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die ersten NETHERITE Schuhe bei Minecraft Walls! (UNFAIR)

Feb 24, 2023
Have a wonderful day my friends, I hope you are doing well, welcome back to another reaction here on the Monkeys YouTube channel, again there are some who uploaded a video today for


the voice, of course we have to analyze it here. , friends, and there is a really cheeky surprise because one of the youtubers never has the right shoes. as winners, among other things, in the end, so we will analyze it here, very important for us, friends. correct analysis starts again on a whole other level think about person B there we have to see again exactly how many items are available who has what items so it will be a whole other level but even now it's too much fun to that maybe you can choose the first enemy, among other things, where you could know that you would have a chance, but currently almost everyone is doing very well, so I'm curious, let's activate the bell as usual so we don't lose. me and i would say let's start this time with my video that i picked up yesterday but i'll probably go Today we're at the current episodes that have been downloaded today and at this point you just have to say people so we can have a proper comparison far i want to briefly summarize what are my highlights among other things you can already see here durability 3 protection four federfall three shoes in front very strong at the beginning then I even have loot 3 on my sword and momentum as you can see loot three sharpness 4 I also have because I was lucky with one and actually got it twice and what's not really important is friends this spin generator that i set up and continue to diligently level up here my friends good friends we close this and carry on. someone else who also completed a video yesterday but not today and of course that interests me too.
die ersten netherite schuhe bei minecraft walls unfair
I can already watch the video and select the highlights for you, as you can see, you can already notice here, among other things, that the good old rustic has four diamonds, a relatively large number of gold blocks to make more apples, 13 apples they are also very strong and they even have a llama here Book there where i go with my mouse there is a llama book i even think he found it twice he already had pants on otherwise he had normal silver armor and his diamond pickaxe , that's a lot of diamonds and here's some more diamonds people at the end of your video yeah come on you're genital glands and here you can see, among other things, here still completely full of silver at the beginning, people, I'm very excited, quiet, making good progress, I'm looking forward to it, when he's really crude at the beginning, we'll close that folks now. we'll get to the episodes that aired today among other things but before we do I'd love to show you the power level of our good old Rileys again by all means check out the young one here too folks very important practice for that , first of all.
die ersten netherite schuhe bei minecraft walls unfair

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die ersten netherite schuhe bei minecraft walls unfair...

Another power level similar to people, okay, look at 50 times after my video, how high it went. Of course, I already know the answer, look at it, you can see the updated power level as usual. when I'm looking for BAM 275 of course we have to be careful that the guys here don't catch up with us, so keep stepping on the gas and try to keep the best blood friends med banks in second place, followed by Mr. folks i was really curious what you guys uploaded today in one of the videos yesterday that i think the power level will increase today for others too not because i didn't pick up a video today so i'm curious if benx will catch it cheer up folks , because my episode comes out tomorrow, which will also give a lot more points Friends, I'm looking forward to it, but I'm curious, we can analyze it ourselves and say hey, Mr.
die ersten netherite schuhe bei minecraft walls unfair
Banks will be able to overcome my power level right away, or Luca because Banks has risen a video Lukas today, at least not at the moment I'm uploading a video about it and that's why I wanted to see if the banks can see me good old André this mistake could do everything for free oh that sounds very dangerous result we are back in the beginning the thing is we're still up here on the mountain and the mountains are getting bigger we're still oh gosh okay i have to say that so far i haven't been on a single mountain that i've actually had to climb so it's really crazy that you have mountains by your side.
die ersten netherite schuhe bei minecraft walls unfair
I don't know if that should be good or bad. Still, we will. together of course if you've seen this episode it's also possible that I'll change my mind and we'll run back because the problem is that friends always see the same thing and that's what it's about poorer and bigger so mountains apparently are really annoying, higher and higher and higher and I'm afraid we won't find enough stuff by then but yeah let's see what's behind these mountains here hope something cool thank you hope it's ok for you too People behind the mountain other You see almost only water so it's very annoying to be with the biome I mean we're not bad either and then a town finds people without villagers or what they are all on the other side no man poor bad luck man the house is on the other side I have from the town where I have a dog people that's the problem with a robbery look robbery with him and probably all the pugs are on the other side that's his name nobody dead just looking for a house, a pity, a pity, oh man, hey yeah they're finally friends what's going on they're really cool that means we can build our churches from the ground up. come back anyway because we want to be very close to


