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Sep 15, 2022
imagine something like a demand anything in the environment that causes diabetes, heart disease and obesity what is it maybe people just overeat maybe we don't exercise enough maybe it's a dietary fat maybe a sugar unfortunately research there's a lot of evidence circumstantial evidence that points to sugar but there is no irrefutable evidence we have some witnesses and they have always been seen at the scene they have no alibi but nothing is conclusive what has always been the industry strategy maintain that there is no conclusive evidence that sugar is a deadly disease as long as you can hold on to it as long as there is no hard evidence as long as you can survive as long as there is hard evidence provided what to do is sugar potentially toxic how do you discuss this topic without being alarmist? a substance that makes people happy with it we show the world love, joy and happiness and suddenly someone is looking for sugar something we give to our children for their birthdays it is not so easy to say what is right i am not really against it sugar I'm worried about industrially processed foods I wish we didn't have this problem and you know, when I st


d studying medicine in 1980 it didn't exist either, otherwise I wouldn't have moved into this field of research, but who needs it now I'll take care of it my biggest problem is that they don't criticize me for scientific reasons a discussion about the results of the research would be good it bothers me because people say that I am not credible I am a fanatic a fanatic follow his belief it is not about believing it is about me only for Science, I don't do it because I feel like it.
die gro e zuckerl ge doku hd reupload arte
I do it because I have no other option for this problem. You just need someone like Rob. This is a very explosive and delicate topic. You need a recognized scientist to address it. neuroendocrinologist and he realized about ten years ago that sugar is the biggest problem in our diet today he gave a lecture that went viral on the internet to date has been viewed nearly four million times he has this irresistible style of presentation as a fundamentalist preacher of not giving gets to the point where scientists get nervous when someone comes forward with such certainty that it doesn't fit the current style of science, where you always have to cover up all over the place, reveal the gaps in the data material and argue the evidence to the contrary but you need people like Robben you need one out there who keeps bringing it up the problem affects us at home at work it affects our business relationship and in the end it affects our country and the whole world it is not about only of overweight children of course that is my area and that is how I find the subject but there is much more to it in truth it expresses a social collapse everyone should have noticed that the As The United Nations General Assembly announced in 2011 that non-communicable diseases, i.e. heart disease, diabetes, cancer or dementia, are also common in developing countries, not just a big problem in developed countries, everyone knew that we had a problem but today in african countries in asia and india it is a catastrophe a bigger problem than acute infectious diseases and even AIDS what happened there why all of a sudden in a loop all at once in all the world the Japanese live longer than other people in the world and live in Okinawa the oldest Japanese have fewer diseases of old age compared to other nations there are comparatively few heart diseases and certain types of cancer are rare, particularly related cancers with hormones breast cancer prostate cancer the rates are all very low partly due to diet partly due to other lifestyle factors to a very healthy diet that reduces the risk of aging diseases well-balanced vegetables and proteins fish lean meat the perfect diet against the signs of aging it could be said that the most perfect and aging that is one of the reasons why the Okinawan people are ours After just a few generations, Okinawan people were no longer the thinnest but the fattest Japanese a post-war phenomenon younger generations eat at the A Generally much more Western than their parents and grandparents , there are more fries and soda than fast food and this combination greatly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in younger generations obesity diabetes the above diseases are all associated with foods that contain a lot of sugar, salt and fat in throughout the history of humanity, we have never been exposed to sugar consumption as high as we are today.
die gro e zuckerl ge doku hd reupload arte

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die gro e zuckerl ge doku hd reupload arte...

