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DFB-Pokal Klassiker: Die magische Nacht von Klopps BVB | SPORT1

Nov 28, 2021
may 12, 2012 olympic stadium in berlin the duel of giants between dortmund and bayern madeleine niner presents the gold trophy paid in the viennese world champion race final 2012 75 000 708 spectators as always a magnificent backdrop wins us today the game worked well now about robben schweinsteiger everyone was there the coaches jupp heynckes and hermann gerland and of course on the other hand jürgen klopp with his famous chickens % of you will keep talking about robert lewandowski his center forward condor with the reds mario gomez was not top scorer 2011 12 with 26 goals klaas jan huntelaar had surpassed him with 29 floor borussia dortmund was already sovereign german white eight down ahead of munich and a lightning start bvb lewandowski luiz gustavo bad luck in the streak of blaszczykowski kagawa 100 dortmund third minute that was of course an emotional highlight Tollhaus Olympic Stadium Kagawa with a gala session a t otal of 13 bundesliga goals prepared 12 goals and did that on top of that clearly just bad luck luiz gustavo's ball for blaszczykowski the brazilian then of course also too late against kagawa the game started spectacularly not a bit say yes that this final in 2012 was maybe the best ever for bayern but he also came into play pretty well through robben then goes right gomez stein hits the ball but also hits roman weidenfeller who is writhing in pain that was really stupid tenth minute collision mario gomez accidentally hits weidenfeller on the lips it's very very painful let's take a look again in slow motion the center forward can't do anything about it it's not good for weidenfeller but it's more like giving up with a will irrepressible that is not the final bayern 10 in front adrenaline mitchell langerak the australian is already preparing himself in the sliga league this season with n 2 1 sentences but weidenfeller put on his gloves again what are the lips doing jürgen klopp probably didn't suspect anything good corner kick for bayern by robben and then schmelzer with the release schmelzer kehl gündogan hummels kagawa lewandowski big names at that time a really big team and weidenfeller expected completely exclusively in the game maybe a little more possession for the munich team and then robben schweinsteiger wonderfully in the run for gomez again came against weidenfeller the goalkeeper was completely blocked also hastily and then by bayern and the money for the poor wide salad your band still hurts and now the pain from the penalty on top of that referee was peter gagelmann and gomez now also suffering partner of both counters weidenfeller was hands in a huge jump gomez huge fall penalty the correct decision weidenfeller concentration on arjen robben mario gomez goalscorer f eu he 2010 2011 now dealt with here by doc müller wohlfahrt arjen robben 25 minutes and sat out early april had a penalty against borken and failed and thus finally started the championship there is hope again for the munich robben beaten for the title from august to november from 2011 many injuries inflammation of the pubis hernia until december he only played five games the ambitious evening always passionate of arias jürgen klopp and the encouragement of mitchell langerak can motivate the australian kloppo weidenfeller like no other he could no longer change in the 34th minute gomez collided after ten minutes it was just the basics and mitchell langerak reached his third dfb cup bayern was already thinking about the horn final on the 19th praises luiz gustavo he was allowed and asked you not to participate so now here in berlin the three of us at the start XI timoschtschuk happy and thomas müller formed for the final of the boateng champions league and now again gomez against the goalkeeper first test eba passed mitchell langerak no one injured although there was gomez again publicity of the facts kagawa then a very big kagawa then at 6 the right back philipp lahm the captain and then a bad pass from philippe country that was extremely rare just melter kagawa for blaszczykowski collapse of the burgring the sinner and immediately the decision of the penalty again for days in the 40th minute the desperate face of holger badstuber kagawa the cutting luck for blaszczykowski that was I don't think it was planned and somehow it was very clumsy on the part of boateng too impetuous at last instance something completely clear mats hummels vs manuel neuer and it looks like a determined concentration gagelmann still had to make sure the lines in the penalty area were a bit clear no one wanted to give up picked it up without a fight and then didn't make it clear but then hummels neuer guessed he was still there 41 minute 2 1 borussia dortmund was sorry sound new touched the ball but the shot was too weak and bubbled into a new stoppage time first half five minutes the field injury led to this long stoppage time schweinsteiger badstuber toni kroos on lame bayern played 2012 already in possession with a high pass rate robben robben then look for ribéry and then zack zack two contacts from three balls bvb der kloppo football via kagawa lewandowski 321 dortmund in extra time her friend said after the game dortmund had a chance to score in the first half and then three korea deep right somehow not offside kagawa in lewandowski and through the legs of manuel neuer on the revolving stage kalle rummenigge karl hopfner 2014 to 2016 yes president of bavaria uli hoeness in prison there was a break in berlin beautiful sunset let's continue with