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Die 5 Größten Flugzeuge der Welt!

Sep 11, 2022
anyone who has ever completed a long haul flight in an airbus a380 is usually impressed by its sheer size but it's so gigantic and this war looks like it's nowhere near the biggest plane in the world today's topic top five planes big in the world have fun and get angry today, unfortunately, it is no longer possible to see it as a surprise. the only example built has a wingspan of 70 meters and an empty weight of 65 tons the model went into series production and was eventually scrapped number four out of 9 124 who want to transport horses in particular by air stu inevitably in the ducks in 1 124 the aircraft, which was developed in the late 1970s, has a particularly high payload of up to 140 tons and is therefore still the leader die ducks in 1 124 has a wing sp width of 72.3 meters and weighs 1 970 gate number three airbus a380 the airbus a380 is still a very young model in the sky but it has long been a star of the giant airplane making long-haul flights significantly more comfortable for people around the world the world has been in use since 2005 the first flight with passengers took place in 2007 up to 853 people can be found on two levels below economy class passengers sit around the row in business class and first class the airbus a380 has a wingspan of 79.8 meters and currently costs 436 9 million us dollars number two 225 on december 21, 1988 the largest aircraft currently in operation in the world took off, helping to the giant with a mass of 70 tons and the additional name league dream a wingspan of an impressive 88 4 meters the maximum load svh aces internally and externally is 340 traum fully loaded but then it also needs 35 kilometers to take off the n225 ducks is up to h come today a unique and number one hits a fierce couscous even if they are no longer actively involved in air traffic has the largest wingspan to date the skin of the foot can show four hercules the full 97 4 meters are measured in the flight pan really often demon under the super aviator not only lost a tree once, however, in 1947 the colossus flew 15 kilometers from the Californian coast and averaged 20 meters tall, the hoops hps boscos is 66 74 meters long, 25 15 meters high and has an empty weight of 1 22 15 the super aviator was never in the air but he did appear in several series and video games, among other things, he started the simpsons and elano interested can today at the bergisches museum in mettmann delorean which of the five planes of is so rude he writes about it in the comments do not forget to submit if you liked the video and if you are there subscribe to the channel contacts like the bell but a Also for videos more interesting, thanks for looking, see you soon
die 5 gr ten flugzeuge der welt

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