This inevitably has consequences for the metabolism. Our diet has changed in the last 30 years. From 1982 to 2012, meat consumption dropped by ten percent because a low-fat diet must be followed, fruit and vegetable consumption stayed exactly the same, and finally processed and sweet foods from 11.6 to 22 .9% a doubling in just 30 years our food money ran out we let it go and got sicker and sicker 74% of all packaged foods in the supermarket contain added sugar salad dressing barbecue sauce ketchup hamburger buns beef burger everything and then there are 56 names for sugar sucrose sugar cane sugar cane beet sugar fructose glucose syrup agave syrup maple syrup honey so the food industry can openly hide all the sugar in every food imaginable because no one knows what what's behind it wait a minute the bottom line is that it's the same calorie for calorie gram for gram all sugars overload our liver and cause liver fat buildup if we eat too much it's about excess not so called moderation which means from 6 to 9 teaspoons a day, according to the American Heart Association , the World Health Organization speaks of a maximum of 12 teaspoons a day in Europe in Europe we consume an average of 17 teaspoons of added sugar a day and in those there it is 19.5 teaspoons of sugar a day Conclusion we eat too much sugar and that causes chronic metabolic diseases I have been struggling with this for a long time against weight problems.
die gro e zuckerl ge doku hd reupload arte
I hated wearing pants because my stomach was always so big and I didn't feel comfortable in class because I always felt like my stomach was heaving. My weight is the heaviest. Was 14 years old. year of high school i weighed 98 kilos food was my friend tv was also my friend i watched a lot of tv i withdrew a bit because i had the feeling that everyone was making fun of me or criticizing me i was everything anyway apart from happy in 2009 when i st


d treatment at dr fun i was very sick i had ak my fatty liver and my pancreas worked overtime to filter out all the sugar my body just stored it i think my body fat percentage was almost 50 percent which was really surprising to all pediatricians were fatty liver diseases I had never heard of until I saw my first 13-year-old son with type 2 diabetes and fatty liver disease in 1992 and his gpt value, which provides information about the ratio of liver fitness, it was well over 100 and I thought, whoops, what's going on here today? at the city health center it was a revelation in a private practice i could have a dental filling per patient or a crown here and there but my patients at the public health center had a hole in every tooth or had huge dental caps bone and then I had to pull out all the teeth of a 45 year old man that was a hardship in my daily life On the other hand, it was obvious that sugar consumption was the main cause of most diseases.
die gro e zuckerl ge doku hd reupload arte
I always thought I had to do something basic about it. So I flew to a conference on gum disease and diabetes in Oregon. The keynote speaker passed around a book called the Nutrition Guide. Fast Food Around and In in the chapter on drinks, sweetened tea was marked in green as a healthy drink, I got very angry, approached the man and asked how sweetened tea can be marked as a healthy drink, he turns around and he says he's serious there's no evidence for it the fact that sugar causes chronic disease which honestly blew me away I was speechless and then I said to myself well there must be some lobbyists involved if we get such behavioral suggestions in This lecture I was in my city library, just put sugar in the search mask entered in the catalog n and a reference to the great western sugar company came up, which was a company that declared bankruptcy in the late 70s, but a good deal of the company's records had been donated to libraries throughout Colorado's Front Range.