when traps and preferably do direct PvP that's why we even have farmers here who don't have a job we've finally found something else we can work with But you have to be careful, no I think it's a golem so if you don't have a fourth villager here you might have a problem my three villagers have also traveled for a lot of hours ok I'll say the rest will be removed of course the cows we won't let them like this now but we can't go through that and we don't want to go through friends either hey even we have a big main edit here at least two pieces and those are the ones we need more not really necessary of course it would be nice or we would get more , but as I said, it is not necessary, look, he has reached the bottom. means you're making a charm decision ok 15 table space stretched and right at the beginning even sharper it's beautiful on all other youtubers.
PvP he's going for it with his spiders I can imagine he'll have spider webs in the future and use the spider technique here uh old gold apple and gold bars yummy taster for some fun discoverers had 40 bars which means 9*6 make lava flow anyway huh oh my god he had to eat his golden apple at the right time so beautiful young man oh you green new he had half heart half chicken he said during an hour of recording time people how tight is the island on the island directly spread their works That means you find my friend a little hey guys honestly I'll finish the episode now I'll see how to do it for years.
Fingers crossed yesterday too mate so guys we now have two videos to start with. once Mister Doctor Banks who uploaded his video two or almost 3 hours ago and someone else and one of the two has the


show people and now I am very curious what they think he writes that now and in the comments very quickly but laterally Guessing, guessing , guessing ok guys I tell you the winner is not Doctor Banks because the air never has the right shoes ok guys I think I'll crack a joke for you now how can you have


