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Dick Gregory FULL Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 (03/28/2016)

Feb 27, 2020
Being gay I just can't get enough to get on top, yeah look, now he's on the streets and now all you young but old Lou. Oh, white people, only Pynchon isn't going to do it straight, he go woo the horse, Gordon, listen, okay, start to get the board. you don't have jude you may be fighting for the right or you don't get too boring they might later hmm this is my final question mr. Gregor, what are the solutions? Because we know that all problems are not solutions. It's too damn when your wife is nine months pregnant.
dick gregory full interview at the breakfast club power 105 1 03 28 2016
Universal God will drop that baby for me. Death of mother and child. Look, you're always talking about solutions. Sometime today hit Pope Francis the dirty Pope you heard that before mm-hmm in Argentina he was running him hmm on February 2, 2012 the Church of Italy suspended all Vatican credit cards worldwide because he was trafficking girls, not boys. in the morning lodgings, that's what it's all about, so everyone here with the new day, know the guy they talk about all this crap, they talk about, not the ringleader in Paris when all that imp blows up, where else thing not just think. this for a minute do you know they caught the hammer i'll have to pass let it go did you know they let it go mr. leprechaun let me show you how it works you watched the super bowl yes sir ok you got a head start damn new to the him thing yes sir what are you so busy watching the?
dick gregory full interview at the breakfast club power 105 1 03 28 2016

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dick gregory full interview at the breakfast club power 105 1 03 28 2016...

You didn't realize they had to change cleats eight times in their The players there you go they got something on the ground that's why they kept falling ok did you see when they hit him he dropped the ball he missed all in your blood like you dropped your baby? back to the year before that hmm they were almost always on the half inch line couldn't even time the wait huh there's a brother there he will run faster than god with the ball you throw it at the ball and he drops it you guys you don't know what you're looking at this is the regan dollar industry huh the welfare people are looking at it and you think i can fool you this is a game so basically you have to wait until god comes and washes everything away pressure, no, you came to use God like a pitbull. the time is already set nine months were over uh hmm you have the black dr.
dick gregory full interview at the breakfast club power 105 1 03 28 2016
Carson uh he's running for president we're out no no no no no I see you interrupting sorry what happened is he split the conjoined twins from the hey that never happened before hmm it's been Postulated for seven months, he did not mention it. you know what sounds funny he never mentioned it because he wasn't in the room but let's say she was and it's kind of funny you've done something that never happened in history plan and you haven't been nominated for a nobel prize they get if it never has been Nobel Prize nominee hmm so this is the game and when he came to the president's prayer vigil and said Obamacare is worse than slavery hmm when he came back to UC Baltimore he was fine he had already been paid to make the gown the peninsula carries a check we don't want you to come back to campus hmm that's how this works so you don't hit something touch everyone hmm hmm and you're so beautiful let me tell you something every week you should get naked now listen to me listen to me listen to me a and look in the mirror and be thankful to God for being beautiful, of course the ugly is a people who say that there are no ugly children, show me more ugly, right?
dick gregory full interview at the breakfast club power 105 1 03 28 2016
Olivia he's talking about hmm this is good Gregory has never committed a crime in my life he calls sugar you turn those


ful people into Americans John what's the headline? The FBI men will use the mob against Dick. Gregory Hoover huh sent a message to the head of the FBI and I got it because he did it to neutralize the black comedian big gray what does it mean to kill me wait for the first document the legend on who will order the Chicago bureau or the FBI to develop measures to neutralize to black comedian Dick Gregory and suggested the methods could include alerting as Costra Nostra the verbal attacks that Gregory had made on the crime syndicate the agency files you hear me say hey I'm about the money with the coffee oh no it's not that the young they make me hmm whatever i didn't have i have now that's what the game is that simple that simple hmm you're going to be mad at me no no this is this is what they did - huh well wait till you see see everyone on the lawn that's the picture that knocked him down don't wait a minute not everyone on that lawn she put on a summer t-shirt she put on a winning outfit that photo was cropped there you have to repeat it those are the things d e real white people man hmm and then you take a runny nose bug Punk who is Cedric the Entertainer and in that the first barber shop in the movie maybe this Martin Luther King said Martin Luther King was a and Rosa Parks did nothing she she's just tired she tried to move her big black ass now everyone knew her ass ain't black that's the white boy who wrote that she did it said that about queen elizabeth and every day at night hmm the universe is just being nice, nice and polite hmm the show here amanda palmer y'all scared to mess with you hmm but you hold that


