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Die Kirgistan Expedition – Bergsteigen im Pamir-Gebirge | Doku | SRF Dok

Mar 08, 2024
from Aschu. We call it the mountain we could build. Clearly, yes. Maybe we should start tomorrow. We need about four days for Min Teke. The climate is stable, the temperatures are warm. It could be great to try. It just so happens that the wall is quite steep with ice and snow. Do you mean the first one? -First. We thought we could do it in the afternoon because then the ice quality might be better. Different options are being considered. After an hour of discussion, the team decides to undertake an ambitious first ascent together. Tomorrow we leave for Min Teke.
die kirgistan expedition bergsteigen im pamir gebirge doku srf dok
At the end of the glacier we will set up a front camp, at the beginning of the snow slope. It is starting. Lydiane has traveled the world since her teenage years. Lydiane has a daring temperament. When she was little she always acted before thinking. Things got better as she got older. Her travels contributed a lot to her character. When she was 14 and a half years old, she traveled alone to Madagascar. That shaped her a lot. She was also in Asia, in Mongolia; she traveled everywhere. I think an important factor is parental trust, at least within reason.
die kirgistan expedition bergsteigen im pamir gebirge doku srf dok

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die kirgistan expedition bergsteigen im pamir gebirge doku srf dok...

She loves what she makes of her, so I will continue to trust her. * Isolated spherical sounds * Depressed atmosphere in the base camp. Lydiane and Silvan continue to suffer from stomach problems. They suspect bacterial contamination in the food they ate on the first day in Osh. At the moment we are a little waiting. Some of the girls feel sick and haven't slept well. They mainly have stomach problems, which is a constant throughout the trip. Everyone has stomach problems all the time. We'll see what they decide. When it came to making a decision, she let them discuss it among themselves.
die kirgistan expedition bergsteigen im pamir gebirge doku srf dok
This way they can communicate freely and then I can see what they have decided. The young mountaineers have made a decision. They want to face Min Teke today. Just be aware that you could have health problems if you don't feel fit. But I am confident because there are also possibilities of withdrawing in the first stage, at least until the base camp. This way I can see how I feel throughout the day. Silvan stays in the camp. She is too weak for the four-day tour. Lydiane, on the other hand, does not want to give up under any circumstances.
die kirgistan expedition bergsteigen im pamir gebirge doku srf dok
The plan is to enter Min Teke behind an extensive glacier break on the first day and camp for the first time. The team then wants to reach the top in two more daily stages. * Floating and spherical music * From now on, the climbers themselves carry the material: equipment and food for four days. That's a lot? Bye bye. Bye bye. The backpacks weigh more than 20 kg. The team is entering unknown terrain and must be equipped for all possible conditions. In front of the glacier, climbers have to decide if they want to overcome the first slope today or if they want to spend the night here.
Isn't it better if we take a look at it first and then come back up tomorrow? I'm afraid we'll jeopardize summit day if we spend the night here. Tomorrow will be gigantic. Let's decide in 10 minutes if we go up with or without luggage. Caro leaves the team alone to advise. At the end of their three-year training, the girls are responsible for those decisions. We have a line we could cross. We believe that there are the least objective dangers there. We said we would go with our backpacks. The goal, if all goes well, is that we can get up and sleep on top of the flat glacier.
Now we move on to the next decision point we've set and if that doesn't work, we roll over and sleep here. Then we will do another tour. The team intends to explore the various options. *Rumble* A Sérac has just descended the left side of the glacier. That was one of our options moving forward. Now we have two left. In the end, the best route seems to go through a glacier break. * Fluctuating and spherical sounds * * Slow and solemn music * Demolition contains invisible dangers. Ice masses can change at any time. It is an enchanted world that they go through.
After 1 hour in the ice gorge, the team leaves. When they reach the level behind the cliff, they have completed their first objective of the day. Lidiane, relief! *Short whistle* C'est bon, Lydiane! That's so cool. I wouldn't have thought that people would be on the same level here. Ramona grew up in Brig and studies sports and exercise science. Even when she was a child, she loved physical challenges. I remember that when she was two or three years old, more like two years old, I let her go up to the facade of the Brig train station. Of course, I checked downstairs to make sure nothing was wrong.
The other parents panicked because I let the child climb 7 or 8 m up the facade and come back down. Once again we were in the alpine refuge and it was raining. We were sitting inside cooking or doing something and suddenly we wondered where Ramona was. We couldn't find it. She climbed the ladder to the roof in the worst rain. She sat on the roof and looked at us. (Richard) She is looking for the border zone in these areas. I think when something happens in life, you can't stop it anyway. For me, life is a written book and you unpack it.
If it has to be this way, you can't stop it. The girls are amazing. They showed very good teamwork on the ice. You feel full of energy and very motivated. OK. Hurrah! -Yeah. Lydiane has gotten over her morning sickness. Perhaps the adrenaline at Min Teke's adventure helped. I think we made good decisions. It was cold in the middle of the glacier. Great that we found each other this way. Tomorrow includes a passage through an ice field and a mountain track, the danger of which cannot be estimated from the first high camp. *Slow horn sounds* Then she leaves the backpack here.
We will deliver it to you later. Yes. It's a good idea. Do you want more screws? Oh shit. So, I'm going to go up and catch up with Lisa. And you come... ...and you hook the rope. - Yes. Can you hug me tight? Lisa, you have to take her in. Make sure you don't screw this up. Allez. -Yeah. - Come on. Great, Ramona. After overcoming the treacherous mountain track, we continued on a 100m high ice wall, on two rope teams to move faster. Lisa fights with herself and with the mountain. At this point she suffers from functional asthma, which she has had for several years.
And the other rope team also gets a nasty surprise. Rockfall. Move to the right! Great, Lidiane. Very good, top tip. The moment of shock has passed and the beleaguered rope team reaches safety with their companions. *Heavy breaths* Hi Lisa. *Greetings* The pass is right on the border with Tajikistan. What's the plan now? To camp! - Where? Is this already planned? - Probably back there. Up there? - Yes. We have a spy on the Tajik side. We always wanted to go to Tajikistan. Now we are here. - We are there. We ruined them. We have the fiver and the Weggli.
We actually need a visa, right? *The others laugh. * Not one more step! (Expensive) Okay. - We did it. You did it. - It's time to bivouac. We reach the pass and here is the summit. It's not as close as it looks from here. There are still 800 meters of altitude left. *Happy piano melody* 4:30 in the morning. After two days of climbing, the SAC women's