I got a specific reference to a collection at Colorado State University where there were assigned positions called Nutrition and Public Communications. I was dying to see what was hidden behind them. The first folder contained the minutes of the meeting of the Public Communications Commission and the first documents had the blue letterhead of the Sugar Association. on it and below it said confidential. I stood there and thought: My God, what did I find there. everything and it worked page by page on the great public relations -strategy implemented by the Sugar Association in the 1970s. This was a very important moment because the FDA, the US Food and Drug Administration, was reviewing all the available scientific data on the medical effects of sugar at the time and everything they were doing during the period of these Great Western Sugar Documents was going around and just to get safety clearance from the FDA and then there was this picture of the Sugar executives accepting the silver anvil award as a public relations oscar which was awarded for influencing public opinion on the health risks of sugar consumption. i found exactly what i was looking for in these files i gave a lecture why we are getting fat christin just showed up told what he did and why my eyes lit up that was the start of our collaboration me here in auckland and kristin in colorado a cage at the end from the 60's and early 70's dr for the most part the debates stayed the same and the health harms of sugar it's amazing the issues are still the same today the same debates the same questions even the actual research is is repeating and debating the industry felt increasing pressure to launch a full PR campaign and so the public To sway opinion more imagine you are the head of the sugar association you have to assess all this and then strategize the sugar industry and the rest of the food industry give them money and to make these decisions you hired a public relations agency to elaborate a part of the overall concept and the plan is to ensure a consensus is never reached so now it started with research funding and looking for scientific experts who were willing to represent the industry position which was an internationally concerted from the beginning Action to the beginning USA Canada Cuba and Haiti in the late 1960s the sugar research community had renamed itself the international sugar research community, demonstrating that the sugar industry was under threat worldwide and now we have england, australia, south africa, france, belgium all united with the same message no clear pro or con sugar makes you sick they are more concerned with keeping the issue in limbo so lawmakers can't say definitively that sugar makes you sick they need to make sure it stays vague a calorie is a calorie is more than your body can burn up s weight you lose weight you lose weight when you get fat so it's your fault that's what this prayer wheel boils down to but i don't believe in common sense i believe in the data and they paint a very different picture they say some calories cause more disease the metabolism processes different calories differently sugar causes diabetes because of course everyone says so but that's because of calories your risk of diabetes goes up 29% regardless of calories your weight your other nutritional diet and diseases Weight-related issues have been in the health care system for a long time.
I hope the system collapses with the increasing burden of such diseases. There is no way we can maintain the current level of medical care. Expenses just for type 2 diabetes are already astronomical and that's just the tip of the iceberg, I don't think people have lost their willpower across the board, we are normal people, we just live in an environment that is constantly pumping calories and sugar from us, we know with the highest rates of childhood obesity other chronic diseases are rising we are seeing type 2 diabetes in children under the age of ten we are seeing heart disease in adolescents and cases of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease are skyrocketing yes have diabetes or heart disease in your youth the chances that you will live to be 70 or older is very bad for me e When I first went to this school, I was afraid that the science might be too complex.
I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly thechildren grasp things. Sugar is made up of two glucose molecules and one fructose molecule. They are different and the body processes them differently. Glucose is a source of energy used by can be processed by all organs up to the brain Fructose is processed almost exclusively by the liver if you drink sugary drinks the liver is flooded with fructose I always call it the tsunami effect the result is that the liver gets too much and starts turning sugar into fat when excess sugar turns into fat our risk of developing fatty liver diabetes and heart disease increases childbirth is different bank tsunami effect the relationship between sugar and liver is not a discovery again think about the The Egyptians started fattening geese the Romans continued and today the French claim authorship of foie gras but in the end they all did the same thing: force feed the birds sugar or carbohydrates and that created foie gras the credit to american industry american industry can take credit for this they have reinvented feedlot only what e they don't do it anymore with birds but with us endos Sweet drinks like lemonade are a nice diet that you don't even notice but have the same result as foie gras The drinks are of course a wonderful aid you can enjoy them without feeling forced In the decade In the 1960s, Americans suddenly began paying attention to their shape.
The marketing was aimed at women. That was the whole world of madmen. The first leading drinks emerged and suddenly the market was flooded with huge G sums of money to scientifically prove whether these substances were harmless or not and since one wanted to know that they were harmful one realized that the product toofil down the best of skimpl us In the late 1960s, an article appeared in the New York Times in which a sugar industry manager admitted funding research, resulting in too much carcinogenic klamatik. What else has the sugar industry probably done? Basically, they have manipulated public opinion for 40 years and now they are being threatened again, only now we have better research results and this time it should be much harder for them to silence critics.
I have been writing a block since 2005 and have a large following on Twitter. I am always amazed at the reach and influence of social media. A few years ago I got an A. A call from the Ontario Medical Association I was quite taken aback by being invited to speak at a food industry breakfast meeting to an outspoken critic of food industry misrepresentation advertising, so that I wrote an article, booked a flight, and then canceled it in a packed lounge. of patients like me was looking for a hotel and was already on the starting grid two days before the conference the medical association contacted people in the food industry did not want to be on the podium after everything my colleague said practice Record the lecture and put it on the Internet I followed your advice instead of speaking in front of a room with about 50 people where everything you wanted to say could be stolen, more than 270,000 people have seen this video I would like to say a few words about what could do the food industry because it is very simple, you could prevent us from wanting to do white ma I would not implement the products.
