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Diaconate Ordination 2021 | Pontifical Scots College

Jun 10, 2021
okay oh it's wonder it's ro oh oh it's oh in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit peace be upon you my brothers and sisters let us recognize our sins and thus prepare ourselves worthily to celebrate these sacred mysteries that I confess to almighty god and to you my brothers and sisters that I have sinned greatly in my thoughts and in my words in what I have done and in what I have not done and I ask you my fault for my mercy your fault for that I ask blessed Mary ever virgin all the angels and saints and you my brothers and sisters to pray for me to the lord our god that almighty god have mercy on us forgive us our sins and take us to eternal life is lord uh is baby know is yes is is r yes peace let us pray almighty and eternal god constantly fulfill the paschal mystery within us that those whom you have delight in making new in holy baptism may under your protective care bear much fruit and reach the joys of eternal life through our lord jesus christ your son who lives and reign with you in the unity of the holy spirit god forever and ever a reading of the acts of the apostles when saul arrived in jerusalem he tried to join the disciples but everyone was afraid of him they could not believe he was really a disciple, but Barnabas He took charge of him, presented him to the apostles and explained how the Lord had appeared to Saul and spoken to him on his journey and how he had preached boldly in Damascus in the name of Jesus, Saul now began to depart.
diaconate ordination 2021 pontifical scots college
He walked with them in Jerusalem preaching boldly in the name of the Lord, but after speaking with the Hellenists and arguing with them, they decided to kill him when the brothers learned that they took him to Caesarea and sent him from there to Tarsus, the churches. Throughout Judea, Galilee and Samaria, they now remain in peace, building themselves, living in the fear of the Lord and filled with the comfort of the Holy Spirit. The word of the Lord. I will praise you, Lord, in the assembly of your people. I will fulfill my vows before those who fear the Lord.
diaconate ordination 2021 pontifical scots college

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diaconate ordination 2021 pontifical scots college...

The humble will eat. until they are satisfied those who seek the lord will praise him may their hearts live forever all the ends of the earth will remember and return to the lord all the families of the nations will bow down before you before him alone all those who sleep in the earth, all those who go down to the dust will bow before him, my soul will live, my descendants will serve him, may the coming generation be informed of the lord so that they may proclaim our people still. so that the justice that has been shown may be born, I will praise you, Lord, in the assembly of your people, a reading of the first letter of Saint John, my children, our love should not be just words or mere talk, but something real and active.
diaconate ordination 2021 pontifical scots college
Only then can we be sure of that we are children of the truth and can quiet our conscience in his presence whatever accusations he raises against us because God is greater than our conscience and he knows all my dear people if we cannot be condemned by our own conscience. We should not be afraid in the presence of God and everything we ask of him we will receive because we keep his commandments and live the type of life that he wants his commandments are these that we believe in the name of his son Jesus Christ and that we love one another as He told us that he who keeps his commandments lives in God and God lives in him we know that he lives in us through the spirit that has given us the word of the Lord hallelujah make your home in me as I make mine in you he who remains in me prayers by tim abundance a reading of the holy gospel according to john jesus said to his disciples i am the true vine and my father is the vinedresser every branch in me that does not bear fruit he cuts down and every branch that does not bear fruit bears fruit he prunes so that it bears Even more, you are already pruned through the word that I have spoken to you, make your home in me as I make mine in you, just as a branch cannot bear fruit on its own but must remain part of the vine, neither can you if you do not. you remain in me I am the vine you are the branches he who remains in me with me and bears fruit and abundance because cut off from me you can do nothing he who does not remain in me is like a branch what has been rejected dries up these branches become they are collected and thrown into the fire and burned if you remain in me and my words remain in you you can ask for whatever you want and you will obtain it it is for the glory of my father that you bear much fruit and then you will be my disciples gospel of the lord so that those who are to be ordained deacons present themselves malcolm stewart augustine hutchison diocese of dunkeld joshua james moyer archdiocese of saint andrews and edinburgh kevin james adam rennie diocese of galloway edward toner archdiocese of glasgow these names trusting in the help of the lord god and our savior jesus christ we elect these men our brothers for the order of the


dear brothers and sisters in christ beloved of the lord in the final verse of the previous chapter immediately before our gospel today jesus says get up, let's go from here marked the end of the celebration of the last supper and It marked the beginning of the journey towards the representation of what had happened in the upper room and was now to be fulfilled in the passion, death and resurrection of the Lord.
