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Dias Melhores - Jota Quest (aula de viol„o completa)

May 10, 2020
we live inspires better days in rainy days days to love but forget that they do not leave behind we have hope that we will be better mine we had hope we have for you since the day forever we are waiting for days old times bound for days that do not leave the bosses - hoping that we will be the better for the day so there are always people connected to the cycle it's me and mar and today I'm going to show you the full version of the song Dias Melhores by the band



I'm going to use this guitar here which is eagle is in miami and 6 3 in the intro, we use these chords here, only major or minor with a seventh and D with four basses in F sharp look at this rhythm inside the G although we are going to use it to play practically the whole song, but it has some variations so I am going to do like this I'm going to show it to the main team once slowly and then show variations I'm going to divide the rhythm into three parts in the first part we're going to set up the G major and it's going to play three ba h down, except the first two are here on the lower bars, these on the top, and a high beat on the second part, we'll play four alternate beats, starting with one down here, playing very slow, but in the music this rhythm is very good fast and this will end up making us play intuitively like this, what I did was play the downbeats on the low strings and the upbeats on the needles now putting the two parts together the third part we'll start by shifting one down in the lower courts, then one down on the high back, then there's another down on the low strings and one up, tying all three parts together with the full rhythm, so this is the main motto of the intro now I I'm going to split the intro into two sequences, the first sequence here, well here we're going to start playing the main rhythm once on each chord like this, then it's the second in E major, we're going to play the ri thmus. divided between A minor and the seventh o and I recommend a fourth in F sharp so the division is like this in the first chord we play the first two parts of the video in the second the cut we play the third part now let's see the second sequence the second sequence starts the same as the first here is a variation also after the second the only important cut after it we are going to set the recommended fourth in F sharp we are going to play sion i am going to show this variation in three parts in the first part play one down one down on the low strings one up plus one down record in the second part crash and the third part is a normal job plus one down just with a grid and the next variation is like this ready now i'm going to put the two sequences together and play in full production so you can get on with the little arrows in the first part the chords the same as we read the rhythm is also the same what matters now is that most of the chords will be played do s times and there's a detail between the first and the second second verse that you've also seen the last two chords of the first verse we're going to play the equal split rhythm and I just showed you the intro okay the first part is like this , so we should wait for better days for holidays to tie the jeci that they don't leave behind we hope that we are better baby the crisis to play I predict to do these chords here or tokyo node solo with bass in b in A minor with seven the risk is also The same one that I taught here is played once in each chord only at the end in the minor house with seven that have a preparation with the chorus. once we get there, don't concede, we'll play a fan setup like this here, look, we're going to play one down, then it'll play another seven beats down, right after the chorus enters the c-rhythm gold, it's going to be played once on each chord and when it gets to the end, people will repeat the first sequence of the introduction the one where we play the rhythm once on each chord and in A minor with seven and in the low register in F sharp we play the rhythm the song i taught you just keep an eye on the chords to get the structure right to finish the song we will play the chorus and at the end we will continue playing the rhythm it will end with a touch down only bigger like this is us forever and to see more videos and learn more songs, just enter if you do when someone leaves a comment, ok, thanks and until next time and the best.
dias melhores   jota quest aula de viol o completa

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