This product here looks amazingly similar to twistlers and says it has no added sugar, but it does contain more sugar than actual twistismo. The food industry could stop trying to convince us that grape juice is healthy. They always say no added sugar in every glass. contains 10.5 teaspoons of what is equivalent to drinking a quarter glass of maple syrup every day. This is a breakfast substitute and contains 3/4 teaspoons of sugar per glass. If you give your son this every day for a year. 14 kilos of sugar administered In the end, the most important thing is transparency, everyone can decide for themselves if they want to see the video or not, but if even the managers of the sugar industry tell me something about it, it means that these people You know what you're doing It wasn't until the 1960s that we started collecting all the data on sugar the head of the anti-zuch movement was a British nutritional physiologist named john jardkin who wrote a book in 1972 called pure white death jackets that correlated reams of data that came to the conclusion that sugar was the real problem and that we needed to reduce our daily servings and then there was in the US at a certain Ancel Kies who argued that the real villain was the fat in the foods we eat. two fought an eternal battle of who won and why was he the scientist who gave the sugar industry the biggest stomach ache one wondered what was the best way to To silence him the answer was that they funded research that contradicted their research every time I published a paper, they had the sugar industry write a contrary paper, they funded individual kies with significant sums of money and in my industry papers, kies has been showing up for decades , was suitably built for jatkin's antagonist when jackets mi published an article blaming sugar for heart disease kies wrote one arguing that sugar is not responsible for heart disease.
Scientists warned me if you do research on sugar he says yes you are portrayed as quaxfox with fixed ideas and mid 70's when the world divided. a small minority believed that the yard child might be right and the vast majority of scientists boldly believed the dietary fat hypothesis because the rest of the world believed it to be true i must have eaten 10,000 hard boiled eggs for breakfast over the course of a decade and those egg yolks thrown 10,000 times because that's how you did it back then you didn't eat avocados, or peanut butter and certainly not bacon or red meat which was low fat may have taken America and the entire world by storm, but if you process low-fat foods that taste like cardboard you know that food pairing Of course, what do you do?
How do you have to make things edible and how do you add sugar? Everyone probably remembers Snack Wells 2 grams less fat 13 grams more carbs four of them sugar is already edible this is how it was made and this is how it will still be made today probably the classic example of a person who follows all the advice western nutritionals with the classic consequences we've all heard here take calories in calories out and if you explain to a person like me little fat is good well then no fat would be so much better so I've been eating foods loaded with processed carbs or sugar or processed carb fillers or sugar or stuff for about 15-20 years and all that time I've been doing endurance sports averaging 10 hours a week and training out of sheer scientific curiosity about my body, I have in the morning sober M Agen checked my blood sugar.
I hate the shape. I found out that these glucose levels were prediabetes all the time before the day and I wasn't even eating the really bad stuff. I was eating oatmeal sandwiches which aren't good, but at least they are. Not chocolate chip cookies or ice cream but you still have prediabetic sugar levels, now imagine people actually eating normal American food because something is not important for sport but diet. What if you are an average person who does not exercise ten hours a week or because what will happen to your body for your health when you were on the verge of diabetes, everyone thinks that being overweight affects 30 percent of the population but hardly anyone knows that 40% of normal weight people have the same metabolic diseases and dysfunctions as overweight and normal weight people get heart disease and K rebs and type 2 diabetes but are normal weight which means they It is not because of their eating behavior because they behave just as gluttonous and irreplaceable but they are not considered vascular and voracious because they are of normal weight but these are people so if it is not because of their behavior it has to be the bed they are exposed to and they are exposed to the same circumstances as everyone else everyone is at risk but that is a whole different matter the professor funny he has my respect he brought this problem to pr First of all, he is a champion of health, being a champion, his concern is to improve overall health, he fights against weight and obesity, and wants to get to the bottom of their causes.