team wants to reach the summit of Min Teke today. You have to overcome about 800 meters of unevenness. The planned route runs mainly on bare ice. In two rope teams, young climbers set out to conquer the ice wall and have very different approaches.
Anne doesn't seem to care about height. *Eerie, spherical sounds* She passed her high school diploma a year ago and since then she has been studying materials science. The fact is that we met at a climbing club. A long time ago. We always went climbing and when Anne was there she had to come with us. We moved and never had a babysitter here. Then there was a harness and she came. At first she was also quite selfish to us. We didn't want to give up our hobbies, so we didn't ask. She just had to come with me.
Yeah, temperamentally she would say she's always been pretty calm. So, calm in terms of speaking, but very... ...very eager to move. She speaks briefly and concisely. She's more of the scientific type. She writes a sentence, that's the answer, done. (Lisa) Anne, I would be happy if you didn't fall to the left. (Anne) Yes, it's not difficult. - Could you go to the right? Yes. *Heavy breathing* Lisa and Anne often travel together to the mountains of Switzerland and are a well-rehearsed team. *Heavy breathing* Anne, how high are we? 5,000. - Important: don't forget to breathe. Important: enjoy the view.
Important: keep both hands free when climbing. Oh well, it's not important. Important... ...have a good time... phew! Backup location. Important: convenient location to secure. How do you feel? - Good. *Slow and controlled breaths *You no longer have as much rope. (Anne) Well, if I can pull the rope like this, you'll be safe. (Lisa) Well, you still have 2 m. That? Yes. - You can still throw 2 m. Happy leg cramp. I don't have a full body pump, I have a full leg pump. (Anne) You can only put a full body bomb in the chimney, right? We have to put the rope back in.
Should I move forward immediately? *Heavy breathing* (Anne) You could stand on the ice a little further to the right, but it doesn't matter. * Isolated spherical sounds * Ramona has taken the initiative and is installing four lengths of rope on the ice rink by herself. * Majestic and sliding music * The last meters before the summit. Ramona steps forward. Anne follows, then Flo, who takes the next fixed rope. I'm here in the cabin. The others are up there. You can't see anything because of the sun. I admire her for being able to achieve this. Lydiane should be coming after me.
Lidiane, Caro and Rahel. Hey, Ramona, you're a fucking machine. Shortly before the summit they wait for the other half of the team. (Flo) Bravo, bravo. - Hello, Flo, congratulations. Lisa. - Hey hey. Anything. - Anything but bravo. Isabel. - Isabel. *They speak at the same time. * Caro also allows herself a short rest before celebrating the last few meters to the top together. Min Teke! Cool. The summit of Min Teke, 5,500 m above sea level. A great success for the women's


