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Deutsch lernen mit Geschichten #34 | B1-B2 - Deutsch lernen kostenlos

Jul 29, 2022
veronika it's winter veronika looks into the distance over the rooftops the gray sky hangs over the city how cold she says softly and paces up and down the platform the train is late intercity express on time as always she quotes the ad grimly veronika looks at her watch for the tenth time in five minutes she finally hears the loudspeaker crackle please be careful on track 3 a father is late intercity express to hannover the train stops veronika looks out the window luckily the train is not so full she thinks and he gets into the first class car the first two compartments are full of pensioners they are drinking champagne and laughing for god's sake veronika thinks the third compartment is almost empty a young man is sitting alone at the window he is writing veronika sits down across from him she likes it too sit at the man's window smile at this she doesn't smile veronika takes the laptop out of her briefcase and starts working on the h man in front of her pays attention to her no longer looking in her notebook and continues writing veronika writes fast and accurately on the computer sometimes she looks at her across the street her hair is disheveled her jeans have holes and her shirt is faded a leftist intellectual or something too bad ugly actually he doesn't look at her more often while she's working i can't believe he thinks she's such a pretty woman and she walks like a cartoon wall street stockbroker veronika in she actually looks like the perfect businesswoman in her gray suit with flats the train passes through cities along the rhine crossing the rhine again through cities without beginning or end neither of us says a word neither of us looks out the window they both seem to be completely focused on their work the man gets up and takes something out of the big old bag next to him it's a sketch pad he puts the pad on his knees and starts to draw with a thick black pencil n veronika keeps writing but thinks what he is doing now she looks at him quickly first he writes then he draws an artist or wants to show that he is an artist she knows those guys who just want to make themselves interesting veronika mistrusts everyone outside it is getting dark she is tired she closes the computer and puts it in the briefcase the young man holds the notebook on his knees his eyes are closed maybe he is hitting veronika and he approaches her cautiously at that moment the man opens his eyes does he really want to see who then asks abruptly and blushes and the drawing is the portrait, oh, a portrait if I painted it, you don't want to see it, she doesn't answer, take the sheet of paper and it's here, but that's what Veronika says, she's amazed, the drawing is very well done, it's really me, she exclaims. holds the photo in his hand and puts it on you don't want to keep it ask max please it's hers keep it really no that's what he says she should accept the picture he she wants something from me she thinks but the drawing is so beautiful max won't give up i drew it for you please accept it that means of course only if you like it i really like him he smiles the drawing is very cute she says now you draw very well thank you he answers then he gets up and shakes her hand I'm max he says with a smile I'm veronika she answers but doesn't smile so she takes the drawing and puts it in the briefcase she always draws all the people you see on the train she asks it's not in serious again very beautiful women like you that's a compliment but veronika doesn't take it well in her small eyes her lips are now forming a thin line she takes a magazine in her hand and reads it maybe she will too until the end of the trip The two of them don't exchange another word on the train.
deutsch lernen mit geschichten 34 b1 b2   deutsch lernen kostenlos
There I have, they have fooled me again. She thinks that when she arrives in Hannover, it's already night. I can take her with me in the car. Ask Max, no thanks. Veronika's answer is short. In front of him, he walks quickly along the platform that he takes care of. She and he think it's too dark at home. Veronika is home in ten minutes. She lives in an apartment in the center of the city. small the apartments in the center of the city are very expensive veronika earns a lot and can afford the high rent it was her dream even as a child an apartment in the center just for her she has only been home for five minutes the phone rings hello dear oh you're finally back from this morning i'm trying to call you sorry i've been with clients all day now i'm on my way home and you were you've come home terribly tiring all morning meeting mar the new campaign so with the train from strasbourg to hannover this stupid pilots' strike i'm dead tired i got off the train something to eat no i didn't work then i'll pick you up in ten minutes and we'll go eat something together oh gerd you know i'm tired as a dog how are we going to get home fast and go to bed very badly gerd is disappointed sorry gerd see you tomorrow ok ok but monika what is that you see veronika i keep wondering why we still living apart why not If we move in together, then these problems no longer exist.
