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Deutsch Ganze Filme | Ein lang erwartetes Glück

Jun 01, 2022
carnal pleasures. They slaughter each other for their own interests, if it goes against their conscience they are capable of anything, they prostitute themselves, betray their personality and dignity and cheat, lie, steal, steal and even kill. Yes. For the sake of their interests, spouses and friends betray and deceive each other, parents take action against children. and the brothers lead themselves to ruin. They have lost their humanity and are more demon than human. Since Satan has corrupted you, how can you not be miserable? The life of people in this evil world is one in the darkness of hell.
deutsch ganze filme ein lang erwartetes gl ck
Can we still talk about happiness or joy? The damage that Satan's poisons have done to man is immense. Ideas such as the saying: "Each one is the maker of his own fortune", or party theories such as: "Man conquers nature", "Fighting against the sky is fun! Fighting Earth is fun! Fighting against the man is fun!” When such lies nest in the heart, man looks down on God, becomes arrogant, and believes that he can control and change his destiny, so he fights against his destiny. Many people fight bitterly all their lives and what comes of it? Not only do they fail to change his fate, but they hit their heads against the wall and suffer, realizing that fate controls everything.
deutsch ganze filme ein lang erwartetes gl ck

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deutsch ganze filme ein lang erwartetes gl ck...

Hmm, when people don't know God's authority, they live by Satan's philosophy and logic and fight for their own ambitions. But that only hurts yourself. Now we should be able to see clearly why people's lives are filled with emptiness and misery. millimeter When people do not believe in God but submit to Satan and believe lies, they fall into darkness and live in misery. Those who believe in God and accept his words escape Satan's influence and corruption, so that we can freely live in God's presence and live a meaningful life. I didn't understand this topic before, but now I do.
deutsch ganze filme ein lang erwartetes gl ck
People's lives are miserable because of Satan's depravity and wickedness. It is right. I used to take the words of famous people as maxims that I should live by. Thanks to your explanations I understand that with them Satan only deceives and corrupts people. Without faith or without reading the words of God, no one understands these things. Yes. MM It's good to believe in God and see the truth. I look forward to attending meetings and reading God's word. This is how I understand the truth and get to the heart of the problem. I am escaping from the slavery of the flesh and my life is no longer so bitter and stressful.
deutsch ganze filme ein lang erwartetes gl ck
Yes. When we believe, reach the truth, get rid of our corrupt minds, and are clean, God will bring us into his kingdom. Then we will be happy and lead a beautiful life. It's like the prophecy of Revelation: let's watch a video that recites the words of God. Gladly. Life in the Kingdom looks wonderful! Hello Zhixin, I have been reading God's Word and I have seen that it reveals the methods that Satan uses to corrupt people. I have gained insight! Satan claims that “money comes first”, “money buys everything”, and “money makes the world” to deceive and corrupt us, to make people feel that they cannot live without money, that they need money to be admired. and who otherwise would be second-class citizens.
I almost worked myself to death to earn money, but I overdid it and collapsed. I was just a slave to satan and money! Ruilin, thank God you understand. Yes. Now I finally understand clearly that man cannot live without God and his words. Those who do not understand the truth can only be corrupted by Satan and suffer bondage and submission. Yes. Luckily I believe in God, I have read his Word and I understand these things in life. Without faith in God or his words, there is no escape from Satan's corruption, and we only struggle in darkness and agony with no hope of escape.
In fact, faith seems to be the path to salvation, and those who know the truth can live dignity, and that is true happiness. You know, now with the word of Almighty God and the understanding of things, I feel that you are much calmer. Over there. Let's sit down. It is good to believe in God! And I am lucky to be able to follow you in faith. Unfortunately, most people do not realize the falsehood of satanic poisons, but continue to live by them. They think that money is everything, happiness is everything, but is that really a fact?
Does man escape from the void through money? He escapes from the catastrophe? Does Money Escape the Chains of Satanic Disposal? Does it lead people to the kingdom of God? Oh no. millimeter Money changes material life and increases the pleasures of the flesh. But these things will pass, and those who do not believe in God do not see the truth and will ultimately perish in the disaster. As for our destination, goal and end, we must believe in God and accept the truth to clarify it. God's saving work expresses the truth and redeems corrupt disposition. God has expressed the truth so that man can reach it as life.
Only those who reach the truth reach eternal life. So the truth is the most valuable asset. Only those who win the truth get God's approval and that is the greatest blessing of all! millimeter Your words helped me a lot. When I remember, Ruilin and I were just money making machines, we suffered a lot. We were rich but not happy. I plunged into the hectic world of work. At almost 40 years old, I still don't know what it means to truly live. Without faith, wouldn't my life have been in vain? Yes. Fortunately, God accomplished the work of salvation.
That we can hear God's words and come before Him means that we are blessed. Yes. I want to change my life, believe in God and seek the truth. Yes. I have learned that when people lack the guidance of God's Word, they just fumble in the dark, run into walls, experience sadness, and cannot find the right path. I finally understand that money doesn't matter in life. Faith, truth and salvation through God are the most important things. Thank God he brought me back to his house. That's where my spirit belongs. I no longer wander aimlessly!

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