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DF Direct - PlayStation 5 Reveal Analysis + Reaction!

Jun 09, 2021
digital foundry here talking about that quintuplet ps not talking about that series x series x john you have to help me here yes, that doesn't work but it's a momentous occasion


5 I mean, if there was an event worthy of the resurrection of the mighty chad warden it would be this is the day after the event we've slept a little we've had some thoughts we've had some pixel counts of what we saw and uh yeah, we're going to talk about it, yeah and obviously I'm here, John is here and Alex Battaglia, hey, how's it going? Rich and John, um, I didn't sleep as much as you probably did, but I'm here, okay, well, what are we going to do with this one?
df direct   playstation 5 reveal analysis reaction
It's a little different from a normal digital casting live, we're going to review the actual live stream and basically talk about what we think about it and this way we can ensure maximum coverage of everything that was on it and not miss any of the details so I guess gentlemen we should dive in yeah let's do it so yeah here we are when it's a white box at first I thought they were going to start with grand tourer actually I thought they would start with showing the machine I thought that this would transform into the final design of the


5 uh but oh wait, this is actually the room with the crying baby on the ps3 it's actually something like that, I think maybe a little bit wider, but yeah, yeah, there's There's sort of a theme throughout this entire video is that each segment has a transition with the logo or like the face buttons on a PlayStation Pad are arranged in some strange order.
df direct   playstation 5 reveal analysis reaction

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df direct playstation 5 reveal analysis reaction...

I like this, in fact I think these little visualizations between each section are cool and gives it a good sense of style, the other thing is that they couldn't really have done anything like a traditional e3, but with the current situation, so to get these nice rendered sequences as sort of interludes between the content actually works really well, I think I was really worried that they would do that thing where they basically copied the Nintendo Direct like exactly, uh, I really don't think they're great , so, this is it. cool yeah this is a lot like how they started the ps4 conference with a pat on the back, look at these years, you know, the different varieties of games we've had, which is one of the best parts of this conference so far , even just To get ahead of myself a little bit is the variety of games that I'm showing, yeah, it's interesting that they're starting here with PS4 images mainly to, I guess, get people excited, but I also realized as we did a lot of editing.
df direct   playstation 5 reveal analysis reaction
In a lot of the videos we use the ps4 logo in a lot of those videos and it's funny to see the slight difference in how Sony approaches that, basically by having them set the opacity lower, yeah, so it's slightly transparent, it's hard to tell if that's good or Bad, I think for us we need it at full brightness, yeah, so people can notice it right away, so at the PlayStation 4


I complained about the friction and they got to the point a little quicker. time, but this is kind of definitive trolling right, I had no idea what it was about when I saw this, I thought: wait, they put the wrong press conference?
df direct   playstation 5 reveal analysis reaction
Did they upload the wrong file? Yes, this is an old trailer more or less. and it also shows in 1080p and probably what I would assume are console configurations from last gen consoles eh so it says ps4 in there yeah so not ps5 images too bad but also the ps4 logo is wrong lined up there. the framework, oh, like that, yeah, okay, this was really the strangest way to start a conference like this that I've ever seen. You see, the ad is actually pretty good. They have the PlayStation 5 version of GTA 5 and GTA Online. It's still a huge game and I think they're talking about improvements and stuff, but instead of telling us that, they're showing us images of the PS4 game library as a way to kick off the future of gaming at a PS5 conference.
Um, it's hard not to feel a little bewildered by what that searcher did here. It's disconcerting. Why do I want to say weird? I don't understand why that shot looks horrible, yes, especially since we knew a lot of the things that were. We're going to be on the show and a lot of it is really amazing and it's exactly what we were expecting so I felt like it was a really strange way to start things off and here's the controller that everyone thought, oh, it's going to be. be black based on uh yeah um, but you know, instead of the black and white combo that we have and I wonder if we'll see an all black ps4 or ps5, but I'm not sure that's the case, at least that's the case. the design would probably favor it seems to have been built maybe reverse design maybe you reverse it I don't know oh yeah, like a chessboard, maybe a chessboard no, no, like making the outer shell black, inner, white, I don't know, I'm not.
I'm sure that would look a little penguin. You want a checkerboard PS5. Alex. I've just been working on this chess board video. It's all I can think about, yeah, but yeah, you can tell just by the way our conversation is going so far. I haven't shown you, you know it's a weird way to start, but they're going to get into this, so we have Jim Ryan here and we thought, uh, see these if you look at his wrinkled shirts and everything and the slight weirdness with the On the The way they look in these scenes, we were actually guessing that they were going to say that all of these guys were rendered on PS5.
One thing is because they probably have an extremely bright flat light in front of them, yeah, like it washes out their background and their details. what makes it look kind of fake uh, it's the joakim mogrin effect from uh metal gear solid uh fives