diaconate ordination 2021 pontifical scots college
Going from here from the upper room meant passing through the temple as with the apostles Jesus descended into the valley. From Kedron towards the garden of Gethsemane adorned with gold on the side of the temple for all to see was a huge sculpture of the vine, the symbol of God's chosen people whom he had chosen as his firstborn son among the nations. The prophet Jeremiah tells us that God had planted Israel as a choice vine born from the purest seed but which turned out to be a degenerate plant Isaiah spoke of the nation where the Lord was lovingly working as a vinedresser and refers to it as my beloved a term that was now going to be used by Jesus of his apostles as the father has loved me also I loved you abide in my love those whom God loved of old his elect and firstborn among the nations had produced sour grapes fruits that no longer belonged to the chosen vine fruits that had been planted in a world invented by God and religion. and the reality the book of cyric says that wisdom is the vine that would bear fruit saying like a terabyte I spread my branches and my branches are branches of glory and favor like a vine I made favor sprout and my flowers became fruits of glory and wealth come to me those who desire me those who eat me will hunger for more and those who drink me will thirst for more those who work with me will no longer sin God had offered Israel, his firstborn nation, a history full of favors and glory but that everything turned out to be different and disappointing the sap of god's grace had dried up on the vine within the context of the paschal mystery that we now also celebrate jesus declares i am the true vine i am in hebrew a a is the final occasion in which jesus uses this divine description of himself I am I am the true vine and my father is the vinedresser each branch in me that does not bear fruit takes away the incarnate wisdom of God who bears fruit through the branches the community of his disciples which is the church that remains in me and I in him he is the one who bears much fruit because apart from me you can do nothing it is Christ who is the life the vitality of the vine not a bishop not a priest not a deacon nor anyone else but Christ we are just branches we are effective only to the extent that we bear fruit from the bag of the vine who is christ his vitality is what we learn to absorb as true disciples and which then becomes the source of our ministry in the church saint john in his first letter says that We are only known as His by the spirit that He has given us.
This spirit that is His and that He shares with us has the power to touch and anoint those we love. They are sent to serve the evil and indifferent as well as the good. the other sheep who are not of the fold but as we heard in last Sunday's gospel we still have to lead that love is the spirit of Jesus the incarnate wisdom of God God who simply however deeply describes himself as love. This is the definitive guide and direction of our lives as disciples. It is our true identity as Christians. In fact, this love bore witness to the greatness of the early church, who we are told in our first reading had peace and was built up. rise and walk in the fear of the lord and in the comfort of the holy spirit the growth was multiplied came from the sap of the vine the love of christ was manifested in his early church my dear malcolm joshua kevin and edward the lord is calling you to be paradigms and servants of this greatness, the apostles, as we know, chose men of good reputation full of wisdom and holy spirit precisely for this ministry of charity, love, without which Saint Paul says all other virtue is useless, so in the words of Saint John, first letter, let us not love word or word but in deed and truth it will of course be a challenge but it will also be a source of immense personal grace and grace for the entire church the office of deacon as we read in the words of the The right of


has been established to help the bishop and his priests in the ministry of the word of the altar and of charity, showing themselves servants of all.
In fact, we know from Scripture that the work of charity preceded that of the undermined liturgy, underscoring the fact that you cannot have one without the other ministers of Jesus Christ who do God's will from the heart by serving the people with love and joy as themselves with the help of God you will do all this in such a way that they will be recognized as the true disciples of him who did not come to be served but to serve his only teacher is the lord which is why you also choose to remain celibate so that Cling more easily to Christ and be freer to minister to your people, you are no longer simply hearers of the gospel but those who serve God wholeheartedly with an undivided heart all your life, everything within you will be a sign that points to the greatness of God.
