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Detroit Lions overcome Jared Goff miscues to defeat the Bears | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NFL on NBC

Nov 20, 2023
Let's start with the returning kids and we'll start with my boys. I am GNA. Like at the beginning of this group, the Detroit Lions came back to beat the Chicago Bears 31-26 and I was very happy because I was watching this game like I do a lot of Sundays in the Red Zone because I can track all the games correctly and Scott does a good job of keeping me up to date on all the different games and watching this game was very frustrating because the Lions defense looked like it had the last two weeks. I think they are not good enough on defense and that did not allow the offense to be like a three and the time of possession at the end of this game was 40 minutes.
detroit lions overcome jared goff miscues to defeat the bears chris simms unbuttoned nfl on nbc
At 20 minutes it's pretty amazing that the Lions never had the ball, they just never could get anything going, but they got the ball back with four minutes left in the game, started scoring some points and did something totally different than the Lions, I want say. I've never seen the Lions play like this, they're usually in the Bears situation, they came back and won, they showed they can play a game where they were outplayed, it didn't look good for most of it and they still came back, they just stayed still They hang around with a team that they know they're better than that, they could just keep it around, they feel like the best team will come to the top, the cream, rise to the top right, since they say it was awesome, you know, I mean to some. of today's interceptions by Jared Gof were shocking.
detroit lions overcome jared goff miscues to defeat the bears chris simms unbuttoned nfl on nbc

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detroit lions overcome jared goff miscues to defeat the bears chris simms unbuttoned nfl on nbc...

I think that's the first thing you would say. I mean, it really was. I mean, to the point where you know they weren't unlucky. It was almost like you didn't see the middle linebacker. in the middle of the field, I haven't seen him make decisions or plays like that in a long time, it hasn't really happened since he's been a lion, that's for sure, so I think that was the first surprising part. I think you also got the other part right, you know that Chicago has been better in defense first, they don't give you anything easy, they are going to play man to man or they will be quite aggressive in almost all the plays that they are not going to make.
detroit lions overcome jared goff miscues to defeat the bears chris simms unbuttoned nfl on nbc
I'll let you know they're not going to sit back and let you be the aggressor, right, it seemed like they had a pretty good game plan, it seemed like they tried to crowd the line of scrimmage and you know, change things up from time to time, uh, but but overall, you know it's impressive Justin Fields was good, the running game was good, you know, the Bears that we know have some weapons on the outside, so they moved the ball and did some good things, I mean, they had the opportunity to close the game. I was actually surprised at the end of the football game that they didn't make the quarterback run a quarterback run or something like that because that had been successful for Fields, whether it was wrestling or designed runs by the quarterback, that's one of the ways the Bears controlled the game. the clock you talked about that's where the game was lost and that's what the Bears did there at the end of the game that's exactly what the Lions have done in the past is they had just finished off a 14pl field goal that they had scored in their last four five possessions yeah they scored in their last five possessions and then when they need it most they make three and go out three and go out and you have the plays there because I mean I could think it was a run all three the three plays.
detroit lions overcome jared goff miscues to defeat the bears chris simms unbuttoned nfl on nbc
I'm pretty sure, if I remember correctly, I'm not that good at working with the Brows, okay, you're not as good as me, is what you were saying. what you're saying you're not you're not sure if you're as good as me there well not here I'll tell you what they did so oh that's what happened khil Herbert no gain right khil Herbert right for a yard and then this is where I forgot he throws the pitch route down the left sideline to the Scott 13 and he really, by all accounts, looked like he threw a good ball, Scott faded first, took some weird steps when he looked. like he was trying to locate the ball that made him slow down and then secondly he faded to the left as the ball was coming down and it was like wait no just run straight it will land in your lap there it was. a perfect pass looking like it was a perfect pass was certainly unfortunate on the Bears' part because, like you said, the Bears did a lot of good things, you know, the defense forced turnovers.
The fields look pretty good. I'm still totally intrigued by these Fields Bears. Correct situation, you know, most people in football think the Bears are trading for another quarterback. I just sit there and just go, man, you know he seems to me like he's going to make it difficult for them with his athletic ability and he continues to improve. when I throw the ball I know it's not perfect I still know there's a little meat left on the bone in that area but you can win with it you think you see it I think you can find a way to win with it now I can hear I'm not there every time days, you know, I'm not there in meetings and is he doing all the little things that an organization wants from their franchise quarterback?
I don't know, I can't talk about it, I can't, but I know what I see on the field I see progress, that's for sure and then I see some skills that I advance. That's very good, that's special. You know, the one thing about your Lions football team is that they keep the pressure on the accelerator pedal so the field is always right, whether it's trick plays on fourth down or even like, hey, our defense , we have to make a big play here, they are not going to sit back and just let you do it, they will usually try to force it. something themselves here but I'm concerned about your defense as you know I think it's real I think your concern about watching the game is real too I think a lot of that is what we talked about I don't think we're out of line you know Pace there, the secondary he's a little lacking in talent in the right secondary, they're relegated to playing Zone more than I think you'd want in the NFL, they don't trust some of those guys to play mantle man I think.
Sutton is really the only guy you guys can trust in that situation, right, and he was the one who received and he was the one who got