if you remember that oh yeah, it's fake, that's right, I don't want to say what I said back then, but I thought it was fake, like that that on ps4 it took us 48 minutes to get to the actual worthwhile content and I'm pleased to say that this time they came much faster, well they just cut those 45 minutes because the show is much shorter, ok so they put this new logo PlayStation Studios that they talked about, okay, yeah, and then you see this and it's like they're opening with Spider-Man, yeah, it was really obvious from the beginning.
One thing I noticed since we were watching this at a time when I still don't understand the reason for the 1080p 30 stream i.e. the 30fps part, there was a lot of macro blocking when I watched this live because yes and all that. In this scene, in the end it wasn't a very engaging stream and I guess they're doing a disservice to most of these games which, as we're going to talk about, seem to have a much higher resolution than 1080p, so yeah, and this. Is this a sequel? It's like this is actually Spiderman. I think it's like something.
I think you said it last night like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, where it's like a side project that's probably infamous. Oh yeah, I think that's the way it looks. because it wasn't announced as Spider-Man 2, which would differentiate it from the first, so if the first thing you know immediately look at the question I asked is if it's 60 frames per second and that's basically what I was asking throughout the presentation is that we just don't know when the stream is that quality, like you said, Alex, the actual bit rate, the Mac to lock it looked horrible, I mean, if you're going to show the future. of games doing it at 1080p 30 with really low bit rate streaming, it's not good, yeah yeah, I think that's the problem.
We saw this with the ps4 pro and xbox one game 60 frames per second and the trailer, of course, the actual trailer is also 60, of course, but in the It's hard to appreciate what's going on and we were looking for, I think, reflections here, yeah, one thing is, yeah , talk about that as an interesting thing, well, that shot right there, obviously, the reflection is on the left and right side. I guess they're going to be racist, but there's self-reflection on the cars in here, which I'm pretty sure, and the floor there, that's interesting. You know, it's something you don't see often in racing games last.
I can really think of Drive Club or any of the games that used ssr, but the self-reflections are always a dead giveaway that not only are they using the usual cube map captures or flat reflections exactly, but I'd say that shot of the the mirrors along the sides of the car rotate, that's something you can only really get probably with something that's like ray traced reflections and you know, I feel like ray traced reflections are exactly what this rig development would like to implement in this game, oh yes, completely because the visual set otherwise doesn't seem like a big leap over the sport, although the detail in the car is obviously very high, but it was also high in the sports, so it feels like it's implementing those You know, rt reflections are a very smart use of system resources here, yeah, it should be, it should be interesting to see if that's also used 100 in the game always or if it's something like uh gt before where. like the graphics get a lot better during replay mode or yes, replay mode should be interesting, yes exactly, and I think it seems doable to me because there are usually not that many cars on the screen at once, yes, and if you are just using rt reflections only on cars yeah which seems doable yeah and I don't think there's probably a lot of puddles on the road or anything necessarily or literally you could also have it just for the first car like your car in front of you and then all the other cars could use the cube map reflections while you're yeah exactly and you wouldn't there's a lot of ways there's ways because obviously if you go one thing I noticed when I was playing battlefield. v is when you go through forests like this here in this shot here the forests are very difficult for rt reflections because transparencies and ray tracing are really expensive like transparencies and rasterization, so we just have to wait to see the game, i guess. in that case, but other than the fact that it was 30 fps, it looked good, you know, at least 30 fps on the stream here, yeah, okay, now this is the moment I was impressed with this demo here, yeah I like how awesome I love it. geometric detail is the kind of interesting thing, well ue5 definitely showed really high geometric detail by changing the way geometry is done in games.
It's not the only way to have really attractive geometry in detail, obviously in a traditional way, as I suppose. it's made here it looks really cool it looks better than the Ratchet and Clank movie by the way oh yeah also notice the reflection on the bottom of Clank's jaw of his bottom so one thing they mentioned after this is that in At least in uh clank itself there are ray traced reflections um obviously for the rest of the game that's something I need to like examine the trailer a lot more yeah time to see where it's used yeah , but I think the most important thing is What's really important is this kind of dimensional warping system, yeah, which is absurd, I think this is really the first example that we've seen that we can show people right away and give them an idea which is the fastest storage solution. can be enabled, yes, this is the next generation difference, right, I mean, this is something that you couldn't do on the PlayStation 4.
This is an exactly the same system and there are kind of jumps and those kind of custom releases that moves between them. Which to me is a good thing in this case because I don't think Insomniac would ship a game with those problems, but it also suggests that it's more realistic, oh, I also like the fact that they did it. Hook, shows it's real. One thing that's interesting to note is that I imagine there are two different sequences of how this works. There seem to be sequences in the lane where you go through all of this, like when it's fall. transport you very quickly to all these places where these huge assets are transmitted, uh, but then it seems like in the normal bass game it's like a portal like, uh, yeah, that's why it seems to me that there are two differences, uh and and that makes sense because you wouldn't really want the player to jump between levels constantly so it's pointless, yeah, who knows how much fun it would be exactly, so I think it's better to mix it up that way.
It's really interesting and could lead to some good things so he's talking about it here and then they're going to show some more gameplay but this is exciting because I love ratcheting clank games and I think the ratcheting clank style graphics I'll see cartoons are a great way to show off what you can do on this new hardware and then beyond that I think I'm really happy that Sony is opening up games like this brilliant cartoon, you know, almost like throwback games , but with a new twist thanks to improved technology like that, that's really exciting to me, yeah, I think more cartoon graphics lend themselves well to looking more like CGI, where you see less glitches overall, so this The result looks really, very, very good.
It's not that the latest gamesand they want to make sure that this runs cooler and quieter because that's been kind of a major complaint that the PS4 is huge. I mean, I'm looking at my Xbox One X, you know, when it's stacked vertically it's about the same size as the Series certain cdi. Oh, luckily, John, you didn't mention it as deep, but it's similar in terms of height. Look in the audience now Audrey's ears have caught on. You mentioned the magic word exactly CDI. How good. You just secured a purchase for this, but yeah. I think exactly I'm curious to see it either way I think it's an interesting design um and I want to see what it looks like in the living room basically, but we'll see a big box, a big refrigerator again, that's the expense and this is the other thing that we should discuss, they haven't announced the price, I think it's wrong, you know, at this point you really thought they were going to think they had to reason, you know, because um uh, it's almost like storing bad news if you don't tell us the price right now, all we can think is that it's going to be extremely expensive and you're holding off until the last possible moment and I think that's the wrong strategy.
I think if they had actually shown the horizon and said look, this is the future of gaming, but this is what's going to happen. cost, that's the way to do it, juxtapose, you know what you're getting for the price you're investing, yeah, hiding the price at this point, I just think it's piling on bad news, but you know, here we go, okay guys. So we just got our first look at the PlayStation 5, a lot of games on there, we saw the actual hardware, no pricing, which I personally found pretty disappointing, so first of all, let's go over the table.
John's Final Thoughts, um, I thought it was a much better reveal than what we saw with the Xbox stuff mainly because they actually had some blockbuster titles that hadn't been previously announced. We were able to see a demonstration of what the SSD can do with things. like ratchet and clank with the interdimensional travel, it really gives us a relatability, it's a good way to show the audience that's been asking what this means for the game and I feel like this is one of the first examples we have. I've seen where what they're doing with that wouldn't have been feasible on a mechanical unit.
I'd say it's just processing too much data too fast so that's great and obviously the gorilla went all out with the horizon 2 which looks as good as I would have hoped, obscene detail density uh quality and everything is absurd and for anyone worried that that's not representative, I think it's because I gather that the game isn't actually that far away, we didn't really do it. We didn't get a date but I'm pretty sure it'll be next year and after getting burned by the Killzone 2 cg trailer they've been very up front with their reveals. Killzone Shadowfall was exactly what you got, just minor adjustments. uh the first things for Horizon Dead in Killzone 3 even so, I think this will follow suit and you can also see real-time rendering elements, but then there's the console that we just talked about. about which I think okay, it's pretty good, but it's huge, I'll quickly give you my general impressions.
I think it should have been simpler, should have focused more on actual future games. I like the wide reach, but I wish I had it. I've seen an actual game and I think the negative