by being humble hmm you gotta have enough common sense not to buy a rolls royce and take it back to the ghetto where you got caught was because oh you didn't do it three four times yeah well that's why he's sitting there you two here he thinks he owns you boy turn on the camera his wife check this out and they'll come to Silicon Valley then the white guys out there go out but for two years they'd be in a rich healthy you know why indigo kids y'all ever heard of that ummm you better not hit.
I said new coupe assume the true gods send you I'm tired of you mother change it that's what they are hmm born with IQ 200 night trips hmm the people who run the world swim to call me Rockefeller David the world's biggest bank world in the one that can't read or write but they use a funny word dyslexic when i can't see it works then i die i just say your mom stupid that's the answer win win win win call my girl ok that's the first time i've seen a white man to see a white woman that was ugly, even they murder everyone.
I'm saying the beautiful one took bryggen i never saw him i still make someone kill a beautiful white woman hmm he's really ugly huh no that's the whole gang so when you stop and look at him they have no power whatsoever the power they have is to mess with someone they can't do that but I'm messing with Delma 13 14 15 remember the black man had the legal right to vote they didn't let us a white woman couldn't give up the right to vote 1821 1921 that's his mom his daughter his girlfriend her wife you're dealing with not just lying on the street huh he determines your birth certificate ever looked all over the vatican praise him every day on the New York Stock Exchange hmm here you are mine huh if you pay your car you take that title and you use it as collateral that's how he gets to know what this is about so you have people you're opening their eyes listen and you're not trying to be sneaky about it that universal thing that comes out all the time that doesn't bother him yes sir the way this is what i mean by tom boys the tough girl tomcats a tough cat huh how come one comes my turn becomes a week you gotta be lying you just dont need no research you gotta be lying when when when when one of the bridge army pogium had assembled at that time when in the Haight then fawful don't even make spoons he got his ass kicked the best army at that time kicked his ass huh oh my god so the real white guys showed up he goes to Polian he thought he called the front and they said you can go home who are you he says look at the trees up there he sees it please move that's the army believe it we take investigate and when they found out he's hiding they said he Napoleon yes we did so it's voodoo do you hear voodoo what do you think of what black magic voodoo is the French word meaning spiritual adam you can't see me - one uh-huh so what e Universal God that we all have that we all have what you are Understanding what you understand, you come home and take a mortgage.
God you think God put everything in you don't you know your mortgage drives you crazy when the government gave me the worst form of cancer you could have the worst form hmm oh I see you're pregnant hey champ I talked to God the way you let your trash out , you know I mean chew you good: if I'm going to buy your house, you should be afraid of you. it's wrong to be afraid but there's nothing to be afraid of that's crazy lingo everyone is crazy so i'm just saying they have it all they deserve cancer but i'm not one like you talk to a friend. type 12 called oh boy and i'll give you a toast of the house and then when i arrived i looked at myself and said cancer this is my body hmm you weren't invited no but you're leaving.
I give you 72 hours to get out of here that's where you talk to him that won't be a fucking coward huh three days later I told you imagine just show us I'll take you what I just found out now he gave me three days to leave the next day why doubt why call dr. Christmas heard mr. Gregory's surgery in Kansas City we have some things that can kill him in five days do you know there's a doctor in Italy that can kill any cancer you have with baking soda oh great never twelve year waiting list ummm so a good friend of mine Steve Jaffe he's a father he invented nuclear medicine nuclear medicine my father well he's 92 at the time yeah I gotta retired so I go out and see something else and Steve is him and I leave my father's future, he's just crying.
I'm not going. wait he's my little brother well they told my P they hang the bigger your curtains so i hung out with white people nothing rigidly segregated and no black people they told me all the white guys here are little pee Wee and eventually mine would hit the ground I just thought. I was a tardy I think you know why folks I went to college on the right track scholarship so you uh you do your thing mom what you gonna do? They cared that you might have some of the dumber ones if that were true.
It wouldn't be divorces and what I do when I'm cheating on my parents I say ma'am you have to scratch yourself and I do man consequently the Universal God never asked you what you live how educated you have hmm what you know um. that's the one responsible for us so what you gotta know no so when i went to see them go to california he looked at mine so i went to see the scientist they were bifocals rich to die for so I went to see only black. it was for the black cheese a white woman stepped aside I got four billion dollars because she saved her husband with some blood pressure and he got something in his veins that's what he went to see so uh he uh I went to Howard University, you can't be super black and not try black first.
I wasn't going, hmm, so I'm going there. great and that's where i get the call from dr. Krishna and uncle have been gone for five days. I will return to Cedar Sinai. She is black. She starts crying. They say: I don't know where you've been, but we have to close this place down and I saw you good. through prayer mm-hmm my mom told me you're gambling you're not supposed to pray to god just betting in the alley this christian why are you listening to him boy it didn't cost me a thing until 10 years ago and that Powerball went up on 6 in the big one bring it on i said free plastic guys you know my mom was dumb hmm i'm talking about the powerball then i told her my ticket because i have a brother we're playing with him but there's no ticket.
I pray for a miracle that this girl is here and I was honest with God sighing talking about winning with 12 other people I think I could do that without prayer I want to win there is 600 million dollars alone and you know my heart but that I can't mess with you tonight alone i mean this i've been mad 56 years now i was 10 oh i said they've been mad at this black woman for 46 years no god i don't think i'm leaving her huh? I said little one, what's wrong with you? What's the matter? You have returned. See, you know she's been humping my back ever since I moved in, man.
I didn't see it until I got this check. I'm saying someone's killing him let's get out of here and thank you all thank you my brother thank you thank you thank you ever wondered you can see that number wasn't robert wood rooster yeah yeah what's that Ding he invented a cure for it AIDS and HIV. What is that number? No, that's the pattern. All you have to do is call US Patent today and give them the number. in the kill the other day there you go again the money in the deal you have no reason to see when you do your research here that is a government document what is this to at the top all the way up totally the top says what operation guy flashlights fight plan to puncture that's the army the intestine was shipped from virginia appeal king hmm when was it in march?
March 28th okay they killed him on the 4th they shipped him out they gave him plenty of time and then stay in case anyone sees me I'm embracing it all in the docs hmm when Ron Brown had a little accident and they couldn't deny it because the whites did the autopsy they brought me the pictures hmm yeah that's what it is how long have webeen doing that baby what's that say what's cool is for Sports this is the big one coming now this is the big one the government had to deal with because like you guys with Gideon say something hmm Anna really rented infected legs and heads this it's a new one and the people in Missouri don't mention me by file he would be demoted they've been telling us he's been telling us now we're leaving now hmm you just got a new Supreme Court nominee mm-hmm he's going to win by a landslide you know why did he kill him mess with him y'all heard him say he handled the oklahoma city bombing when he wasn't a judge he was the government man you heard him say he handled the atlanta olympic bombing the unit bummer whats the date in that this is the most conservative newspaper in the world this is Washington DC the Washington what times?
White people headlines say how slow, baby, slow, so long. The FBI underpaid the mortgage. He goes home. The FBI paid the market. Terrace's own home. The federal building court documents show that okay, go ahead, wait a minute, this is what Garlin made to run that game for the government. the amount no she didn't no this is a government yes he said we just don't know why so you have this Punk who's up now please now when I show you this I might want everyone to say hi oh no or you didn't do well this was the date which newspaper this is the wall street journal wall street journal did you hear me i ran for president of the united states november four five six seven that's friday wall street journal says in which election computer bugs get