deutsch lernen mit geschichten 34 b1 b2   deutsch lernen kostenlos

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I know that maybe you're right, but let's talk about it tomorrow, okay, tomorrow, yes, tomorrow we'll talk for real. Good night. Came back. refrigerator are ham cheese salad some tomatoes a bottle of sparkling wine is also available but since veronika prefers to drink mineral water she puts two tomatoes, a piece of cheese and a slice of crusty bread on the plate and goes back to the living room sits in the sofa turns on the tv and watches the programs she rarely watches tv shows and talk shows are not for her the third screen is a black and white movie with heinz erhardt veronika doesn't like heinz erhardt but she doesn't change again she is sitting on the sofa and she is pensive she is thinking about gerd but gerd of course he wants to see me more often preferably to be with me every day and me once a week is more than enough i just prefer to be alone, it has always been like this, to live together, that's nothing to me, but how am I supposed to explain to Gerd that nothing's wrong with him?
deutsch lernen mit geschichten 34 b1 b2   deutsch lernen kostenlos
He is kind, cuddly and intelligent. He is also what I want. More love. I love him. that's the most important thing it doesn't matter i have to live alone tomorrow i have to tell him tomorrow night that he can't go on like this veronika turns off the tv and goes to bed but she still has to sleep in bed when she sleeps badly in her dreams she goes on watching Gerd moving trains and cartoons in the morning. She is still tired and irritable as a roof. She runs and goes to the kitchen. She turns on the coffee machine.
deutsch lernen mit geschichten 34 b1 b2   deutsch lernen kostenlos
She wants to get a cup out of the cupboard. The cup falls out of your hand, the hand that passes me shakes, she wonders why it's always so bad for me, she drinks her coffee, I work too much, she thinks that Veronika is still young, she is only 27 years old and already has a management position in her company for what it does has a name in english in german she is marketing manager that means stress but veronika knows that it is not the job the problem is not always when i have to clearly say what i want then i have problems but only in private life too stupid then drink another glass of mineral water it's worthless always says breakfast is the most important meal of the day can't eat anything in the morning not before 10 o'clock if e gets dressed in front of the mirror white blouse dark green skirt silk scarf then she recognizes herself and ties her hair in an elegant bun veronika walks to the office it is not far that is the advantage of living in the city center today is the white street in the houses and in the the cars on the trees and benches there is fresh snow the snow on the pavement and on the street has already been cleared but veronika is happy like a girl she likes snow all kinds of fresh snow she stops and grabs a handful of snow from her car and forms a snowball she walks holding the ball in front of the office building she meets a colleague good morning mrs burton he said then he pulls the snowball in his hand but the card lady says we're not a bit too much big to walk with snowballs yet to play he laughs veronika looks at her snowball and the strip is sad she feels terribly old again she's right she thinks of mine when you get older you don't play in the snow anymore when she comes in in the office it is again veronika the godfather the serious and strict boss in the office veronika's office is on the fourth floor mrs hetzel her secretary will come directly to her mrs platten this morning i know veronika respo nderá she doesn't need to check her agenda nine thirty dr fluence from alcoa everything her hair needs he just called he'll be there at eight thirty so early yes he called at 10 his flight to madrid where the drawings for the campaign are lying on your desk doctor heinz already saw them if he liked them and he chose the same drawings as you well so this veronika takes the drawings and puts them on the table in front of her good idea well drawn original but not really what i want say she smiles mrs hetzel i think so too dr hoeness will be happy she is always so kind and friendly how does she do it? just think veronika dok meta fluence and satisfied well hopefully she says punctually at half past eight dr fluence will arrive at 9 am I have to be at the airport he explains you have finished your suggestions of course veronika shows him the photos he looks at each drawing yes well and the text of the appropriate slogan me stupid cow thinks veronika how could i forget that you do see veronika has to buy time luckily the phone is ringing right now excuse me says to dr fluence look at the clock i don't want to disturb you say mrs hetzel but mr pochette the artist is here i thought maybe fluence would like to meet him yes good idea replies veronika let him in maybe he can help me with the drawing he must have thought of something he thinks veronika la the commercial artist is here she says to dr fluence he looks up again the clock I still have ten minutes left the cartoonist enters the office he is tall he himself wears his black hair down to his shoulders os surely goes to the desk that doesn't exist veronika thinks she knows him but it's the man on the train with the sketchpad veronika and dr fluence are interested in mr pochette i'm very happy he says that veronika can introduce you to dr flönz from the akuna company i'm happy says max and shakes hands with dr flönz veronika knows his smile very kindly says dr sit down so mr posch feel free to say pochette the name comes from french but it is german you know the huguenots oh yes sir professor doctor flönz von der company al-ko would like to know what slogan you created for the campaign what slogan he asks in amazement yes the slogan dr flönz is visibly irritated something like with alcoa you are nicer complemented veronika dr fluence looks at you angrily now asks yes of course max answers after a pause se sees the shampoo bottle dances and sings the man laughs the shampoo sinks sinks what question dr ploenes puzzled happy shampoo happy peoplec Ento nce, what do you think?