to the Microsoft show a few weeks ago maybe those kinds of comments should have been taken into account, but I mean, you know, we saw Horizon 2, we actually saw that it looked absolutely incredible, I can not wait. to see what this machine will offer once we get our hands on it and the machine itself, maybe I'll make a video on that.
I have some thoughts on that, but yeah, awesome stuff and alex. Why don't you complete everything first? Yes, he was once again. I was. I also loved Horizon Zero Dawn. A lot. I also liked um and not Zero Dawn. Alex Horizon Horizon Two whatever it's called. I loved. I love the road. It looked, there are a lot of questions about how the Boarding game works, to me it also looked very, very good, I was also very happy to see ray tracing demos where we can point and say this is actually a rage race. thoughts um something it was almost impossible to do a showcase of xbox series see and you know, with really cool games, I guess one thing I'm a little curious about is which games are 30 and which are 60, because obviously the stream and the trailers were released like Resident Evil, you know, the eight trailer at 30 fps has me worried.
I'm really curious why it's a 30fps trailer. But other than that, I think it was a pretty good showcase. I just wish for more gameplay in the end, yeah I think streaming. Quality is the biggest complaint I have against if you are showing the future of gaming when you show games that run in native 4k to present us with a stream that is at 1080p with a really low bit rate of 30 frames per second. we don't really know what kind of flavor to get from those games. I think it's a big deal and I really hope Microsoft can up the ante with its big showcase launching in July, but that's where we're going.
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ly and get impeccable quality video downloads of everything we do well within reason, we don't have impeccable quality resources for this, well, there's, but That's all from us for now, thanks for doing it all. I'm walking to the end of this marathon df


and see you soon thank you very much

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