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Jan 25, 2022
Oh boy ladies gym and guys and gals I want to have a video for you today because today we're not only going to take out the skid steer because we have to build a flat track but we're also going to ride the ace and we have to see who. can i get the best lap time on the ace on the new flat track im saying garrett hey garrett nice sweat short buddy yeah bro yeah i got a rep last time garrett rode the ac rolled but hes fast hes fast scared hes no i'm scared to roll so it's been raining and you know obviously flat tracks and rain don't go much together unless you're drifting all over and the ace likes to roll so if you could make it Drift like a track muddy would be a lot of fun so i had this idea of ​​time trials with the ace we are literally asking someone to roll it but you know why we bought it you know to have a good time not a lot of time so go ahead hop on to the skid steer we're going to throw all the guys and uh one of the icons here and we're going to map this flat track ok guys we hit the complex the pit by track looks cool we need to get the pits out bikes and break them, but for this flat track we are going to put it.
destroying the polaris i hate the ace
Right next to the pit bike track, this little flat track is going to be something we can come up here and play with when it's muddy because you know we don't want to mess up the pit bike track when it rains so I think we're going to do all the flat track like here and what we'll do is just, I don't know, a lot of corners to make it like pit bike track but with no jumps or berms that can break. riding in the mud we have a great idea of ​​the track layout it's just a matter of cutting it into the dirt so everyone knows where the track is and we're not just guessing and trying to use the lines we'll just go ahead we're in a line with the skid steer and then we can get the groove life could be a dream again wait i want to see britain's reaction look you still haven't figured it out hey thanks mate not even we've started, you're an idiot, but we're almost done five more minutes and we're fucking wrecked and like that. we got a flat track bro it looks great garrett garrett went on without us and then it rolled the haze that would happen during time trials no yes no i didn't i didn't think we would uh i don't know how to roll like before we know we're supposed to start let's ride guys the dirt looks absolutely terrific i mean just check it out he raked harley i think we can drift all of this until he knows his four wheels are you know on his end right Gary?
destroying the polaris i hate the ace

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destroying the polaris i hate the ace...

Oh yeah mate, want to make a friendly 100 bet on fastest lap time? Yeah, $100 for fastest lap time. that five hundred dollars four four so it's fast fast math no you're you're getting your ass clapped yeah we'll see oh yeah hey look he might drive fast but he's gonna roll it , so that will take away your time such a serious question if I do I can choose to go back and continue yes but I keep rolling yes I'm going to cross the finish line yes exactly five percent yes three Laps, three laps, okay, three laps, well, since Garrett had to go to the track before anyone else.
destroying the polaris i hate the ace
Garrett goes first yeah you got practice yeah you didn't blow it mate so ace to everyone who knows ace damn gary you broke this side too oh you broke the latch but ace is actually super fast, but it is such. Small wheelbase that literally rolls so easy I'm not that fast so I probably just lost 100 bucks but you know you gotta have some fun. uh dylan you want to time where the start line should be here I'm going to g o and hit that little jump right there okay yeah yeah I'll probably roll yeah and then we'll figure it out from there yeah mom get on Buckle up, big dog, get in line, son, this is about to be good, are you ready? your mark get sick go dammit just burned the belt holy is the belt burning what the hell is going on gary is going to break it oh my god that was a lap a lap down oh my god this is so sad last lap finally 47. well it's absolutely ridiculous oh here it comes back heck yeah one minute one minute yeah screenshot that's Garrett's time one minute and six. the sketchy turns to watch out for when you jump first yeah that one over there yeah this one this one and that one i guess i'll put my helmet on and take a quick little ride oh man ok i gotta go . warm up a little bit licking am i gonna take it easy to start with or am i going to d or as a practice like just a little bit of heat ok yeah god i


this thing dude like getting out of the x3 where its so hard to roll yeah so this thing is so heavy oh my god this is going to stink holy you mean to tell me garrett hit that going so fast oh my god it's so slippery good these gloves i can't even grip the steering wheel dude like it's as cold as my fingers i can't grip the wheel i feel like a granny like it's so sketchy dude this ain't the boss yeah i don't understand why garrett is so fast at this but he's a damn Dude I