I just don't think sugar is to blame for everything or that sugar is toxic the problem is that we eat too many calories in general we consume too much for some people this is definitely due to sugar and third from refined starches fourth from chips and chips and for most people it can be a combination of all these factors. hedonistic lifestyles most of us like the taste of sugar just like fatty foods it just feels good in the mouth the combination of fat and sugar can probably do that so you really are on your way to overconsumption i dont want sugar in either Absolutely I think it's just responsible for the excess calories, even if all the research suggesting sugar has unique toxicity should be wrong, we still consume way too much sugar and I think manufacturers use sugar in part because it's a cheaper part and tastier than our Na On the other hand, it is because it tempts you to consume even more sugar because, as is well known, palates that have become accustomed to sweets want more and more.
An active investor. Fund research programs. predetermined bonuses and that's why we trust consumers now that this company has started a program called herz-check a mark is printed on the front of products that specifically tells people that this product is healthy and good because nutritionists of the society also approve of having fruit anise that clearly contains more sugar than actual candy, but with the heart check mark these sugar bombs are now advertised as fruit on the front of package for $20,000 a year you can get That brand and the Meieren gelack are the parents who think that it is a healthy product but the products that have 80% of their weight sugar plus a little water a few vitamins and a lot of marketing are not healthy foods the seventies if they are hydrated fruity there is lots of sugar nothing left otherwise yeah theoretically it comes from fruit your sugar comes from fruit anyway its just a final sugar game in which the food industry plays, they abuse the public trust, if you have children, they would have it much easier in a world without sugar.
I wonder if the children would. It wouldn't be more stable if their mood swings wouldn't be less if they didn't eat sugar but no matter what it does to them even if it tastes so good they can't crave anything else for days even then it's a constant struggle we were the rumors have come to our ears All food is out of control and could be harmful to us. At that moment I felt the need to make this film and the drastic change that man has made in these eating habits in all of his 15 million American systems, people just didn't know that then the first symptoms of diabetes and obesity and obesity appeared. scientists passed the buck on our diet and here especially sugar increased when there was too much console. 30 years ago Sheldon Horizer and I did research on excess sugar and today I'm honestly surprised that people suddenly realized that sugar is bad for one of them is that we finally presented this study 30 years ago and even with the amounts of sugar consumed at the time high blood pressure cholesterol and triglycerides interviewee just wanted to present the facts and share what he had discovered then it became clear to me that he was doing it for his own fight against the sugar industry when we started our research, of course, it was clear to us that the industry had the power and money to impose their point of view and that they were far superior to us in it it is very difficult to counter it is obvious that i The purpose of the research funded by the sugar industry was limited to protecting sugar outlets, but responses that could harm to the sugar industry they came only by asking the right questions.
They wanted to control those research questions, so if we're wondering what causes diabetes, we haven't answered today, why not, partly because the sugar industry has rigged our national institutes of health, we don't have to worry about sugar consumption because it's about obesity, so we have to focus on obesity often and forget that sugar in diabetes plays a role in the sugar debate. Are we now more or less where the tobacco debate was in 1960? Just look at the classic cigarette ad that says Doctors prefer camel smoking or cigarettes are good for your throat and the tobacco and sugar industry documentswhat christin found shows realizing that they all work from the same script am urals when i held the tobacco documents in 1994 i realized how explosive they were not only sheds light on their strategies but also demonstrates the cynicism of the industry i worked in the tobacco industry long before i got these papers and i said back then these people are really bad you just have to see the horrible things they do and then you pat me on the head oh man its good you may see it that way but it's just paranoid The madmen just didn't take it seriously and when this information became public people were shocked and couldn't hide the issue anymore and Christin is on the best way to achieve the same rethinking his work in relation to the sugar industry. in the sugar industry it has been shown that it goes back to the first collaboration.
