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DeusEx: Human Revolution - Director's Cut walkthrough 25 (Pacifist, No alarms, Hard, No commentary)

Jun 01, 2021
Boss we need to talk it's something I'm not sure did you set up a private path to bypass the company firewall right before you hired me ok Pritc


said someone has been using it to access our system since before of the first security attack? the measures he and I said in place never stopped them because we didn't even know the lagoon existed oh I see Frank fixed that though he did now but he wonders why you never mentioned it. Paranoid Frank, Adam, you know a busy man can forget. things from time to time you transmitted a lot of data through that portal boss right before you brought me on board preacher can be paranoid but i must admit i wonder what was in it too yeah as an ex cop , I guess you.
deusex human revolution   director s cut walkthrough 25 pacifist no alarms hard no commentary
I would but the important thing is you found the hole and you plugged it up now it's safe and the information you covered up at that FEMA facility can help us track these guys down so let's just focus on what's important I want to believe me I want to catch these guys just as bad as you, but that breach is responsible for every security crisis we've ever had, including today's. If you want me to stop these guys, I need to know what kind of data they've had access to. You're right. You're right, sorry if I sound evasive, but there's something you're missing here.
deusex human revolution   director s cut walkthrough 25 pacifist no alarms hard no commentary

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deusex human revolution director s cut walkthrough 25 pacifist no alarms hard no commentary...

Adam's business is a war with no clear battlefield and no rules to keep our enemies honest in this enterprise. I am the commander in chief and I have to do it. be ready for anything and i will do whatever it takes to make sure i am now. I hired you because I needed a general I could trust, one who knew how to follow orders. I think I've proven myself today and the only reason I'm worried about that loophole right now is because the data you transmit through it could have been tracked and stolen by the man who attacked us, our enemies could still find a way. to hurt us with it. period, I'm just wondering if you're being a little paranoid here by looking at details that aren't critical, I mean, are you so shaken up by what happened six months ago about your inability to make a difference that you can't take the punches anymore, dammit I mean, Adam I brought you back today because you have an immediate crisis to deal with questioning me about things that don't matter isn't bringing Megan back boss I really don't understand why you're spinning me around when you hired me I said I'd give you my best I could but I can't protect us if you keep paralyzing my every move if you don't come clean and tell me what you're hiding then I'm outta here I quit Adam Adam Adam hope you can.
deusex human revolution   director s cut walkthrough 25 pacifist no alarms hard no commentary
Leave us, we need you now more than ever, okay, look, the truth is, I set up a sensitive data pipeline for a private investigator, someone who can do covert background checks on people, potential new recruits like you, you, whatever I had to Adam, you were a liability remember you just got fired from SWAT no Megan believed in you but I had to be sure Look I don't want this to come between us. I will send the files to your computer. You can see for yourself what he dug up, but Adam, you better be sure why, what do you mean?
deusex human revolution   director s cut walkthrough 25 pacifist no alarms hard no commentary
I mean sometimes the past should stay in the past once you see that data you can't remove the buzzer when you're ready come back and talk to me we need to discuss our next step here this is for you it's a corporate passport and overlaid with your biometrics that i have set up create a false flag route that should get you to shilin no problem you send me to china what about fema? FEMA has nothing to do with this, believe me, better luck in China, how can you say I saw the bastard that killed Megan? Pony men outside that facility I loved one of those men dead and his underground storage bay I know Adam Frank was monitoring everything so I also know before he died that man gave you an address in China I want you to check it That doesn't make any sense , look at it, there is a reason why this company. s under attack do you think it has to do with the typhoon or some other top secret military project I haven't told you about the idea crossed my mind yeah well it's not the work Megan's team was doing before they went He killed, he was redefining what it means to be