Dr. Flönz looks at him and then sees Veronika. Max then takes the drawings seriously and writes the catchphrase for them. He gets up. Well, well, well, it doesn't say anything bad. the contract is ready for him of course my secretary has already prepared everything dr flönz signs and leaves veronika and max are alone in the office thank you she says you saved me and the reward asks max of course she is happy her contract is over we still have a little more to do for the slogan well that works a good sum she says it's important well then I'd finally be rich she laughs if you want to talk to me about money you're not interested we don't want to exaggerate true earning money far away is important to me but not as much as many other people we say dr raft veronika smiles she thinks of dr fluence who is always in a hurry with his expensive watch and al bani's tie is wrong not max for dr for us there is definitely nothing but money so she gets up now you have to excuse me I still have a date date ask max now it's ten past nine your next date is in an hour and a half where do you want that veronika from baff her secret taria is very nice mrs hetzel her name is engel and you still have enough time for a coffee my reward now a coffee yes why not or a little breakfast coffee and cake veronika wants to go to the little coffee bar near the office but max pulls up in front of an outdated cafe in the italian place there are only bar tables he says we can sit here what do you mean frankly i say veronika and pulls the clock max laughs now play dr flönz again time is pressing veronika orders a coffee max buys himself a piece of sacher cake early in the morning, veronika asks, can you still work but you have to be sure of the chocolate you don't want a cake? no thank you i live healthy as far as possible and i am allergic to chocolate poor thing are you safe from chocolate?
I actually have pimples too bad chocolate makes my imagination work and chocolate helps. Veronika smiles tiredly. You have been working in the agency for a long time here max changes that theme for a year and a half and since when you draw since I was born he answers me seriously now tell me I'm serious I've always drawn it's fun I think it's fun yes and no draw and paint that it's my life you understand you're a real artist artist I don't think so no idea maybe that will come later but let's talk about you what do you do when you're not sitting in your nice big office that I don't do anything else I don't really do anything nothing nothing interesting I mean I go to the cinema sometimes to the theater I readwhere they usually go to the movies yes actually yes but what they have shown in recent years I do not understand at all that the movies are the best exactly they mean as much as casablanca 123 or night of the living dead yes, even older like metropolis or anna karenina, i mean the first movies with greta garbo, anyway, movies that no one sees anymore n they don't want there to be a cinema in hannover where they show those movies but my friend thinks they are terribly boring added max what a pity i just want to see movies like this that she doesn't exist she replies I haven't met anyone who goes to the movies with you he's also surprised I haven't seen veronika so lively we're still going tonight in Babylon there's a town looking for a murderer that's not possible she replies tonight I have a date with my boyfriend oh so max is disappointed with you it must be that you think about your problems with gerd and tomorrow i don't know then your boyfriend will be angry he is big and strong i don't have m iedo veronika laughs she doesn't want to but she can't control herself really cheeky but it's funny too so good tomorrow night she's on the street everything is white again it's still snowing max takes some snow from a car and forms a snowball when he arrives in front of veronika's office and strips her she puts on her coat and then goodbye see you tomorrow he calls her she still laughs when he's in the office elevator she laughs she doesn't care about me anymore she thinks i don't even know him that's why i said yes but she knows why this max is lively and funny and she likes it but what can i say gerd at that moment the phone rings mrs burton there is mr vorwerk on the phone she turns around thinks veronika suddenly feels weak no more can breathe that i have is a friend of mine, i've been afraid of him for over ten years, hey, i'm scared, hi gerd, that's the dearest, it sounds so strange, nothing, nothing works, i'm just a little tired, don't you understand that? and tonight It's something happening to Veronika, what, my mother had a slight infection, now she's in the hospital in Osnabrück and, for God's sake, you know, of course, you can't leave me alone, yes, I have three days of vacation.
