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Feb 05, 2022
give it care it's that my family we are back yes we are




today guys I'm in a bad mood and I'm


everything in sight no what are you doing here hey hey what are you doing hey what's up I, I was really a


. I'm destroying you too. Oh no, you're not a man. Stop trying to slap me. play digory press play yeah i'm here and i see all kinds of weapons and things in the background here al ghul's oh ho these are weapons we could these are weapons we can use to destroy the neighborhood save that man save that away bro save that la another weapon don't put mass destruction don't point that at me ok ok ok ok ok thanks I don't know what to blow up first I should blow up my ex-girlfriend's house no no no no no no no no no I don't think we should take oh we have a door Oh start to turn what oh my look you see we should get some lemonade first huh for five bucks oh we can fight now what's up man what's up well wait wait why are you fighting me oh why are you shooting at me no I don't want to play with you go By fighting fair I mean I just want to destroy something, what should I destroy first? what do you think you should destroy? watch you hit it let's see if it works nothing happens but i won't wait where you're going people are here wait look they're talking to each other they're newbies don't talk to the news that's why i'm here. just kidding you can talk to me watching i can talk to the news look he said it was time to cook some flake flakes then he says i wonder what happened to anyone some new flakes flake flakes dont sound right oh i got it nothing on the damn Map.
destroying the neighborhood in roblox
I'm destroying this house with you in it. I'm not going to finish. Where are you? o i just dropped the bomb ok ok i dropped one too you better run away it's going to blow up in your face no it's not i dropped it right next to the hole why is it rolling here we go i'm next to the doll in the house wait in the how so wait wait I want to leave mine with you oh okay take that mr. landlord wait you know you'll see look what yeah I used to I didn't pay rent so yeah no look we do good what an order to successfully demolish a house you have to start on your foundation started on his base is ok he has no choice but to fall apart hmm listen to that bomb you're going to explode wow im in heaven i told you to be careful i bet you don't know where i am oh there's another coin i have a


coin i bet you don't You know where I am, you're right there, here I go again, I could have destroyed the base again from behind, okay, wait, wait, wait, wait for me.
destroying the neighborhood in roblox

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destroying the neighborhood in roblox...