It goes back to 1952, who I know of, who could be more credible than the director of the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health? His faculty have received substantial sums of money from the sugar industry since the 1940s: hundreds of thousands. —at a time when it was still a lot of money, and as the public relations campaign raged in the 1970s, Fritz became its main spokesperson. They played it on radio shows and TV morning shows to spread the message of the industry. He wrote a column in the newspaper in which he could adapt to whatever thesis the industry wanted to propagate.
He wrote popular science books and served on the nutrition committee of the American Hard Association. It's hard to imagine the impact it had on our ideas about nutrition and the effects of sugar on health. Paper titled Sugar in Man's Diet, reading them from the ladder, organized and formed a committee of scientists sympathetic that fat and cholesterol are the real problems and none of whom did research on sugar, of which 25,000 copies were printed and he never said sugar is to blame for fat the first document i found had to do with the publication of this white paper and it primed several sugar industry spokespersons for possible questions from journalists about this white paper in relation to the funding of the White paper also talked about non-earmarked grants and these tobacco papers and with Fred, who also had tobacco industry connections, we know what Fred Steer's professors at Harvard meant by unrestricted grants, these were funds that they were not awarded for specific projects.
Freds said the tobacco industry in a nutshell you give us the money and we make sure you get the research results you want today a lot of research is funded by the industry because governments have cut their research budgets a lot of people think that scientists they are biased but all they want is good research and if they can't get the money they need from the government to do important things in their labs and clinics they just try other donors there is a crucial difference between tobacco and food we don't need tobacco i want destroy the tobacco industry but we need food so i dont want to destroy the food industry we have such a toxic food supply because that is what makes the biggest profits big corporations just want to make a profit nothing else of course the food industry has to be a part of the solution because we want you to continue living in mittel manufactures so we can negotiate with you and work something out you have to be willing to make less money in the first place you probably won't agree to that maybe you can compare it to the tobacco situation in the 70s when the national cancer institute met with the tobacco companies they tried to create a to develop harmless cigarettes the do-gooders told each other man we worked together with the industry we cooperated but they were happy look what useful idiots we found there we collected data on their activities and that was a catastrophe, even today, some thought leaders and foundation founders with the position that we can work together, we're all in the same boat, fancy people work on so many different aspects of obesity, I think it unites the whole of society and that is the point in the end it is not about whoever gets up responds and says that i have the answer whoever thinks they have found the answer doesn't even understand the question the industry has always given money but this is the first obesity conference in Canada sponsored by a fast food company and a soft drink company The Canadian Obesity Association has always been mandated to get industry involved except we've always had a hard time getting industry involved because obesity has long been a dirty word now it's here and no one is saying we need to agree on anything that corporations they are here because they want to sell more of their products.
I know exactly what interests you brought to this room. There is no conflict. That's why they're a bit tight here. I almost fall. Thank you very much and good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I'm supposed to be here, the Total calls McDonald's Corporation to the grain conference. i contributed about $10,000 as far as i know this morning some people told me what you want here and man you really got mom to show up here. I don't know if it takes guts for that, we do this quite often. The Canadian Obesity Association participates in policy making and contributes to shaping public opinion through its members' media appearances.
I think you can no longer just say that we were created by the industry for the industry. so much so that the products are massive they are advertised and then they tell you to do sports and eat in moderation and that's it and here's an additional example for Richard which is a McFlurry, a normal sized snack that has as many calories as a Snickers bar that you can put in a 0.3 liter can of Coca-Cola has dissolved that's about 15 teaspoons of sugar in it but they call it a sandwich a devilish sandwich all I can say is I don't know how you're going to solve this problem just by putting the blame if you send juni Friedhof who spends half an hour explaining to people what the problem is and doesn't give the other party a chance to answer what it is we don't have an answer for everything we are a company that sells burgers and fries low fat salads and desserts but we still have a lot to learn so any opportunity is appreciated i am the canadian obesity association depends on food industry money the likelihood is greatly reduced that he will continue to exert any necessary force for public opinion or legislation that is contrary to the interests of these funders and the beverage association and coke are prime examples of change in this area easy Overdue both on taxes and regulations, and I would be very surprised if the obesity association pushed for fundamental change when they are now allied with the beverage association and Coca-Cola.