team. The Swiss mountaineers are the first Western women to scale this peak. * Calm, spherical sounds * Climbers only spend 10 minutes at the top.
You want to get to high camp long before dark. * Quiet murmur of voices * * Idyllic and dreamy music * Rappel tomorrow morning. After a night at 4,700 m altitude, tomorrow we return to base camp. The climbers got up long before dawn. On the ice walls in front of them today, the risk of falling rocks increases with each hour of sunlight. (Ramona) Four people and two ice screws, okay. * She laughs. *How are you, Flo? - Tippy toppy. Really very good. Here you can see stones in the ice everywhere. In 2 hours we wouldn't want to be here anymore. No, not really.
The sun is slowly rising. Yes. But when the sun is on the wall, we're gone. * Disturbing sound * The team looks for alternatives to the rupture of the glacier that they crossed during the ascent and whose irregular ice masses have lost none of their danger. Try setting an anchor with brackets. If that works, we'll leave too; otherwise she will rise again. - Can you rappel with her again? Lydiane goes to see if she can drop something off. We thought about taking the direct route. We do two or three rappels and go down to the moraine. We're ready to go from there.
This is better than rappelling down the glacier and then walking down the bend and through the snow and ice. Lydiane interrupts the company. It's too risky for a group. I'm not going in there with nine people. I said it from the beginning. But we had to see it, right? The rock is not strong enough and we are not protected from falling rocks from the sides. We tried tying a rope to the side with Rahel, but too many stones would have fallen on you. And after the rocky places there is still a long way to go. Thank you anyway. - No problem, it was interesting.
I'm sorry it didn't work. Non, merci d'etre there voir. It was worth a try. For better or worse, they will have to choose the next best option: the uncertain path through the glacier, whose ice masses are constantly moving. * Bright and clear sounds * Demolition is done. The team made it through the ice gorge unscathed. * Bright and clear sounds * After four days in ice and snow they return to their valley. In total they ascended more than 1,700 meters of altitude. (Expensive) Hey. - (Silvano) Hey. How is the walk going? - Good hike. Ah yes, good walk, good.hike. Hey.
Hello. So Min Teke is a beautiful mountain. As soon as we entered the valley we thought: Wow, what a pyramid made of ice and snow. We commented among ourselves that it would be a great option, in the valley next to ours. I'm very happy that we all went together, as a complete team. Yes, you actually invest a lot. For example, how we started Min Teke: we packed a lot: material and food for five days. And you don't know if you'll get up. Maybe we would have had to turn around on the first day. But you try and in the end it works.
I think that to get to the top, many things have to be right: health, weather, the team and each member of the team.We were almost alone or very often in the mountains as a team. If this stops suddenly, I will suddenly stop doing so many things. It would be a great shame. But I do think there will still be tours with our team. * Idyllic music * The Swiss mountaineers still have something planned before leaving their beloved valley and embarking on the journey home. *babble of voices* *babble of voices* *They laugh. * *Idyllic music* After two days of walking, the team arrives back in Sari-Jaz.
Exhausted but happy. Hello! How are you? Hello how are you? - Good and you? - Good. Caro, Caro, you made the pass! *Laughs* Greetings, friend. - Health. I'll share it, I'll share it. Wow! Wow! Mmmm, mmm. This is the best sandwich I have ever had. (Lisa) And no one will believe you. Hunger is the best cook. Health. It's time to say goodbye to the mountains and valleys of Kyrgyzstan and the guides who have become friends. * You speak Russian. *Hey. *They speak at the same time. * SWISS TXT AG / Access Services Daniel McMinn - 2020

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