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'Did you get a good laugh?' | Postecoglou UNIMPRESSED by Kane Bayern shirt | Tottenham v Leicester

Jul 24, 2023
Okay, now we'll answer the questions for Ange, poster cogley, please, Charlie, um, yes, obviously, you know a very talented footballer, but um, yes, really, um, yes, really, while I was talking, did you listen? that they are very motivated and, uh, yeah, I think he has a stage in his career now where he has a little bit of maturity and authority on the field as well, so you can see him like he wants to be present among the players and considering that he has only been with us for a couple of weeks, he's had a really positive influence and, yes, I look forward to continuing to work with him.
did you get a good laugh postecoglou unimpressed by kane bayern shirt tottenham v leicester
I know everyone is very impressed with him, both on and off the field, well, like I said, just the presence around the place is obviously, I have a lot of me. -belief because you know how he has come this far in his journey as a footballer and, you know, he makes that presence felt both in the football sense and in the personal sense, you know that by being really present and being kind. to make sure that he can be an influence in all areas, so, yeah, I've never been in a position, yeah, I think so, I think so, from my perspective, I want to build a team like that, I mean, it was One of the attractions of it is that you can play a number of different roles, not as a full-back, but in a number of different roles that you know within that midfield setup and you know, I think we have a number of our midfielders who can do that and that's the way that we want to set up and, you know, I think he has all the attributes to play in that area of ​​the road for us.
did you get a good laugh postecoglou unimpressed by kane bayern shirt tottenham v leicester

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did you get a good laugh postecoglou unimpressed by kane bayern shirt tottenham v leicester...

Tom's subjects are actually very funny, yeah, look, I think I think I said when I signed him that, you know, if you can have a goal threat from other areas, then the obvious ones, which obviously most teams know , you know you're attacking players in your forward areas and you know he's a midfielder, who's who. a real attacking threat, both goals help with his passing and with his movements, so yes, from that perspective, you know, obviously we want to be an attacking team and the more attacking threats you have, the greater the freeing up of positions to stop you , so again. was another, you know obviously the reason why we weren't the only ones interested in him, you know, I think it's um, you know, I think when you get players from midfield areas that can provide a golf read, I think so , they are quite valuable.
did you get a good laugh postecoglou unimpressed by kane bayern shirt tottenham v leicester
He you see your team, but yeah, the other side that I've been very pleased with is that you know he also works hard without the ball, you know, in a defensive sense, we know we're not going to do that. It will be a team that works hard with football. We will be without him. He's been very


with that. He's been working hard and you can see that's part of the game. He accepts it too. We will always address. We will advocate. all your teams before and generally use a very impressive story if it means staying in the act of adapting, your particular workplace may be a place in Castle, no not really, I mean I've had all kinds of Strikers, um, it was a little.
did you get a good laugh postecoglou unimpressed by kane bayern shirt tottenham v leicester
Unfortunately, I never worked with Duke, so I would have loved to work with Markovic, he was right before me, but you know, I've worked with all kinds of Strikers and, yeah, I think that's what I'm looking for in those kinds of positions. They are people who are really focused on scoring goals and part of that is that if you work hard to keep the ball, you know, close to the opposing goal, that will help you and now all the forwards. You know, I've included it because they know they've given more opportunities and there are very few spaces in Harry's Game.
I think, he is, you know, his ability on and off the ball will be more than enough for us, yes, just at the back, please India, we have a chance, okay, yes, I coached one of the best Thai players. and one of my favorite players to work with is a fantastic player but even a better person, I had a fantastic couple of years with him and it was a pleasure to work with him and I have seen Thai football improve over the last few years. We played Thailand here, with the Socceroos and we tied everyone. It was a difficult game and, you know, I think it was too early.
I will see that Thailand will be close to qualifying for a World Cup, which is the first stage, but there are a lot of talented players that are coming through here and I know how passionate people are about the game and, yes, I loved it, I love working with uh. Tiraton is a champion, okay, yes, look, I am very happy to be here, as you said, it is a huge football club and you know there is a big challenge here, but also a big opportunity to hopefully build a team that you know it excites the fans and it brings success and that's what we started with in the first few weeks and we have a lot of work to do but I'm looking forward to it thank you okay obviously it's before the tomato service from outside.
You've seen that it's the perfect type of signature system. He likes to be an important player, you know, this has been


and, again, I think he is a midfielder who can play in several areas for us. I don't see him exclusively as a sort of number six, but yeah, he's been very good since I came in. You know he was one of the ones that was there from day one so he's had a little bit more time with us and the international players and uh yeah from day one he's got pockets of energy um you know when he's around and uh He's great and he's got a great personality and uh yeah, he's a very, very good footballer um so I'm enjoying working with him and um yeah I'm looking forward to it.
I believe you can play an important role for us. Oh look it's still early you know for all the players you know until we know we get a handle on it and I get a handle on how we can apply and order our structures um for all of them there's a little bit of learning to do and then we'll see. how that, but you know, I sound like I'm saying he has, you know all the basics. principles that I look for, he's a willing learner, you know he's working hard in training, he, he, he wants to understand what we require of him and that's all he can ask for and you know beyond that, you know, like I said , I'm sure.
He will be a big contributor to us if someone is not available. I think just Diane Scarlett. I think she is the only one. Obviously there was a couple that missed the last game that are available. We also have a great team here, so no. everyone will be playing but apart from Dane everyone is available today yeah that was two days ago and yeah nothing has changed in the next few days so I hope that looks like this omg I don't know I don't know about What are you talking. about we'll move on thank you yes you


ed a lot though yes you got where you're going yes yes maybe yes okay great very good I came a long way for that thank you yes yes look at all that can.
What I do is try and you know, work hard like I have done everywhere else and, as I said, we are in the first part and, as I said before, it is a great football club and a great opportunity, but also a huge challenge here and uh that's what we're going to try and do to bring success to one of the biggest football clubs in the world that doesn't have to come up with fake jump shots to be present here thank you okay the last two , so let's go. here and then we'll go and we'll just go here and then back please foreigner you know for us it's a good start in terms of at least the players know what it feels like and yeah we had some of the things that we've had .
They've been working on it, they've really tried hard to implement it, but it's still early stages. uh yeah, tomorrow night, you'll see, you know, with the weather here, it's going to be a challenge for us to play with the high intensity that I've been here. with Australian teams and we found it very difficult, so I'm sure it will be the same for us tomorrow, but at the same time that's how we want to play and, yes, the players have been very receptive, so I hope that tomorrow will be like that. you know Improvement and progress since the first game thanks last question at the end please sorry I think I missed the question sorry yes no I know we are working with the players we have at the moment. and yeah, I'm very happy with the other way everyone is working hard, but you know we obviously still have time in the transfer window and you know we'll still be we'll be doing some business. there thank you very much thank you all

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