To his love for the entire world, the church describes this dedication as a source of spiritual fruitfulness for the entire world and that is why my beloved children in the Lord always remember, God does not call you to the impossible, to things beyond you but to greater things. within you through the work of his grace, this is the grace that is given to you in this sacrament of order. It is now up to you to accept it with everything that is within you, to nourish it to make it the jewel of your life. The main line of my ministry and yours in the church is measured only by the sincerity of our love so stand up with confidence go from here because he no longer calls you simply servants but friends his beloved who do things for love chosen from the world and appointed by him to go out to bear fruit but fruit that will always last if you thank you, my dear children, before entering the order of the


you must declare before the people your intention to assume this office and thus resolve to be consecrated for the ministry of the church by the laying on of my hands and the gift of the holy spirit.
Do you intend to carry out the office of deacon with humble charity to help the priestly order and benefit the Christian people? Do you intend to hold fast to the mystery of faith with a clear conscience, as the apostle asks us, and to proclaim this faith in word and deed according to the gospel and the tradition of the church, do you intend to maintain forever this commitment to remain celibate as sign of your dedication to Christ the Lord for the kingdom of heaven and in the service of God and man? decide to maintain and deepen the spirit of prayer proper to your lifestyle and, in accordance with this spirit and what is required of you, faithfully celebrate the liturgy of the words of the hours with and for the people of God and, in effect, For the whole world, you decided to always conform your way of life to the example of Christ, of whose body and blood you are a minister on the altar.
Do you promise respect and obedience to your ordinary god who has begun the good work in you do you bring it to completion do you promise respect and obedience to your ordinary god who has begun the good work in you do you bring it to completion do you promise respect and obedience to your ordinary god who has the good work begun in you you bring it to completion you promise respect and obedience to your ordinary I do so may God who has begun the good work in you bring it to such a good fulfillment let us pray that God the almighty father may mercifully pour out the grace of his blessing upon these his servants whom in his goodness he elevates to the order of the diaconate that is me lord have mercy holy mary mother of god for us holy angels of for god saints pray for us saints joshua saint john the baptist pray for us saint peter and saint saint paul saint ignitions of antiochus r city say darkness saint gregory saint ambrose saint augustine saint of the nations saint martin saint kenticone saint saint saint thomas aquinas saint francis savior saint john henry saint catherine of siena child jesus praise pray for us saint monica saint margarita of of scotland of through your incarnation through the outpouring of the holy spirit protect your holy church faithful servants of your church is his chosen man comfort the troubled and afflicted with your mercy strengthen us all and keep us in your holy service Jesus Christ kindly listens to our prayers and kindly accompanies with your help what we undertake by virtue of our office sanctified by your blessing to these men that we present to our judgment we believe worthyto exercise sacred ministries through Christ our Lord um draw near we pray to you almighty god giver of all grace who distributes every order and assigns all offices that remain unchanged but make all things new in your eternal providence you make provision for each age as you order all creation through him who is your word your power and your wisdom jesus christ your son our lord you grant to the church his body adorned with multiple heavenly graces, gathered in the diversity of its members and united by a wonderful bond through the holy spirit , must grow and spread to build a new temple and as you once chose the sons of Levi to minister in the previous tabernacle, so now you establish three ranks of ministers in their sacred offices to serve in your name and so in the early days of your church by the inspiration of the holy spirit your son's apostles appointed seven men of good reputation to assist them in the daily ministry who could devote themselves more fully to prayer and to the preaching of the word through prayer and the laying on of hands they trusted To those chosen men the ministry of serving at the table we beg you, Lord, look with favor on these servants of yours who will minister at your holy altar and whom we now humbly dedicate to the office of deacon of the deacon send upon them Lord we pray the holy spirit that they may be strengthened by the gift of your sevenfold grace to the faithful who carry out the work of the ministry may all evangelical virtue abound in them sincere love concern for the sick and poor authority without pretensions purity of innocence and observance of the spiritual discipline