Coca-Cola, the afternoon symptom is moderated by Coca-Cola and they decide who I want what topics you bring up which speakers you invite and what they talk about the canadian obesity association doesn't identify with that or we don't support it because it's not our job support no position we just provide the forum the rest is up to the sponsor when every time the industry has committed to voluntary self-regulation this has only led to disasters, be it seat belts, tobacco, environmental pollution , every industry has a vested interest in not being regulated, in the end, I went to law school to learn the tobacco industry script, that it's fun it does what doesn't work and why we don't care about everything nowadays, I say we need more research , the question is how much research is needed before taking action, the food industry will always say we need more research, it is their way of changing the game for them, we will never be able to get enough research, they will always say we need more research and therefore nothing will ever change, the question is when do you have enough to act, when does politics trump industry, we don't have the basic evidence yet, no. even for tobacco and lung cancer because the tobacco industry demands a randomized controlled trial that would be pretty unethical to have a bunch of naive people smoke for 20 years and then see if they have lung cancer or not and ask for sugar one now the the same about us should a group Gather the ppe naive young adults and divide them into two groups one consuming too much sugar the other doesn't control what they eat both groups for 50 years then look who has heart disease and diabetes how do do you do that when? the discussion today the problem is not even in the scientific facts because we have them in black and white now the question is the credibility of the people who attack the scientists the problem is how the whole process is manipulated in the early 70s there was a lot of activity to curb sugar consumption that scared the sugar industry the health agency was looking into the safety of sugar and the sugar association should be sure to come to the conclusion that sugar would be safe if they were after sugar, imagine the call if the fda commission says sugar can gru And if safe sugar isn't considered a potential poison, then you're taking on industry giants, so this white paper became something the sugar industry submitted to the FDA's research committee as part of their evidence base, and George somehow became the chairman of the scientific committee of the i sugar industry. advisory board, as well as the chair of the FDA investigative committee that was supposed to scientifically examine sugar both on the issue of conflict of interest and who to ask for help, they could have gotten Jagdgren and of course that would have been sensible . sheldon riser and of course it would have been sensible to get sheldon riser but instead they asked the sugar industry for help the board of health foolishly followed the general consensus of people who have not investigated the problem the sugar industry he said hey the fda says we're clean you'd think manhattan would have a big P to stage a trial and march their expensive lawyers to get their acquittal.
All the evidence points to Zucker's guilt, but they get more acquittal from him. They didn't need it when the report came out. We believed that the facts we presented had been misrepresented. another maly we were right i was very frustrated when the lawsuit was dismissed if it had involved a chemical that is in ten products and could easily be substituted with another chemical then the fda could have hit the nail on the head but here it was about sugar, so let's show our Love, tell me a holiday that is not about sugar, ultimately everyone, whether it's Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays or barbecue parties, lemonade tarts, so it's how we live, he says it's our culture. he has been executing his deceitful maneuvers and the suffering he has caused is incalculable the metabo law has come into effect here in japan they dance these companies offer medical checkups they send mobile teams to which workplaces in general are asians more aware of diseases such as diabetes related to obesity and they are trying to find solutions to these problems, people go to health checks, waist and blood sugar levels are measured and then you just get a report, each value is judged based on where you are and where you should be if you exceed a threshold you are informed of the corresponding point, for example if you bring too much stomach with you, you are told that if there are too many points in the red area, you receive a call and are asked to do further examination , which of course can be embarrassing if you have to take off your shirt and the health worker puts the tape measure around your stomach and says that you have gained ed some weight in the past year, now you can say Japan sponsors you and plays babysitter for Let's put it that way, but sometimes you just have to force people to be happy with such campaigns for public health in the Los Big Hits of the Past In the 1960s, stroke and vascular disease were still rampant here.