nine million votes they said all that is nine million votes from pennsylvania you heard me so for a few minutes i was president you heard what i said go wait go on and it wasn't published by another newspaper uh did you hear me oh yeah some machines just can't be believed ok the big computer in new york that was designed to compare the results of today's general election at a moment early yesterday morning, the machine was accredited Taking on Dick Gregory, the comedian-turned-presidential candidate with nine million votes. in pencil and I don't ask for Rico and I told my people I said two hundred years you got these rich white billionaires then in this country huh I'm not going to clean it up you clean me It's okay there won't be white people in my cabinet and oh Blackfeet will only be fighting to get into this show or didn't mean I know they say that so I'll say it 50 times they've been the wife. people in my chamber have been the white ones all their life now look at this now and you black people will be mad because the only bathroom qualified to be in my cabinet is not having finished the third grade and my Secretary of Defense is my cousin Jo Jo Jo Jones Henry King true hmm busy loud though huh he's a little loud yeah but this is what he does even he's 92 even selling joints since he's a little kid with the bible where the police ran him over he said right here if yo he says you that you have sinned she would be stoned he said that's what I'm dealing with these joints then he starts selling eco-challenge okay and they couldn't arrest him because he would take horse manure put on the roof and leave it to dry, he put tea leaves in it and when they took it to the lab, that's what it was, so anyway, i just want to say thank you. everyone thank you thank you really appreciate you brother very good we say you will join us you are much needed my brother thank you for coming man thank you it's the Breakfast Club it's Dick Gregory


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