it like I don't even turn on the suspension. this thing is not set up right because it wants you to not have much steering the track is amazing the machine not so much that it is completely locked with steering i hate this feeling i hate it bro there is nothing worse than feeling like you ain't even going fast but you feel like any instance it goes boom it's four wheel drive so it's a lockout at the front I'm pretty sure but it could help with the steering because it doesn't like to grip the front end at all so we're in four wheel drive now we'll see how this has four wheel drive.
destroying the polaris i hate the ace
I don't think it's the movement but like the four wheel drives just more accessories to roll on dude like I'm here grandma I'm taking it out of the four wheel drive back into two. It doesn't even like to slide, I was thinking this would slide all over the place, but it doesn't, you just need the suspension tight and that zero suspension, this is not the machine mate, I know I'm really fair. doing three laps fast is so sketchy you ready ok i dont know if garrett has ever beaten me at anything when it comes to the off road scene but like you can have it bro this is stupid i traded it and four.
I felt like I was going to make it roll the official time of the rain are you ready? I hate it bro oh my god I hate it god I'm sorry you don't let me let me do that first of all I feel like the wheel has a lot of play or something you move is nothing happening or and I got out of it and it just sent me across the track ready go oh my god i got the clue again dude i hate this this thing is a bunch of dogs dude like this thing is so bad it just doesn't handle it's worth it like nothing this thing It's a lot like ergonomics, handling has a recipe. fucking mess i don't wanna know two minutes i'll place it 36 ​​i'm going to hold 30 seconds behind carrot ok christian you dylan who wants to go next i'll go last night that thing is a lot of things like ergonomics the handling is just a bunch of dogs smoking low morning sun i wanna get the damn x3 out here and go fast three would be sick on this track the walkway around the track just spin it i need at least one hot- until the lap you took like five but no i'm just saying i probably will you are going to roll, yes, not like t The important thing is that you will see what I am talking about.
That's how you should have hit it. My god, friend. I'm going to finish my live warm up, yeah, and then I'm going to go. Whoever designed it wanted people to roll it like they were going to roll it again. Oh, it's slowed down a lot now. Are you ready? Ready set here it is hey oh my gosh oh I'm trying to use my weight to keep it from rolling but I don't think it's working. I beat you yeah buddy or I'm gonna roll it it's weird like I know there's a few turns I felt confident I'm sliding then the next one I mean I barely go and I'm like yeah exactly like I what is going on if we tune all the shocks as tight as possible it would help a lot yes 100 because the suspension has a lot of body roll the steering wheel h like too much play what are we it's so heavy it's a recipe for disaster, okay dylan let's send dylan over? uh, wish you luck, you're probably going to shoot it. i'm ready one more one more minute or the 15th minute hey it wasn't my time holy that sketch is good i have to go again cause i got the slowest time better better start paying me my money i feel like we got they put some water on the track.
I feel like I need to tie myself to this thing better because it's so scary. I don't know, man, maybe I don't need to move on. I just need something that I really like. roll the body wheel ridiculous maybe move down the steering wheel no that's all down I'm going to move up maybe where the hell are the seat controls rollovers have caused serious injury and death even on flat open terrain well come on to find that today son how look at the whole game it's straight whoa huh foot race me t o the jump ok there we go here we go here we go ready set go that just doesn't spin buddy this is done it just doesn't spin like I don't care how much I spin the steering wheel won't turn i want to turn it on it doesn't kick it at all like i'm sitting here trying to do stuff and just no dude i absolutely despise this i wanna go break it somebody give me a brick i'm putting it on the throttle what can i do to jump this thing where the brick is but what if i put one of these bricks on the throttle and it just doesn't come out like it just starts going through all the fences what do i have to find? a surefire way to destroy this thing i gotta get rid of the


i hate it man with me and the polarized ones don't go together like it just won't turn bro like this thing is such a big piece i hate it man like i normally don't like it I absolutely hate the stuff but no I hate this bro where's the x3 when you need it?
So I hope you're enjoying the video. olaris for sale here real soon um hey im ready i hate it bro i just put up with this chunk of what you think you got 128 yeah well for starters you get an extra lap i dont know if you knew oh we are trying to wave at you oh actually there's a lot before that but we stopped him every time you got to the finish line 108 and four laps three three so what's that two seconds behind garrett yeah , now we are getting closer? I hate this omg I literally can't take it dude yeah it's pretty bad you gave me a sledgehammer right now this would be done.
I kept trying to think of ways to break it. like throw it on this like something other than a brick and then if the brick stayed on it which i have i absolutely hate it let's get some of my anger out it's about to become the big riser oh yeah , I swear. About to be the next big lift, you know I want to sell it, but that feels good right? I should give it a try what do you guys think in the comments go ahead leave leave in the comments what do you think we should do with this if you enjoyed the video hit the like and subscribe button and that was not your taste. typical video hey we're filming shut up oh I'm not teaching him a lesson well like I said y'all would hit the thumbs up like and subscribe he might be selling the ace what do you think we should do with it ? just keep hitting.
I put down your v2 high lifter v2 instead of 100lbs of tannerite 200. leave a comment tell us what you think about flat track what we should do differently and how we can make it better if you guys hit the like button and subscribe if you haven't already done early in the description to pick up some fire bp merch but hey yeah guys I hope you enjoyed it and we'll catch you in the next one

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