that your commandment shines in their conduct so that with the example of their way of life they inspire the imitation of your holy people by offering the testimony of a conscience of a clear conscience that they remain strong and firm in Christ so that imitating on earth to your son who did not come to be served but to serve, be found worthy to reign in heaven with him who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the holy spirit god who dwells forever and ever how beautiful is your dwelling place oh lord of hosts my soul is those who dwell in your house my heart and my flesh have departed with joy in my living god dwell in your house receive the gospel of Christ whose herald you have become believe what you read teach what you believe and practice what you teach receive the gospel of Christ whose herald you have become believe what you read teach what you believe and practice what you teach receive the gospel of Christ whose herald you are whose herald you have become believe what you read teach what you believe and practice what you teach receive the gospel of christ whose herald you have become believe what you read teach what you believe and practice what you teach oh is he who has the god of jacob as his helper hope is in the lord is the lord who love justice and the lord will reign forever father foreigner i believe in god the father almighty creator of heaven and earth and in jesus christ of his only son whom our lord by the holy spirit the horn of the virgin mary suffered under pontius fountain altiplana crucified and He died in his ear He descended into hell on the third day He his name from the dead ascended to heaven and is seated at the right hand of God the Almighty Father From there he comes to judge the living and the dead I believe in the Holy Spirit The Holy Catholic Church communion of saints the forgiveness of sins the resurrection of the body and eternal life army oh oh it is lord oh and make the voice have oh oh oh r I will enter your house my heart was spoken when I was oh r oh pray my brothers and sisters that my sacrifice and yours may be acceptable to god the almighty father oh god that by the wonderful exchange affected in this sacrifice you have made us partakers of the one supreme divinity grant us we pray that, as we have come to know your truth, we may make it our own through a worthy way of life through christ our lord the lord be with you r let us give thanks to the lord our lord is truly just and just our duty and our salvation at all times acclaim you or lord but in this time of all lord it over you even more gloriously when christ our Passover has been sacrificed by the The ablation of his body brought to fulfillment the sacrifice of antiquity in the reality of the cross and in entrusting himself to you for our salvation he must himself be the priest the altar and the lamb or sacrifice, therefore , conquer with joy every land that every people exalts in Your praise and even the heavenly powers with the angelic hosts sing forever for your glory in the endless hymn of your praise.
I am for you, therefore, merciful father, we make humble prayer and petition through Jesus Christ, your son, our Lord, that you accept and bless. these gifts these offerings these holy and immaculate sacrifices that we offer you first for your holy catholic church be pleased to grant her peace to keep it united and govern it throughout the world together with your servant francis our pope and I your unworthy servant and all those who holding the truth in your hand in the catholic and apostolic faith remember yourselves lord and of all those gathered here whose faith and devotion are known to you by them we offer you the sacrifice of praise of the author himself and of those who are new to them but care of their souls with the hope of health and well-being and paying homage to you, eternal God, living and clean in communion with those whose memory we especially venerate the glorious ever virgin Mary, mother of our God and Lord Jesus Christ and the blessed Joseph his husband. your blessed apostles and martyrs peter and paul andrew james john thomas james phillip arthelmu matthew simon and judas linus cleto clement sixtus cornelius cyprian lorenz chrysoponis john and paul cosmos and damien and all your saints we ask that by their merits and prayers in everything we may be defended for your protective help, therefore, Lord, we beg you to accept with grace this oblation of our service to your entire family that we also do to you for your servants whom you have seen fit to elevate to the order of the diaconate and in your mercy keep safe your gifts in them so that what they have received by divine commission they fulfill with divine help rejoice oh god we ask you to bless recognize and approve this offering in all aspects make it spiritual and acceptable so that it may become for us the body and blood of Your beloved son, our Lord Jesus Christ, the day before suffering, took the bread in his holy and venerable hands and with his eyes raised to heaven towards you, oh God, his almighty father, giving thanks to you, he said the blessing, broke the bread and gave it to his disciples, saying All of you take this and eat from it because this is my body that will be given for you in the same way.