Being for the moment augury so tonight and tomorrow we can't see each other I'm sorry veronica that's not so important right now I'm very tired right now anyway don't worry I'll leave in an hour I'll call you then fine then and then yes i love you veronika take a breath i love you too she says but gerd has already hung up well she thinks but gerd but at least i have time to think veronika can't concentrate on the work she has to do if she goes to the movies with this max today for the night i stay home she thinks i'll call max and tell her i'm sick but she doesn't do that she doesn't believe you anyway so she wants explanations or she wants to go out with me tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or next week i like this max but It's funny why shouldn't I go to the movies with him I'm afraid but what because I go out with a lot of people at night maybe I'm afraid of falling in love ridiculous such an artist I know him well it takes almost all day she finds the solution ion in the late afternoon yes yes I go to the movies with him and then I drive home right away but then she doesn't come home until three in the morning after the movie you went to eat then something else finally drink at the park in the city ​​they sat on a bench and looked at the stars they talked and talked veronika doesn't remember talking so much about herself with anyone when she enters her dark apartment the first thing she does is go to the kitchen one fine night she thinks maybe the best of me life with max i feel like there are only two bottles of mineral water or sparkling wine in the fridge she wonders and laughs veronika hardly ever drinks tonight she drank with max she sees the bottles takes a bottle of champagne and opens the dance act gis in a glass veronika enters the bedroom and takes the glass in one gulp then goes to bed dressed as if she were a ughs bed smiles daydreaming veronika is happy happier than ever the next night she meets max again and the next day s next they are together too but on friday he has a date with gerd max he knows but he said it's your life we ​​haven't known each other for a long time even if sometimes it seems that what can i say about him?
You belong to Me. You have to know what you want and Veronika is not comfortable in her own skin. What does he want because? she doesn't know or has to decide for herself she the energetic manager is afraid to make decisions in her private life she should tell gärt if she should break up with him punctually gerz stops the silver porsche in front of the door after eating in a good restaurant she she only goes with gerd in good restaurants go back to veronika's apartment you are so taciturn today she says and first she hugs her eyes i just want to know one thing about you you love me i want you to live with me live with me you understand im not talking about marriage and all the fuss now do you want to live with me veronika she doesn't say anything i tell her she just wonders you have to think about it for a long time just answer me you have to know the answer after so long i like you a lot gerd but you don't love me that's what you mean she slowly shakes her head head you are like an older brother to me I don't want to lose you come back you know but I know it's not what I want you to understand if I can understand that gerd they get up tell you and say I wish you good luck veronika leaves the next day veronika spends every free minute with max during lunch break in the evenings on weekends they are always together happy and in love veronika is not as reserved as she used to be she laughs more cares less about what others say max paints and draws like she has never done since i met you, i have new ideas every hour, she says, i close my eyes and i keep seeing new colors, shapes and images, it's amazing, the wonders of love, he says ironically, but it's strange, how strange, that will be.