the second half dortmund I had if before this final I won four games in a row against Bayern with a goal ratio of 7 to 1 and now three to one f against the bayern fans but bvb just played a great side knew kagawa and then the release of thomas müller gomez and the nosedive of more dry time and it was over for them black and yellow in the 49th minute motivated a bit lame good guy müller müller more or less should 11 12 only scored 7 goals then praises and his bosom friend persuaded for a long time perhaps the best left side in the world and then again tempo raid jürgen klopp's favorite sport blaszczykowski lewandowski found to philipp lahm an elegant game simply the best bayern always with the will to shoot this one too but very focused the bvb team at the back of bayern this season with the best defense and dortmund with subotic hummels schmelzer with the second best defensive lahm toni kroos ribery robben ribéry and again shot blocked by schweinsteiger burned and that was then the black and yellow moments again and again on kaka wieself ag il brute kreutz leg shot schweinsteiger lewandowski 4 to 1 58 minutes icy and smart countered lewandowski who then switched to munich for free in 2014 champion 2011 2012 and here bayern really cheated the unloved big rivals really gave one that is really good for dortmund fans robert lewandowski irresistible this bundesliga season 22 goals for bvb third place behind küttel and gomez nothing to do for the new jupp heynckes contrasts glock came to bvb in 2008 and then stayed until 2015 when bayern and dortmund barely passed the semifinals bayern on penalties won in gladbach dortmund with a difficult 10 in fürth after extra time again and again lewandowski clear now with all his power and very broad chest lewandowski and manuel neuer continue now schweinsteiger heynckes said after the game all our defensive behavior was catastrophic hey by jupp heynckes already a very c phrase lara and then again lewandowski and the lack of schweinsteiger a frustrating foul and the category card of daniel man after 70 minutes jackets scarves and matthi bolte schweini lewandowski that made you nervous with normal media almost no chance so if you just go to bayern , as always, much to the right gomez overloaded dortmunder does not come here this time before the final strong as a bear nine competitive victories in a row and then this here in berlin clearly much more both now sit in bayern munich with seals that they found their form again in the second half of the season after a lot of injuries like i said little overall six to five scoring chances for dortmund during the 90 minutes everything was pretty balanced Ribery and now watch out for the appearance of the Frenchie crazy about him good football that was a great number 2 4 in minute 75 almost no joy after hope and optimism looks h No stopped there even though there was still more than 15 minutes of play left and since a bvb fan in Bavaria Citizen was lost forever it was such a typical ribery and predictable football a lot of world class so many legs between so many opponents and then we found this gap 12 goals who scored in 2011 2012 and set up 21 which was a brilliant season for the French Bender then he came for the great Kagawa played the great Sven Bender came on in the 81st minute so it was all a bit more defensive now and shinji kagawa was duly feted center From a very, very strong team, Lewandowski deserved everything here and even worse for the record champion, there comes a new one and he does not fix the ball in the Lewandowski ball, that art of two is a humiliation for the champion, like the red Romanowski as a hurdler. great poland show from 2010 to 2014 at bvb scored 74 goals then went to munich in 2015 top scorer number d rei for center forward 45 minutes 58 minutes 81 minute s manuel neuer that can happen in a game like this wiss checks reacts very well and boateng can't do anything against lewandowski who still fits into the bayern picture with an eight point advantage in this set strange game became champion against bayern and then on may 12, 2012 a story was added like that dortmund was in the black and yellow sky and munich's nerves were on edge nothing worked out right schweinsteiger grabbed again boston won the schweini was angry of course really stupid his action here shortly before the final referee gagelmann, lux walked away from the scene of the crime stern looks at the active pigs then scolded with federal and then line up means no matter how small you already had yellow but did not get the yellow red mercy card before right also in order arias seals among the according to the euphoric chants of bvb schweinsteiger fans 40 4 back but then he landed there was no question of ne rvios good munich also climbed in the last minutes not with fame mario gomez took a yellow card foul on schmelzer in the 88th minute in the national team colleague christian nerlinger left then bayern manager and then this furious ended spectacular finals with cis and peter gagelmann borussia dortmund beat bayern munich 5-2 an unforgettable final three goals from robert lewandowski champion 2001 champion 2012 google 2012 borussia dortmund was clearly ahead of bayern munich before gregory of course deeply disappointed patrick owomoyela a real tear had to be tied in the last game in freiburg in the final only the spectators were the federal president gauck and the captain sebastian kehl the first goal 103 years of club history was perfect and achieved congratulations
dfb pokal klassiker die magische nacht von klopps bvb sport1

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