloom octoport and sebastian How are you doing with the observation?
It's a little tricky Captain, the subway lounge is pretty shy, they get stuck in the sand. Luck. I have all night to observe anything. I have enough. Cracker and clam sandwiches and see you tomorrow morning ok then good luck tonight we'll be in touch tomorrow morning Octoport just out there right so he's perfectly safe in the guppy and looks like he's going to be a fairly quiet night there. nothing to see outside except a small jellyfish. What can go wrong? We turn off the engines at night. The captain plays a trick on my eyes. Look at the many jellyfish. the control room good morning octonauts you must have noticed something strange going on out there professor jingle what's going on apparently there must be a smoke explosion overnight weight a jellyfish bloom if the jellyfish find a place they like where there's plenty to eat and there's nothing nearby that wants to eat thousands of jellyfish at once becomes d Coming to this place is called a flower Barnius Sebastian I think you'd better take the guppy back to October here you're safer well I'd go back but I fell asleep with the light on and I'll see how you swim back.
It wouldn't be a very good idea, as if there were saddle jellyfish, their tentacles can burn you if you touch them. I have never seen anything like it. Activate the windshield wipers. one of the torments that there are too many to go through and they are clogging the transmission chains, well we go to the octoport and make a new plan, immediately, we put on our helmets and prepare to leave, we have to swim back to the octoport yes, drop the tentacles, oh no, that's what you're thinking, it's obviously a jellyfish sting, Captain, how does it feel?
Don't worry captain I have just what you need thanks Toni I knew you had some of that in the kitchen it's the best way to treat a jellyfish sting tell me it smells like vinegar it's also vinegar it should help with the burn how your paw feels so much better now it sucks but disgustingly thanks peso so now i have to go out again and rescue sebastian too captain don't move and rest while your leg isn't fully healed no don't worry captain we already rescued sebastian but before that we'll get ready first come with real weight you think its a good idea relax weight our deep sea suits protect us from their poisonous tentacles we'll find bastian give him the deep sea suit and then we'll all swim home without getting stung i didn't feel a thing wow did how are things out there with you a little more turbulent than we expected? it's almost we can't see anything here don't worry then they'll radio you to sebastian pilot keep going straight until you get to the sandy bed thanks dana how's your sebastian guppy well it's getting a bit stifling in here and i ate it all like this that Sebastian and Peso are already on their way.
I feel like we've been walking for hours, not very heavy, but we still don't see anything but the jellyfish. Sebastian should be right in front of you on the sandy seabed, just behind the stop. field leader UPS sorry sandy seabed Sebastian must be very close he might as well be right under our noses and we still couldn't see him now don't just walk around the weight or you may never find him again , that's one of Sebastians Tubes- we have to be very close there is another one and there the tubes are all fascinating and even more agile than you, quasi Sebastian, you're fine, yes my leg sleeps all the time, otherwise I'm ok come on we need to get back to the octopus immediately sit down then let's go basically why how you doing? with you well we found sebastian and then we followed some tubes around the cliff but now we have seven they caught me in their tentacles help a little please come a little oh i never should have let sebastian study the tubes out there shake everyone that's all yeah I don't get over the agony, I'll dig my way down like the tubes.
Any teacher clinking. Animals live on the rocky cliff below the oktobert. Interesting question, as far as I know, there are no living creatures down there, so I wouldn't harm anyone alive if I did. Through tunnels. Don't dig at all, it's just solid rock, but what about your paw Lexy hey Cap tain kill the guppy D and i need a power up too a garden eel that lives on a cliff impossible thats not a garden eel but captain barney its nice to see you again sebastian is coming we need to get back to the octopus immediately before all the tunnel it's also full of agony see your leg has healed wonderfully captain she's with you the jellyfish actually look pretty pretty hey but not if they caught you in their tentacles now look at that giant doorbell it's good to have you back with us sebastian thank you

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