I want to break some news Oh take that little one oh oh wait destroying this whole neighborhood oh oh wait let's see if we can bring this whole house down okay on the rocket rocket launcher baby right here launch it baby oh you just blew me up how wait I don't believe you we're really breaking the net stop shooting me what i didn't do to you i'm shooting house measurements in the w ay what houses there's no house behind me and i'm not what through the house this house is ok why is this house is so hard to destroy?
destroying the neighborhood in roblox
I'm still standing I'm in the store but the store isn't here what does that mean? oh you did where I did no we didn't we did no I did I got the last hit oh all newbies got coins. they got money the news is in the sky over here ok i'll be back if you kill a newbie you get a coin a robot's coin are you serious i'm serious i'm killing every newbie i see wait, how are you? killing the news i got a rocket launcher oh so you're poking a hole in the ring it's all shadows i shot i shot oh i missed i didn't hit it oh no this ain't new that's not a rookie wait like lately what are you doing is a new one more if you got than to find the new one oh these houses are brand new actually i'm on the market looking for our house right now let me go look at this one go see if i like it ok you'll see if you like it yes wait you're destroying it's not me leaving Destroying the house I could buy what you talking about that ain't me I just saw your rocket launcher or your rocket coming from your launcher never bro never oh I got a coin wow I see what you're talking about man you I said would you buy this house anymore I can't I know I'm down cause you just screwed it up no you didn't you did now I have to find another house to live in.
destroying the neighborhood in roblox
Nick Jones I'm Heidi Oh, what's this where you, oh my God, you just left, you just transformed? I'm right here, look, you still end up here. What is this? nom nom hey oh you made him discover the secret hideout i wasn't supposed to find this place it's not a secret anymore i'm leaving here i wasn't supposed to fail again let me out wait i'm trying to get out of our secret place and i keep falling first it's ok you got it all right i'm out of something worth a vote wait why you got me there now try it even though it's not even anything special yes it is but you have to do it inside the house no there we go we'll find a new house in find a new house wait wait wait wait where you don't follow me oh I'm following you oh I'm following you baby we got mugged are you serious?
Heidi Heidi, why do you laugh like me? don't be mad I have a new car I have a new car I have a new car how did you get that car how did you get it ok wait how do I get up there I can't go up there I'm going to find a way up without you know private staircase ok no I'm already here find the ladder I need to climb no I don't want you you're up here come on man I got it you can't leave me down here. I'm like really up here, bro. I'm going to touch it.
I'm going up here right now. You're not, are you okay? Come down, come down, come down here, waiting for you to get a ladder. I'll worry about that. I just want a ladder so I can get up here because I'm stuck. Whose brilliant idea was it to throw me off the cliff. Did you see us? Oh, I can go up there. I can't see them, but I noticed that there's a ramp right here. He was silent on purpose. Where are you? Wait, where are you? You are already silent. I'm eating the ice cream. Wait, hey, hey, I'm trying to jump the bank.
I don't come here no oh my god Audio here is this bank yeah should we blow up the bank and try to get all the money out of here? I see you wake up everyone hold on Bank please get me out of here okay I'm filming this she's back up help me Sophie I'm here I'm here I'm here I'm here I'm back at the bank I'm about to take all the money. I saw it for the first time, I have to go buy a necklace for my girlfriend. No, oh, the bank is like being blown to bits. you get out of here brother, what do you mean?
I'm already out of there. how did you get out I ran. The bank was collapsing. the other side oh wow i like monster trucks i didn't want to tell you about wow why are you trying to shut down or get out? Stop, oh, let's try to shut you down. can collapse on me I got the monster truck coming, baby, do you have VIP? um no it's free lemme oh no lemme don't run over me wait we want to take down anything old with this monster truck hey why are you shooting the monster truck? I don't want you there oh no oh stop are you alive? i'm going to go help me out of here broke man this is that's crazy you owe me raisi i can't help you anymore please ok now get out a little bit oh my omg im going to get out we have oh what about things?
My face changed. what did you change What are you doing? It has like a I am the king of the world you are not the king of the world the king of the world man if I am not the king who is the king then I am not the king I am the king of the world no you are not whatever homie we're you jones where are you oh my god you're up there what are you shooting at me? Okay oh hey guys stop it stop it yeah we're doing this battle. here run bracket oh my god oh shoot I don't know where you are I'm under all this debris I got back in the house they're hot in the back wait how did it get there?
What am I trying to do? Jump in there with you. I'm up to here. I am next to the houses again. neighborhood no i want to buy a house because that's what you can buy very cheap when they destroy the neighborhood it's all part of a master plan we're trying to get a good deal you're trying to get a good deal ok i'm going to ruin your house what do you want what's up that deal how about you don't do that how about you don't go there what did i just implode the house what did you put there this mega bomb good you got a nice balcony back here bro.
Thanks, that's what sold me the house. Whoa. I blew myself up. Oh! Are you kidding? I don't know what you're trying to do, but hey, it doesn't bother me at all. Wait, we're like tearing this place apart. I wish you guys didn't do that. That is the house of my dreams. Stop being a baby. It is the house of my dreams. Where are you going to build me another house? No you won't, yes I will. I'll build you another house right now. off no it should pop just come here Bubble Boy no oh my gosh you guys are so out of touch guys what is that?
What is that bomb? Hey? What is? i told you what it was it's an implosion no it's not i'm here buy it right now look look at the house i told you no i'm on the other side of the map well that's what you deserve, you deserve everything that is going to happen to you, why do you do it? so bad because I was raised to be bad I bet you can't play hide and seek with me but I bet I can bet I'll find you I bet you walk well let's see you have to be ready or not here I come I know you've even counted I did it to you I'll find enough you're not I'm going to find you no you're not I think I see you no it's ok you came straight to me yes why did you text me?
Because I wanted to hit you with a jolt. I see that I am the best move in this game. I don't think so so wait let me go for a ride take it for a ride wait there's a car oh my god the law is going on there that greenhouse is destroyed ok i'm about to go home i hope no one is watching me uh-uh you're looking straight at me all to your house with you brother we're not coming to my house no no what are you doing what are we doing him where are you becoming my new now why can't i become a newbie?
Are you serious? I can't they won don't let me do it alert rookie what do you want to fight hey me why don't we give each other a glove and a glove you know what I'm leaving here me too brother me too where are you ah where are you go to the left would you like to go down cr ap look at this we're looking for you but we can't see you oh what's the bank look at the bank ok i'm looking at it here i'll check whoa yea how are you interest in sport tutor teleport turret how oh ok, just click it now click this button right here they don't know where we are they don't click the OH he gets so high for that plan oh shoot what? there's no store right here, although I think we're not sure, how does he taste good? he's a duffel bag oh well i got shot again oh god oh god oh yeah perfect oh no they know everywhere we go how do we do it?
They know I'm leaving here I went to the torgul but I'm on the other side don't tell them I jumped off the turret and I'm in the back ok ok oh let me out oh my god I can't why how do they know where I am? Just there. I'm going to die, but I'll teleport to another place, okay, and now I'll teleport to the store. i think we should be safe you think we made it i think we're fine they want to move because they can see it don't look just look how i got that face why it looks so bad i don't know it doesn't i don't know how my glasses work they are us looking then they keep teleporting us they'll never find us oh there they go you got it oh my gosh I spoke a little too soon I'm going to the store and it's not important they show up and I'm going back to the turret and I'm going back to where we were just i'm gonna go down a bit right here on the edge ok let's go dropdown i didn't die did you die how did you die here bro we're awake you found me teleport back this is what was still here right here right here don't fall t fall I think he knows but it's going to fall more hello guys thank you guys we're leaving here we destroy that make Jones resist how many lights we're going for brother twelve will continue for 12 yes let's cry where are you that love likes you a lot but it's that gen ial it's great ok ok we go one level right here me and the main what other side will fight me and grandma?
I can't see you I'm grandma's baby okay we're out of here man thank you all for helping us destroy this neighborhood. We really appreciate that maybe you'll go check out both of our channels and subscribe. see you next time and see you in the next video man in the next video baby fruit

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