Government-initiated health campaigns in Japan were markedly reduced, and the death rate from vascular diseases was reduced by 80%. this is a huge success these are all positive developments we can learn from in north america we are grappling with the issue of freedom advocates of free will say wait a minute i won't let anyone tell me what i can eat i should stop say something but it's been a long time since you were prescribed what you eat where you've lived for the last 40 years with changes to your food in front of you have you ever protested the liberals say the government has no business in my kitchen i don't want it in me in the kitchen plus something much more dangerous is going on when I started going to thegym i still ate poorly so i got no results to prove i knew nothing about processed foods and what you really need to do to Burn the Calories in a Chocolate Bar One Small Chocolate Bar Equals a Run of Five miles I almost felt like I hadn't walked at all.
I didn't realize that and when I did I changed my whole diet. I radically cut out fast food and frozen foods too, and instead eat a lot more vegetables and fresh stuff. , the juice I get from the fruit has been replaced and overall I feel so much better you feel full differently it's full of energy I'm full overall I've lost about 50lbs my levels are great, my liver is working very well, I have much more energy. much more drive and the feeling is great when young people are trading fast food for real food their metabolic disorder is going away they are losing better school performance their whole life is changing their life a certain amount of sugar is essential for life it is just not we should be exposed to him more than necessary if the heart and stroke society was very fancy they are actually with me the day before his announcement he came to the office and personally informed me of his decision they had debated it for a long time because they finally decided that it couldn't go on like this and at this point it would be better for society and for the Canadian people if this program was just stopped the new guidelines on sugar are very strict they correspond to those of the world health organization the american association of the heart and the current state of the science if the world health organization is doing anything about it urope or in asia maybe that's hard to say at the moment it's definitely a step in the right direction and we finally have it on board now that the sugar lobby is of course incredibly powerful and influential and the EBL, the European authority for food safety which, from what I can tell, is as much a part of the catastrophe in Europe as it is everywhere Hadit's day we had cheek in 2013 Fruct release osa alone as a caloric sweetener because fructose has a low glycemic index, of course fructose has a low glycemic index it is fructose and it raises fructose levels in the blood not blood glucose levels which is seven times more serious the fructose problem has nothing to do with the blood.
In my opinion, the glucose levels would have to be the EWL made from scratch and as soon as possible. Here is a report from the international investment bank Credit Suisse. Sugar consumption is at a crossroads and now it is a direct quote. food and drink would be the best way to reduce consumption and serve as context to finance health care costs associated with diabetes and obesity the report calls for higher taxes the problem is so bad now we need new models for the food industry that rewards the industry for doing the right thing we could so sub subsidize real food that is affordable for everyone of course we could do that we just have to rethink it from the ground up and the food industry can still make money there is nothing wrong with that the food industry make money, I have nothing against people who make money, I only have something against people who make money by poisoning other people that is what the tobacco industry did and today the food industry and I have something to work against that's just the giant that joined the tobacco industry our goal is to show that the tactics of e the sugar industry and the tobacco industry go hand in hand, the same I think brings the aspect of transformation and that is going to change this discussion, we know one thing if we are successful, these people are after us and we have to be prepared and not scare us from that let me just have to do this work history repeats itself and until we have understood the industry practices thoroughly for this debate to continue indefinitely we will do some definitive research up close and dig and find out what it takes to answer this question of once and for all, actually, Sami gets the idea. for this expedition and it's definitely the craziest thing we've ever done we row a rowboat offshore single-handedly from California to Hawaii which is 2,500 miles or more we bring all the groceries we need we eat on the boat pretty much same as usual you don't need sugar, processed carbohydrates or performance sports products like those marketed today to stay fit and get plenty of exercise we want to raise awareness about the dangers of sugar and help people stick to a diet truly healthy and believe in the same thing as us and give v ol gas to prove that get us out then fight us then we win if i never see another overweight kid then it wont be in vain

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