When the meal was finished, he took this precious chalice in his holy and venerable hands and once again giving thanks to you, he said the blessing and gave the chalice to his friends. disciples saying, all take this and drink from it because this is the chalice of my blood, the blood of the new and eternal covenant that will be poured out for you and for many. for the forgiveness of sins do this in memory of me uh the mystery of faith r as we celebrate the memorial of the blessed passion the resurrection from the dead and the glorious ascension into heaven of christ your son our lord we your servants and your people holy Offer to your glorious majesty the gifts that you have given us this pure victim this holy victim this blameless victim the holy bread of eternal life and the chalice of eternal salvation be pleased to look at these offerings with a serene and kind countenance and accept them. as once you were pleased to accept the offerings of your servant abel the just the sacrifice of abraham our father in faith and the offering of your high priest melchizedek a holy sacrifice a victim without spot in humble prayer we ask you almighty god command that these offerings be born by the hands of your holy angel to your altar on high in the sight of your divine majesty so that all of us who through this participation in the altar receive the most holy body and blood of your son may be filled with all grace and heavenly blessing remember also Lord, to your servants who have preceded us with a sign of faith and rest in the dream of peace, grant them our Lord be prayed for and to all who sleep in Christ a place among the first men, light and peace to us also to your servants who those sinners await.
In your abundant mercies kindly grant us some participation and fellowship with your holy apostles and martyrs with John the Baptist Stephen Matthias Barnabe Alexander Marcellin Peter perpetual happiness Agatha Lucy Agnes Cecilia Anastasia and all your saints admit us we beseech you in their company without weighing our merits but granting us your forgiveness through Christ our lord for whom you continue to do all these good things oh lord sanctify them fill them with life bless them and grant them to us through him and with him and in him oh god almighty father in the unity of the holy spirit is yours forever by order of the savior and formed by divine teaching we dare to say our father deliver us lord we pray to you from all evil grant us peace in our days so that with the help of your mercy we may always be free from sin and safe from all anguish while we await the blessed hope and the coming of our savior jesus christ lord jesus christ who said to your apostles peace I leave you my peace I give you look not at our sins but at the faith of your church and graciously grant it peace and unity according to your will who live and reign forever and ever. centuries the peace of the lord be upon you always merciful behold the lamb of god behold he who takes away the sins of the world blessed be those called to the supper of the lamb so hmm oh yes oh take care this has been said by my own day lord I too will be the faithful oh it is I will try we will be oh it is well with you forever all the time graciously be present for Your people we pray oh Lord and guide those whom You have imbued with heavenly mysteries to move from formal paths to a new life a through Christ our Lord.
I am very aware that this is being passed on to your families in Scotland who unfortunately cannot be there. with us, so from this community here in the heart of Rome we send our love to you and your children who have now become deacons and I think they deserve a good round of applause for us. I know that you who are in Scotland, your family is there, how proud you will be of these young people, but I also want you to know how proud the church is today of these young people who have listened very carefully to the Lord calling them to follow him where he will take them now. and when I said get up and get out of here I thought there might have been a stampede actually at the beginning it's a very dangerous thing to say in the seminar but um you're leaving here because you're going to serve your loved ones at home so we We hug from afar and thank God with you for the gift of these excellent young people.
We just want to offer our own thanks to Archbishop Lloyd for coming to join us here on the premises today, when you can't just who Scotland might become. with us and he is very generous, I take advantage of the moment in the church, particularly in this university, somehow last year with all the surprises and that kind of opportunity, but thank you, thank keyboard, malcolm, kevin and george for having that. strength and courage to stay with us and decide to have this help between the university today with friends and family and share it from the business one or two practical things that we will do please after the talaxa we can have the vacuum equal to vacuum and let's keep our distance and then once we have the opportunity to have a little refreshment in that time together lord be with you may god who has called you to the service of others in his church give you great zeal for everyone especially for the poor and the suffering that god who has commissioned you to preach the gospel of Christ, help you to live according to his word and thus bear sincere and fervent testimony that God, who has appointed you administrators of his mysteries, makes you imitators of his son Jesus Christ and ministers of unity and peace in the world and may the blessing of almighty god father and son and the holy spirit descend upon you and remain with you always peace is oh it is oh oh ah you

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