I understand very well why, because we are so different, you are an artist, I am a manager, I work eight hours in the office, do you work at night, or if you want me, with my clothes and jackets, you with your max jeans, walk towards you, hug you, and that is not so important, he she says what it is because then the important thing is that she asks our love our souls what do I mean you think differently from me you also live differently from me but we feel the same our souls are related they are made of the same material made of gold she says and maybe he laughs kindly and that doesn't cost no no you don't see it well I'm not made of metal answers veronika seriously my soul if I have one it's glass it can break all of a sudden what only you know ß not even max gives it a kiss the weekend by the sea suddenly it's already spring at the beginning of april it's hot outside the parks are full of couples no one wants to sit in the house anymore and on the weekend everyone goes out of town we shouldn't go to the sea ​​weekend driving question max a friend of mine has a little house near cuxhaven i was wondering if we could drive on friday night what do you think you know i don't like to travel answers veronika traveling that's not a two hour drive at most or do you want do you prefer to take the train if you want veronika give in we're going to the sea no superstitions you do me a favor so i'd rather stay in hannover this kind of trip gets on my nerves you love this city more than anything now don't exaggerate we say i like them all the other places even less all the others now you are exaggerating but hey I like the big cities london paris rome but picturesque kl seaside towns fishing villages and others I can't stand it and the sea makes me even worse max is surprised funny says but if you don't want to go we don't go or I go alone no no I'll go with you it's only two days it's already Friday night come in the dunes the house is located directly on the sea from the sale na of the room you have a beautiful view max is enthusiastic look where veronika the sea the beautiful sea you eat in a small restaurant nearby after lunch max wants to walk on the beach walking it's late says veronika I'm dead tired I want to go to sleep in the evening morning max gets up early and goes running when he returns home the breakfast table is already set he started walking by the sea it's beautiful max says what do you plan to do today she asks him I think we'll go for a walk or to the beach for example no to the beach for you the chest no answer but why not max w eat i don't like to take a walk on the beach it's so weird frankly i don't know anyone who doesn't so i'm the first sorry maxi she's the nasty one why are you like this I don't what I know is that I want to go home please we just got here and I'm fed up I want to go back to hannover veronika veronika takes the train and goes back to hannover max is left alone by the sea for the first time they spend a day and one Separate night Monday at noon Maxi calls the office You're still angry I'm not but you're definitely still angry It's not me at all Sometimes I don't understand you I'm sorry It's not that bad Let's forget life goes on and we love each other Max I don't know he worries about problems this time he is also optimistic, from time to time you have to discuss too much harmony he bores but often he thinks of veronika now she only has he wonders why if she doesn't even see the sea I love her so much and I don't understand their summer is coming less and less people in the city the first ones come back from the south already tanned veronika works and doesn't work until august there are no vacations that's right max asks tersely theoretically i can now take two weeks vacation answers veronika there's not much to do in the office but I have never taken a vacation I did not leave as you know now I understand why someone else like you is doing the degree you will not find answers from Veronika it is no longer good well, we won't talk about it anymore we'll stay in hannover veronika is happy about max's decision she takes a two-week vacation they stay in the city all the time they visit museums the castle and the botanical garden you've never been there max asks no veronika weird It's not every day you go to the cinema to concerts when the two weeks are up you have to give max that was good Not a bad idea to stay in Hannover in August.
The album. months you each spend a free minute with her and no one has seen her yet after the wedding in the town hall they all go together to a restaurant with a large locked garden veronika is always near max he introduces her to his friends you meet a lot of people she is surprised well yes from the school of the art school i didn't know anyone at the university she says very reserved the lady says max laughing after the meal bernd gets up he drank a bit now he also gives a max speech he actually asks i'm the first one we get married to the guests that's really funny because we're not that young anymore not even 30 well and it makes you wonder who's next under the hood i think i know bern wraps himself around the table he is madly in love as we all know soon the next max will marry his beautiful veronika he undoes his tie and throws it at max a max die tie in his hand he doesn't know what to say and laughs at veronik blushing he is totally drunk he tells max drunk he speaks the truth he answers the party lasts a few more hours it is already night when max and veronika drive home you keep asking out loud ask maxime author yes, max lives in a loft or, in simple language, on the floor of a converted factory, there is no going back between the rooms, veronika sits in one of the big colorful armchairs, she eats and drinks too much, says espresso, he makes the espresso machine ready, veronika looks his bookshelves and comments out loud about the titles art books art books and here hegel and kant don't tell me what interests you I was always interested in philosophy and he always called me and there was no school after high school I wasn't sure if studying philosophy or going to the art academy and you philosophy never interested me, it has to be complicated too max comes with the espresso and you always knew what to do he wanted to study is that he asked him not at all you just asked him I asked for money what was the best you know him from school yes from high school I was in 9th grade and he was in 9th grade in the Abitur class that was called on the phone but then he is gerd older than your veronika nods four years he was like an older brother for me he helped me a lot but what is this here she sees a big album on the table nothing special a photo album and a photo album yes he answers max childhood and youth of the artist max takes the album and shows it to her for every photo he has something to tell you see there i am with my mom in the mountains here with my dad on the beach this is a sixth grade class photo you will see find me there by my side that is there and that is my first girlfriend marie luise with whom I was