shoes without the nether portal be friends on we will take a look directly at your first video at the beginning of course there is a like first but with stanis hello to all fellow youtubers I don't mind that sometimes I just forget to like times ne, otherwise I always like mikey. for you and many other youtubers and it's like 14 hours we know people know it but people watch it relatively at the beginning right at the beginning the air the question is how some of you think to analyze everything you are doing right now that is important and of course candy is starting off so much fun he starts off with nothing we're just watching the first episode of really had good now he's going to open an inventory and look at this open inventory how am I going to rehearse hardcore pvp? mode so we're doing everything very laid back ok but we're here to try and have friends there you can see the netheride tour love she's first never right shoes you've been checked out the game has started and he It only has nature at the beginning, it is if for that, now that people qualify, the first to be banned ran, in no case Friends, because an error just happened and the poor guy didn't know that he didn't know either and of course we talked about it, he said immediately, then people , of course, there is no penalty because it was a mistake, he did not do it on purpose and people look at that because I explain it very briefly, they will see all these characters that represent us, for example, Lukas Maxi is actually my armor and if you went there and you right-clicked, you automatically took this item and that's running somewhere apparently done by mistake and that's what people had to through a I'd say a little bug had shoes, people, so let's see nature, you must not stay with my friend.
I'm curious what he'll do next. The episodes will load because in the first episode you watched the highlights here folks as you can see here. relatively still at first at first people but that doesn't mean a thing maybe all of a sudden you'll run back and shave everything you had three apples here at first people yeah relatively early stage I'd say don't run I'm excited to to see the others follow and now, dear people, my first enemy too, they don't stand a chance against Doctor Banks's friends. Dr. Banks approaches. I'll do my best. It will be fifty-fifty.
One of us will decide if it's me or Dr. Banks is like that. People if he really is this. If there's a fight I'll have to analyze that and if they really see people finish before this sausage runs with worse blood than mine he has to attack even if I take people down I appreciate all the opponents here they are all great all can be rude but folks that's a mustang go it's logical i already have it and It's once everything is in our hands Dr. Banks is my arch nemesis because he's also 2nd in bankruptcy ranking 2 of Ryanie and us.
Like I said, we wanted to see if we can today with his progress, the above even progress. progress, we will almost catch up with the points from me and now we want to err. First of all, we want to know if we have something we want here. I think I'm done with the last episode but I'm already seeing that we don't want to be cool but I don't know interesting you could do it it's so different in my last episode the force made me not even watch it now but I also know what what happens, but I just want to know if I did that in the next episode or in the investigation episode, that means now it's the books turn.
Now, we'd love a book in that case. people ne even max was definitely in his vicinity that's why he grew up i thought there was an opponent which of course was impossible because i'm there alone again you wrote me that in the comments shortly come out friends um dr banks apparently already knew that here these mats of wolves, then you can jump over them and the cows don't come out. I do not have to. I've learned from Banks and you from the comments briefly, folks so you can see that the analysis brings us here, of course. some advancements and tips you didn't know, among other things, it fits in there you can learn a lot but we only have five, okay, we still have 33 levels, which means we can still enchant level 30 I don't know, I think we want to make books, I think that's rubbish what attracted progress what happened to Lukas because that's how it was I made sugar out of it so I want to know if you'd catch us both today that's right man that's always been interesting to know we're taking a stone step, so we need yes, here and now, now I can enter whetstone with stones. i wouldn't have i wouldn't have asked the question that's all full cheese that means i would do next now enchant water affinity we don't need it right now that means i'll put it down again and it will start from scratch durability water definitely durability 3 durability 3 volume 4 is you could also walk durability 3 to get and then if you're lucky you'll get a second enchantment and maybe that's more entertaining but I'd have that too.
Risky people I said come here nothing more nonsense and a lot I also have change of gel there is no disability objection definitely exactly actually very good I just agree from time to time I put and look or move my diameter selector there always focus on efficiency, you could do that too but it's already damaged i don't know if that makes sense now so we're done with the levels we'll turn everything into sticks that's crazy too folks he actually has this Villager under him other things to XP that's really smart as wellwhich i only realized later after i finished the video so you definitely know the next project is ok too that villager i think to hell with the book i would rather give. he the task i could get excels for xp this is barbara 30 level 3 season really strong zack zack zack zack zack zack zack zack zack zack zack zack come here that means free diamonds yes he should definitely be in the cave interesting for 17 emeralds i think he will be the fused force.
Make four arcs then do strength 4 and strength 4 to strength 5 without enchantment. still unusual for the latter for such a long time no xp form currently either paula is a cow power not easy may be she can do wheat ok you can spoon or taste more than a good distance from i have observed now one of the best villager villages mighty mighty well seen went online friends moin friends moinsen 3 it's all nonsense friends moin moin moin people because I didn't want to bother you at work sorry I can get 30 gold from a gold or so 20 people interesting or saw apple top right we can also do more there Diamonds can also go and so clearly done that all three are blocked first blocked first blocked we know from youtuberinsel I always do it actually because paper I actually have some of this strength two medics test sword no no yes but the cows are doing well XP if you really have a lot of sixes I don't think shit at all I would have needed another three obviously not enough shit it can take quite some time only if one of them is already pretty much locked so actually it's like that now let's go drive now no yeah we definitely need to find the lucky spike and we can and we can take the diamond first together if you can use a bit my good drive from then became the good old days of two people so from the timeline first of all gold is important and i just got four from booze best of luck go down below goes no that's not easy and then like Mia's would find gold then she would say very loud how she holds that too it seems she eats all the time I didn't have that much today I just hope not in the dark with him ne ne lie I don't know everyone uses it already dismantled ne yes we know later if it goes in the other direction Level 30 which is Enchantment I actually accidentally lifted a bee farm rock too ne Mr.
Bank here are all the parts of my slide I need so we can still put them on zack zack zack zack Zack then we will put that and the iron and here we will do the rest Iron ok durability no no the thing is not in the mood to level up again so it will take something I think or strength three I could already do strength 5 no or it is done yes same to the power of two anyway not at all weather protection three people in order okay three times no i already have a charm on gossip is the other then gone yes that i mean that i mean banks would not have done that i have to fall somewhere place has broken then we will go again it's a gift i'll say a gift never but actually it's quark it doesn't need no need now you can replant the trees level 30 but i didn't get a second enchantment so no it's good but not at first durability 3 okay he will level up again not good enough I already have level 26 he will get it now First of all I think in the next episode so high level people Force two Combustion Combustion 3.5 a positive evaluation interesting I would say people he will be right now at my power level it was 270 I would say now it's also 270 or 265 because it had another enchantment I think it was in my pants that was one it definitely had more people so it should have a few more points but I'm curious , guys what the power level is going to look like so folks if you liked the reactions I would.
Say think folks I'm already looking forward to the next episodes of


voice from others I agree and Lukas and especially Steine ​​and Max will really step on the gas again people and there's definitely more to come to come. i'm so excited friends don't do that kiss your eyes see your skin in ciao

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