ed in The Deep, uh, yeah, in the Deep post, right, it was that one. DJ Moore, all of a sudden, I don't. I'm talking about the last play that you just talked about that was also him against Scott, okay, yeah, right, so that's not his bread and butter as we speak also, you know, the front seven defense has very good, but there is only one type that makes a big difference and I will say this.
I still think they're pretty good at stopping the run, uh, defense, but it's a different animal with the Bears, the Bears can really run the ball the traditional way. way and then I can execute it the non-traditional way, either way the encouraging thing is that you guys don't play your best and still win a football game, lose the turnover battle four to one and win the game football, that's something that won't happen in Detroit for a long time and I think that speaks to the team and everything Dan Campbell has working there. Conor McGinness says thank you all for making my drive to work better every Monday.
Can you say something good about Justin Fields? Well, good to know, Connor, we've done it, he just needs to be in front of Ahmed to make me feel better after that fourth quarter meltdown by the Bears coaches and that elevation by the Lions coaches, so I know my Bears. bias I don't like the Bears. I made it very clear and that's why I have to make sure I praise them where it's due and I think we have the points for that 39 yard touchdown pass from Justin Fields to DJ Moore Pete with Pete back there pushing the buttons we have Gabby and Morgan late so here it is this may speak as much about Justin Fields as what they've done and maybe the Lions aren't able to handle things like this yeah you know that again yeah. not the best one-on-one football team, man-to-man, nice little game design, really looking at it from left to right, sort of compromise with Mooney in the Deep Crosser, with DJ Moore in the forward route and like We know what we've seen all year, I mean DJ Moore, when he steps on you, you're in trouble and I think the beauty of this play was Justin Field got in the right pocket, bought a little overtime and threw the ball. high and way down the middle and let DJ Moore run and get it, you know, but this, again, you know with our man Connor.
I see positives with Justin Fields like he can't talk about what you know happens behind the curtain like I do. But the throwing has improved, the field vision has improved, let alone we know he's still the best running quarterback in football, that's for sure, so we'll see him make that tough decision with the Bears. He'll be intrigued to see what they do too, but his Lions keep kicking ass because he already knows the possibility of being number one or at least top two here and we'll see how this plays out. 8-2 is the


' best start since 1962, they lead. uh the Vikings down two games in the NFC North, although the Vikings currently in action against the Denver Broncos and NBC, our Sunday night football game is getting good too, oh wow, Josh Dobs threw an interception alright, so I mean, we had a good one going here Josh dobs throws an interception at 17 on 2 very good Broncos get the ball in very good field position inside the Red Zone they go back a few plays but then they get in a position where Russell Wilson he throws a pass to Jerry Judy the Vikings all Blitz, he throws it to Jerry Judy, he drops it in the end zone, so they had to settle for a field goal, so now we're at 1715 instead of the game could have been 1917 or 2017 if they had chosen two so We'll see where it goes, as always we will keep you updated in real time in a game that you already know the result of, they know all the results of the game.
I'm throwing the challenge flag at your smart little one because I also know the outcome of the other games, just this one that's currently happening, we have no idea what's happening, that's true, that's a good point, you guys, me, what's up guys, thanks for watching. Remember to subscribe to the Chris Simum button right now. We've got it on Monday morning, we recap all the action Wednesday is the podcast of what happened, we'll dig into Weeds on the key matchups of the week and then on Thursday I'll pick games with that asshole Floria so you know where to find us, folks , keep watching PE, in peace, see you.

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