together for two years on the last two pages there are many photos of many different people you see max there I have them all together the important things in my life grandmother and grandfather my parents my uncle rüdiger my connoisseur veronika interrupts and closes the album she l She gets up and says it's time to go now she's angry let's not eat together max asks no no today thanks what's up veronika i know you but tell me what you have veronika goes to the door max puts a hand on her shoulder and pulls her face honey you You know what's going on Veronica doesn't answer that it's because of the photos she's wrong I don't know the photos either because all these people see your memories your past is happy when you talk about it you and I don't want to know anything more about the past I want to forget everything she takes a handkerchief and dries the tears you know I don't have a family like you said yes max you told me that but he doesn't let you get close to her this and that not much and you also gave me n she tells how they died it was an accident veronikaanswers briefly max knows that veronika doesn't like to talk about it but he wants to know more now i just know that you lived with your aunt she died five years ago after all you lived in hannover veronika opens the apartment door what is this interrogation about let me know I'm sorry says max I just wanted to understand but I'm tired she says and puts on her jacket max takes the car key but she begs him not to take me home I'm a taxi I have to drive a bit alone her max stays alone in the apartment from the window she can see veronika walking alone down the street she almost runs there she runs out she says out loud but who or what veronika is excited and confused it's only nine o'clock at home she doesn't know what to do she turns on the tv and turns it off again she puts on a cd but the music isn't right either she takes a book in her hand and immediately slams it shut she looks out the window it's dark and there's nothing to see i'm just asking her in the kitchen she takes a glass of water the glass falls out of her hand and it breaks her hand shakes she cleans it removes the shards it's not my day she says I better go to bed she stays up a long time lying in bed at five she can only stay asleep then hears the first sounds of the morning instead of seven the alarm goes off after the shower calls her max for sorry max she says i don't know what's wrong with me maybe i'm just being normal she laughs really well she says Max, don't worry, we'll meet tonight, sure as always, Max has been thinking a lot about Veronika.
It's clear that she has problems, but what's wrong with her and how can he help her? Max doesn't know, he only knows that he loves this strange woman very much and that he has never loved her. a woman like her would like to be with her l only day by day that's the only way he can help her he thinks if she gets help to live together he thinks i don't want to marry her marry days and weeks go by everything is than before before the first snow falls again veronika and max are happy max invites veronika to christmas for lunch why so formally does he ask someone special to come max veronika brings a bottle of champagne with max has set the table festively he thought too in flowers and candles how nice to call veronika today is also a special day christmas asks her no to a very special day that you eat max cooked sophisticated things incredible that well I haven't eaten in a long time I thought that at most you can put him on the floor with ketchup he notices you after the meal he opens the champagne about you he says about us he says she and now I want to ask you a question says max solemnly veronika looks at him a shadow runs through her blue eyes max continues veronika darling ste I want to marry you veronika gets up she doesn't look at him a the face i can't marry you max she says she walks to the door sorry max I'm so sorry she takes her coat and leaves the next day max receives a letter from veronika it's u na short letter dearest max i love you like i've never loved anyone but i can't live with her it doesn't work whoever gets too close to me has to suffer i have to live my life alone don't forget me and forgive me veronika max tries to call her but she doesn't answer o He allows himself to be denied, he keeps wondering what all this that happens with Veronika means, there must be something in her past, but what I need to know I need to find out, it is not easy because he knows little about Veronika, he does not recognize a boyfriend or girlfriend, only his secretary, but of course he always thinks that maybe she knows something late in the evening max is waiting outside veronika's office when the door closes behind him he talks to her they go to a cafe he explains the situation i would like to help you he says that she was much nicer and more exuberant with you and I can also see that you really love them but Dr.
Veronika never talked to me about her private life. There is only one person who can tell you anything and that is Gerhard. Your ex-boyfriend. I have his address and his phone number. Maybe you can talk to him. I'm sure he's still in love with Veronika. He must hate me. I don't really know, but I know that he is very, very friendly. That will probably tell you too. Veronika's secret on a Tuesday. gerd from the sea coast told him that veronika lived there when she was a child in a house near the port it was striped red and white like a lighthouse says gerd but that's all i don't know either in all those years he never told me anything else from his childhood max looks for the house in norddeich he walks through many streets then he sees a two-story house very close to the sea the white has turned gray that roth is very dark but it has to be he says he rings the bell an old woman says hello says max I'm sorry if I bother you but I'm looking for someone from the family who belongs to a room and his wife the old woman shakes her head here come you have to be quick young man they've only been there for a long time only the winter services are saved mom you're pissing yourself off with that because there at the door a woman is asking the back of the house with social services the old woman answers I'm a journalist I'm a journalist says max quickly mommy you shouldn't go to the front door a woman comes and slams the door on max's face without looking at him and ah now max is lost look at the roadside signs for the indoor pool youth center bibli library that's it he tells himself the librarian is a nice old gentleman with a white beard max asks if there's such a thing as a newspaper library the librarian smiles yes I've been here for 25 years and I've saved them all because norddeich the burger abendblatt banned kieler news only the bild newspaper no what are you looking for yes answers max that's not easy to say an accident that happened about 20 years ago years is an accident what kind of accident car accident at sea in the woods in the house max no I don't know what to say at first, but then he has an idea.