This company, Seraph Industries, was about to take


ity to its next stage and human development. Self controlled evolution. Don't you see how scary that can be for some people? it may be for some others it's never been a question of money for me but you're right there are people who don't feel exactly the same way I hope you can find that answer for us in China so get going Freitas getting the helicopter ready . Athena tells me that you talked to Cereth. Did she tell you why she made us look like idiots? spoon feeds you i'm going to do what i should have done i First of all, track that signal, it's your pride that speaks.
Still, contact me if you find anything you were referring to when I was pretty sure I didn't see you leaving a luxury hotel in Prague today. Jensen, the boss, said you were on your way. you're going to love it hank shah you've been there you used to live there i spent 3 maybe 4 years working uptown and most of my nights having fun down town you're good to go i thought was how long is this going to last take melek you mean flight or fun later don't worry we'll be there before you know it lemon you you Jennsen you might want to get ready the jewel of the Yangtze is coming son of a we're supposed to find the answers on hold let's go to the address you got in that market Hank shot court Gardens is a bit far from here in the usual district but I thought I'd better not let you too close the Barrett case just gave up he headed knowing he'd walk into another trap it's the kind of thing that I'd make an Enemy, you want my advice, just find out who lives there and get out, lady singer, not since last week.
I am starting to worry. He missed three days of work. although talking to me is that she stayed downstairs arguing with Acker where else could that girl be she's going to get in serious trouble one of these days if that was the case she'd already be in trouble between you and me i'm starting to think Jan is scared of her oh don't tell me i left my bag in there with me hey sir you think you could walk in pretending to be a customer that could break up the fight. this our customers would pay a lot for the services of an augmented girl you can earn a lot of money tell customers to take tips and they themselves can go I'm sure some already have me I will not trade for someone else's pleasure this is not the end of the discussion you are going to get the surgery done if you want to keep working think about it my apologies sir i was unaware you may have a client waiting you are not a client it is you that makes you say that the way you move your attitude and what's my attitude please Oh soldier for someone on business so why are you here?
I heard your argument what it was about. They want you to get raises for the pleasure of the customers. It's sick. I quit before I let them touch me. no luck i think i've been here longer it has perks but new girls aren't so lucky what do you mean they're forced to get raises it's really bad one of the girls that works here her name is she's been gone for days i heard that they took her away and will force her to get a raise You seem like a good man I'm desperate Please, can you help me?
I can pay you. What do you need me to do? I heard the girls are on drugs. and taken to a place somewhere in the Bagon district, they're being held there until the doctor comes I wish you'd find this place define where Houdini is I hope it's not too late you keep referring to them who they are the whole hotel used to be independent in past we had to deal with local police for protection and because we ran a clean safe business they looked the other way but then things changed what happened the bell tower became hand down nice sir and they don't care to help us so a drug lord came in with all his men and took control it's never been like this the same we can't do anything about it what do you think Ning has been kidnapped before?
We could always turn down raises, but more and more girls got them and it brings more money, now they make us do it. They won't even hire purebreds like me anymore because they're not that popular her name one of the purebreds yeah well I hope she's still pushing him for raises she says no anyway he gets violent now I'm afraid they lose Patience and they'll force the operation Things aren't the first and she won't be the last Isn't this a job for the police? police leave hand down subtle belfry and belfry they don't care what happens if the criminal paid the money they don't care my friend or any of the other girls forced into the sex trade it's ok i'll help your friend thanks i knew i had right about you mr.
Jeff sir sir. Jensen I'm afraid this little while you should find me before they leave with augments I'm sure if they call him they tie up their girls with augments to keep them under control supplying neuropathy I don't know where Kipling is just that he's somewhere in the Dargo district, a location specific would help. I tell you I don't have one, but here is the Bowser. Finally, he works with these people. He will know where Ning is. He goes to the roof to smoke. to convince him to reveal the place, anything else you can give me, yes, the Houdini men, they most likely work with the local triad here, the collectors, if you look for some of them, you might find something better, I will you understood and you were amazing, honey, okay? telling you the boss is forcing some of the girls to get bigger sometimes is too much forgetting the weight or what makes a lot of sense yeah so who cleans it up nice little trick to bring more custard personally?
He could be forced into anything, but I find it amazing how passionate people are on both sides of this whole augmentation thing, something that is the end of us all, something that will take us to paradise in Kabbalah. I think that's true, you have to have faith that the unified consciousness of the people knows when something is bad for us, so if this technology is really going to destroy us, we stop and check ourselves, but we force it too late, we fix it. . I owe you this time, Jennsen, you lost or something. In this city, am I the world leader in magnifying technology?
They put almost half of the money to build this city, so maybe why you don't ask any reason, just think about the future since the name disappeared. May has been on the warpath. access granted

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