Veronika's fear of the sea. It must have been at sea. Ah well, in the sea. 20 years ago. what you're looking for disappears through a door and returns five minutes later with a wad of newspapers 1982 maybe it was a big storm in the middle of summer the island was under water and we'll see for herself max sits and looks at the newspapers june 1982 a unexpected storm the damage is enormous there are also deaths including a whole family that's what max thinks the whole family died in a storm they just wanted to go for a walk the weather was fine the view was clear yesterday's storm surprised peter paul merton 38 high sea ​​his wife gerda died at 36 and their three-year-old son pete only six-year-old veronika was able to be pulled out of the water at the last moment by the men of the Störebeker rescue team an aunt in hamburg has the girl with her max lee the happily engrossed article thanks the librarian and immediately returns to hannover it's only three o'clock he thinks veronika will leave the office between 5 and 6 he quickly discovers that the street is free at 10.05 park the car mrs veronika spiro er you don't have to wait long open the car door and get out leave me alone again she says i don't want to talk to you chen but i want to talk to you it's important important question she comes in and listens to me veronika stops are you afraid of me now he yells she gets in and max leaves immediately drives to the next motorway will you take me there now calm down but veronika sees that you are on the motorway to the north of hamburg cuxhaven norddeich it is written on the signs blue it's me for the sea let me down immediately she writes max speak very slowly listen to me veronica you have to do something to do I ask you just this once and then I'll take you back home and you're free just this once come with me and don't ask questions after that you will never have to see me again if you don't want to then i will be out of her life forever her words soothe you she lays back and closes her eyes she falls asleep measure for a moment when she wakes up the car is in front of the red and white house for god's sake no sch ride it where did you take me you've gone crazy open the car door and run towards the street max run after her veronika stops the cars he can grab her hold her tight he pulls her off the street to the sea i'm not driving her again please let me go across the street is the red and white house it's her call to max he says you lived in this house when you were girl veronika screams and screams he should let her go she wants to go to hannover she wants to run in front of a car she doesn't want anything listen she would rather die she is completely upset max keep talking you have to tell me what happened back then home i want to go home let me she she writes and wants to run back towards the street she holds her on her shoulders veronika you see that house there you that she nods remember that it was a beautiful summer day a boat trip your parents and she cries please stop you only one girl survived and this one she is crying harder now i survived only me it was my fault i said i wanted to go for a ride on the new boat dad i didn't want everyone to die at first it's my fault max holds her in his arms it didn't go Veronika that it was you as a child I believed but it is not correct what is happening to you because I bring bad luck bad luck and death my aunt is also dead but your aunt was already old veronika not my parents and my little brother only I survived but it is not your fault about the accident you didn't read what happened in the newspaper she shakes her head for weeks the newspapers wrote about the terrible storm out of nowhere they wrote no one thought rush that sunny afternoon there was no storm warning there was no wind that's why your father left he sailed into the sea with you he was an experienced sailor but you may have said that i want to go to sea but you were six years old the decision did not depend on you your father decided that there were many accidents this the storm killed the storm too it took everyone by surprise max holds veronika in his arms she is still crying but she has calmed down he is still talking and you have been tormenting yourself with this story all these years yes she says life without parents was not easy, but the worst thing was always thinking that it was all your fault and i never spoke to anyone about it veronika max hugs her tight how i love you i love you too she says in a low voice that she looks at the sea besides she hasn't in 20 years six months later veronika and max got married veronika has become a different person since that day by the sea remains calm happy very happy even max plans for the honeymoon she said yes together they spend a month on an atoll in the sea from the south somewhere behind dubai

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